DOOM Zero now available as a free add-on for DOOM and DOOM II

30 new levels!

The free content for DOOM and DOOM II just keeps coming! Bethesda has released DOOM Zero for both games today, which adds in another 30 levels of brand-new content to enjoy. You can get more details on DOOM Zero in the official description below.

Don’t let the name fool you: This ain’t no ‘lite,’ low-calorie version of DOOM. Made in celebration of DOOM II’s 25th anniversary, DOOM Zero contains a whopping 32 levels filled with new enemies, new bosses, new sounds, new music and new sprites. Despite being faithful to ‘vanilla’ DOOM’s classic gameplay, DOOM Zero still brings its own original ideas to the old-school formula, from branching paths to challenges that’ll get even seasoned Slayers putting on their thinking caps.

"Deathless" DOOM WAD now available to download for free

Enjoy 25 new levels!

Looking for some new Classic DOOM action? Bethesda has announced that the "Deathless" DOOM WAD is now available to download, and it packs in 25 new levels. Check out the official announcement below.

It’s time to debut another free Add-On to the collection! This time we’re pleased to bring you a notable WAD for DOOM (1993) from a bonafide DoomWorld Cacoward Lifetime Achievement recipient – James Paddock’s Deathless!

If the name sounds familiar, James Paddock is just as skilled on the MIDI as he is at making WADS – Jimmy provided the original soundtrack for John Romero’s SIGIL, alongside many other credits comprising an impressive list in the DOOM Wiki profile.

Also notable about our latest Add-On release is that Jimmy whipped up this bad boy in just a single month. The results? Over 25 fast, punchy levels offering a fair challenge and pure fun – no filler!

GameSpot Video - How A Toy Gun Became DOOM’s Iconic BFG

The BFG 9000 is an iconic part of DOOM's identity. It is as recognizable as the Super Shotgun or Doomguy's form-fitting forest green armor. But how exactly did a Toys R Us purchase in the early 90s lead to one of the most recognizable of all video game weapons?

Check out gameplay from the classic DOOM mod that adds in Animal Crossing's Isabelle


Both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal are available now, but that doesn't mean fans are done showing both franchises some love. DOOM and Animal Crossing will forever be linked thanks to the shared release date, and fans will continue to remember the day with amazing tributes.

While we've seen plenty of artwork showcasing Isabelle hanging out with the DOOM Slayer, today's tribute goes a bit further. A mod of the classic DOOM sees Isabelle join in on the action to help out DOOM Slayer with a bit more firepower. Check out how Isabelle brings the heat in the video above.

GameSpot Video - DOOM 2016 vs DOOM Eternal Gun Comparisons

Doom Eternal's arsenal is full of weapons that have been around in the franchise for a long time, but they've gotten some significant tweaks and improvements in id Software's latest title. You'll recognize quite a few of your guns in Eternal from Doom 2016, but in the sequel, they often hit harder, look cooler, and sound better. Check out the video above to see a comparison of each of the returning weapons in Doom Eternal and how they've been tweaked since your last venture to Hell.

DOOM Eternal producer explains how they studied all things DOOM to figure out the core elements of the series

Getting things right

The return of DOOM in 2016 was widely praised by gamers and critics alike. The series looked all-new and had some enhancements, but it managed to maintain the feeling of classic DOOM games. This didn't come about by accident.

In an interview with IGN, DOOM Eternal Executive Producer Marty Stratton detailed the work that went into bringing DOOM back for new audiences. The team made sure to figure out just what made DOOM's original titles work in the first place.

"I think, when you see brands, and they struggle a little bit... Like, some of the new Star Wars films, a lot of the fans aren't happy, it's because I don't think that they're cooking with the same ingredients, and the real fans can pick up on that, and that means they won't go with you... on the journey that you're trying to take them on.

Once you can figure that out, like, 'Why do people like Star Wars?' Why does someone look at the new Corvette C8 and just have the reaction, 'God, that's gorgeous?' I can tell you, for a fact, that the work that went into that was tremendous. If you understand what makes something tick, it's that, 'Oh my god, that is just awesome!' That means we really got you, regardless of whatever it is.

A lot of time was spent working to figure out, 'What are the core elements of the DOOM brand?' Not just DOOM the game, or [DOOM] 1, or 2, or 3, or 64, but the DOOM brand as a whole. The metal element, the sense of irreverence, power, all these different things. Figuring out what those ingredients are so, that way, everything we do... make sure that it utilizes those core principles, and then the fans will accept it and go along with you."

DOOM and DOOM II updated, add-on maps and more now available

We're all DOOMed again!

The big update for DOOM and DOOM II that Bethesda announced a few weeks back is now live. This update adds in all sorts of new content and tweaks, including the addition of community episodes and megawads! That means all new maps and experiences to play. Check out full patch notes for this update below.

Add-on Support: Add-ons can now be downloaded and played from the main menu. We will continue to add content that is a mixture of official DOOM and DOOM 2 add-ons, as well as some of the best community episodes and megawads released for the original DOOM games. We’ve curated the initial list and will be asking you guys for your picks for best community made wads soon!

60 FPS Support: For the first time, DOOM and DOOM II now run at 60 FPS on all platforms, instead of 35 FPS as in the original releases.

Added Aspect Ratio Option: Stretches the display vertically to match the original 4:3 aspect ratio that the game was intended to be played in.

Added Quick Save and Load: Pause the game, and press R/R1/RB to immediately save where you are, and unpause the game. Load your quick save by pausing the game and then pressing L/L1/LB.

Added Level Select: Pick an episode, map, and difficulty of your choosing, and immediately play on it without having to clear the previous levels first.

Added Weapon Carousel: You no longer need to cycle through every weapon to get to the one you want. Press Previous or Next Weapon to highlight the weapon you want, and it will swap immediately to the selected gun.

Added Quick Weapon Select: The Directional Pad can now be used to quickly swap between weapons.

Up: Shotgun and Super Shotgun
Right: Chaingun
Down: Rocket Launcher
Left: Plasma Gun

Added Overall Brightness and Level Brightness: Turn up Overall Brightness to make the colors brighter, but if that isn't enough, you can also raise Level Brightness to change the brightness of the lights in the world.

Added Random SFX Pitch Toggle: Turn off randomized sound pitches during playback, which was a feature present in early versions of the original DOOM release.

New split screen HUD: A minimal HUD will be used when playing split screen multiplayer. The bottom status bar is removed, allowing more room for the game to be displayed in.

Changed Health Graphics: The pill has been changed into a green plus, making the graphics closer to their original appearance.

Changed Wolfenstein Secret Level: Enemies in the Wolfenstein level have been restored to the original DOS release. The original textures and enemy audio have been re-added to the level, but with [censored] references removed.

Several optimizations to DOOM's software renderer have been made in order to better support 60 FPS and increase battery life.

Game rendering resolution on Nintendo Switch version now displays at 640x400 to support 60 FPS and improved battery life.

Improved behavior when starting the game out of sleep mode. There still may be cases that cause the game to lock up after awakening.

Sped up various UI animations to make navigating through menus quicker.

Fixed an issue from the original DOS release where map objects would not correctly track the player after loading a saved game. This also fixes an occasional crash with loading a save game with an active BFG projectile.

Fixed an issue where the game would skip ahead several tics after unpausing.

Fixed an issue where attract mode demos would desync, causing demo playback to deviate from the original DOS release.

The trophy for "When I'm With You" for beating every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode has been fixed and will now be awarded properly.

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