Captain Tsubasa : Rise Of New Champions' second DLC pack coming Spring 2021

Two Japanese players and a Saudi prince!

Captain Tsubasa : Rise Of New Champions - DLC 2 will be out this spring!
Let’s meet the new upcoming characters for Captain Tsubasa : Rise Of New Champions! You can also find details of their skills!
Two Japanese players and a Saudi prince will soon be joining the game!
The new characters will be Aoi and Hino, whose talents are equal to that of the Japanese National Team, and Owairan, a man of royal blood.

All of them appeared in the World Youth story arc. Let’s add them to your dream team and make your team stronger!!

- Shingo Aoi: A second-year junior high school student who adores Tsubasa. He is always cheerful and never gives up.

- Ryoma Hino: A Japanese-Uruguayan player who wasn’t selected as a representative, but came to America to be inspired by the players from his generation.

- Mark Owairan: Captain of the national Junior Youth team of Saudi Arabia. He is called a “prince” as royal blood flows in his veins.

Let’s take a deeper look at the new players!

They are unique players who have different skills, so let’s check them out!

- Shingo Aoi: Runs through the midfield at a furious speed!
A MF who specialises in speed. He has a skill that allows him to accelerate every time he passes by an opponent, and when he gains momentum, his mobility is unstoppable!
- Overhead Lift: This skill lifts the ball past opponents and is followed by a powerful jump.
- Rovesciata: This is an overhead kick with one of the highest power and speed ratings amongst all aerial shots.

- Ryoma Hino: The player with super strong power, equal to that of Hyuga!
His skill move makes use of his power and skill, and activates in the early stage of the game. Once activated, his aggressive attacks will never stop!
- Jumping Knee: This is a Power S dribble which can increase his offense value, and depending on the effect, can also increase his shot power.
- Dragon Shot: This is a surefire shot with dragon aura. Its power is equal to Tiger Shot!!

- Mark Owairan: The libero who is good at both offense and defense.
He’s an above average player with a high skill level. Although he is a DF, he also has good offensive ability.
- Sandstorm Shot: It is a long ranged shot with only a moderate drop in power, so you can use it from distance.
- Mirage Chapeau: This is an astonishing dribble move that feints a loss of footing. His offensive value and technique values will increase massively when the skill succeeds!

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions updated to Version 1.11.0

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions has been updated to Version 1.11.0. Check out the full patch notes for this update below.

1. Toho Academy Event Match

During the event, you build a team containing Toho players and those who have trained with Toho Academy to earn Event Points.

Collect Event Points to earn the event-limited friend card Kojiro Hyuga and more.

Get pumped and go for grand rewards!

Moreover, there is no cost limit. We'll be conducting a survey alongside the event so head on over to Twitter and the official website to let us know your thoughts!

Event Period

2021/1/27(Wed)09:00(JST)- 2021/2/3(Wed)08:59(JST)
2021/1/27(Wed)01:00(CET)- 2021/2/3(Wed)00:59(CET)
2021/1/26(Tue)16:00(PST)- 2021/2/2(Tue)15:59(PST)


Event-limited Friend Card "Kojiro Hyuga"
- Existing friend cards will gain new effects.
Toho Academy Uniform Top/Bottom Set
- The Toho Academy Uniform can be used in Custom Team.
Emblem Part "Kojiro Hyuga"
Other rewards such as useful training items

Get point rewards from the result screen.

You cannot get rewards from a result screen that appears after the Event Period.

You can claim rewards for limited-time online challenges from CHALLENGE.

They cannot be claimed once the campaign ends.

2. Toho Academy Training Support Campaign

bility Points and Friendship Points will be more acquirable in the Toho Route during the campaign.

You can also gain more PP from online challenges and training during the campaign.

Take the chance to build up a strong player for the Toho Academy Event Match.

Event Period

Following maintenance on 2021/1/20(Wed)- 2021/1/27(Wed)08:59(JST)
Following maintanance on 2021/1/20(Wed)- 2021/1/27(Wed)00:59(CET)
Following maintenance on 2021/1/19(Tue)- 2021/1/26(Tue)15:59(PST)

Campaign effects do not apply unless you are online.

Effects from EPISODE: NEW HERO results count during the campaign

Even if you started EPISODE: NEW HERO before the campaign, results will be applied within the campaign period.

Effects from results are lost after the campaign period ends.

You can claim rewards for limited-time online challenges from CHALLENGE.

They cannot be claimed once the campaign ends.

3.Toho Academy Event Login Bonus

We are celebrating the implementation of the Toho Academy Event by hosting a "Toho Academy Event Login Bonus!"

You can earn rewards once per day when you log into the game, so don't forget to do so!

Event Period

Following maintenance on 2021/1/20(Wed)- 2021/2/3(Wed)08:59(JST)
Following maintenance on2021/1/20(Wed)- 2021/2/3(Wed)00:59(CET)
Following maintenance on2021/1/19(Tue)- 2021/2/2(Tue)15:59(PST)

*You can claim bonuses from the first day after maintenance ends onwards.

