Milestone’s MotoGP20 Adds Junior Team Feature To Career Mode

A new, free feature added

For all our fans that love to play the Career Mode, we have added a brand-new feature, Junior Team.

To create a Junior Team players must be running in the Moto2™ or MotoGP™ class. During the season, new tabs in the Career Hub will introduce the team creation. The rule is simple: you can open teams in classes lower than yours to let them race in the next season. You won’t be just a rider, but also a mentor and a Team Principal for a new generation of young talents!

A team needs a Team Manager, whose skills will influence the ability to attract sponsors and to hire good riders. While the Technical Director, will influence bike development and on track performances during the weekend.

Sponsorship offers will include bikes, sponsor financing and result goals be careful to find the correct balance.

You can hire one or two riders, with their own skill set, and see them grow inside your team.

Speaking about development, you can improve your results investing money to get travel discounts or training your riders or your engineers. This will have different outcomes, but an efficient team must seek perfection in all details.

And after all the planning, all the hopes and the expectations, it comes the race day. The red lights go out and the track will tell its verdict! You can simulate your Junior Team race but it's more fun to follow it live, cheering for your riders, fearing every curve, and finally getting the rewards for your efforts!

MotoGP™20 is globally available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC®/STEAM, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch™.

MotoGP 20 heading to Switch in Japan

Hitting the starting line late Summer

MotoGP 20, which is available now in Europe and North America, is on its way to Japan as well. The title is due out on Aug. 27th, 2020, with Oizumi Amuzio handling publishing duties.

MotoGP 20 will not get a retail release in Japan, and will instead be eShop-only with a price tag of ¥7,980. The game does not include online multiplayer, but does support local multiplayer for 2-8 players.

MotoGP 20 update detailed, post-launch content revealed

Lots of love for Switch owners

MotoGP 20 launched on Switch late last week, and there's already a patch. Check out what the patch fixes up below.

- Added bike damage indicator on dashboard
- Added championship victory cutscene sequence (Career mode)
- Added championship victory cutscene to championship game mode (Quick modes)
- Neural AI improvements
- Riders’ animation improvements
- Estimated fuel consumption during race improvements
- Bike damage improvements (3D, physics)
- Tyre rubber deposit level on track detailed session by session
- Tyre physics, consumption, and 3D aspect improved
- Different other minor fixes

Along with that, the developer has revealed some post-launch content to keep a lookout for. Check out the plans below.

- Beginning of May: MotoGP full update to the 2020 season
- End of May: Moto2 and Moto3 full update to the 2020 season; Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup addition
- End of June: MotoE class addition

MotoGP 20 devs explain why their game doesn't have crossplay

Not worth the trouble, apparently

A number of games on Switch include crossplay between multiple platforms, but MotoGP 20 isn't one of them. As a matter of fact, the game doesn't have crossplay on any version. Wondering why that is? Producer Michele Caletti explained in a WCCFTech interview.

It's not in the plans because MotoGP 20 is not an arcade game, thus keeping in the same play PC and consoles, even Nintendo Switch, would be hard and unfair. Then of the few games that enable crossplay, I know of some limitations (PlayStation 4 and Switch often do not blend together, for example), so it's not needed and it could bring more troubles than benefits.

Milestone Reveals MotoGP20 Managerial Career Features, Switch Version Releasing May 5th, 2020 in North America

Revving up for launch

Today, Milestone releases a new MotoGP™20 trailer, unveiling the main features of its brand-new Managerial Career. The new Career Mode will put players into a pro riders’ boots, with an engaging and progressive gaming experience both on and off the track. Just like in the real MotoGP™ simply being fast on the circuit is not enough; players will need to take the best decisions to find a winning strategy to master the Championship.

Echoing real life, one of the key figures at the top of the team is the personal manager, whose work can truly make a difference when it comes to sponsorship and contract opportunities. Players will need to evaluate all the offers they receive, both from real-life teams and new teams created by the player, looking carefully at their engagement and expectations before taking a decision. If players select a new team, they will be able to make their rider and bike stand out using different graphic editors to modify the helmet, racing number, lower-back patch, stickers and bike livery. The personal manager's skills come into play when tasked to try and craft a stronger team, or negotiate a better salary, following the player's indications.

When it comes to being fast on track, it is the players’ choice of technical staff that influences the performance of the bike; the most skilled technicians will be able to develop bikes better and faster, but of course they will be much more expensive than others. How do you find the right balance between budget and performance? It’s up to players! On-track tests during the weekend will provide valuable data for development, but the synergy between the engineers will determine how much of this knowledge can be actually used to craft new parts. Each engineer will have different skills in different areas so teamwork will be key.

Taking part in the winter and mid-season tests enables players to develop their bike, choosing up to 3 different packs with various engines and frame combinations to find the perfect settings for the season. Once the season starts, players can also improve performances of different bike parts, earning and spending development points and allocating their R&D staff to reach the highest level. Aerodynamics, electronics, engine power and fuel consumption are just an example of the many technical parts that players can now manage to improve their bikes.

For the first time, Milestone also announces brand-new features that will support the game after launch, that will further expand contents of the Managerial Career gameplay; more details about the post launch features will be revealed soon, stay tuned!

