Nintendo pushes back decision on delisting Jump Rope Challenge, says it will be available "until further notice"

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Nintendo had said that they were delisting Jump Rope Challenge from the Switch eShop after September 30th, 2020. They have now changed that decision, saying that the game will remain on the Switch eShop for now. That said, it does seem the software will still be removed in the future, as Nintendo said it will be available "until further notice."

Don't forget to download Jump Rope Challenge before it's gone forever!

Don't miss out!

Consider this your last warning! Jump Rope Challenge is going to be delisted from the Switch eShop after Sept. 30th, 2020. That leaves you with just a day to grab the game. Even if you aren't interested in the experience, the download is free, so why not snag a piece of Nintendo history?

Sakurai details his experience with fitness games, his exercise routine, and staying healthy in general

Fitness tips from Sakurai!

Sakurai's column in this week's Famitsu is quite a bit different from others. This time around, Sakurai discusses the time he's spent with fitness video games, and how he works out while playing in general. Check out the full details below, with translations courtesy of PushDustIn and Sephazon.

- since working from home due the pandemic, Sakurai feels like he’s not moving enough
- Sakurai is unable to go to the gym because of the pandemic as well
- in Ring Fit Adventure, Samurai is disappointed that attacking is limited to fitness
- Sakurai thinks it would be fun if a beam came out when the player pushed in the Ring-Con
- Sakurai believes Fitness Boxing really makes players move
- Sakurai encourages people to try out Jump Rope Challenge, as it's free and will only be around for a little bit longer
- Sakurai is a fan of Beat Saber as well, and thinks the game makes you move around quite a lot, and has great music
- Sakurai thinks making exaggerated movements with your body makes for the best results
- Sakurai usually rides an exercise bike while playing video games
- he also lifts dumbbells of varying weight, and bought a weight training bench as well
- Sakurai does ‘radio exercises’ every morning where he doubles the speed of the program to increase his output
- Sakurai will also do push ups from time to time, but he feels the most effective routine is running up and down stairs
- Sakurai lives in an apartment with 600 stairs to the observation deck of Tokyo Tower
- Sakurai uses the stairs often, and hasn't used the elevator in quite some time
- Sakurai finds the rush of climbing to be exhausting, but it's a good feeling to know your body is in good shape
- Sakurai recommends “doing your best just to exercise.”
- Sakurai prefers difficult routines that he can do while multitasking, such as playing a game on an exercise bike
- Sakurai will also use his smartphone while climbing stairs
- these methods help him mix the toughness of exercising with something else to distract him

Reminder: Get Jump Rope Challenge before it jumps off Switch eShop

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Want to be a jump ahead of things? A free game is leaving Nintendo eShop soon, so here’s your chance to get the jump on it.

On Sept. 30, the Jump Rope Challenge game will be leaving Nintendo eShop. Luckily, assuming you’re reading this before Sept. 30, you can still get it! It’s a free, fun, and easy way to get your body moving.

By using a pair of Joy-Con™ controllers and imagining them as the handles of a jump rope, players can virtually jump rope every day. With hopping bunnies as the characters, simple menus, and no long tutorials to jump through, it’s a quick and easy way to learn the ropes. There are also a number of familiar in-game outfits to try out.

Please keep reading for more info on the game. You can also download the game using the link on the bottom of this article. Have fun jumping!

Jump Rope Challenge updated to Version 1.2.0

Nintendo has updated Jump Rope Challenge to Version 1.2.0. This update adds a new screen that you can look back on after 100 days of jumping. It seems like that might be all that's included in this update, but if any more details surface, we'll add them to this post.

Jump Rope Challenges sees release in China

Jumping in

Jump Rope Challenge is now available for the Switch in China. The title officially saw release as of yesterday, so now those who own the Tencent Switch can get in on the action. On an interesting note, the game was released in China as a 'tool' rather than a game, so it didn't have to go through the same approvals.

GoNintendo Thought: Jump Rope Challenge is everything I love about Nintendo

Leap of faith

Been meaning to put together a write-up about this for a few days now, and I finally had the chance to. Just something short and sweet about Nintendo's latest quirky release. As always, thanks for reading.

Back on June 15th, 2020, Nintendo released a brand-new game out of nowhere. No one knew the game existed prior to launch, as Nintendo hadn't made a peep about it. The game just randomly showed up on the Switch eShop, followed by a press release that explained what the game was all about. That game was Jump Rope Challenge, a free download that's all about jumping a virtual rope.

