Pokemon GO makes top 10 consumer spend and monthly active users for mobile games in Q2 2020

Pokemon GO keeps pulling in big numbers

App Annie has put out their mobile games report for Q2 2020, and once again we see that Pokemon GO is killing it. According to the company's report, Pokemon GO made #4 overall in player spend for the quarter, and came in 8th for monthly active users. Pretty damn good for a game that's 4 years old!

Dragalia Lost's latest "Player Feedback" response feature now available

Your voices have been heard

Dragalia Lost Director Yuji Okada is back once again with another set of responses to players who left feedback via the in-game submission form. You can check out the full discussion below.

Uchiyama & Asai: First up we have feedback about Wu Kong's convictions, which were used to upgrade Wu Kong in the recent raid event. It seems players really liked the new system of using materials obtained during the event to unlock nodes on his mana circles, and hope to see it in future events.

Okada: The new upgrade system using convictions was well-received by many players, so I want to keep doing that in future raid events.

I think the main reasons the feature was well-received were because, by obtaining the convictions upgrade items during the event, it was possible to upgrade the event adventurer Wu Kong without using existing upgrade items, and because upgrading Wu Kong meant that he grew significantly stronger during the event. Wu Kong had an ability that gave him an advantage during the event so he was used a lot, even in difficult quests like the Omega battles. I think that players were satisfied with this event because they were able to thoroughly upgrade Wu Kong and use him to defeat bosses.

Uchiyama & Asai: Some players shared feedback about shared skills. While they do expand the options for clearing quests, it seems like healer adventurers will become less useful since any adventurer can use healing skills.

Okada: The game's operations team had the same expectation regarding shared skills, but based on our data we have not seen healer adventurers suffering any sort of striking decrease in usage at this point in time. Furthermore, there are parts in high-difficulty quests where a healer adventurer is necessary, so I believe that healer adventurers are maintaining their usefulness at the moment.

Uchiyama & Asai: We've received feedback that players would like it if it were not possible to use the dodge action repeatedly because, while the addition of invulnerability time to the dodge action was a good thing, players can become perpetually invulnerable by flicking repeatedly.

Okada: We discussed this a lot, but we settled on this mechanic because we wanted to make it easier for more players to challenge a wide breadth of quests. Going forward, I want to make high-difficulty quests that are predicated on this mechanic, but players won't be able to clear quests if all they do is dodge, so I think that increasing the methods for avoiding attacks expands on the gameplay.

As has been the case up until now, you can use a skill right when a red-action-marker attack activates to avoid taking damage while the skill is active, and you will always get hit if you are within the area of a purple-action-marker attack. You can dodge attacks by going outside the action marker's area (with some exceptions), so this just increases the number of ways you can dodge attacks. However, it does decrease the overall difficulty level, and players who had come up with strategies using older methods for dodging attacks may feel a little unsatisfied with that, but I do hope you will look forward to the content we will add in the future.

Uchiyama & Asai: Some players have shared feedback that they would like the capacity for rupies and mana you can hold to be increased.

Odaka: We are currently working on this. When the time comes, we will share more information in an update notification.

Uchiyama & Asai: What about the feedback from players about wanting to see the capacity for weapons, wyrmprints, and dragons increased?

Okada: We increased all players' weapon, wyrmprint, and dragon capacities in the update the other day. I think this will make managing these things somewhat easier.

Uchiyama & Asai: There is feedback that using Summon Vouchers one by one is time consuming and players would like to be able to use multiple vouchers simultaneously.

Okada: This is currently in development as well, so please wait a little longer.

Uchiyama & Asai: We have another request from us this time too. The castle grounds are always bright and sunny, but it would be nice if there were a feature where the castle grounds changed to nighttime after 6 PM, or something like that! If the facilities glowed or if there were a decorative lighting display when it turned to nighttime, it might even increase the number of log-ins at night.

Okada: I'll keep that in mind. [Laughs] Thank you for the feedback.

Uchiyama & Asai: We'd also like to share one request from our listeners. They say that they love how cute and energetic Sarisse is and are sad that she doesn't often get to play a part in the main campaign. Plus, since she is a Gala adventurer, unfortunately many people have not been able to get her and play as her in Dragalia Lost. To help even more people realize how great Sarisse is, they hope that you will give her more chances to shine in the main campaign and consider giving her out as a story adventurer.

Okada: Well, Sarisse is an important adventurer, so I'll keep that feedback in mind as well.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for July 8th, 2020

[Crafting] More Event items are now available via Reissue Crafting: Sunflower Patch, Beach Resort (available until July 29th)

Dr. Mario World updated to Ver. 1.4.1, new content for July 8th, 2020

Dr. Mario World has been updated to Ver. 1.4.1. Check out the official patch notes below.