MotoGP™20 will be released on April 23rd on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC®/STEAM, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch™. In the United States the Nintendo Switch version will be released on May 5th, 2020.

Check out the first gameplay trailer for MotoGP 20

Hug those turns!

This year, experience all the thrills of the more-complete-than-ever Managerial Career mode and enjoy new technical improvements and graphics. Customize your bike and suit! Compete against the MotoGP™ legends or challenge your friends online!

MotoGP 20's retail release in North America will also be a game code in a box

That makes it no game card for any region

Just a couple weeks back, we caught wind of the retail release for MotoGP 20 in Europe and Australia. While the game will indeed be available as a boxed copy, you won't find a game card instead. Instead, you'll get a download code with your purchase.

At the time of sharing that info, we didn't know if the situation would be the same in North America. Unfortunately, we now have confirmation through GameStop that boxed copies in our neck of the woods will also include download codes rather than game cards. Not the outcome we were hoping for, but at least we have a definitive answer.

Thanks to Sephiroth_FFfor the heads up!

MotoGP 20's retail release in Europe and Australia will be a game code in a box

Gotta keep those prices down

There was awhile there when most third party physical games for Switch wouldn't actually include a game card in the box, but instead, a game code for you to download the title. We don't see it too often anymore, but it's still something that happens. Case in point, the Euro and Aussie versions of MotoGP 20. We haven't included the North American version in this post simply because we don't have info on that version yet, but it's likely we'll get the same treatment.

Thanks to Sephiroth_FF for the heads up!

MotoGP 20 races to Switch on April 23rd, 2020

Hit the skids

Milestone and Dorna Sports S.L. are proud to announce that MotoGP™20, the latest chapter in the beloved MotoGP™ franchise, will be released on April 23rd on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC®/STEAM, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch™. For the first time in its history, the game will be released a few weeks after the official MotoGP™ Championship kick off; a big effort from the development team, to allow players to fully enjoy the current season racing together with their legends. With MotoGP™20, players can participate in the 2020 season, racing against MotoGP™ champions, or they can get into the boots of a young rider, climbing ladders from the Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup to reach the top class.

After the great success of the previous chapter, very well received from critics and players thanks to both revolutionary and highly requested features, the MotoGP™ videogame now goes beyond with even more exciting news and features. The traditional adrenaline-filled gameplay, cherished by the community, is now packed with a more strategic and realistic approach to races. A pure MotoGP™ experience, from the box to the track!

Strategy is key

In MotoGP™20 players are now able to take the full control of their careers, taking decisions that can make the difference on track. The Managerial Career is finally back with a lot of new features that will put players’ riding and strategic skills to the test! Joining an official 2020 team or a new team sponsored by real brands of the MotoGP world, players will have a full Entourage to manage, that will support them in selecting a new team, analyzing races’ data or developing the bike. Just like in the real MotoGP™, players will need to take the best decisions to find a winning strategy to master the Championship.

Experience a real MotoGP™ race

The most important thing during a race is going the fastest, and every detail counts when it comes to gaining a few precious milliseconds. In MotoGP™20 players will play a key role in the bike development. They will be able to improve performance of different bike parts, earning and spending development points and allocating their R&D staff to reach the highest level. Aerodynamic, electronic, engine power, fuel consumption, are just an example of the many technical parts that players can now manage to improve their bikes.

The development team worked really hard to make the gameplay much more strategic and realistic, with brand new features boosting realism such as fuel management, asymmetrical tires’ consumption and, last but not least, for the first time in franchise history, aerodynamic damages that will impact bike’s aesthetic and performances. Continuously looking for an extreme realism, the game physics has been completely re-worked to make gameplay more technical and skill based.

Many of the features that made the success of the previous chapter of the franchise, return this year with a lot of improvements coming from the precious feedback that Milestone received from its passionate community:

A renowned historical mode. One of the communities favorite game modes will be back in a brand-new format, with full races randomly generated that players need to win to unlock and collect the most iconic riders and bikes.

Neural AI goes 2.0. What many thought was utopic, became a reality. Last year A.N.N.A. (an acronym for Artificial Neural Network Agent) brought a more fast, natural and fair AI. This year Milestone developers further enhanced its capabilities, to allow her to strategically manage tire and fuel consumption, as real riders do.

New Editors. Together with Stickers, Helmets, Racing Numbers and Lower-back patches, in MotoGP™20 players will be able also to customize bikes’ liveries of their Custom Team, to race on track with a unique style.

The best online experience. Dedicated Servers for the Multiplayer mode have continued to enable a more reliable and fun online experience. Now we added quality of life improvements that will further enhance online gameplay in all modes: Public Matches, Private Matches and Race Director Mode.

After three successful editions, Dorna and Milestone also confirm this year’s MotoGP™ eSport Championship, where players will come from all over the world, with the challenge to win the World Champion title. The fourth edition of the MotoGP™ eSport Championship will have a renewed formula, for more information: https://esport.motogp.com

MotoGP™20 will be released on April 23rd on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC®/STEAM, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch™.


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