RUMOR - Monster Hunter Stories' amiibo may not be seeing release outside of Japan

Monster Hunter Stories is coming to North America and Europe, but it seems that the amiibo released alongside the game in Japan might not come our way. The official site for Monster Hunter Stories in the states shows that all amiibo are supported, and they all give you in-game rewards. This is different from the game in Japan, where the game-specific amiibo were the only ones to unlock content. While we're lucky enough to be getting the game, it seems the special amiibo will remain in Japan. Thanks to Nataliek for the heads up.

Nintendo France - Other Switch 3rd party titles still to be revealed, amiibo here to stay

The following comes from a Gamekult interview with Philippe Lavoué, managing director of Nintendo France, as translated by Nintendo Everything...

Gamekult: How would you assess the first months of the Switch in France?

Philippe Lavoué, managing director of Nintendo France: We’ve sold 250,000 units on the French market between its launch on March 3rd and last week (E3 2017). This market is in a shortage situation at the moment, but it should improve progressively before the end of the year. We’re targeting an installed base of one million systems in the twelve first months.

G: ...aren’t you afraid that this console might remain a secondary system, especially considering the third-party offers, which are rather discreet as we saw on the E3 floor or during the Nintendo Showcase? (Translator’s note: They may be referring to the Nintendo Spotlight)

PL: Indeed, it’s a challenge, but there are positive signs. Electronic Arts will release FIFA 18 day-one on Switch: it’s a strong message, something we can be proud of since it comes from the game that sells the most in volume in France. The novel, crossover approach with Ubisoft is also very interesting. NBA 2K18 will be on the console, even though it is less visible as we speak, and there are also other projects that I know about but which weren’t officially announced.

G: Let’s talk about a subject that is dear to me: amiibo. We saw a lot of announcements at E3 about these toys. Yet you can notice in retail shelves that a lot of them are discounted. Isn’t there a risk of overproduction?

PL: I have to rectify. We have very healthy stock levels here in France. There is constant replenishment: for instance, the latest Breath of the Wild amiibo, and the upcoming ones for Metroid and Super Mario Odyssey. We don’t see any issue with consumption. Unlike some competing products on the market, the amiibo line is here to stay. Developers are starting to have a firm grasp of them. Take the Splatoon amiibo: you will never see a price drop for them. The same goes for Zelda. No doubt. We needed to break the mold in terms of game-toy association in order to go beyond the collecting aspect.

Nintendo Treehouse Log update - Metroid: Samus Returns—amiibo functionality

Sam from Treehouse here with a quick update about the Metroid: Samus Returns game.

At E3, Metroid creator Sakamoto-san revealed the Metroid and Samus amiibo figures that’ll be released as a set alongside the game. Back then, we had to stay silent on the functionality front, but that wait’s officially over.

Each amiibo figure unlocks two different types of content: one that’s available right away, and one that’s available only if you scan that amiibo after you’ve finished the game. (Don’t forget about that second round of scans!)

Full update here

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