Okami achieves another Guinness World Record

Okami already had one Guinness World Record under its belt, but it wasn't exactly one to be proud of. The title won ‘Least commercially successful winner of a Game of the Year award’ back in 2010. Thankfully now the game has another Guinness World Record that sounds a bit better. Okami has now laid claim to the ‘Most critically acclaimed video game starring an animal character’ record.

Game History Secrets - How Okami 2 Almost Happened at Platinum

Today on Game History Secrets we talk about how Okami 2 almost happened, and we don't mean Okamiden. A full sequel made by Okami's original team almost came to be a whole decade after the developers at Clover Studio (who now work at Platinum Games) left Capcom. Even though the proposal fell through, Platinum are said to still have a friendly relationship with Capcom. Hideki Kamiya was even pictured at Capcom HQ playing the Nintendo Switch port of Okami HD.

Okami HD - Japanese retail copy unboxing

Okami HD Nintendo Switch Package
Full reversible cover art shot...

Japan got all kinds of fancy options when it came to their retail copies of Okami HD, but here in the states we get digital only. Let's at least enjoy this photo gallery of the stadard retail copy in Japan. As expected, it's an absolutely gorgeous package. Only thing it's missing is the IGN logo...

Thanks to MrBanballow for the heads up!

First 4 Figures working on Zelda Majora's Mask & Midna True Form, Okami figures

Just to point one thing out, that Majora's Mask figure is going to be life-sized! Now that's going to be something awesome to see!