The Legend of Bum-Bo devs talk about the inspirations behind the game

Inspired by the greats

The Legend of Bum-Bo certainly looks like a unique game, but it draws inspiration from a number of franchises you might know. Developer Edmund McMillen spoke to Gamasutra about what games paved the way for Bum-Bo.

“It’s mostly a mashup of games like Puzzle Quest and Plants Vs. Zombies spun in a way that makes it feel fresh and new. I took that foundation and pushed Isaac in as much as I could as far as resources structure, theme and RNG elements. ...the mechanics came out of a lot of trial and error with trying to make a dungeon crawler and a match game [that could] give us the same feeling as Magic: The Gathering.”

Electric Playground has Edmund McMillen on to talk about The Legend of Bum-bo

Our good friends at Electric Playground just had a special guest on their latest episode. Edmund McMillen, the creator of The Legend of Bum-bo, dropped by virtually to chat about the game, how the idea came to be, and so much more. Check out the full interview above!

The Legend of Bum-bo gets a new trailer

Bum-bo needs your help!

The Legend of Bum-bo is eventually coming to Switch, but we don't have word on a release date yet. What we do have is a trailer for the game's launch on Steam, which you can see above. Hopefully we get Switch information in the near future.

Check out the entire first chapter of The Legend of Bum-bo

Give it a watch, you bum!

The Legend of Bum-bo is a puzzle based "deckbuilding roguelike" by Edmund McMillen (The Binding of isaac, Super Meat Boy) and James Interactive, where players collect hordes of items that can be modified, upgraded and comboed with others in many interesting ways. Play as one of many Bum-bo, each with its own unique abilities, as they smash, bash and splash their way through a variety of cardboard monstrosities, giant bosses and dark personal urges...

The Legend of Bum-bo is coming to Switch at some point in the future, but there's no solid release date at this time. For now, check out gameplay showing off the game's first chapter above.

New trailer for The Legend of Bum-bo released

Listen up, bum-bo!

We know The Legend of Bum-bo is coming to Switch, but we aren't quite sure when yet. The game will hit PC in Nov. 2019, but last we heard about the Switch version, it won't drop until sometime in 2020. We'll bring you news on an official Switch release date when it becomes available.


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