The Jackbox Party Pack 7 'Official' Trailer

A party in a virtual box

Five new incredible party games to liven up any gathering!

1) The say-anything threequel Quiplash 3 (3-8 players). It's a head-to-head battle of the wits as you give hilarious responses to quirky prompts while everyone else votes for their favorite!

2) The collaborative chaos game The Devils and the Details (3-8 players). You're a family of devils working together to survive in suburbia. Can you handle the daily torture of human life?

3) The drawing fighting game Champ’d Up (3-8 players). Create absurd characters that will battle over unusual titles. Can you take down the heavy favorite?

4) The on-the-spot public-speaking game Talking Points (3-8 players). Give a speech responding to picture slides you’ve never seen before or be the Assistant and approve pictures as fast as you can. Just keep talking whether it makes sense or not.

5) The pop culture guessing game Blather Round (2-6 players). Describe your secret prompt with a very limited vocabulary and hope that someone can figure it out in time. It’s a “GOOD” “FUN TIME” “EXPERIENCE.”

Play using phones, tablets or computers. No extra controllers needed!

As we shared at the start of the month, Jackbox Party Pack 7 comes to Switch on Oct. 15th, 2020. The title is priced at $30, and takes up 1.5 GB.

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 coming to Switch on October 15th

It's time to party!

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 will be released for Nintendo Switch next month, on October 15th, 2020. Check out the initial reveal of Quiplash 3 here!

Check out new gameplay of Talking Points from Jackbox Party Pack 7

Another one sure to have you laughing uncontrollably with friends

Talking Points is one of the games that'll be included in the upcoming Jackbox Party Pack 7, and it has you and your friends take turns giving short speeches that revolve entirely around responding to slides that you have not seen in advance. We've seen a trailer for the game and read some details, but now you can actually see how the game plays out via the feature above.

Blather Round is the fifth game in Jackbox Party Pack 7

What's the word again?

Jackbox has revealed the fifth game in Jackbox Party Pack 7. Check out full details on Blather Round below!

You know that movie where the girl does that thing? And the guy is like “what!” and he has brown hair and he dies?

Okay fine, but do you know that feeling where you’re trying to describe something and you can’t find the right words?

We turned that feeling into a game!

Introducing the final game in Party Pack 7… Blather ‘Round!

Blather ‘Round is pop culture meets creativity meets grammar meets… jazz?

First, you pluck a prompt from a mini lineup of options (“grilled cheese” may rub shoulders with “Zendaya” and “Starbucks bathroom”). When it’s your turn to present, you build sentences to describe the prompt, but you have a very limited vocabulary! As time goes on, you have access to more complex, kooky, and descriptive words.

While you make sentences, everyone else submits guesses. You can incorporate your favorite guesses into some of the sentences. And it’s all happening in real time!

The faster someone guesses the answer correctly, the more points both you and the guesser will receive.

At the end of each turn, you can trade in your points for real cash! JUST KIDDING! We’re not doing that.

At the end of each turn, what you actually get is a snapshot of a funny, unexpected way of describing the world. Sometimes the end result feels like a haunting, beautiful poem. Sometimes it’s a baffling string of garbage. Either way, it’s a laugh!

'Talking Points' announced for Jackbox Party Pack 7

Let's talk about that

The gang at Jackbox has announced the next game for Jackbox Party Pack 7. Talking Points is going to be included, and you can see full details on it below.

What if a party game focused on the most terrifying activity of all: public speaking? And what if that party game raised the stakes even further by making you give a speech with zero prep and gave you an assistant who may or may not have your best interest at heart? Would it help if the game embraced the fact that all of the speeches would be very very stupid? Hopefully so because today we’re announcing the fourth game in The Jackbox Party Pack 7, Talking Points.

In Talking Points, you and your friends take turns giving short speeches that revolve entirely around responding to slides that you have not seen in advance. If it’s a text slide you read the text out loud, if it’s a picture slide… you say whatever comes to mind, whether it makes sense or… well, it probably won’t make sense.

