Another wave of CPSIA certs point to the next amiibo getting a reprint

We know that Nintendo is reprinting various amiibo for Smash Bros. Ultimate, but we're not quite sure on which ones are coming next. Our best source of info comes from CPSIA certs, and a new wave just came through. It's very likely these will be the next amiibo getting a restock.

- Peach
- Sheik
- Captain Falcon
- Wii Fit trainer
- Marth
- Zelda
- Jigglypuff
- Charizard
- Lucario

Dark Souls Remastered - Solaire of Astora amiibo unboxing & demonstration

Dark Souls Remastered has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch and with it the exclusive Solaire of Astora amiibo! We get an in-depth look at the amiibo itself and showcase exactly what it can do in Dark Souls!

New Octoling amiibo 3-pack seeing release on Dec. 7th, 2018

Heads up, there’s fresh new amiibo figures joining the ink-splatting action! This 3-pack, featuring Octoling Boy, Octoling Girl, and Octoling Octopus will be available on 12/7, and gives Inklings and Octolings special access to some stylish new gear!

If you befriend the Octoling Girl amiibo figure, you’ll get the spellbinding look of the Enchanted gear! From the Octoling Boy amiibo, you’ll armor up with the Steel gear, and last but not least, with the Octopus amiibo, you’ll get the Fresh Fish gear, based on a popular character in Inkopolis! (Note: balloons not included.)

Wolf, Ridley & Inkling Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo close-up footage

We take a close-up look at the Wolf, Ridley & Inkling amiibo coming for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

CPSIA certificates might point to the next wave of amiibo restock

We know that more amiibo restocks are on the way. Nintendo confirmed as much a few weeks back. What we don't know is when we can expect those to hit shelves. We've seen some trickling in of various amiibo around the world, but now we have some possible insight into how things will play out in the states.

CPSIA certifications for Lucario, Toon Link, Sheik, Charizard, and Marth have recently popped up, which would usually indicate that we'll see these on store shelves soon. That's how things have played out with amiibo in the past, and this shouldn't be any different. As to an exact date for release, it's likely that'll come from Nintendo via one of their social media accounts.

Smash Bros. Mario and Pikachu amiibo - reprint packaging pics

Last week we had our first look at the Toon Link amiibo re-release, which also showed the revamped packaging the amiibo come in. This week we get a look at the same thing for both Mario and Pikachu. I wonder if this box is different enough for collectors to consider grabbing all these amiibo again!

A close-up look at the Wolf, Ridley, and Inkling Girl amiibo

On the fence when it comes to the Wolf, Ridley, and Inkling Girl amiibo? Perhaps this video will convince you that they're for you. A nice, long look at all three amiibo from just about every angle imaginable.

Mega Man 11 amiibo bundle - packaging pics

Mega Man 11 is right around the corner from launching. If you're trying to figure out what version you're going with, now you can get one more look at the packaging for the Mega Man 11 amiibo bundle. I would imagine quite a few fans are going to throw their cash towards this option.

Fan-Art: Bowsette custom amiibo

The love for Bowsette continues with this fantastic custom Bowsette amiibo by GandaKris! She's known for her amazing custom amiibo, and this Bowsette creation doesn't fail to impress. Now when is Nintendo going to capitalize on all this and turn Bowsette into a real thing?!

Smash Bros. amiibo reprints feature slightly different packaging

Not a major change in any way, but certainly one way collectors will be able to identify Smash Bros. amiibo from their reprints. Packaging for these amiibo reprints will have the red version of the Nintendo logo that they've been using lately, while the older line had gray. Again, not a big deal at all, but I'm sure it'll drive some collectors mad!