Minecraft Dungeons "Holiday 2020" Trailer

The holidays are here for Minecraft Dungeons

Gear up this holiday season! Brave the dungeons and share the gift of adventure with the Minecraft Dungeons DLCs and Season Pass.

Minecraft Dungeons updated to Version

Chill out

As we mentioned earlier in the week, Minecraft Dungeons was updated to welcome the Chills and Thrills seasonal event. That update brought the game up to Version, and you can read the patch notes below.

- Fixed the Apocalypse Plus prompt appearing after every completed mission (MCD-4879)
- Cooldown Reduction now affects Satchel of Elements and Scatter Mines (MCD-4892)
- Fixed mobs not spawning during Night Mode
- Disabled invisibility for enchanted mobs because that was too intense!

Minecraft Dungeons "Chills and Thrills" seasonal event is now live

Chillin' like a villain

The weather outside might be frightful, but the new Chills and Thrills seasonal event in Minecraft Dungeons is just delightful! Best of all, you won’t even need to put on your snow boots. Unless you want to. Who am I to tell you how to play video games in your own home?

The chilliest and thrilliest event in Minecraft Dungeons history kicks off today (December 18 for you too snow-struck to check the calendar) and will run through December 30, 2020. The event will have six new winter-themed trials with two new trial modifiers, including a changing number of chests, changing the cooldown on artifacts, and invisible mobs. Invisible mobs? For the sake of my nerves, I’m not going to dwell on that terrifying little tidbit.

And the cherry on top of this stone-cold sundae? There are three unique collectable items as rewards! Slay the snowy fashion game with the Arctic Fox Armor, slice your way through the ice with the Frost Slayer, or cut through chilling winds with the Shivering Bow – each item brings a wintery approach to combat.

Now all you need to do is jump into Minecraft Dungeons and head to the Seasonal Events where you can access all of the Chills and Thrills trials! What are you waiting for?

Minecraft Dungeons Version patch notes

Peaks performance

Minecraft Dungeons was recently updated to Ver. to pave the way for the Howling Peaks DLC. You can read the full patch notes for this update below.

Howling Peaks:

A strange power takes hold atop the perilous peaks, and a brave hero must rise to the summit to defeat it
The trek to the top has bold highs and lows, from dazzling new armor, weapons, and artifacts to vicious new foes across three new missions
At the center of the storm is the Tempest Golem, which must be stopped to hush the howling winds
New achievements await you to unlock on your adventure
Free for All Players: Six brand new enchantments to discover

Balance Changes:

Totem of Regeneration

Totem of Regeneration healing doubled, from 20 to 40 per second

Soul Lantern

Increased damage by 50%
Increased attack speed by 40%
Increased soul cost by 20%

Sweet Brew

Increased duration from 20 to 120 seconds


Prospector now triggers no matter the damage source (this includes kills from pets, artifacts, bows, etc.)


Looting now triggers no matter the damage source (this includes kills from pets, artifacts, bows, etc.)


Adjusted new “taunt circle + lock” behavior for Vindicators
Reduced charge speed somewhat
Reduced melee tickets to 2 (was 3)
Added behavior which makes them go aggressive when hurt when standing in taunt circle
They now get locked on you if you run away > 15 blocks


Increased explosive arrow damage 200 -> 275
Increased illusion arrow damage 20 -> 30
Reduced health 3200 -> 1800
Increased ranged max attacks to issue in a row to 2
This makes the Illusioner take 2 shots from the same position in a row, allowing you to dodge the first shot, and exploit a small window of opportunity
Increased cast blind cooldown to 30s
Increased blind effect to 10s
Increased illusion lifetime 4s -> 7s
Reduced ranged attack cooldown 5s -> 2.2s
Reduced min-distance to flee 350 -> 150
Miss effect causes a 25% chance to hit, instead of 50%


Changed how difficulty scales emeralds gained, at Default I there is no difference, but:
At the end of Apocalypse VII, you get 33% less emeralds from salvage compared to before
At the end of Apocalypse VII, you get 100% more emeralds from emerald loot sources like mobs, urns, pigs, and chests

Brief Invulnerability when Rolling (Armor Property)

Reduced invulnerability when rolling duration from 1.1s to 0.3s
Added invulnerability VFX to the effect
Invulnerability when rolling is now also always stopped when the roll ends, even if that roll was shorter than 0.3s
Brief invulnerability when rolling had an exploitable behavior, causing you to keep being invulnerable even after the roll had ended

Ghost Cloak

Reduced damage reduction from -80% to -50% damage


Fixed a crash that could occur when launching Frozen Fjord
Fixed several crashes that could occur when linking to a Microsoft Account
Flaming quiver now deals additional damage on top of ranged weapon damage (MCD-3677)
Fixed Burning Mob enchantment effects and Hunting Bow marks being too large when applied to Whisperers and Leapers
Fixed issues with quick-equip functionality
The Deflecting enchantment no longer triggers ranged weapons’ Dynamo enchantment (MCD-4392)
Undoing the salvage process of an equipped and activated item no longer causes the item to be lost
Key Golems are no longer auto targeted by ranged weapons
Eliminated the Frozen Zombie’s occasional bursts of speed because they’re supposed to be frozen
Recalling the Soul Lantern pet no longer interrupts player movement
Fixed Fuse Shot arrows not exploding (MCD-4466)
Fixed the Accessibility Help Center button not opening the correct page on Xbox
Fixed several text-to-speech issues
Text-to-Speech is now present for merchant interfaces
Fixed the timing of some mission subtitles for Swedish localization
Miniboss music no longer gets stuck playing forever and ever and ever (MCD-3963)
Fixed missing cage opening sound effect on Bamboo Bluffs
Fixed missing sound effects for stone heads puzzle on Dingy Jungle
Fixed the music in the Creeper Woods rune room
Hosts will no longer hear sounds from other players that are far away
Lowered the sound of Love Spell Bow

Continue adventuring in Minecraft Dungeons with additional paid downloadable content via the Season Pass

All new worlds to explore

As we shared earlier, the Minecraft Dungeons "Howling Peaks" DLC is now available. You can scoop that up on its own, or you can snag a Season Pass for future DLC as well. Get info on both below.

Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks

A strange power has corrupted the once lonely peaks of a distant mountain range, and now it threatens to take the world by storm. The trek to the top features dramatic highs and lows, from dazzling new armor, weapons, and artifacts, to vicious new foes among the cliffs. At the center of the storm is the Tempest Golem, which must be stopped to hush the howling winds.

Minecraft Dungeons: Season Pass

Continue the story of Minecraft Dungeons with the Season Pass! Gain access to the next four DLCs as soon as they become available. Plus, you’ll get them at a discount compared to purchasing each DLC separately.

Take on new mobs, navigate new levels, collect items, and discover the stories behind band-new missions in each DLC included in the Season Pass. And of course, with every new DLC comes more mysteries to solve and puzzles to unlock.

Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks DLC now available, new trailer shared

The third DLC for Minecraft Dungeons has arrived!

A strange power takes hold atop the perilous peaks, and a brave hero must rise to the summit to defeat it. The path to the summit will lead you to new mobs, missions, and gear – just don’t look down.

Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks Original Game Soundtrack now available to stream

Stream now!

The Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks DLC doesn't launch until Dec. 9th, 2020, but why not enjoy some of the content right now? The official soundtrack for the Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks DLC is now up on Spotify, with 32 tracks to enjoy. Give a listen to the soundtrack here.

Minecraft Dungeons gets "Howling Peaks" DLC and Season Pass on Dec. 9th, 2020

Ready to summit the mountain?

The next big update for Minecraft Dungeons lands on Dec. 9th, 2020. The biggest chunk of fun comes from the Howling Peaks DLC, which offers up an all-new adventure to enjoy. Along with that, players can gain access to the Season Pass to grab all the DLC released so far. There's even something coming on Dec. 9th for free as well! Get full details on each part of the Dec. 9th, 2020 update below.

The Howling Peaks DLC is an action-packed trek to the mountain top that features dazzling new armour, weapons, and artifacts. Of course, new enemies such as the Squall Golem and Mountaineer await along the way as well – no one said it would be easy! Atop it all is the source of the stormy conflict, the Tempest Golem that has been corrupted by a shard from the Orb of Dominance.

With the Season Pass, you'll have access to the next four DLCs as soon as they become available, including Howling Peaks! Plus, you'll get them at a discount compared to purchasing each separately. Each DLC will include new levels, unique items, new parts of the story, and even more puzzles and mysteries to unlock! Don't miss a beat with the Season Pass.

Of course even if you don’t purchase the Howling Peaks DLC or the Season Pass, there is always new, free content for you to enjoy. With this update you will get six free enchantments, all of which have the potential to totally change the way you play the game!

Minecraft Dungeons updated to Ver., cross-platform multiplayer now available

Mojang has updated Minecraft Dungeons to Ver., adding cross-platform play for Switch, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

Cross-Platform Play:
- Team up with friends across consoles and PC! Create a multiplatform alliance and battle together with the new cross-platform play free game update to Minecraft Dungeons, available now. This update allows for cross-platform multiplayer across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®, Windows, and Xbox
- Check out the article on Multiplayer and Cross-Platform Play for the full scoop!
- Please make sure that your game is updated to version or later before playing multiplayer. See the article on How to Update Minecraft Dungeons to ensure you are fully up-to-date

- Threat Level can now be adjusted on Daily Trials
- Shockwave now collides with walls, much like a regular arrow
- Swirling now requires that a mob is hit with the attack for it to trigger
- Shockwave damage 35 -> 30
- Swirling Damage 45 -> 40
- Removed unintentional extra attack variants in unique variants of pickaxe and cutlass (MCD-4459)
- Pickaxe attack delay 0.45 -> 0.7
- Pickaxe damage 75 -> 130

- The Chat Wheel prompt now shows the correct input on all platforms
- The player count of game session on the in-game friend list now updates as soon as a player leaves a session
- Fixed Prospector and Looting enchantments triggering either once per mission, or not at all (MCD-4630)
- Sound of disappearing Soul Wizard is now affected by Master Volume (MCD-4688)
- Fixed missing Enchanter death sounds (MCD-4441)
- Lowered the volume of Mossy Skeleton shooting sounds (MCD-4330)
- Fixed mob respawning playing the same sound effect as player respawning
- Lowered the volume of sounds when navigating merchant screens

Minecraft Dungeons - Cross-platform player now available, new trailer

Round up your friends, grab your gear, and maybe a snack! That’s right, cross-platform play is now available for Minecraft Dungeons. Whether you’re playing on a PC, an Xbox, a PlayStation or a Switch you can team up and embark on an epic adventure and take down the Arch-Illager – together!


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