Neon Abyss patch now available on Switch

Make sure to install the latest update!

Team17, 23rd September 2020 - The run’n’gun roguelike Neon Abyss has just received a patch with some important fixes and top community requests for the Nintendo Switch version. A large portion of this update has already rolled out to PS4, Xbox One, Steam, GOG and Epic versions but there were extra issues needed to be addressed for this version, sorry for the extra wait. Thank you to everyone for your invaluable reports and patience, we’re excited for people to get back into the game!

Nintendo Switch specific fixes:
- Fixed issue where remapped controls aren’t saved between sessions
- Fixed issue where character dissapears
- Fixed several community reported crashes
- Fixed issues where seeds weren’t saving
- Fixed some performance issues on bosses (performance will continue to be worked on in further patches)
- Fixed issue where remapped controls weren’t saving between sessions

Changes on all versions:
- Black screen after teleporting bug fix.
- No item in item room fix.
- Removed Vibrant Ball, Peter and Jack. (As we rework the pet system & pets)
- Cursor not confined to fullscreen fix. (PC Game Pass)
- French keyboard compatibility added. (PC Game Pass)
- Fix for credits not scrolling.
- Saya animation bug fix.
- Windows 10 XB1 controller fix. (PC Game Pass)
- Windows 10 minimising fix. (PC Game Pass)
- Fix for game being rate limited.
- Credits updated.

We’ll be sharing our future plans and roadmap for update 1 soon, going forward we hope to have updates be much closer together if not simultaneous across all of the platforms!

Free demos now available for "Neon Abyss" and "March to a Million" on the Japanese eShop

Give these two titles a try!

Two more demos have gone live on the Japanese eShop, and they can be downloaded worldwide using a Japanese Nintendo Switch account. Make sure to check out the demos for Neon Abyss from publisher Team17 (pictured above) and March to a Million from publisher Cairosoft (pictured below).

Famitsu review scores for August 5th, 2020

He shoots, he scores!

Six more upcoming titles have received reviews in the latest issue of Famitsu, all of which are coming to Nintendo Switch. Check out this week's scores below!

Carrion (Xbox One, Switch) – 8/8/8/9 [33/40]
Cupid Parasite (Switch) – 8/8/8/9 [33/40]
Hotel Sowls (Switch) – 6/8/8/7 [29/40]
Metaloid: Origin (PS4, Switch, PS Vita) – 7/8/7/7 [29/40]
Neon Abyss (PS4, Switch) – 8/7/7/8 [30/40]
Touhou Labyrinth: Gensokyo to Tenkan no Taiju (PS4, Switch) – 7/7/7/6 [27/40]

Neon Abyss - more gameplay

Featuring unlimited item synergies and a unique dungeon evolution system, each run diversifies the experience and every choice alters the ruleset. Get ready to unleash hell!

Vanquish the new gods in the ever-evolving dungeons of Neon Abyss

The gods have spoken

Team17 and Veewo Games are excited to announce today’s launch of Neon Abyss on consoles and PC. In the ever-changing and fast-paced world of Neon Abyss players face off against the New Gods, monstrous bosses formed from modern day venerations and obsessions, including mobile video, plushies, and fast food. As they fight their way through the descending and dynamically generated levels of the Neon Abyss, arming themselves with some of the 400 plus items, players will lay waste to hundreds of twisted enemies, encounter rooms of mini games, and hatch and evolve pets that help them on the journey into the depths below.

Check out what awaits you in the Abyss in the Launch Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mc0mWIVKM4&feature=youtu.be

Featuring deadly roguelite gameplay and an evolving environment that changes as players choose specific upgrade paths for their characters, no two dungeon runs will be the same: the layout, enemies and challenges will all be different, while players will continually be better equipped to battle against what lurks in the Abyss. For those wanting a taste of the action before they jump in with both feet, demos are available for both Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Key Features:

Evolving Dungeon: Explore the unique and expandable underworld of the Neon Abyss. Choose a personalised upgrade path to expand the dungeon and unlock new rooms, bosses, items, special rules, and new endings

Unlimited Item Synergies: Passive effects between items stack and affect each other, with no limit to the number of effects that can be applied to the player’s character

Expansive Content: Dynamically generated maps, over 400 items, dozens of monsters with different styles, and countless secrets ensure that no adventure through the abyss is the same

Pets Hatching & Evolving: As you descend into the abyss, find and nurture eggs until they hatch into a random pet. Each pet has a special ability, and most can evolve as the action continues

Mini-games: Unique rooms of mini-games can be discovered in the dungeon, each one with new mechanics and rules. Take part in piano performances, dance competitions, fight clubs, and much more.

Jason Yeung, CEO, Veewo Games, said:

“After years of hard work, Neon Abyss is out in the wild. Alongside Team17 we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure players enjoy every second they spend enacting Hades’ will in the Abyss. We’re excited to see how players tackle the constantly changing labyrinth as part of the Grim Squad, forge item stacks and synergies we’ve never encountered, and take down the modern-day gods.”

Max Everingham, Head of Publishing, Team17, said:

“The time has finally come for players to dive into the Abyss and explore the everchanging depths the New Gods call home. As they equip themselves with outrageous weaponry and hatch their own personal companions, we’re sure the vibrant world of Neon Abyss will keep gamers coming back for more over and over again!”

