Solomon Program "How to Play" video series and DLC pricing details released

Get with the program!

Konami has shared some new details on their upcoming free-to-play Switch title, Solomon Program. Turns out it won't be so free-to-play, as there will be a few content packs people can download for a price. The DLC lineup is as follows.

- ver. Zero: “The Thief Demon and the Witch” (free)
- ver. One: “War Cry of the Blade Dancer” Starter (free)
- ver. One: “War Cry of the Blade Dancer” Booster (2,000 yen)
- Roulette Chip (100 yen)

Along with that, a new series of videos was released to showcase the various mechanics players will have to tackle. Check those out below.

Solomon Program releasing for Switch in Japan on Feb. 25th, 2021

Stick with the program!

The release date for the monster battle game "Solomon Program" has officially been announced by Konami in the latest issue of CoroCoro Comic. Launching digitally as a free-to-play title via the Switch eShop in Japan on Feb. 25th, 2021, you can check out some gameplay videos here.

Solomon Program 'How to Play' videos released

A fresh set of "How to Play" videos have been released by Konami for their monster battling game, Solomon Program. Launching in Japan this winter, a closed beta for November 2020 was just announced yesterday. Check out the Japanese tutorial videos below!

How to Play: Deep Mining

How to Play: Merging

How to Play: Online Battles

How to Play: Programming

Konami announces closed beta for Solomon Program

A whole month of testing

Konami has announced that they'll be holding a month-long closed beta for Solomon Program in Japan. The beta kicks off in November 2020, and registrations are open right now. You can read a quick breakdown of how the game is played below.


Consider how to approach the enemy, whether to attack, and the monsters’ actions.

Merge and Power-Up!

Power-up your monsters with processors obtained in battle.

Deep Mining

Artificial intelligence getting stronger on its own?! Good things come to those who wait!

Online Battles

Battle against hackers from around the world! Unleash special moves, too.

Solomon Program releasing for Switch in Japan this Winter

It'll be a cold day before this game launches

Details on Konami's monster battling game Solomon Program have been trickling in, and now we know when to expect the game's launch. CoroCoro Comic has confirmed that Konami will be releasing the game in Japan sometime this Winter, and a new demo is on the way before that.

Solomon Program lets you program monsters’ movement and attack methods by combining panels. The monsters you create will fight automatically via the Internet. The game also includes a mode where the monsters can fight and grow automatically without any input from the player.

First screens and footage from Solomon Program surface

Our first look at the game in action

Solomon Program, a monster battling game from Konami, was revealed for Switch less than a week ago. So far we've only had a few details from a magazine feature, but now we have screens and gameplay footage. This content comes way of a demo that was included in the latest issue of MiraCoro Comic Version 2.0. Check out the various gameplay clips below!

Konami's Solomon Program confirmed for Switch release

Locked down for Switch

A few days back, we covered Solomon Program, a new monster battling game in the works at Konami. The game looked to be heading to Switch, but wasn't 100% confirmed. Now a few days later, we have official confirmation that the game is indeed seeing release on Switch.

To go along with the confirmation of release on Switch, we also have some character art. Up above is Beta, the protagonist, and below is Gishiki, a mysterious monster that Beta meets up with.


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