Level-5 reveals World Hobby Fair Summer ’19 lineup

One and done

We know what Nintendo, Bandai Namco, and Takara Tomy are bringing to World Hobby Fair Summer ’19, and now Level-5 has gotten in on the action. They'll be bringing Yo-Kai Watch 4 to the big show, and those who check it out will receive an original fan and mini-handkerchief, as well as a postcard with in-game items on the back. There will be opportunities to take pictures with characters from the game, too!

Yo-Kai Watch 4 - another batch of screens

Check out more screens here

Yo-Kai Watch 4 launches in Japan on June 20th, 2019. There has been no word on a localization at this time.

Yo-kai Watch Jam the Movie: Yo-Kai Academy Y - Can a Cat be a Hero? dated for Japan

The next big movie hits Dec. 2019

The next Yo-Kai Watch movie has finally gotten its Japanese release date. Yo-kai Watch Jam the Movie: Yo-Kai Academy Y - Can a Cat be a Hero? was announced awhile back, but today we learn that it'll launch in Japan on Dec. 13th, 2019. This release date confirmation comes way of CoroCoro Magazine, which also states that the first 100k pre-purchase tickets come with a Yo-kai Ark.

Yo-Kai Watch 4 gets another Japanese commercial

Yo-Kai Watch and learn

I kid you not, I am so interested in seeing how Yo-Kai Watch 4 does in Japan. Is this going to be the game to rejuvenate the series? Is the popularity of the Switch just what Yo-Kai Watch needs to get back some of its former glory? We'll find out come June 20th, 2019!

Yo-Kai Watch 4 gets another round of screens

Yo-Kai Watch 4 hits Japan on June 20th, 2019, and Level-5 is pushing out new promo content every single day leading up to launch. Today we get a new batch of screens, which you can check out in the gallery above.

Yo-Kai Watch 4 - more gameplay footage

The gameplay for Yo-Kai Watch 4 keeps pouring in as we lead up to the June 20th, 2019 Japanese launch. It'll be very interesting to see if previous fans return to the series for its first console installment. The franchise has fallen on some rough times lately, but something tells me this installment might win back some lapsed fans.

Yo-Kai Watch 4 eShop release to include an S-Rank Damona

My Damona

As we covered earlier, Yo-Kai Watch 4 on the Switch eShop in Japan is normally priced at 6,458 Yen, but those who grab the game between now and July 3rd, 2019 will be able to get it for 10% off, making it 5,812 Yen. Turns out there's another bonus for those who go the digital route as well. The eShop version of the game is going to include an S-Rank Damona! All we know is that this Yo-Kai will appear in-game, so it's not clear if you'll get it right from the start, or have to hunt it down or redeem a code.

Yo-Kai Watch 4 preloads now live in Japan

Looks like that June 20th release date is sticking!

Yo-Kai Watch 4 preloads are now available on the Switch eShop in Japan. The title is priced at ¥6,458, with the preload option giving 10% off (¥5,812). The game supports Japanese, and requires 5.1 GB. You'll need a Switch Online subscription to play online.

Corocoro shares more gameplay footage for Yo-Kai Watch 4

Go for the gold

Corocoro has shared new gameplay footage for the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch 4. This is a speedrun video feature the Goldenyan download code that appears in the July issue of CoroCoro Comic.

Yo-Kai Watch 4 graces the cover of this week's Famitsu

Preparing for the June 20th launch

Looks like that June 20th release date for Yo-Kai Watch 4 is the one that's going to stick. Famitsu is giving the game their cover in this week's issue, and there's sure to be a massive feature on the game inside. We'll bring you any new information from that coverage once it's translated.