Grindstone adding new Daily Quick Grind mode and more

Back to the grind

Almost a year since the original release of its beloved puzzle game, Capybara Games has just released another content update for Grindstone! The latest update brings a new Daily Grind Mode: The Quick Grind, plus 20 new levels in two new caves, two new gold item blueprints and other quality of life improvements.

“The Daily Grind’s Greed shrine added a whole new way to play Grindstone,” says Joel Burgess, Studio Director at Capy, “The Quick Grind shrine takes that one step further, providing a speedier way to post your best score to the leaderboard, and be challenged to try out new gear combinations and strategies.”

What’s New?

New Daily Grind Mode: The Quick Grind. You've got 10 turns and a random set of gear to post the highest score to the leaderboard.
20 new levels to discover in two new additional cave areas.
Two new gold item blueprints to unlock + craft.
Get around Grindstone Mountain faster with a new fast-travel map scroll.
Refill your health and repair gear more quickly from the backpack!

Grindstone is available on Apple Arcade, playable across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV and will be available soon on Nintendo Switch.

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