Super Mario 3D All-Stars "Switch My Way" commercial released

Mario your way

Looks like Nintendo has plans on releasing "Switch My Way" commercials for all the big-name Switch games. The latest commercial features Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which will no doubt be a big holiday seller. Check out the spot above.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Version 1.1.0 update tour (GameCube controller support, dev cubes removed, and more)

The update we needed

As we noted earlier, Super Mario 3D All-Stars has been updated to Version 1.1.0. This update includes inverse controls, GameCube controller support, and a host of bug fixes. In the videos above, you can see some of those tweaks and new features in action.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars updated to Ver. 1.1.0, adds inverse camera controls, GameCube controller support for Super Mario Sunshine

The update we've been waiting for

Super Mario 3D All-Stars has been updated to Version 1.1.0, and it includes some features fans have been clamoring for. Check out the full patch notes below.

- Players can now invert the camera controls within all three individual titles.

- Super Mario Sunshine now supports the Nintendo GameCube controller (sold separately). Players can now play this title using the same controls as found in the original GameCube release.

- The Nintendo GameCube controller for Super Mario Sunshine is supported only in TV mode.

- You’ll need the GameCube Controller Adapter (sold separately) to use this controller with your Nintendo Switch system.

- The Nintendo Switch Lite system does not support this controller option.

- All button displays within Super Mario Sunshine will not reflect the Nintendo GameCube controller.

- Other general fixes have been applied to improve overall gameplay across all three titles.

Yoiko X Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Super Mario 64)

The duo is back in action

Haven't had enough of the Yoiko comedy duo? Well you're in luck, as they're back with more Super Mario 3D All-Stars videos! Check out both clips above, which have the duo playing some Super Mario 64.

Yoiko x Super Mario Galaxy live-stream coming Nov. 15th, 2020

Get ready for great laughs and gameplay

The comedy duo Yoiko isn't done with Super Mario 3D All-Stars yet. The team has announced that they'll be teaming up with Nintendo yet again for another live-stream, and it's coming on Nov. 15th, 2020. This time around, Yoiko will be sitting down for some Super Mario Galaxy action.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars getting an update on Nov. 17th, will include inverse camera controls options

Up is down, down is up...has the world gone mad?!

Big news for Super Mario 3D All-Stars fans. Nintendo has confirmed that the game is being updated to Version 1.1.0 on Nov. 17th, 2020. This update is going to allow for inverse camera options in all three games. That includes the third person camera an first person camera, as well as the F.LU.D.D. controls in Super Mario Sunshine. An option that should have been included from the start, but still nice to see added.

Super Mario Bros. "Your Mario Melody" commercial

For the past 35 years, Mario has been running, jumping, and saving the Mushroom Kingdom from bad guys, and he couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for helping Mario on his incredible adventures.

With Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Super Mario Odyssey and some of your other favorite Super Mario games and more available now on the Nintendo Switch system, what game gets you singing?

Nintendo hosts Yoiko X Super Mario 64 live-stream event

A 3D classic

The Yoiko comedy duo and Nintendo teamed up once more for another live-stream of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. This time around, the pair checked out Super Mario 64. You can watch the live-stream in its entirety above.

RUMOR: Super Mario 3D All-Stars may have broken a U.S. record for 3D Mario sales

Let's crunch some numbers

The NPD results for September 2020 showed that Super Mario 3D All-Stars debuted in the second spot on the charts, losing out to Marvel's Avengers. The thing is, when you take a closer look at the data, there's a much different story going on here.

First up, the data for Marvel's Avengers includes digital and physical sales combined. With Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the NPD position is based on physical sales only. That makes Mario's second place finish much more impressive overall!

Along with that, more specific NPD data has apparently leaked. That gives us some actual numbers to work with.

In the case of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the total physical U.S. sales for September 2020 reportedly sit at around 1,165,000 units. The game managed to sell that total in about 2 weeks' worth of time. The previous record-holder for U.S. launch month sales goes to either Super Mario Galaxy (1,120,000 units in 3 weeks) or Super Mario Odyssey (1,100,000 units in 1 week), depending on how you want to look at things. Obviously digital sales were a factor for Odyssey and not Galaxy, and we don't have the data on how many digital units were sold.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars had a huge retail debut, but there's no doubt the digital numbers have been insane as well. The weekly charts showed the game sitting at the #1 position for every single week, so it was definitely pulling in big numbers. If we knew those digital numbers and could add them into the physical NPD total, there's very little doubt that Super Mario 3D All-Stars would be the new record-holder for a 3D Mario title when it comes to debut month sales.

New My Nintendo rewards inspired by Super Mario 3D All-Stars Now Available

My Nintendo has added in a group of physical rewards tied to Super Mario 3D All-Stars. These are sure to go quickly, so don't wait too long to snag yours!

Play three of Mario’s greatest 3D platforming adventures—all in one package!

Play three iconic games at home or on the go—all in one package on the Nintendo Switch™ system! Jump into paintings in the Super Mario 64™ game, clean up goop in the Super Mario Sunshine™ game, and fly from planet to planet in the Super Mario Galaxy™ game.

The physical version of Super Mario 3D All-Stars (released Sept. 18) will continue to be shipped to retailers and available for purchase through March 31, 2021 or while supplies last. Once the digital edition has been purchased on your Nintendo Account, it can be re-downloaded and played if deleted from your device.

New My Nintendo rewards inspired by Super Mario 3D All-Stars!

Have you already played the Super Mario 3D All-Stars game? Redeem your Platinum Points for these fun new Mario-related My Nintendo rewards!

Super Mario™ Zipper Case (800 Platinum Points)

Exclusive to My Nintendo members! This durable zipper case is great for earbuds or other small electronics. This Super Mario Zipper Case can be ordered by redeeming 800 My Nintendo Platinum Points, while supplies last.

uper Mario 3D All-Stars poster set (800 Platinum Points)

Exclusive to My Nintendo members! Deck out your game room with three Super Mario 3D All-Stars posters highlighting each of the three great games - the Super Mario 64™, Super Mario Sunshine™, and Super Mario Galaxy™ games.

This Super Mario All-Stars poster set reward can be redeemed with can be ordered by redeeming 800 My Nintendo Platinum Points, while supplies last.

Frames not included.

How to order these My Nintendo Platinum Points rewards:

1) Visit the reward page.
2) Sign in to your Nintendo Account.
3) Redeem your Platinum Points for the item you'd like to get. You will receive a promo code.
4) Select "Access Now" to visit store.nintendo.com.
5) Select "Add to Cart".
6) Enter the code that you received in the pop-up.
7) Complete your transaction and your item will be shipped to you!


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