Check out the Japanese launch trailer for Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss is a frantic, roguelike action-platformer where you run ‘n’ gun your way into the Abyss as part of the Hades formed ‘Grim Squad’.

Featuring unlimited item synergies and a unique dungeon evolution system, each run diversifies the experience and every choice alters the ruleset. Get ready to unleash hell!

Neon Abyss is now available on the Switch eShop in Japan. The game will launch in NA/EU tomorrow.

Neon Abyss - more footage

Neon Abyss is a frantic, roguelike action-platformer where you run ‘n’ gun your way into the Abyss as part of the Hades formed ‘Grim Squad’.

Neon Abyss - more gameplay

Neon Abyss is a frantic, roguelike action-platformer where you run ‘n’ gun your way into the Abyss as part of the Hades formed ‘Grim Squad’.

North American eShop downloads for the week of July 9th, 2020

New games added for Nintendo Switch Online members!

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch

- CrossCode – Meet Lea as she logs into an MMO of the distant future. A story about the future of gaming from an unexpected angle, this retro-inspired 2D action-RPG might outright surprise you. CrossCode combines 16-bit Super NES-style graphics with butter-smooth physics, a fast-paced combat system and engaging puzzle mechanics, served with a gripping sci-fi story.

- Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise – Serving as both a sequel and prequel to the original Deadly Premonition, follow Agents Davis and Jones as they begin a new investigation into the Le Carré serial murders. Through the memories of a former FBI agent, go back in time to Le Carré and step into the role of Special Agent York to begin unraveling the mystery. Explore Le Carré on foot or via skateboard, interact with its citizens, uncover clues and discover the darker side of this seemingly peaceful town. Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise will be available on July 10.

- Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 – Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 brings classic 2D action and a dark, 8-bit aesthetic together with modern playability. Take control of Zangetsu, a swordsman from the far east who bears a deep grudge against demonkind and the alchemists who summoned them. Zangetsu must battle his way to the demonic stronghold, but he doesn't have to do it alone! Zangetsu can ally himself with a new cast of characters he meets along the way and add them to the playable roster. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 will be available on July 10.

- Neon Abyss – Neon Abyss is a frantic, roguelike action-platformer where you run ‘n’ gun your way into the Abyss as part of the Grim Squad. Featuring unlimited item synergies and a unique dungeon evolution system, each run diversifies the experience and every choice alters the ruleset. With each run, you will be able to unlock new rooms, items, bosses, special rules and even new endings! Neon Abyss will be available on July 14.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online*

- Donkey Kong Country – Armed with chest-pounding muscle, mighty barrel rolls and awesome vine-swinging skills, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong set out to face their adversaries, K. Rool and his reptilian crew of Kremlings. Play solo, compete with a friend or play cooperatively in over 100 levels filled with collectibles and hidden bonus levels. Donkey Kong Country will be available on July 15.

- Natsume Championship Wrestling – Choose from 12 outrageous wrestlers and bring the pain! With a robust grappling system and over 50 moves to master, experience the most realistic wrestling action of the 16-bit era. Test your might against the AI, or up to two players can compete in exhibition, tag team and round robin matches. Natsume Championship Wrestling will be available on July 15.

Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online*

- The Immortal – Grab your Wizard’s Pack and let your quest unfold as you explore the Labyrinth of Eternity. Delve into the dungeon’s depths to uncover the mysteries of the ancient ruins. Your teacher Mordamir awaits below! The Immortal will be available on July 15.

Nintendo eShop sales:

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals available this week at https://www.nintendo.com/games/sales-and-deals.

Also new this week in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch:

- Arcade Archives P-47
- Creepy Tale – Available July 10
- Crowdy Farm Puzzle
- Dangerous Relationship
- Demon’s Rise – War for the Deep
- DISTRAINT 2 – Available July 10
- Elden: Path of the Forgotten
- Gas Station: Highway Services – Available July 10
- Laraan
- Love Letter from Thief X
- Pangeon – Available July 14
- Retro Game Pack
- REZ PLZ – Available July 15
- Robozarro
- Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers
- STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town – Available July 14
- Switchy Road DeluX
- The Great Perhaps – Available July 10
- TroubleDays
- void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium – Available July 14

Also new this week in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS:


Neon Abyss Free 'Lovable Rogues' Character DLC For Week 1 Purchasers

Two pieces of DLC for free!

The 'Lovable Rogues' DLC adds two bonus characters to give you some needed backup in the Abyss! They will join the eight other playable and unlockable characters to bring the total in the Grim Squad to ten!

Purchase Neon Abyss within a week from launch commencing July 14th and get the Lovable Rogues character DLC for free! After that, it will be purchasable.

Experiments of the Titan Corps, come defectors to Hades cause, these characters each bring their own unique abilities.


Saya brings a few more splashes of color to the abyss and not just with her hair! She is a master sword wielder and will paint the dungeons red with powerful sword strikes. Switch between her katana and your ranged weapon in the dungeon to destroy any foe at any distance!


Subjected to awful mental experiments, Amir can muster the power of his mind to his advantage. They are able to ascertain the exact effect of items before picking them up.

Each run Amir starts with 6 heart containers but lose one after each level, once hitting zero they are able to levitate! Be careful, Amir's only hope of survival is to collect shields!


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