Empire of Sin gets a new gameplay trailer, game set for release in Spring 2020

Yeaaaaah, see?!

In Empire of Sin, players build their own ruthless criminal empire as one of 14 distinct bosses vying to run the seedy underworld of organized crime in the city. With randomly generated starting conditions, players will have to adapt to survive and do whatever it takes to outsmart, out-gun and outlast their opponents.

Empire of Sin- an exciting character-driven strategy game set in 1920s Chicago will be coming to PC, Mac, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles in Spring 2020.

John Romero says Empire of Sin on Switch is being developed alongside the other versions, and is not a port

The way it should be

John Romero is working on Empire of Sin, which was announced for Switch back at E3 2019. This will be Romero's first game on Switch, and his team is going out of their way to get things right with their debut. In an interview with GamesIndustry, Romero explains that Empire of Sin on Switch isn't a port. It's a version being worked on every day alongside the other versions.

"As we're developing the game, it's on the Switch every day. We develop milestones on every platform. It's not like we're going to port the thing to the Switch. We're making it on the Switch while we make it on all the platforms. We're working on the Switch to make sure it's fast, it's performant, that it handles memory the right way, and that it's not like we have a bunch of work to do after we get the game done to get the Switch working."

Empire of Sin's character relationships and personalities evolve over time

You know, like real people

Empire of Sin is trying to do something special with how it tells a story through its characters. The gang you take on isn't giong to have a set of cookie-cutter personalities that don't evolve. In an interview with Gamasutra, developer John Romero explains how characters will change over time.

"Adding all of the character traits and relationships adds a whole layer that most games don't have. The fact that it changes over time makes it more emergent. They're not static---you can't just say 'this character is always like this, and they're like that forever, and I know how these chess pieces work together.' The chess pieces change over time."

Empire of Sin's lead game designer has wanted to make this game for 20 years

20 years in the making

Empire of Sin, which is coming to Switch, is a strategy game set in 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago. The game is coming from Romero games, which is headed by legendary DOOM creator and co-founder of id Software, John Romero. In an interview with Kotaku, Mr. Romero wants one thing about Empire of Sin to be clear. This game comes from the mind of John's wife Brenda, and she's been wanting to make it for a long, long time now.

“I mean, in interviews, the question of ‘where does this come from?’ I tell them, this is Brenda’s design, she is lead game designer, she’s wanted to make this game for 20 years. All her experience on Wizardry 8 and working on Jagged Alliance, playing Civ for decades, playing X-Com—she wanted to put all of that into her favorite time period, which is Prohibition-era Chicago.”


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