- General improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

There's also the usual daily content update.

[Log-in Bonus] As compensation for the issues that have been impacting the game, all players can now claim the following as special Log-in Bonus: Diamond x10, Staff Ticket (available until July 22nd)

Mario Kart Tour - content update for July 8th, 2020

[Tours] Part 2 of the 21st Tour, the Marine Tour, is now live (available until July 15th)

[Pipe] The 2nd Marine Pipe is now available. It features the following: Mario (Swimwear), Cheep Snorkel, and Blooper Wingtip (available until July 15th)

[Store] The following Packs are now available in the Store: Blizzard Balloons Pack, Birdo (Light Blue) (available until July 15th)

Pokemon Rumble Rush - content update for July 8th, 2020

[Cup] The latest Battle Royale Cup is now live: the Lunala Cup (available until July 15th)

Pokemon Cafe Mix updated to Version 1.10.0, new content added for July 8th, 2020

The mobile version of Pokemon Cafe Mix has been updated to Version 1.10.0. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

- Orders 121-150 will be added
- New Pokémon will be added
- Certain orders will be rebalanced (For example, increasing the initial number of moves available for particularly difficult orders)

We also have the usual daily content update.

[Events] The first Special Café Challenge Card, featuring Scorbunny, is now available (available until July 15th)

[Store] The Swap Shop is now live. It allows players who have reached Master Café Mode to trade master points for various rewards (no end date)

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for July 8th, 2020

[Summoning] A new Summoning Focus is now live: Overseas Memories. It features the following Special Heroes: Ingrid (Solstice Knight), Dorothea (Solar Songstress), Sylvain (Hanging with Tens), and Byleth (Fell Star’s Duo). (available until August 8th)

[Story Maps] A new set of Story Maps, and more precisely a Paralogue Story called Overseas Memories is now live (no end date)

[Quests] A new set of Quests is now live: Overseas Memories (available until August 8th)

[Log-in Bonus Bonus] A new set of Daily Log-in Bonuses is now live: Special Heroes Log-in Bonus. It allows you to get some Orbs every day, with the amount varying each day: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 3 (13 Orbs in total) (available until July 22nd)

[Store] Two new Special Orb Promos are now available:

July: 22 Orbs + 6 000 Hero Feathers (available until July 22nd)
Summler: 30 Orbs + 20 000 Hero Feathers (available until August 5th)

Look up, Trainers—Team GO Rocket balloons have arrived in Pokémon GO

Blasting off again!

Mysterious balloons have popped up in the sky, and the culprit is Team GO Rocket! With these Team GO Rocket balloon invasions, you can now battle Team GO Rocket anywhere on the map. We ask that you keep an eye out for balloons in the sky and battle the Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders piloting them. Who knows—you may even find Giovanni! Reports show that they appear once every few hours, but could appear more often during takeovers.

1. Tap a balloon to battle Team GO Rocket: Be ready for a challenge! Tap a Team GO Rocket balloon, pick your battle party, and defeat Team GO Rocket to rescue their Shadow Pokémon. Team GO Rocket balloons will hover near you for a limited time, so be sure to check the map for balloons and tap them before they fly away!

2. Equip your Rocket Radar to encounter balloons with Team GO Rocket Leaders: When you have a Rocket Radar equipped, you can find Sierra, Cliff, or Arlo piloting a Team GO Rocket balloon.

3. Equip your Super Rocket Radar to encounter Giovanni: It appears that even the boss of Team GO Rocket himself can be found riding in a Team GO Rocket balloon! If you activate and equip a Super Rocket Radar, Giovanni’s balloon is certain to appear.

Turns out, Professor Willow and the team leaders were on to something when they discovered those scraps of paper! With Team GO Rocket flying across the world of Pokémon GO, we’ll need as many of you as possible to help defeat them! Keep an eye out for these Rocket balloons, and continue to train. Hopefully this will be the extent of their mischief and they’ll surrender now before we have to prepare for more fights. But just in case...we might have to revisit the original plan for the GO Fest Weekly Challenge: Battle Timed Research. Stay tuned for more updates on what that Timed Research will now entail, as well as the accompanying battle-themed event.

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidance from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events are subject to change.

Pokemon GO Level 5 Raid Boss changed to Kyurem

Change is good

Pokemon GO has seen another change to Raid Bosses. For the next few weeks, Kyurem will be the Level 5 Raid Boss. When Kyurem is being swapped out for a new Raid Boss, we'll be sure to let you know.


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