RetroMania Wrestling missed planned July launch due to the pandemic and other factors, now "coming soon"

On the ropes

RetroMania Wrestling was originally going to release in July, but that obviously isn't happening anymore. The dev team has come forward to share an update on the situation, and you can find their response below.

As you all are probably aware when you preordered we were targeting a July release. Unfortunately, we have had to push the release back due to some delays due to the current global pandemic and due to the fact that the game just needs more polish. We are committed to making this a great experience for all of you and want to take some extra time to make the game better.

Right now we are just saying "coming soon" as I don't want to miss another date. We will announce the official release date as soon as we send the builds to Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Steam. At that point we will be 3-5 weeks from availability depending on how quickly they approve us.

RetroMania Wrestling dev vlog #14 shared, sprite work now 99% complete

A major milestone nears

The 14th dev vlog for RetroMania Wrestling has been shared, and it gives yet another update on the game's progress. According to today's video sprite work for the game is now 99% complete! Looks like things are moving right along.

Retromania Wrestling video FAQ released

The latest video on RetroMania Wrestling serves as a bit of a FAQ for the game overall, and also talks about some of the game's recent wrestler additions. Check it out to see what's up!

RetroMania Werstling dev blog shares footage from the NWA 70th anniversary arena

The latest update from the RetroMania Wrestling dev team shows off yet another new arena for the game. This video also confirms that the sprite work is 97% complete for the game, which means a big milestone will soon be hit!

RetroMania Wrestling 'How to do Finishers' video feature

Mike Hermann takes you through how finishing moves are performed in RetroMania Wrestling. RetroMania Wrestling is the official sequel to WWF WrestleFest, the arcade hit from 1991.

RetroMania Wrestling 12th dev blog released

New arena footage!

The latest dev blog for RetroMania Wrestling gives us yet another status update on the game's progress, and also shares a look at a new arena. Check out the action above!

RetroMania Wrestling video feature (First look at the Warhorse Arena + FAQ)

Wrestle with this info

A new video feature for RetroMania Wrestling has been released. This video gives us a look at the Warhorse Arena, and shares some details on how social media plays into the game. Check out the feature above!

RetroMania Wrestling 11th dev vlog released

Good news, brother!

The latest RetroMania Wrestling dev vlog reveals that the sprite work for the game is now 90% complete, so things are definitely motoring right along. Give the video a watch to see what's up!

Retromania Wrestling dev vlog goes over release date talk

No date just yet

RetroMania Wrestling is coming to the Switch, but we don't know when. In today's dev vlog, we get some insight on what to expect.

While an official release date is not yet set, it does seem the game is moving along quite well. The developer behind the game is extremely honest, saying the game will ship when it's ready, and it's simply not ready yet. These dev vlogs will keep fans informed as the weeks roll on.

RetroMania Rumble shows off animated wrestler intros

From parts unknown...

RetroMania Wrestling is going to include quick intro animations for all the wrestlers included. Every wrestling fan knows just how important and iconic wrestler entrances can be! See what these retro wrestlers have to offer in the latest video above.


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