Check out another Pichu, Pokémon Trainer & Isabelle amiibo unboxing

Haven't gotten enough of a look at the Pichu, Pokemon Trainer, and Isabelle amiibo? Check out the video above to see another unboxing, and up-close look at each amiibo.

Get another look at the Isabelle and Pokémon Trainer amiibo

Two more amiibo to drool over

Yesterday we had an up close look at the Pichu amiibo, and today we get a peek at two more amiibo. If you're planning on picking up the Isabelle or Pokemon Trainer amiibo, you might want to check out the video above. It gives a detailed look at both amiibo, from packaging to amiibo themselves.

Get up close and personal with Pichu in an amiibo unboxing

Want a closer look at the final packaging and design for the Pichu amiibo? The video above should do more than enough to give you what you want.

Isabelle amiibo gets a quick promo video

The only amiibo you'll ever need

Isabelle is ready to join your amiibo collection! The Animal Crossing superstar is going to hit stores this Friday, and she's sure to be a mega-hit. Make sure you secure your amiibo now before they're all sold out!

Custom amiibo artist GandaKris creates a tribute to Etika


GandaKris, one of the most prolific custom amiibo creators, has worked on numerous amiibo tributes over the years. Just a few weeks back, she presented Nintendo's Doug Bowser with a custom amiibo. GandaKris has now revealed her latest creation, and it's a tribute to the late Etika.

GandaKris has announced that this amiibo will be part of an effort to raise funds for mental health, as Etika sadly took his own life. When details on the fundraising efforts come in, we'll make sure to share.

Fan makes a Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening figurine

All hand-made

Inspired by the amiibo on the way, Reddit user iMastersystem put together a pretty fantastic figurine version of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. This figurine was made out of Super Sculpey clay, and painted it with acrylic color. Now all we need is a side-by-side comparison with the official amiibo!

Check out more footage of the Snake, Isabelle, Pokemon Trainer, and "Link's Awakening" Link amiibo

Nintendo has been showing off their new wave of amiibo at various events, and now we have another round of footage for Snake, Isabelle, Pokemon Trainer, and "Link's Awakening" Link amiibo. Check out the 4K video above!

Check out more pics of the Snake, Pichu, Isabelle, Pokemon Trainer, and "Link's Awakening" Link amiibo

I'll take them all!

The wonderful NintenDaan had a chance to snap pics of the upcoming amiibo line, which includes Snake, Pichu, Isabelle, Pokemon Trainer, and "Link's Awakening" Link. Check out pics of each below!

Up close with the Snake, Pichu, Isabelle, Pokemon Trainer, and "Link's Awakening" Link amiibo

Ready for your close-up?

If you're an amiibo collector, you've got quite a few additions coming your way soon. Make some room for Snake, Pichu, Isabelle, Pokemon Trainer, and "Link's Awakening" Link amiibo! Check them all out in the videos above.

How to Make a Doug Bowser Custom amiibo

The one, true Bowser

Earlier in the week, we shared a video of amiibo artist GandaKris giving Nintendo's Doug Bowser a custom amiibo of himself. Were you hoping you could add one to your collection? Well now you can, because GandaKris put together a step-by-step video showing how it was done!


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