Rise: Race The Future Pulls Ahead Of Its Competition With Major Content & Feature Update

Leaving the competition in the dust

We've already talked about the major update that Rise: Race the Future saw recently, adding in two-player splitscreen and more, but developer VD-Dev wants to make sure everyone knows just how much has been added to the game. They've put out a new press release going over the many changes the game saw with its recent update, and you can read that in full below.

Indie game developer and publisher VD-DEV is proud to announce a major update to their popular Rise: Race The Future arcade racer on the Nintendo® Switch. With its unique gameplay offering a blend of arcade and simulation, it is a 90s inspired game featuring futuristic vehicles equipped with unsurpassed boosting and handling. Previously released on PC via STEAM™ and on the Windows® Store, the updated Switch version now boasts a new rendering engine, true 60 FPS, stunning graphics, improved handling and a local 2-player mode.

Rise: Race The Future is a technically impressive racing game inspired by classic titles such as Ridge Racer, Sega Rally and F-Zero. A futuristic racer, it allows you to drift and slide like never before on all types of terrain and even on water. With its precise controls, long power-slides must be experienced to be believed, and the games multi-path water zones and jumps are out-of-this-world. The new boost system challenges you to master different techniques for overtaking and exiting corners in the most addictive racing gameplay. Handling is natural, smooth and accurate making a rewarding driving experience to players of all ages and experience levels.

Rise: Race The Future was designed by Anthony Jannarelly, a professional car designer with a career in Automotive designing supercars for W Motors, the Lykan and the Fenyr Supersport. He is also credited of having designed the upgraded off-road Zarooq Sand Racer and more recently the Jannarelly Design-1. The updated version of Rise: Race The Future is a testament to the passion and commitment to excellence: with 60 FPS mode, a new rendering engine, improved visuals, shaders and 2-player mode, the game pulls ahead of its competition with its beautiful graphics, precise controls and features.


60 FPS
2 Player Mode
64 Challenge races with multiple goals
8 Championships (64 races)
Time Attack with ghost
10 cars (with 3 decals and 5 colors per car)
4 worlds (with 3 track types: fast, intermediate, twisty / 16 combinations per world)
4 ambiances per world (day, sunset, rain, fog...)
3 boost modes
5 camera views
4 difficulty levels

Rise: Race the Future updated to Version 1.6.0, new 2 player mode added

Rise: Race the Future has been updated to Version 1.6.0. Check out the full details on this update below, and watch the newly released trailer from VD-dev Games above.

2 player mode:
- Challenge mode: coop gameplay. The objectives are set in common, each player can focus on different objectives and the results are cumulated
- Championship mode: At any time the second player can join or quit the actual championship swapping with an AI player.
- The 2 player option is available in 30 FPS and 60 FPS mode.

Two-player mode heading to RISE: Race The Future

Doubling down

RISE: Race the Future has gotten some considerable updates in the past, and yet another big one is in the works. While we don't know the date of release just yet, we've learned that the game will soon have a two-player local multiplayer option added in. You can see the mode in action in the video above.

RISE: Race the Future "Version 1.4 vs. Version 1.5" footage

RISE: Race the Future got its Version 1.5 update earlier this week, which added in a revamped version of the 30 FPS mode, along with a new 60 FPS mode. The update also included a handful of other tweaks. The video above shows off just how different things look when compare to the previous version.

RISE: Race the Future "30 Vs. 60 FPS" graphics comparison

Can you see a difference?

As we said eralier in the week, RISE: Race the Future has two different modes now. Players can race in a 30 FPS mode that has better visual fidelity, or a 60 FPS mode with a smoother framerate, but dulled-down graphics. The video above shows the different between the two modes visually, and to tell you the truth, it's hard to spot the difference!

RISE: Race the Future's 30 and 60 FPS modes compared

Can you spot the differences?

RISE: Race the Future got an update yesterday that added in a new 60 FPS option. The game now lets players pick if they want to play a spruced up 30 FPS option, or the new 60 FPS one. In the video above, you can see the visual differences between the two modes.

RISE: Race the Future - Version 1.5 update gameplay

The Version 1.5 update for RISE: Race the Future is now available. This update allows players to pick between a prettier 30 FPS mode or a less-detailed 60 FPS mode. Check out the update in the gameplay above.

RISE: Race the Future being updated to Version 1.5 on June 25th, includes new 60 FPS mode

A silky smooth release

RISE: Race the Future is getting a major update tomorrow. Version 1.5 brings with it a new option for 60 FPS gameplay. Players will be able to swap between a newly-enhanced version of 30 FPS along with the 60 FPS version at will. Check out a more detailed breakdown of what each option includes below.

New update for RISE: Race The Future coming soon, adds 60fps framerate option

A promising future update

A new update is coming to the Nintendo Switch version of RISE: Race The Future from VD-Dev sometime soon. Two graphical options will be available upon release, allowing the player to swap between 30 and 60fps with the sacrifice of lower quality visuals. Faster load times, better texture filtering, higher draw distance, a constant 60fps menu, and more improvements will be made to the overall game in this new build. You can check out full details by watching the update trailer above, or viewing the graphics chart in the screenshot below. A release date for this future update has yet to be announced.

RISE: Race The Future updated to Version 1.4 (gameplay footage and patch details)

HD Rumble changes, touchscreen interface, and more

RISE: Race The Future has been updated to Version 1.4, which brings in a host of new features and changes. Check out gameplay for the update in this post, as well as full details on what it includes.

- HD Rumble with sensitivity settings
- Stability settings for each vehicle with a range of 0% to 100%
- Steering Sensitivity settings for each vehicle with a range of 0% to 100%, very useful for the Joy-Con
- Improved IA: vehicle avoidance and emergency breaking to limit collision from behind
- Touchscreen interface enabled in Handheld Mode


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