Contra Rogue Corps receives another major update

Numerous reasons to return to the game

Konami has released another major update for Contra Rogue Corps. The update packs in new content and tweaked features. Check out a full rundown of what's in this update below.

- Exploration Mission
- Unstable Anomaly Area Finale
- new weapons
- new B.A.Ds
- new Fiend
- new Medals
- increased Mastery Level cap to 100
- fixed several issues
- added the Season Pass, Assassin Pack

Contra Rogue Corps updated with new content

Soldier on

Konami has released an update for Contra Rogue Corps that is filled with new content. Players can now take advantage of the added Hardcore Mission, two new Carnage League stages, new weapons, new B.A.Ds, and more. Season Pass holders will also get The Gentleman Beetle Pack content. Check out multiple videos showcasing the new content below.

Konami releases Contra Rogue Corps patch, details a future update as well

Tweaks, changes, and fixes

Contra Rogue Corps recently saw the addition of new content, but it looks like Konami had more plans up their sleeves. Another update is now available, and it makes a number of tweaks to the game. On top of that, Konami has also detailed plans for another update after this one. Check out the full rundown of today's patch, and their plans for the next patch below.

Available now

・Some of the startup equipment now equipped with a B.A.D which reduces the weapon overheat rate.
・Changed the unlock requirements of Exploration Mission and Couch Co-Op so that they are playable straight after the Tutorial.
・Increased the base damage of Special Weapons.
・Increased the base damage of Bombs.
・Increased the base damage of Kaiser’s skill: Magnum Ignition.
・Increased the range Damned Spirits are pulled in from.
・Adjusted the BGM volume.
・Slightly adjusted the default controller sensitivity (Switch only).
・Slightly adjusted the native resolution (Switch only).

Updates coming soon

・Increase the drop rates of Core Parts in Main Missions.
・Increase the amount of credits earned in Main Missions.
・Adjust Carnage League balance.
・Greatly improve the overheating parameters of main weapons.
・Improve control responsiveness in Single Player mode.

Contra Rogue Corps free content update available today

New content, soldier!

Contra Rogue Corps has been updated to add in some new, free content for players. You can now access two additional hardcore missions, the Underground Cave Adventure and Angry Megaton Skyscraper. Check out footage from those stages below.

This update also includes a host of other content, fixes and tweaks, which are as follows.

- “Rogue Bonus” added
- new weapons
- new MAD
- 65 weapon proficiency limits
- new variation of medium-sized feed
- new medal
- Carnage League balance adjustment
- Adjusted the challenge bet amount for missions

Finally, Season Pass holders also have access to the Retro Bill Pack today. This pack includes two new t-shirts to wear.

Contra: Rogue Corps' motion comics lead illustrator on throwing in as many Easter eggs as he could

How many can you spot?

Konami has been releasing a series of motion comics to promote Contra: Rogue Corps. The comics are over-the-top in every way possible, filled with goofy jokes and nods to Konami franchises. In an interview with Comicbook.com, lead illustrator Emilio Lopez talks about sneaking in as many references as possible into those comics.

I left a couple of, at least with the original motion comics, I tried to get as much little Konami things in there, kind of fun things and we try to also do little stuff like tributes to some of the previous Contra games. I tried to get Probotector or two in there for the folks out in Europe. And I also tried, at one point [the ship captain,] she used to have little charms on the side, because I always saw the character as kind of an otaku or big video game fan, and I wanted to do a little bit more of stuff like that. Like she had a little more video game paraphernalia. So one of the ones that... for the Japanese market, I put a little LovePlus, just because I know our games are going everywhere. So I wanted to get a little something that they sort of know, and they kind of said, "Ah no, maybe you want to just pull it out." So that's the only thing that I wish; I wish I got the little LovePlus thing in there, just for the folks out in Japan, to be like, "I know what that is!"

Contra: Rogue Corps gets a third motion comic

A new installment to the Contra franchise is here! Join the most resilient team, the CONTRA: ROGUE CORPS, in an action-packed, run-and-gun frenzy! Defeat the aliens and save the world! The original Contras Bill 'an Lance showed us the way. Now, it's our turn.

Konami explains why now was the right time for Contra to return with Contra: Rogue Corps

Rise and shine

Contra: Rogue Corps is available now, ending quite the hiatus between Contra releases. Why did it take so long for this classic IP to get a new installment? Director Nobuya Nakazato explained in an interview with NintendoEverything.

As you may now, it’s actually our 32nd anniversary for Contra. What a better time to celebrate the series as a whole? One of the reasons why we kicked off this project is because we’ve seen a lot of just fan hype based around when the games were released within the Famicom Mini series. So that’s when we realized we have such a huge fan base, and there’s a lot of people who actually love Contra out there worldwide. Right now there’s a retro gaming boom, it’s trending, and we thought this would be a perfect time to bring such an iconic, retro IP back into modern gaming.

Giant Bomb Quick Look - Contra: Rogue Corps

CONTRA ROGUE CORPS is an over the top run and gun game with fast paced ultra-violent combat. Offering both single and multiplayer options, CONTRA ROGUE CORPS is an incredible gameplay experience alone or with your friends.

Contra: Rogue Corps director says Contra always needs a "buff, muscled guy"

Gotta be buff!

Contra: Rogue Corps has some of the strangest characters in the Contra franchise by far, but it also has Kaiser, who is pretty old-school Contra. In an interview with Siliconera, director and executive producer Nobuya Nakazato explains his approach to characters in Rogue Corps.

I’m not really thinking too hard about the nuances of these characters during the dev process. I can definitely say there needs to be the buff, muscled guy as part of the Contra universe. That’s sort of the base definition of the franchise. If I start there, then I think about the other characters that may fill in the group. I’ll think about character designs and capabilities that complement and bring new and fun angles, but it’s not like I’m necessarily approaching each character with those design angles.

Check out the Japanese launch trailer for Contra: Rogue Corps, as well as more screens

CONTRA ROGUE CORPS is an over the top run and gun game with fast paced ultra-violent combat. Offering both single and multiplayer options, CONTRA ROGUE CORPS is an incredible gameplay experience alone or with your friends.

Check out more screens here


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