Dragon Marked for Death - retail preorders now open through GameStop, Amazon, and Target

Dragon Marked for Death is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG game where you can play solo or with up to 4 players in either local or online multiplayer. Well-thought-out, challenging level designs based around intuitive 2D-action-based gameplay await! This definitive version comes with All 4 Characters, the Additional Quest DLC, which includes access to bonus quests, and the special equipment set, the Striker Gear Pack.

Grab your copy through GameStop, Amazon, and Target

Dragon Marked for Death - retail trailer

From world-renowned Japanese game developer Inti Creates, Dragon Marked for Death brings multiplayer-focused 2D side-scrolling action to the Nintendo Switch with a special retail package set to hit North American and European retail stores on March 26, 2019. Courtesy of publisher Nighthawk Interactive, the retail edition bundles together all characters and the Additional Quest DLC, which will be sold in separate digital packages. In addition, the Striker Gear Pack is limited to the initial run of this physical
edition. Retail pre-orders are available now through GameStop, and coming soon to other retailers.

Dragon Marked for Death - Details and art for the Southern Kingdom of Ritus

The Dragon Marked for Death coverage has temporarily moved on from characters and instead shifted to locations. Check out info on the Southern Kingdom of Ritus below.

The Southern Kingdom of Ritus is located at the remnants of Atruum’s thigh. One of the five godly weapons (a wand) fell there. In the past, the nation prospered alongside Medius with its amazing magic. After the death of its king sapped the nation of its magic source, however, the region dried up into a barren desert.

New story details shared for Dragon Marked for Death

We've been getting a lot of concept art and character profiles for Dragon Marked for Death, but now Inti Creates has put out a small bit of story info. Seems like they're going to be sharing a few more tweets fleshing out the game's universe and character motivations. We'll be sure to bring them to you.

Dragon Marked for Death - Concept art for Jan. 20th, 2019

Inti Creates continues on with concept art from Dragon Marked for Death. We have some new details on one of the city's in the game below. This info is Google translated so some names may be incorrect.

- the concept art shows the land of Medius
- in the center of the city is a huge "Sword of God"
- the Holy King, who is the guardian of "Prima Tess," lives in this 'Sword of God' castle

Dragon Marked for Death - 'Blood Dragon' hideout concept art

The latest bit of concept art for Dragon Marked for Death showcases the home/hideout for the Blood Dragon clan. This hideout is near a mountain range to the West of the capital city. The hideout has a an old dragon statue that guards the entrance to the cave of the old dragon. The Blood Dragon clan is forbidden from entering the cave, but legend has it that the cave hides the heart of an ancient power within.

Dragon Marked for Death - voice cast promo video

As we mentioned earlier today, Dragon Marked for Death is going to have multiple voice actors provide the voices for each character. It's up to the player to decide which voicing they like best. For more details on that cast, check out our original post.

Dragon Marked for Death - Details on voice customization, Japanese voices, Limited Edition, post-launch patch, and the Witch

As promised, Inti Creates aired a special Dragon Marked for Death live-stream in Japan, and it was chock-full of new details on the game. Check out a summary of the live-stream below.

- English voices will be the default for every version of Dragon Marked for Death
- there will be Japanese voices, with a total of four voice options for each character
- each voice option presents a different personality for the character
- Japanese voice actors for each character are:


Kaori Ishihara
Ai Kayano
Reina Kondou
Yoko Hikasa


Yuichiro Umehara
Junichi Suwabe
Yuichi Nakamura
Taku Yashiro


Kouki Uchiyama
Tomokazu Sugita
Wataru Takagi
Ayumi Murase


Shiori Izawa
Maria Naganawa
Kaori Nazuka
Yumiri Hanamori

- Japanese voices are set to be added in a post-release patch
- this patch will also improve some gameplay aspect
- new stages shown in the live-stream include an underground tomb, and a swampy forest
- the Limited Edition version comes in a box that features an original drawing by Tohru Nakayama
- it also includes a 60-page artbook featuring character designs and more, as well as the full original soundtrack

Wrapping things up, we have the final character profile for Dragon Marked for Death. Check out the synopsis for the Witch below.

A young girl from the Dragonblood Clan, who is the adopted daughter of “The Last Remaining Witch” living in a hidden village. Her Scar is found on her head. After the destruction of the Magic Kingdom, magic is now only usable by certain royal members. After her adoptive mother lost her life, the young girl went back to her original home, only to have it destroyed by the holy knights.

Dragon Marked for Death dev blog - digital release structure, pre-purchase bonus, additional quest DLC, and physical version

We have already discussed release details for Dragon Marked for Death, but some appear to be confused about how everything works. Thankfully Inti Creates has put out a one-stop shop for all that information in their latest dev blog. Get filled in on the details below.

The release of Dragon Marked for Death is almost upon us, and now the game is available for pre-purchase on the Nintendo Switch eShop in North America! (pre-purchase opens in Europe on Jan. 17th) Let’s take a closer look at how the game is being sold digitally, and get an overall look at what’s on the table for this game!

Dragon Marked for Death is available digitally in two sets, each of which contains the base game’s content for two of the four playable Dragonblood Clan characters for $14.99 each. Rather than release the game with all four characters in one for a $29.99 price point, we wanted to make the game more financially accessible to people. No matter which set you get, you will still be able to experience everything the game has to offer as the characters you have available to you. The only difference is which characters you will be able to play as right off the bat.

Full blog here

Dragon Marked for Death - The Shinobi character profile

The third character from Dragon Marked for Death to be profiled is the Shinobi. Check out details on the character below.

A ninja boy from the Dragonblood clan. He bears the Dragon Scar on his legs. He trained in ninjutsu with his best friend since they were young. However, he is later ordered to hunt down that best friend – whom has defected to a neighboring country as a rogue shinobi. Upon successfully completing his mission, however, he returns to find his hometown eradicated by the Divine Knights.