Azure Striker Gunvolt - Halloween wallpapers

Inti Creates loves putting out wallpapers for all their franchises. They usually do so for sales milestones, but today we have an Azure Striker Gunvolt wallpaper for Halloween. Grab one now, while you still have some time in the month to use it!

Blaster Master Zero - Version 1.4 available today, more screens, game hits 110k downloads, new wallpaper available

Check out more screens here

Blaster Master Zero – Ver. 1.4

Release date: October 5th (worldwide)

Patch notes:

- Boss Blaster Mode added
- Co-op Boss Blaster Mode added (Nintendo Switch-only)
- Available number of save slots tripled (Nintendo Switch-only)
- EX Characters can now use the “Call Sophia” ability
- update will be available at the usual Nintendo eShop time (9AM PDT / 12PM EDT / 2PM BST / 3PM CEST)

Mighty Gunvolt Burst - Call, Joule launch trailer, now available in NA/EU

Thanks to Kitroplious for the heads up!

Blaster Master Zero update on the way, includes Boss Rush, more save slots, and more

Mighty Gunvolt Burst getting Call, Joule DLC

- Call from Mighty No. 9 and Joule from Azure Striker Gunvolt are available in Japan
- each is 200 yen
- no word on when they will become available in NA/EU

Gal*Gun 2 - undecided on HD Rumble, will use gyro sensor, no plans to censor the localized version

A portion of a Gematsu interview with Inti Creates chief executive officer Takuya Aizu, senior designer Masanori Ito, and producer and localization director Matt Papa...

G: For the Switch version, is there any intention to utilize the console’s unique features such as the HD Rumble?

Takuya Aizu: “For HD Rumble, we don’t want to just add it for the sake of it, but if we find a way for it to make sense in the Gal Gun experience, then we definitely will. We will make use of the gyro sensor, however.”

G: Since Gal Gun: Double Peace was banned in New Zealand, I was wondering if there are any plans to change or “censor” content for certain regions?

Takuya Aizu: “As Japanese developers, when we make games we do so for the Japanese audience we know the most first. If some country like New Zealand has to ban it, well, sorry. Anyway, the localization is up to PQube.”

Matt Papa: “We’re not going to change or censor the game. Personally as the localization director, I don’t censor anything and I have no intentions of doing so this time around either. So if New Zealand comes around with the ban-hammer again, sorry in advance to New Zealand.”