Retromania Wrestling dev vlog for Nov. 23rd, 2020

Pinning down new details

RetroMania Wrestling was previously announced for a Feb. 26th, 2021 release date. Today's dev vlog goes into more detail on that release date, and also shows off some revamped menus for the game. Get a good look at how things are coming along in the video above.

RetroMania Wrestling comes to Switch on Feb. 26th, 2021, new trailer and dev vlog released

Ready to rumble next year

RetroMania Wrestling has gotten its official release date. A new trailer has been shared, and it confirms a Feb. 26th, 2021 launch. Along with that, a new vlog from the developer goes into detail on this release date came to be. You can check that out below.

RetroMania Wrestling dev vlog #28

New features to grapple with

The latest dev vlog for RetroMania Wrestling has been released, giving us another update on the game. Today we get to hear about the story mode cut-scenes, and also watch a match featuring Matt Cardona and Bryain Myers at the Major Wrestling Pod Stage.

RetroMania Wrestling Developer's Vlog #27 now available

The latest RetroMania Wrestling developer vlog is up, and it gives us some more gameplay action, along with talk on the audio side of the game. What we've been hearing in the videos so far hasn't been final, but this time around we get to hear some of the higher-quality sound effects and more that'll be in the final cut.

RetroMania Wrestling Developer's Vlog: Episode #26 Now Available

What's new this week?

The latest dev vlog for RetroMania Wrestling is now available. This episode gives a general update on the game, shows off new menus, and discusses another mode. Give it a watch above!

RetroMania Wrestling Developer's Vlog Episode #25 Released

Grappling with bugs

We had to wait a bit longer for the latest RetroMania Wrestling dev vlog, but here it is! Check out the video above to see how the game is coming along. We're getting closer and closer to that launch date info!

RetroMania Wrestling dev vlog #24 released

Grappling with development

RetroMania Wrestling is definitely nearing the end of its development, as important milestones are being achieved almost ever week. Check in on the latest dev blog to see how far along the game is, and what new tidbits are revealed!

RetroMania Wrestling Developer's Vlog Episode #23 Released

Let's get ready to rumble

The latest developer's vlog for RetroMania Wrestling is now available. In this installment, we get to learn a bit more about the game's overall progress, as well as some details on ring entrances.

RetroMania Wrestling dev vlog #22 released

RIP Road Warrior Animal

Time for the weekly check-in with RetroMania Wrestling. The finish line is definitely in sight. Hopefully we get to play this one before the year closes out.

RetroMania Wrestling Developer's Vlog: Episode #21 released

Nearing the fishing line

The 21st installment of the RetroMania Wrestling developer's blog has been released. This one touches on overall game development, while also showing Jeff Cobb in action.


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