It's not often a game comes out nowadays that you can explain in just one sentence, but that's what Jump Rope Challenge is. All you do is jump a virtual rope while holding your Joy-Con. There isn't a nuanced story or deeper mechanics to engage with. It's you, an avatar that looks like a bunny, and a jump counter. It's ridiculously simple, completely odd, and the perfect example of why I love Nintendo.

One of my favorite things about Nintendo has always been their willingness to do whatever they please when it comes to software. Sure, they make big-budget show-stoppers like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but they also love to make oddball experiments like Nintendo Labo. Nintendo never lets the market dictate what software they create next. It's all about starting from an idea that's both fun and unique, and then fleshing it out into something consumers can enjoy.

Jump Rope Challenge is a great example of Nintendo doing their own thing. It's not a game anyone was clamoring for, yet here it is. While fans wait for news on Metroid Prime 4 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, Nintendo gives us a game about jumping in place. Software like this makes some fans scratch their heads in confusion and grumble online about 'casual' games. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, and that includes the gang at Nintendo. In their eyes, this was something worth bringing to the Switch.

The way Jump Rope Challenge came about is just as unique as the game itself. According to Nintendo, Jump Rope Challenge "was created by a small group of Nintendo developers while working from home as a simple game to add some quick and fun movement into their daily lives." Many of us have been spending a lot more time at home due to the pandemic, and that includes Nintendo's developers. This uncommon situation was the starting point for some of Nintendo's devs to create something that would have otherwise not existed.

Nintendo fans know that Nintendo loves to go above and beyond when it comes to player health. Countless Nintendo games take a moment to remind you that you should probably take a break from playing a game by resting your eyes, getting up to stretch, and so on. Nintendo also dabbles with exer-gaming on a somewhat frequent basis, most recently showcased with Ring Fit Adventure. While the bottom line of any company is to make money, I think it's fair to argue that Nintendo as a whole does seem to care about the well-being of players when creating content.

Jump Rope Challenge is the perfect example of that care. Just as Nintendo stated, the purpose of the game is to get players up and moving. The big difference here is that Jump Rope Challenge is absolutely free. Nintendo isn't making a dime off of any downloads for the game. That could change in the future, as Nintendo says the game is "free as a limited-time release until the end of September," but for now things are free. Obviously Nintendo always wants people interacting with their hardware, but when the content provided is free and the benefit is a healthier lifestyle, you have to applaud Nintendo at least a tiny bit.

Everything else about Jump Rope Challenge screams Nintendo as well. The presentation is extremely cute and colorful. The presentation, which features a hopping bunny that jumps along with your jumps, is simplistic in the best way. The one-note mechanic comes off as something only Nintendo would be willing to pursue. It's a completely weird and wonderful experiment that Nintendo saw value in, so they let it loose on the world. That's the kind of content that I love from Nintendo...the kind of content I feel you only get from Nintendo.

Jump Rope Challenge isn't going to be for everyone, and that's totally fine. The mere fact that Jump Rope Challenge exists will make some gamers mad, and that's okay too. They don't have to like the game, understand why it exists, or appreciate that it's around. While I wish gamers could let each other enjoy the titles they want without blasting them for it, that's a discussion for another feature. I'm just happy that Nintendo took yet another random chance with some completely off-the-wall software. It's what Nintendo does best, and with nearly 600 million jumps logged so far, it seems that plenty of people out there appreciate that weird, wacky side of Nintendo.

Free content update available for Jump Rope Challenge

Jump on it!

Jump Rope Challenge, a free download on the Switch eShop, has just gotten a content update! Nintendo has released new costumes, backgrounds, and a double-under jump feature. Best of all, this new content is free as well! Hop in the game and grab the update now! You can check out some footage for the update below.

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!

Jump Rope Challenge player creates custom Joy-Con jump rope grips with a 3D printer

Now that's dedication!

Jump Rope Challenge lets you get in some exercise while in the comfort of your own home with a little faux jump rope action. Put a Joy-Con in each hand and jump away as if you had a real jump rope in your hands...or in the case of Redditor El_Lijas, you could just make a real jump rope!

El_Lijas wasn't satisfied with pretending his Joy-Con were part of a jump rope, so he used a 3D printer to print special jump rope grips that house the Joy-Con. He even tied a rope to the two pieces, turning it into an actual jump rope! Now he's getting the real experience while he plays the game!

Players hit 200 million jumps in Nintendo's Jump Rope Challenge in just 3 days

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Nintendo surprise-launched a game just 3 days ago, and it seems to have taken Switch owners by storm. It's a free experience that's just too much fun to pass up!

Nintendo has announced that Jump Rope Challenge players have managed to perform over 200 million jumps in the game so far, which is extremely impressive when you realize the game has only been out for 3 days! Man, what's the number going to be at a year from now?!