*Please note that the time to claim the bonuses will be shorter.

*Login Bonuses switch over every day at 9:00AM(JST)/ 1:00AM (CET)/ 4:00PM(PST).

*Claim up to 10 login bonuses during the event period.

*Login bonus details may change without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Free demo now available for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions on the Japanese eShop

Rise of a new demo!

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a free downloadable demo for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions on the Japanese Switch eShop. This trial version can be downloaded worldwide using a Japanese Nintendo account. Check out the eShop page here for screenshots and more details.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions updated to Version 1.10

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions has been updated to Version 1.10 on Nintendo Switch, adding the new Otomo Middle School Route, new Assist Mode, rebalanced skills and shot moves, New DLC characters (available tomorrow), and more. Check out the full patch notes from Bandai Namco below.

Implementation of Otomo Middle School Route
Otomo Middle School route has been implemented in Episode of New Hero.

We are celebrating the implementation of the Otomo Middle School route in Episode of New Hero by hosting an "Otomo MS Inaugural Login Bonus" event.

You can earn rewards once per day when you log into the game, so don't forget to do so!
Event Period: 2020/12/2 - 2020/12/16 00:59 (CET)

*Login Bonuses switch over every day at 01:00 (CET).
*Claim up to 10 login bonuses during the event period.
*Login bonus details may change without prior notice. Thank you for understanding.

Additional New DLC Characters (Paid DLC)
Stefan Levin, Singprasert Bunnaak, Ricardo Espadas will be added tomorrow as new playable characters.

Implementation of Assist Mode
Assist Mode has been implemented for EPISODE: TSUBASA.
Assist Mode makes team members stronger, giving you a greater than usual advantage in matches.
Assist Mode is available in Match Settings.

Implementation of a new in-game currency

Balancing of Shot Power Enhancing Skills
Certain skill combinations were enhancing shot power more than expected, so we have adjusted the effects of certain skills and captain skills.

[Affected Skills and Captain Skills]
Power Shooter, Number One Jumper, Powerful Jumper, The Power of Bonds, The Miracle of Team Spirit, Swift Strike Mastery, No-Trap Shooter, Last Pass, Crosser, Cross Machine, Scoring Sense, Striker's Duty, 3rd Time's the Charm, Midfield Shooter, Longshot Shooter, Sideline Master, Fierce Tiger's Soul, Offensive Duty, Striker's Duty, One Shot, Certain Victory, Young Ace, Unshaking Conviction, Definite Improvement, Absolute Dominance, Hyper Co-op Play, Han Xin's Last Stand

Certain Shots, Super Shots, and Combo Shot 2 Shot Moves have been adjusted.

[Affected Shot Moves]
Skylab Hurricane, Skylab Hurricane w/ Masao, Skylab Hurricane w/ Kazuo, Skylab Twin Shot, Skylab Twin Shot w/ Masao + Kazuo, Toho Twin Shot, Toho Twin Shot w/ Hyuga, Toho Twin Shot w/ Sawada, Miracle Drive Shot, Arc Bridge Shot, Analyze Shot, Double-Bladed Razor Shot

Balancing of Skylab Block
The effective range of Skylab Block was wider than expected, so we adjusted it.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions - Version 1.1.0 update coming December 2nd, Stefan Levin, Singprasert Bunnaak, and Ricardo Espadas to be added

Character #1: Stefan Levin

The first character is Stefan Levin.

Some fans might notice that Levin and other new characters are also in his 15 years old because Rise of New Champions is based on Middle School arc.

His skills have been consisted with his high technique, so Levin is very well balanced and usable character.

You can use “Aurora Faint” which would be familiar with you. However, we provided the original shot for him by considering the time line. These new additional characters will be able to build into your dream team.

Moreover, you can make to happen the training event in “Episode of New Hero” by setting the Friend Card, and they will teach you their useful skills.

You haven’t had a chance to communicate with 15 years old Levin, so we hope you enjoy it.

Character #2: Singprasert Bunnaak

The second character is Singprasert Bunnaak from Thai Jr-Youth.

We set him as very powerful character so when he succeeds in the tackle, he will kick a ball even involving a body of opponent, so he could take the ball away while blinging an opponet down.

Some player may have question that why Bunnaak is Jr-Youth player though Levin is an Honorary player.

It’s because when we wrote the scenario, we had made the list of participants for the Jr-Youth World Championship, and actually Thai Jr-Youth haven’t appeared on the story but they were one of the participants.

Of course, Bunnaak will tell edit player his useful skill and techniques through the training event.

Character #3: Ricardo Espadas

The third character is Ricardo Espadas from Mexico Jr-Youth.

He is known as very aggressive player though he is a goal keeper, but since the goalkeeper in this game also act as a spirits gauge, so it was very hard to characterize him.

I think the people who played the game so hard already realized that goal keepers will not lose their spirit gauge other than save shots. Once they lose the spirit gauge, it will take time to recharge it, but in terms of Espadas, he can recharge his spirit gauge by succeeding the dribble, so it can be said he takes high-risk, high-return and can change the situation.

