Japanese Trials of Mana fans pick Riesz as their favorite character

We have a winner!

Square-Enix recently ran a poll in Japan to find out which of the 6 main characters from Trial of Mana fans like the most. The votes have been counted and there's a clear winner.

Riesz came out above all others, easily making her the top pick. She was followed by Angela (2nd place), Hawkeye (3rd place), Kevin (4th place), Duran (5th place) and Charlotte (6th place). In honor of the results, artist HACCAN shared the new illustration seen above, which features Riesz, Angela, and Hawkeye.

Trials of Mana updated to Version 1.1.1

Square-Enix has updated Trials of Mana to Version 1.1.1. This update fixes an issue that occurred after changing the difficulty on the options screen. This bug was actually introduced with the game's last update, but this new version remedies the situation.

Trials of Mana Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Game Update, Price Discounts, and More

25 years and going strong

We've already covered some of Square-Enix's festivities for the 25th anniversary of Trials of Mana, but that was for Japanese audiences. Now the fun has gone worldwide! Check out details on what Square-Enix is doing to celebrate the special occasion below.

SQUARE ENIX® announced that Trials of Mana™, the full-3D remake of the beloved classic, will receive a patch update today, bringing new challenges and experiences to players. This update is in celebration of the recent 25th anniversary of the release of the original Trials of Mana, known as Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan. Additionally, SQUARE ENIX is holding sales on digital versions of titles in the series.

Patch 1.1.0 for Trials of Mana is scheduled for release today and will include a number of game content updates and additions, such as:

“No Future” Difficulty – This new difficulty level will put even the most experienced players to the test. This difficulty setting will allow players to challenge even stronger enemies and bosses with restrictions on certain abilities and item usage, as well as time limits on boss battles. Players can also obtain stronger versions of equipment and execute new chain abilities.

“Expert” Difficulty and Level Reset in New Game Plus – Players will have the option to select “Expert” as a difficulty setting when starting a New Game Plus playthrough. Additionally, the option to revert characters to level 1 when starting a New Game Plus playthrough has been added.

Costume Adjustments – Unlocked costumes can be accessed after resetting a character’s class or when starting a New Game Plus playthrough.

Addition of goddess statues to the map, bug fixes, and more.

Players who complete the story available after completing the “No Future” difficulty mode will be rewarded with the “Rabite Slippers” equipment, which will allow players to traverse fields and dungeons without encountering enemies.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the original Trials of Mana, select digital download titles in the Mana series will be available at a discounted price on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam® from October 14 through November 2, and on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system later this month.

Trials of Mana will be available at a 30% discount on Nintendo Switch

Collection of Mana™ is available at a 50% discount on Nintendo Switch

Additionally, Trials of Mana fans are encouraged to share their love of the game with friends and coworkers with a special set of Zoom backgrounds, available to download for free. The set of five backgrounds includes a variety of Trials of Mana artwork and character illustration, and can be downloaded here: https://sqex.link/8a2e5.

Trials of Mana updated to Version 1.10

Square-Enix has released the previously announced Trials of Mana Version 1.10 update. You can check out the full patch notes below!

“No Future” difficulty added:
- Enemies and bosses are much harder to defeat.
- Only selectable when starting a New Game Plus and reverting back to level 1.
- Certain abilities are unavailable.
- Number of items available during battle is reduced to three.
- Time limits on boss battles.
- Length of time the attack range is displayed is reduced for some bosses.
- Rainbow Item Seeds may yield stronger versions of the same gear obtainable in other difficulties.
- Two new Chain Abilities added.
Additional Features
- “Expert” difficulty added when starting a New Game Plus.
- Switching classes animation and credits are now skippable.
- You will be able to access the costumes you have unlocked after resetting your class or restarting on New Game Plus. (Only applicable to costumes of classes switched to after the update. They can be changed after your first class switch.)
- You can choose to revert to level 1 when starting a New Game Plus.
- New goddess statues added to the map.
Other minor bugs fixed.

Square-Enix celebrates Trials of Mana's 25th anniversary with new art, wallpapers, figurines, and music

Celebrating 25 years

A Square-Enix artist has already shared some new artwork to celebrate Trials of Mana's 25th anniversary, but it turns out the company actually has more in the works to celebrate.