In addition, you’ll all take turns being the Assistant to one of the other Speakers. While they speak, you use your phone or tablet to pick the next set of slides. Maybe a picture of a flock of birds is exactly what they need to underscore the nuanced point they’re making. Or maybe you’ll pick a picture of a dumpster fire just to see what happens.

At the same time everyone else responds to the speeches and slides with their moment-to-moment real time reactions. Because what piece of data could be more important than whether your spontaneous fart joke “moved the needle” of public opinion?

We’ll have more info on Talking Points and its many surprises soon, as well as updates on Champ’d Up, The Devils and the Details, Quiplash 3 and the fifth game in The Jackbox Party Pack 7.

"Champ'd Up" revealed for Jackbox Party Pack 7

Go get'em, champ!

The next game for Jackbox Party Pack 7 has been revealed. The dev team has revealed Champ'd Up, a game for 3-8 players. Check out full details below.

If you have keen observational skills, you may have noticed there was no drawing game in The Jackbox Party Pack 6. Well, we’re excited to announce that we’re returning to this genre with a brand new game that will punch you in the face (in a good way). Today we’re introducing Champ’d Up, the third game in The Jackbox Party Pack 7!

Champ’d Up (3-8 players) is a drawing game where you create absurd characters that face off in unusual contests.

Each round of battle begins with players drawing and naming two types of characters: a favorite and an underdog. When you create a favorite, you know what unusual title you’re trying to win, like the Champion of Cowards. The only information you get when creating an underdog, however, is which character they’ll be matched up against, so you must analyze your opponent and create what you hope is a worthy challenger. When the action starts, favorites will be pitted against underdogs and mayhem / major upsets will ensue.

The “fighting” culminates with a tag team round in which players can tag out new characters with previous ones. Is it wiser to keep the same character in or go to your bench full of misfits? It all depends on the contest. If you want to become the GOAT, you’ve got to win the vote.

We’ll bodyslam you with more info about Champ’d Up soon, as well as updates on The Devils and the Details, Quiplash 3, and the other two games in The Jackbox Party Pack 7.

"The Devils and the Details" revealed for Jackbox Party Pack 7

Devilish fun

Jackbox has revealed the second game to be included in Jackbox Party Pack 7, and it's a completely new title. Check out full details on The Devils and the Details below.

It’s that time of year again. Spring has sprung. The creeping myrtle is in bloom. And all around the world, people are frolicking outdoors huddled around their laptops desperate for news of upcoming video games. That’s just what we’ve got for you today with our announcement of the second game in The Jackbox Party Pack 7, The Devils and the Details.

In The Devils and The Details, you and your friends play as a family of friendly devils who move from the underworld to an average suburban neighborhood. In order to fit in, you’ll work together to complete as many mundane human chores as you can. Just like real life, you’ll deal with plumbing emergencies, annoying neighbors, and of course, your own terrible family.

You’ll use your phone to tap, swipe, spin, and poke your way through a fast and furious barrage of timed household tasks. But even a highly competent demon can’t handle everything alone. Each player takes on the role of parent, teen, or kid, and many tasks require you to coordinate with others in the family. Get ready to whine at your best friend (who is now your mom) until they drive you to soccer practice. Or viciously scold your entire friend group for not helping you make dinner.

The family does best when you all work together to keep the house running smoothly. But don’t forget, “Hell is other people.” If you give into your devilish nature and take on selfish tasks, like skipping Grandma’s birthday to go make out with your boyfriend, you can earn big points for yourself, leaving the rest of the family to pick up your slack.

We’ll have more to share about The Devils and the Details soon, as well as updates on the much-anticipated sequel Quiplash 3 and the other three games in The Jackbox Party Pack 7.

Quiplash 3 revealed for Jackbox Party Pack 7

Third time's a charm

In case you missed the big reveal during our PAX East and C2E2 panels, we’re happy to share this video announcing that Quiplash 3 will be included in The Jackbox Party Pack 7!

The storied franchise returns this fall on major digital platforms with new prompts, exciting new features and probably the greatest ending in video game histor… nope sorry, that’s been cut.

Dust off your Quip boots and polish your smartphones! We’re about to take over all of your family and friend get-togethers this holiday season.


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