Crysis Remastered updated to Version 1.5.0 on Switch

Crysis corrections

Crysis Remastered has been updated to Version 1.5.0 on Switch. Check out patch notes for this update below.

General Updates

- Improved game performance in some areas.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where some story scripts would break after restarting the game from a checkpoint.
- Fixed a bug where the Gyroscope sensitivity was not scaled down properly when using ADS.
- Fixed an issue where the VTOL no longer arrived after restarting from a checkpoint during the last objective. (Exodus – Sphere)
- Fixed a bug causing issues with the shadows of the lantern at the end of Rescue.
- Fixed a bug where picking up a soldier turned him blue for a couple of seconds.
- Fixed a bug where a building was completely missing. (Onslaught – Tank)
- Fixed an issue that caused building textures to not load in.
- Fixed a bug that caused FPS drops during the last fight on Exodus – Sphere.
Fixed shader issues that could occur when grabbing items or objects.

Crysis Remastered updated to Version 1.4

Bug fixes and more

Crysis has been updated to Version 1.4 on Switch. Check out the full patch notes below.

General Changes

- Improvements made to Audio.
- Improvements made to game Performance.

​Bug Fixes

- Fixed multiple game crashes.
- Fixed a bug where a huge alien structure was floating mid-air at the beach.
- Fixed an issue that caused Gyroscope aiming to get stuck sometimes.
- Fixed an issue where the Audio synchronization during cutscenes was broken, after attaching/de-attaching joy-cons.
- Fixed an issue that caused NPC faces to be too dark during several cutscenes.
- Fixed an issue where some distant vegetation was glitching while using binoculars.
- Fixed issues with Psycho's mouth movements while other NPC speaks. (Recovery-village)
- Fixed a bug where occasionally the carrier's elevator could not be activated during the main objective. (Fleet - Reckoning)
- Fixed sound attenuation issues working inside building, even when they have been destroyed.
- Fixed a bug where corpses appeared dark after being thrown.
- Fixed a bug where General Kyong teleported with graphical artifacts. (Mine - Awakening)
- Fixed a bug where the HUD did not reload immediately after skipping the cutscene with General Kyong.
- Fixed wrong timing of the video played during the videoconference cutscene. (Rescue - Relic)
- Fixed an issue where broken glass would disappear, if player broke another glass. (Exodus - Sphere)
- Fixed a bug where VOs and subtitles were missing during dialogues with Psycho. (Reckoning-fleet)

Digital Foundry - Crysis Remastered PS4/Pro/Xbox One/One X/Switch comparison

Does the Switch version look better in some areas?

There's a ton of potential in the console versions of Crysis Remastered - but it looks like the delay to the game should have been longer. In this video, John assesses every console running every mode and sees some remarkable difference between the Switch release and its PS4/Xbox One siblings.

Crysis ultimate comparison (360, PS3, Switch, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, PC)

Which looks the best to you?

Crysis is available on pretty much every platform under the sun. Last gen, current gen, you name it! In the video above, see how the Switch version stacks up to all other platforms.

Digital Foundry - Modding/Overclocking Crysis Remastered on Switch

Can the Switch handle it?

Yes, Crysis Remastered is already a rather excellent Switch conversion - but what if we added 75% to CPU clocks and 20% of extra perf to the GPU? And what if we tweaked the game's config files for extra visual features and improved fidelity? Rich takes a look...

Crysis Remastered updated to Version 1.3.0

Gyro fixes now available

Crysis Remastered has been updated to Version 1.3.0. Check out the full patch notes below.

- Players can now adjust gyro aim sensitivity
- Players can now invert gyro aim controls
- Fixed a bug that resulted in a crash if player’s username contained special characters

Crytek hoping to push Crysis Remastered on Switch even further with future patches

Not done tinkering yet

Crysis Remastered cleans up the visuals from the original release on Switch, but it doesn't go as far as the PS4/XB1 versions do. It's no slouch in the visuals department, but some features didn't make the cut. In an interview with NintendoEverything, project lead Steffen Halbig says that future updates could make even more visual improvements to the game.

Yes, I believe it’s fair to say we put everything in that the Switch allows for, and those improvements include features like vegetation bending, depth of field and motion blur, enhanced dynamic lighting, global illumination (SVOGI), gyro aiming, and upgraded textures. But we are known for pushing technology further, and we will try to add more with upcoming patches.

RUMOR: Your Switch username may prevent you from playing Crysis Remastered

What's in a name?

Earlier today, we mentioned that Crysis Remastered has some issues when it comes to inverse options for traditional joystick and gyro controls. Those problems are certainly annoying, but at least they don't cause the game to crash. There's another issue that resulting in just that.

While not officially confirmed yet, it seems your Switch username might end up causing trouble for the game. If you have a username that has a colon in it, Crysis Remastered will wig out when you try to start up a game. You'll go to the usual loading screen, and then software will crash after about 30 seconds. Removing the colon will result in the game loading up no trouble.

Crytek hasn't commented on this matter yet, but if you find yourself unable to load the game, perhaps this name issue is getting in the way.

Crysis Remastered doesn't allow players to differentiate between inverted stick and gyro controls

So close, but so far

It seems that most developers that add in gyro controls on Switch forget one key factor. They don't allow the player to choose between inverted for one and not the other. We saw it with Call of Juarez and Ion Fury recently, and now Crysis Remastered joins the pack.

For those wondering, when you invert the stick controls in Crysis Remastered, this means the gyro controls are inverted as well. You're not able to change each aspect individually, which means that some players will find the gyro controls completely unusable. Unfortunately, the game also doesn't have any gyro sensitivity options, so it's just on or off.

Crysis Vs. Crysis Remastered (PS3 Vs. Switch comparison)

Which do you like better?

How does the remastered version of Crysis on Switch stack up to the original? Let's take a look at the comparison video above to find out!


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