Good Job! originally had a more fantastical approach to its office setting, says the dev team

Job well done

Good Job! is a humorous puzzler that takes place in an office setting. The game definitely has its funny elements, but the office backdrop is pretty straightforward. In an interview with NintendoEverything, director Coen Neessen from Paladin Studios explained that things actually started off a bit more outlandish.

Early on in development the company you would work at in the game was much more fantastical. So, we would have overcharged cables that would turn printers into bombs and we even had the ability to freeze time. Ultimately, we found that having a mundane office environment worked much better for the physical humor of the game.

One thing that we tried to make work was to build a level that could also function as a race track for people to race on with office chairs and fire extinguishers. Sadly, we could not combine that layout nicely with a good puzzle level, so we had to abandon that goal.

Nintendo explains how their collaboration with Paladin Studios for Good Job! came to be

I'd say they did a good job

Back towards the end of March 2020, Nintendo surprise revealed Good Job!, a workplace puzzler. The game was also released the same day it was revealed. That project was a collaboration between Nintendo and Paladin Studios. In an interview with NintendoEverything, Nintendo of America producer Takao Nakano explained how the collab came to be.

It’s been a long time since we first met Paladin. I think it was one of those game events somewhere. I’ve played some of their smart device games before, and all of them have a very cheerful atmosphere, and I got the impression that they make their games with great care.

Also, I heard that Paladin had experience working with Japanese game publishers previously, so from that standpoint as well, I may have been more interested in Paladin as a game studio. Since then, we had been looking for an opportunity to work together.

In 2017, our Nintendo team had an opportunity to visit Paladin Studios and at that time we discussed further about working on a project together. Nintendo requested Paladin to work on an experimental game idea, and from that experiment project the base of Good Job! was born. After discussions between the two companies, we agreed to polish this “raw stone” into a product, and the full game development started.

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Victor Lucas and his daughter Ruby dive into the insanity of the physics puzzler, Good Job! for Nintendo Switch. Worth your time/dough? Find out!

Good Job! gets a print ad in the latest issue of Famitsu

Good ad

Gaming magazines are still somewhat popular in Japan, as compared to the rest of the world. Seeing a gaming mag in general around here is a bit of a rarity, and the above ad is even rarer.

Nintendo has taken out an ad for Good Job!, their surprise Switch eShop release that hit the platform just a couple weeks back. Digital-only games are a bit harder to spread the word on in Japan, considering how into physical copies the Japanese audience is. Hopefully an ad like this does the trick and let's people know about this great game!

Nintendo snags Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics and Good Job! trademarks in Japan

Something just-released, and something on the way

Nintendo is getting their games in order with a series of new trademarks in Japan. They've filed a Japanese trademark for Good Job!, which released right after Nintendo's recently Nintendo Direct mini. They also filed three separated trademarks for Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. The trademarks are アソビ大全 –, 51 Worldwide Games, and Club House Games.

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Just another day at the office, right? Let's check out Good Job, the game that was surprise-announced and released during last week's Nintendo Direct mini. I hope I'm the right person for the job!

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Good Job! - overview trailer

Here is a look at your job overview

Rise through the ranks of your dad's company by completing bizarre office tasks by yourself or with a fellow co-worker in Good Job!, out now on Nintendo Switch!

Good Job! "All in a day's work" trailer

In Good Job!, the office-themed puzzles you complete vary from fixing the office’s internet connection to cleaning up experimental goo. You may bump into your coworkers or knock over a priceless item or two in the process, but as long as you get the job done you’re one step closer to the executive suite!

Solve office-themed puzzles resulting in hilarity, chaos...and a promotion in Good Job!

Get back to work!

The Good Job! game is out now, ready to bring charming, office-themed puzzles to the workforce.

As the clumsy child of a CEO, you must climb the corporate ladder one puzzle at a time. Puzzles can be completed in multiple ways depending on your style. Need to get a projector through an electric door? Well, you can gently wheel it through…or catapult it through the wall! You’re graded based on time and finesse, so try to strike a balance between speed and caution. Or, you know, ignore that completely. It’s really up to you!

Let’s check out the game’s resume…


Solve puzzles in oftentimes hilarious ways. Interact with your environment to open doors, push objects, run an assembly line, and maybe break some things in the process. There are many ways to solve a puzzle.
Replay stages to maximize speed and minimize damages and try to go for a high score.
Over 100 collectable outfits, ranging from business casual to Viking chic, are hidden throughout the office’s puzzles. Dress to impress.
Pass a Joy-Con™ controller to a friend for some help solving puzzles, divvying up tasks, or collecting in-game outfits.

Good Job - gameplay round-up

As the clumsy child of a CEO, you must climb the corporate ladder one office-themed puzzle at a time! Complete puzzles in multiple ways as you experiment with the interactive environments—a projector can be wheeled gently through an electric door…or catapulted through the wall. So toil (or tumble) your way to the top and make your father proud!


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