Get a closer look at the Smash Bros. Ultimate Joker and Hero amiibo

A dynamic duo

Nintendo recently revealed that Persona 5’s Joker and Dragon Quest XI’s Hero are the next characters from Smash Bros. Ultimate to get the amiibo treatment. While we've already seen what both look like, you can get a closer look at each amiibo in the gallery above, as well as their packaging.

Smash series Amiibo for Persona 5's Joker and Dragon Quest's Hero coming Fall 2020

Amiibo, oh my!

The first two Super Smash Bros. Fighters Pass DLC Amiibo have been announced. In the latest Sakurai Presents live-stream, we got out first look at Amiibo for Joker from Persona 5 and Hero from the Dragon Quest series. Both figures are planned for release in fall 2020!

Nintendo files patent for protecting IC tags within toys

Keeping those toys safe

Nintendo has filed a new patent, but it really isn't anything new for fans. The patent aims to protect IC tags within toys that are soft or plush. IC tags in this case refers to the NFC feature that amiibo have. Nintendo has made a giant plush Yoshi amiibo that had to include some sort of special protection for the tag inside, and now the Big N feels like what they've come up with is worthy of ap patent. If you really want to sift through the entire patent, you can do so here.

My Nintendo Japan offering various amiibo card sets

Time to stock up!

The My Nintendo Store in Japan is now offering the first four Animal Crossing amiibo card sets, along with Welcome amiibo cards. This is a much-needed replenishment, as stock on amiibo cards has been running low in Japan. These sets will be offered until June 30th, 2020, but it's likely they'll sell out long before that. If they do, another set of these cards will hit retailers in Japan sometime in Aug. 2020.

This fan-made Raymond amiibo looks good enough to be the real thing

A fantastic job

Nintendo fans have been making custom amiibo for years now, putting their favorite characters in the spotlight. The latest character to get the fan-made amiibo treatment is Raymond from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

As you can see in the gallery above, the custom amiibo is ridiculously well made. With how popular Raymond is becoming lately, I'd imagine quite a few New Horizons fans would jump on the chance to buy a legit amiibo of the character!

Polish retailer listing may point to amiibo reprint on the way

Here we amii-go

Nintendo has been reprinting amiibo for Japan lately, but we haven't heard too much for the rest of the world. While we don't have definitive proof that Nintendo is doing the same for Europe, we do have a retailer listing that provides a little hope.

Polish game retailer Ultima.pl has just added a whole round of amiibo to their site with a Sep. 18th, 2020 release date. The listings include most of the Zelda amiibo, both versions of Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, a handful of Smash Bros. amiibo, and Splatoon amiibo like the Squid Sisters.

Again, not confirmed that reprints are on the way, but hopefully that's the case. We'll reach out to Nintendo to try and get confirmation.

Thanks to Sephiroth_FF for the heads up!

My Nintendo Store in Japan offering Animal Crossing amiibo card orders

Another way to track down some cards

Animal Crossing amiibo cards are extremely hard to find in Japan, and Nintendo has said that they're working on new shipments. While customers will be able to find them at retail, there's also an online option.

Nintendo is offering Animal Crossing amiibo cards via the My Nintendo Store in Japan. Customers can order Animal Crossing series 1, 2, 3, 4, and Welcome amiibo amiibo cards, with orders open until June 30th, 2020. These cards are being printed based on orders, and most likely won't ship until Sept. 2020.

Tencent looking to release numerous amiibo in China

Here we go, amiibo!

Looks like Tencent has plans to release some amiibo in China. The company has applied for several barcodes related to amiibo, although we have no idea when they'll actually release. Check out the list of amiibo below.

Kirby series

- Kirby
- Meta Knight
- King Dedede

Super Mario series

- Wario
- Boo
- Goomba
- Rosalina
- Diddy Kong
- Daisy
- Donkey Kong
- Waluigi
- Koopa Troopa

Animal Crossing amiibo cards will see another restock in Japan

Help is on the way

Animal Crossing amiibo cards continue to be in high demand in Japan. Nintendo has already replenished stock back in March 2020, and now retailers are low once again. Thankfully Nintendo has said that yet another restock is on the way, but they haven't mentioned when to expect it. As usual, this restock will not include the Sanrio amiibo cards.

Nintendo files an amiibo-related patent

Seems like a straightforward patent

Nintendo has filed a new patent that's related to amiibo interactions. According to the patent, this relates to an information processing program capable of controlling NFC by using an operation object (amiibo) controlled by a user. Yusuke Amano and Aya Kyogoku are listed as the inventors.


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