Niantic Kids, Powered by SuperAwesome, Is Coming to Pokémon GO!

Good news, Trainers! Children will soon have a new way to log in to Pokémon GO. Niantic Kids, powered by SuperAwesome, is a new log-in platform that will be available to support kid Trainers in Pokémon GO.

Parents can register with Niantic Kids to manage their child’s privacy via the parent portal. Niantic Kids helps you review and approve your child’s permissions before they can play and provides options to control the personal information shared in Pokémon GO. The experience has been developed in conjunction with SuperAwesome’s Kids Web Services, a kidSAFE Seal Program and ESRB Privacy Certified service. Niantic Kids gives you peace of mind that your child’s information remains secure while they have fun playing!

If your child currently uses the Pokémon Trainer Club to access Pokémon GO, this log-in will still be supported alongside Niantic Kids and also ensures that your child’s information remains secure. You can continue to enjoy the game with your family in a way that suits you!

We hope you enjoy this new way to enter the world of Pokémon GO!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

Pokemon GO was July 2018's top grossing mobile game in the U.S., #4 worldwide

I've recently had some talks with people who were shocked to find out that Pokemon GO wasn't dead. They thought for sure that the game had been long forgotten. The thing is, when a game gets as HUGE as Pokemon GO, even when millions of bandwagoners drop off, there's still millions left enjoying the game on a weekly basis.

Case in point, the July 2018 charts for mobile revenue in the states. On the combined iOS/Google Play charts, Pokemon GO was the #1 top-grossing game, beating out Candy Crush Saga. On the worldwide side of things, the game managed to take the #4 position overall.

Takara Tomy releasing Pokemon Quest Box

Takara Tomy A.R.T.S has revealed their Pokemon Quest Box for Japan. The box, which looks like Pikachu, includes a complete set of Eevee, Charmander, Jigglypuff, and Snorlax cases. Each case comes with an eraser for the respective Pokemon. Altogether, there are a total of 10 designs inside each box. As an added bonus, there's also 10 strips of chewing gum included as well! The Pokemon Quest Box hits Japan on September 10, 2018.

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Aug. 15th, 2018

[Summoning Focus] As part of the Feh’s Summer Celebration event, a Summoning Focus is now back: Weapons to Refine. It features the following Heroes: Ephraim (Restoration Lord), Takumi (Wild Card), Lyn (Lady of the Plains). (available until August 16th)

[Event] The 1st Extra Stage for the latest Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon event is now live. (available until September 9th)

[Event] The latest Quiz Campaign is now live: Feh’s Summer Quiz. (available until August 22nd)

[Event] The first question for the Feh’s Summer Quiz event is now live. (available until August 16th)

Pokemon Duel - Version 6.2.0 due out tomorrow, full patch notes available

Version 6.2.0

- when you add a Mega Evolution Pokémon in your deck, at the start of the duel the Mega Evolution plate for it will automatically be set for each of the Mega Evolutions in your deck
- it no longer counts towards the usual plate cost and there is no limit to the amount you can have in your deck
- the Meteoric Teachings plate that Mega Evolves Rayquaza does not count towards this

Mega Venusaur

- Changed Cruel Blossom's Incursion effect to no longer give Wait 5 when a Pokémon is passed through but to rather exclude a Pokémon from the Duel for 7 turns
- Increased Solar Beam's damage from 130 to 150


- Increased Solar Beam's damage from 130 to 150 with a bigger wheel size
- Removed Vine Whip and replaced it with Protect with a lower wheel size

Mega Charizard X

- Increased damage of Bright Flame from 50 to 60

Mega Charizard Y

- Increased damage of Bright Flame from 50 to 60


- Increased movement from 1 to 2
- Removed Speed Booster ability
- Increased Dragon Tail damage from 80 to 100
- Increased Fire Spin damage from 50 to 60

Mega Blastoise

- Increased Hydro Pump damage from 100 to 140


- Increased Hydro Pump damage from 100 to 140

Mega Swampert

- Increased Ice Punch damage from 70 to 100


- Increased Hammer Arm damage from 110 to 140

Mega Gallade

- Increased Night Slash damage from 110 to 140
- Increased Psychic Blade damage from 90 to 110


- Changed effect of Psychic Sensor to no longer be limited to just Psychic-type Pokémon
- Increased Night Slash damage from 110 to 140
- Increased Psychic Blade damage from 70 to 90


- Increased wheel size of Psycho Switch
- Decreased wheel size of Moonblast
- Decreased wheel size of Super Psy

Mega Sableye

- Changed effect of Darkness Crystal ability to allow for it to pass through Ghost-type Pokémon
- Increased Shadow Sneak damage from 80 to 90
- Increased Shadow Beam damage from 90 to 110


- Increased Psycho Cut damage from 70 to 100


- Increased wheel size of Toxic
- Decreased wheel size of Miss

Pokemon GO - September Community Day to feature Chikorita

Community Day - SEP 22, 2018 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT

Get out and play together in your local community parks on Pokémon GO Community Day. For just a few hours each month, you can encounter a special Pokémon in the wild. During these hours, there's a chance to learn a previously unavailable move for that Pokémon or its evolution, as well as earn some Community Day bonuses. Celebrate what it means to be a part of the Pokémon GO community and make new friends along the way!
Note: Fast TMs and Charged TMs will not grant exclusive moves during Community Day. To learn the exclusive move, you must catch or evolve the featured Pokémon during Community Day hours.

Find a Meetup Near You

Are you looking for Community Day event details or other Pokémon GO-related meetups happening in your city? There are many websites and platforms that Pokémon GO players use to organize with their local communities. To connect with other Trainers near you, try searching for your city name in conjunction with Pokémon GO on your preferred search engine, or finding groups in your area on social media channels, apps, and websites such as Facebook, Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, and more! These groups are managed independently by players and are not sponsored by Niantic, but offer great opportunities to meet Trainers in your area.

Dragalia Lost - Info on the 'Forest of Mist'

Forest of Mist

- the first place you will get to visit on your adventure
- this is located at the very center of the continent, and is surrounded by mountains
- the mysterious mist has been lingering for several centuries, completely blocking the sunlight
- many treasures can be found in that forest, alongside monsters

Pokemon Shuffle - content update for Aug. 14th, 2018

- This cycle continues the Escalation Battle from last week
- Ultra Challenge Stage is a stage for Nihilego
- Great Challenge Stages are Feraligatr, Lugia, Escavalier, Shiny Hawlucha & Popplio
- Daily Pokémon are Spiritomb, Girafarig, Kecleon, Shuckle & Relicanth
- One Chance Per Day stage for Female Frillish
- Competitive Stage against Mega Garchomp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Aug. 14th, 2018

[Event] The 5th Fishing Tourney is now live. (available until August 19th, trophy pick-up available until August 20th)

[Goals] A new set of Timed Goals is now live: Chip Challenges (available until August 19th)