His parameter would be less than Wakabayashi and Muller, but he will be very exciting character if you could use well.

New Route: Otomo Middle School

This time, we will add Otomo Middle School in Shizuoka, which is led by Urabe. I thought it was as good as it gets, that many fans expect Otomo Middle School from the keywords such as “never give up” and “rebellious spirit” I said in the previous live streaming.

Of course, you can see the characteristic features of each team player in the story. The core of the team is a counter and there are multiple choices for your edit character that he can support Nitta by making a pass, play as a wing with Nitta, or can join as a defender and make the team defense stronger.

There are couple of difference from other routes such as “Team Gauge” and “Appeal Command,” so we hope you can also enjoy it.

New Feature: Assist Mode

It had been already announced, and we will add Assist Mode which was requested by many players.

It will be applied only for “Episode of Tsubasa” to avoid affecting on power balance of edit player, but you can choose between two kinds of assist, and it makes really easier to proceed the story. Of course if you turn it off, you can play in the same difficulty level as before.

We will recommend it for people who are interested in the title but not good at playing the action game.

Balance Adjustments

We received a lot of feedback especially about power balance on the online matching when we launched the title and released the version 1.02 update.

For example, Tachibana brothers are too strong. There are some feedbacks pointed out which will bother the ideal game play which we intended, so we will do the first balance adjustment for some parts.

As we write here, an intentional reinforcement becomes possible by adding shots skills on edit player, so we will adjust the power balance.

We also improve the combination shots which are now able to make stronger than we expected by adding edit player to combination shots.

The adjustment for shots and move might make training on “Episode of New Hero” difficult, so we adjust shot stats. We will make adjustment for Skylab Hurricane which effective range is far wider than other block skill and was pointed out by many users. We have got many feedbacks other than we talked today, and we will continue discussing. We will work hard to make some adjustments to make the game more playable so please wait for a while. And the contents what we shared today will correspond to the red box in the roadmap.

More Characters and Free Updates to Come

We will work on not only new downloadable content characters, but also the free updates and balance adjustment to make the game environment more comfortable.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions - DLC announced, 3 characters coming out this Winter

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions updated to Version 1.02

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions has been updated to Version 1.02 on Nintendo Switch. Check out the patch notes from Bandai Namco below.

To Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions players,

We would like share some good news!

We're still aware of several issues happening on the game and are investigating them.

In the meanntime, please find the latest resolution made by the dev team!
- Animation becomes double-speed - [SOLVED]
- Low FPS issue - [SOLVED]
- The difficultly of the Otomo match and Hanawa match has been decreased to make it easier to win and see the story.
- By pressing a certain button (Y for the NSW) on an already unlocked DAD in COLLECTION will display the unlock condition again to make it easier for it to be played again during Episode Tsubasa.

Please check below what the new patch live (1.02 on Nintendo Switch and 1.07 on Steam) today is adding to the game:
- Implementation of a ‘News’ Section
- CC Shop: At this new shop, you can trade in CC for items such useful for training, Custom Parts for your avatar, and more, so check it out!
- Login Bonus added: You can earn CC (Captain Coins) once per day when you log into the game,so don't forget to do so! You can exchange CC at the CC Shop for items such as Training Items or Custom Parts for your avatar.
- Online challenge (daily/weekly): achieve daily and weekly challenges by meeting challenge conditions, gain even more currency, and unlock more items!

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions "Free Update and DLC" roadmap infographic details what's to come


Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is already 500k players strong, and Bandai Namco wants to make sure those soccer stars have plenty to keep them busy going forward. That's why they've put together a handy infographic to showcase what other content is in the works. Some of it will be paid DLC, while other updates will be free for all. As you can see, there's a ton to look forward to!

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions hits 500k sold worldwide

The champ is here

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is off to an excellent start, according to a statement from Bandai Namco. After just one week of release, the title has managed to move over 500,000 units digital/physical combined. That's certainly a warm welcome for the anime-styled Soccer title. Hopefully the million mark gets crossed in the near future as well!

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions updating to Version 1.02 in mid-October 2020

To all Captain Tsubasa players, We would like to share some news regarding the upcoming content coming to Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions.

PATCH 1.02:
We are working on a new patch for all platforms to bring some improvements like the ones listed below:
- Adjusted difficulty level for Otomo/Hanawa Middle School Match in EPISODE OF TSUBASA
- Improved matchmaking in Division Match and the cost difference between players
- Added a function to display the unlock condition for an unlocked DAD
- New in-game notification system, called NEWS
- Improved game balance and other bug-related issues.

The patch will also include new content:
- Adding several versions of top tier Training Items to a new shop, called CC SHOP
- ONLINE CHALLENGE and Log-in Bonus Feature to gain new Captain Coins (CC).

This patch is coming on:
- PS4: end of September*
- Steam/Nintendo Switch: mid-October 2020*
*Dates are subject to change.

We will have more to reveal in the upcoming weeks: our goal is to bring more ways to enjoy the game online and offline for our players.

- BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Producer, Katsuaki Tsuzuki


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