Quick snippet of No More Heroes 3 off-screen footage pops up in the Devolver Direct

We see you, Travis!

Just like previous Devolver Digital presentations, today's Devolver Direct was all over the place. You never know what you're going to see, and today that included a very quick snippet of No More Heroes 3 footage. You can see the entire glimpse in the GIF above, which is barely a couple seconds long.

This is the second time Suda51 has teased No More Heroes 3 footage. The first time around, he stood in front of the gameplay the entire time, blocking most of the screen. At least this time around we can see the action!

Suda51 trolls fans by sitting in front of No More Heroes 3 gameplay footage

The ultimate troll

Are you eager to see some gameplay footage from No More Heroes 3? Suda51 is ready to show it to you...sort of.

At the start of the New Game Plus Expo, Suda51 kicked things off by talking about the presentation to come. While he did that, gameplay footage streamed behind him. That footage appears to be from No More Heroes 3! Even with Suda51 sitting in the way, this is still our first real look at the game in action. Hopefully we get an clear look soon!

Suda51 gives a first look at in-game footage of No More Heroes 3 by posting a photo of a 'Rick and Morty' Mr. Meeseeks figurine

Look at me!

Announced at E3 of last year, No More Heroes 3 has been an anticipated Switch release for quite some time now. Planned for launch later in 2020, our first look at gameplay footage comes to us by a quite unusual reveal method.

Director Suda51 took to Twitter to share a picture of a Mr. Meeseeks figurine, quoting the Adult Swim series Rick and Morty with the caption "I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at meee!" Behind the fan-favorite blue creature, shows a slightly out-of-focus screenshot of some in-game footage for No More Heroes 3.

A few cinematic trailers have already been released for the game, so hopefully a full in-game reveal is not too far off. This news article has quite the interesting headline...

Suda51 says Travis is going to be a suplex machine in No More Heroes 3

Suplex city, bitch!

Its well known that Suda51 is a big wrestling fan. His love of wrestling can be seen in a ton of his games, especially the No More Heroes franchise. As you might have guessed, Suda51 is going to continue that tradition in No More Heroes 3.

In an interview with Siliconera, Suda51 talks about the suplex being one of his favorite wrestling moves. That love of the suplex is going to be on full display with Travis' moveset in No More Heroes 3.

The original Tiger Mask and Akira Maeda made me a fan with their suplexes. There’s nothing like a suplex performed with the proper form. I’ve always had a fascination with Akira Maeda and his repertoire of 12 different suplexes, so I’m letting Travis Touchdown use them all in the upcoming No More Heroes 3.

Check out "Dead Orca Force," a boss battle theme from No More Heroes 3

This track kicks ass!

While we've heard some tunes in the various trailers for No More Heroes 3, today we get our first real list to a tack from the game. This tune is called "Dead Orca Force," and it was composed by Nobuaki Kaneko. A version of this tune will appear in No More Heroes 3 as a boss battle theme.

The teams behind No More Heroes III's latest trailer have worked on some anime heavy-hitters

Definitely some series' you'll recognize

Except for the last few seconds, the majority of the No More Heroes 3 trailer from this year's Game Awards consisted of animated content. It certainly had a gorgeous look, and kept people wondering just what the trailer was promoting until near the end. Interested in finding out what teams Suda51 worked with to put that trailer together? Turns out a number of studios chipped in, and they've left their marks on some major anime series' over the years.

Kamikaze Douga

- worked on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure openings for the first three seasons


- CGI movies for the Dragon Quest and Lupin III features that released this month


- work on Pop Team Epic

The trailer was also created with help from some talented animators who aren't tied to major anime projects. See who else contributed, alongside what they did for the trailer below.

Masanori Ushiki

- designed the aliens

Kenichiro Mizuno

- did the 2D animation in the second half of the trailer

Grasshopper says the situation concerning the logo animation for No More Heroes 3 has been resolved

No more troubles

Let's get you up to speed on this situation just incase you missed it. A new trailer for No More Heroes 3 was released at the 2019 Game Awards. Studio Plumeau saw the trailer and noticed that the logo animation seemed to be a rip-off of work they had done. They took to Twitter to share their concern, and word started to spread. A little detective work revealed that a third party selling After Effects packs had actually taken Studio Plumeau's work without their permission, and had been selling it to unsuspecting VFX artists.

Now we can pick up with the info we have today, which is the end of the mini-saga. Just to make things perfectly clear, Grasshopper took to Twitter to give a short comment on the entire situation. The good news is that all's well, and Grasshopper isn't in any trouble.

Studio Plumeau & Takuma Araki, the editor in charge, have discussed the issue of the animation FX & the matter has been officially resolved. We are extremely grateful for Studio Plumeau's acceptance & understanding.

The latest No More Heroes 3 trailer allegedly steals a logo animation (UPDATE)

A real...Travisty

UPDATE - Some good news to report, at least when it comes to Suda51 and his team. It appears that the animation wasn't actually stolen by whoever cut the trailer together. Evidence has surfaced showing that this animation can be downloaded as a 2D FX asset for After Effects. Apparently a digital service called Envato may have stolen the animation in the first place, and made it available as a seemingly legit animation/download for After Effects users. In other words, the blame doesn't rest on the No More Heroes gang, but instead, another team who were pulling some shady practices years ago. Thanks to Hannah and RobRmanX for the heads up!

________________Original Story Below________________

Say it ain't so, Suda51! As you can see in the tweet above, Studio Plumeau is claiming that the latest trailer for No More Heroes 3 has pilfered a logo animation that the studio created all the way back in 2013. The evidence is certainly quite damning, and it certainly looks like the animation was lifted. No one involved with No More Heroes 3 has responded to the claims as of this time.

No More Heroes 3 gets a Game Awards 2019 trailer, 2020 release reconfirmed

Strawberry on the shortcake

No More Heroes 3 – the latest numbered installment in the No More Heroes series – is set for release exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2020!!

Featuring a score by lead composer Nobuaki Kaneko, as well as Robin Atkin Downes reprising his role from the previous titles in the series as Travis Touchdown. Original series lead character designer Yusuke Kozaki is back as well!!

Also featuring boss characters designed by Masanori Ushiki, with Kenichiro Mizuno taking on design duties for the character of Damon.

Suda51 talks No More Heroes 3, says development is roughly 40% complete, trailer coming late this year/early next

Strawberry on the shortcake!

Suda51 is now deep into development on No More Heroes 3, but that doesn't mean he can't take some time to share a few new tidbits! Here's what the man himself had to say during an interview with Wccftech.

- the game is 35 to 40% complete
- the game's script is now finished
- the open world will be bigger than the first game, but not as big as AAA games like Ubisoft's or Rockstar's
- there will be roughly the same amount of side activities, alongside a few "extras"
- these extras are something different from minigames
- the suit Travis uses in the trailer will be playable, but only in specific situations
- motion controls are once again reconfirmed
- Suda51 describes one of the bosses as "Thanos. Venom. Joker"
- Suda51 has made games with bigger budgets before, so this won't be the biggest yet
- the real challenge has been figuring out how to best use the Switch, as there are some interesting new possibilities
- Nobuaki Kaneko will do the whole soundtrack
- the game is still on-course for a 2020 release
- a trailer will come out later this year, or early next year


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