First up, Square-Enix will be running a poll for the six protagonists of Trials of Mana in order to see which is the most popular.
The winner of the poll will get new artwork by character designer Haccan. The poll is set to run until Oct. 13th, 2020.

Along with that, a new set of wallpapers has been released. You can take a look at each one in the gallery above.

A series of Square-Enix Bring Arts action figures for Duran, Angela, Kevin, Charlotte, Hawkeye, and Riesz were also announced, and they'll be sold in sets of two. The Duran and Angela Bring Arts set will launch on August 28th, 2021, Charlotte and Kevin Bring Arts set will launch on September 25th, 2021, and the Riesz and Hawkeye Bring Arts set will launch on October 30st, 2021. Each figure set will be 21,780 yen.

Finally, the soundtrack from the original Super Famicom release of Seiken Densetsu 3 is now available to stream. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, AWA, and LINE MUSIC.

Trials of Mana being updated to Version 1.1.0 on Oct. 14th, 2020

New difficult settings and more

Square-Enix has announced that Trials of Mana is being updated to Version 1.1.0 on Oct. 14th, 2020. You can see the patch notes for that update below.

New difficulty setting “No Future” added.

An extremely difficult to clear difficulty in which enemies are stronger, especially bosses.
It can only be selected for “New Game+” and returns the player to Level 1.
Some abilities cannot be equipped.
Up to three items can be used in battle.
Boss battles have a time limit.
The display of enemy attack range has been shortened for some boss battles.
Rainbow item seeds may produce high performance equipment of the same name.
Two Chain Abilities added:
“Guidance of the Sacred Sword” – Party members not in your control that become unable to fight will have 1 HP remaining.
“Guidance of the Sacred Sword II” – When you win a battle, all party members’ HP will recover 100 percent.

Other New Feature Additions

New difficulty setting “Very Hard” added. It can only be selected for “New Game+.”
You can now skip class change cutscenes and the end credits.
Fix: Costumes that have been class changed once can now be carried over after a class reset and in “New Game+.” (This only applies to costumes that have been class changed after this update. Costumes can be changed after the first class change.)
When selecting “New Game+,” you can choose to return to Level 1.
New Goddess Statues added to the map.

Other Bug Fixes

Trials of Mana costume designer shares a new piece of art to celebrate the game's 25th anniversary

25 years of magic!

Seiken Densetsu 3, or Trials of Mana as its known here, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In honor of the occasion, costume designer Yoshiro Ambe has shared a new piece of art in the tweet above. The art showcases the slight changes in costume designs between the original Super Famicom release and the Switch remake.

Square-Enix says Trials of Mana sales have 'significantly surpassed initial expectations'

That's what we like to hear!

Trials of Mana launched for Switch back in April of 2020, and it looks like the game has done quite well for Square-Enix. While we don't have exact sales figures, Square-Enix said that Trials of Mana is "off to a good start," and "ales have significantly surpassed initial expectations." Sounds like a very warm welcome for the decades-old franchise. Hopefully this means more Mana love from Square-Enix down the line.

Square-Enix cafes getting a Trials of Mana makeover for a limited time

A new menu, special merch, and more!

Square-Enix has announced that they're giving their cafes in Tokyo and Osaka a Trials of Mana makeover. From June 20th to July 31st, 2020, customers can expect to see a Trials of Mana theme in the cafes, complete with multiple menu items based off the game.

Anyone who orders one Trials of Mana dish will get a special placemat, of which there are 7 different designs. Those who get a Trials of Mana drink will get one of 10 different coasters as well. On top of that, a lineup of merchandise will be available. The items available include badges, keychains, clear files, tote bags, and pass cases.

Check out pics of the menu items and merch here

Square-Enix releases official Trials of Mana wallpapers

Some gorgeous stuff up for grabs

Square-Enix has share a series of four wallpapers for the recently-released Trials of Mana. You can see each wallpaper in the tweet above. Just click on the one you want and save to use on your desktop, tablet, or other device.