Check out more clips from Super Mario Sunshine in Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Oh god...not the sand bird!

Nintendo continues to share clips from Super Mario 3D All-Stars via the Super Mario 35th anniversary Twitter account. Today we get two more videos for Super Mario Sunshine. Soak up the gameplay action above!

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Super Mario Sunshine ad

Jump into Super Mario Sunshine™ anytime, anywhere  – one of three games included in Super Mario™ 3D All-Stars for the Nintendo Switch™ system! Available only for a limited time.

Check out Super Mario Sunshine's intro from Super Mario 3D All-Stars, plus a comparison to the GameCube version

Can't Mario enjoy a damn vacation?!

Nintendo has released the full intro cut-scene from Super Mario Sunshine, but as it's shown in Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Check out the videos above to see the full cut-scene on its own, and then a comparison to the GameCube version.

Nintendo provides more resolution details and gameplay footage of Super Mario 3D All-Stars

 Nintendo has verified that Super Mario 64 will run at 960 x 720p when docked while Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy will run at 1920 x 1080p when docked. They have also confirmed that the latter two games will be displayed in 16:9 resolution and have provided additional gameplay on one of their Japanese Twitter accounts.

Examining how different the games of Super Mario 3D All-Stars are from their original releases

What has Nintendo tweaked?

Is the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection nothing more than just ports? We take a look at the evidence for Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy on Switch to see whether that's really the case or not, based on in-game graphics, cutscenes, and the UI!

Super Mario Sunshine "GameCube Vs. Super Mario 3D All-Stars" Graphics Comparison

Super Mario Sunshine has been given the widescreen treatment in Super Mario 3D All Stars but how much does this change the look of the game? Join us as we put the new HD version head to head with its GameCube original

Speedrunner tackles Super Mario Sunshine with a Guitar Hero controller

You rock, Mario!

It seems like playing games with controllers from completely different games is all the rage now. We just saw someone playing Dark Souls 3 with the Ring Fit Adventure Ring-Con, and now we have someone running through Super Mario Sunshine with a Guitar Hero controller. See how it all plays out in the video above!

Super Mario 64 hack recreates the Super Mario Sunshine experience

Now that's an impressive hack

Who wants to bother playing Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube when you can play Super Mario Sunshine as a demake in Super Mario 64?! Created by hacker extraordinaire Kaze, this Super Mario Sunshine demake aims to give as close to the original experience wrapped up in an N64 aesthetic. While not everything has made the transition, what has come together is truly impressive.

Super Mario Odyssey mod adds in Super Mario Sunshine content

Wouldn't it be lovely to have Super Mario Sunshine-themed level in Super Mario Odyssey? We have no idea if Nintendo is working on that, but they don't need to, as a fan has already made it a reality! Yet another impressive content hack for Super Mario Odyssey.

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

Super Mario Sunshine was originally more focused on removing pollution, didn't have Shine Sprites

The following comes from Retro Gamer issue #173, featuring an interview with Super Mario Sunshine director Yoshiaki Koizumi...

“In an early prototype, the player wasn’t searching for Shine Sprites. The idea was that you’d wash the pollution away with FLUDD and also use it to defeat the boss enemy, the source of the pollution.”

I wonder why they decided to move away from that direction a bit and add in the Shine Sprites. I'm just glad they did! If they kept them out of the game, we would have never gotten the wonderful "Shine Get!" phrase!


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