Kid Tripp Switch dev blog - Part 2

What is Phase 2?

The first area of the Nintendo Switch implementation of the engine at the core of Kid Tripp, the nagEngine, that I need to tackle is called nagEngineCore. This imaginatively named library is the core of the engine and provides the basic functionality that pretty much any application that might use the engine would need, whether that was a game or a command line tool to convert images into texture files for the renderer.

The Visual Studio project files

The first task is to set up a couple of Visual Studio project files. This should be a simple process, however Visual Studio has some strange ideas about folder structure. It likes to assume that you want your project files, all source code files, all config files, all temporary build files and the executables you build all pretty much in the same folder. Well, I don't. So I have to spend time keeping them neat.

Full feature here

Shakedown Hawaii - another quick gameplay GIF

I am so ready for this game! I really can't wait for Vblank to nail down a release date. Let's hope it comes up soon!

Super Mario Odyssey - Twitter content update for July 26th, 2017

Splatoon 2 - latest Japanese print ad

Yet another print ad for Splatoon 2, this one tucked away inside Famitsu. There's a massive amount of advertising for the game in Japan, but I feel like I haven't seen too much stateside.

Japan - eShop sales update for July 26th, 2017

Run For Money Price Revision (03 August - permanent)
– Cho Tousouchuu Atsumare Saikyou no Tousousya Tachi Welcome Price!! (¥5,119 → ¥3,024 although ¥3,024 → ¥2,721 from 03 - 30 August) 3DS

Cross Function Summer Sale (02 - 30 August)
– Chariot (¥749 → ¥374) Wii U
– Runbow (¥1,000 → ¥500) Wii U
– Master Reboot (¥1,000 → ¥500) Wii U
– Astral Breakers (¥539 → ¥269) Wii U
– Ninja Pizza Girl (¥1,080 → ¥540) Wii U
– Back to Bed (¥1,000 → ¥500) Wii U

Happinet Summer Campaign (02 - 23 August)
– Chao Illustration Club (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– Dolly Kanon: Dokidoki Tokimeki Himitsu no Ongaku Katsudou Start Desu!! (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– 12-Sai: Honto no Kimochi (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– 12-Sai: Koisuru Diary (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! Game Demo Kyun Moe MAX ga Tomara Nai (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– Niko☆Puchi Girls Runway (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS
– Sousaku Alice to Oujisama! (¥5,000 → ¥2,980) 3DS

Brave Dungeon Summer Vacation Sale (02 - 16 August)
– Brave Dungeon (¥500 → ¥400) 3DS

Kemco Summer Sale (02 - 16 August)
– Asdivine Hearts (¥1,080 → ¥500) Wii U
– Togabito no Senritsu (¥1,028 → ¥500) Wii U
– D.M.L.C.: Death Match Love Comi (¥1,080 → ¥500) Wii U

Monster Hunter Stories Price Revision (27 July - permanent)
– Monster Hunter Stories (¥5,990 → ¥3,990) 3DS

Culture Brain Excel Price Revision (26 July - permanent)
– Narikiri Kids: Oshigoto Theme Park 2 Lite (¥800 → ¥500) 3DS
– Konchuu Monster Light: Super Battle (¥500 → ¥300) 3DS
– CharaPet Light: Tsukutte! Sodatete! Character Shougakkou (¥864 → ¥500) 3DS

Arc System Works Sale (26 July - 09 August)
– Daikaitaku Jidai: Machi o Tsukurou (¥800 → ¥400) 3DS
– Maido Hebo Shogi (¥510 → ¥99) 3DS
– Jet Coaster o Tsukurou! 3D (¥820 → ¥400) 3DS
– Game Zanmai (¥510 → ¥250) 3DS
– ARC STYLE: Yakyuu!! 3D (¥510 → ¥250) 3DS
– ARC STYLE: Soccer!! 3D (¥510 → ¥250) 3DS

ONE PIECE 20th Game Festival (21 July - 09 August)
– One Piece Super Grand Battle! X (¥6,145 → ¥2,800) 3DS
– One Piece Dai Kaizoku Colosseum (¥6,156 → ¥2,800) 3DS

Hako Boy! 2.5th Anniversary Sale (15 July - 06 August)
– Hako Boy! (¥680 → ¥510) 3DS
– Hako Boy! Mouhito Hako (¥680 → ¥510) 3DS
– Sayonara! Hako Boy! (¥680 → ¥510) 3DS

Creeping Terror Summer Horror Sale (12 July - 09 August)
– Creeping Terror (¥990 → ¥690) 3DS

Graceful Explosion Machine - Version 1.1.0 on Switch now, update detailed, game hits Japan tomorrow

We worked with our friends at Kakehashi Games to bring GEM to Japan for Switch, PS4 and Steam. Switch players won’t even have to wait: GEM will be available on the Japanese eShop tomorrow!

After launching GEM, we were overwhelmed with how enthusiastically everyone took to high score chasing, S-ranking, and sharing scores on Twitter, so we started thinking: how can we make this even better?

We started by redesigning the score screen to give a clearer breakdown of your score, weapon usage, and additional stats that better reflect your play style. It’s both fun and functional.

We also wanted to make it easier to capture and share those clutch GEM moments. Once you’re in the zone, we know it’s hard to stop the game even for a few seconds to grab a screenshot, so we had to come up with a really creative solution.

Or, more accurately, a really technical one: We designed an AI system to pinpoint the most exciting moment of your run, which we then automagically screenshot and display on the score screen. You can fullscreen it, add it to your Album, share it, etc.

(Oh, one more thing! I got really excited looking for a new programming challenge one day and optimized the heck out of the loading code. It started as a quick, easy-peasy thing, but then it kinda spiralled out of control. Long story short: the game loads almost twice as fast now.)

These new features are coming to PS4 and Steam when the game launches on August 8th, but are available to Switch players right now! We hope you enjoy, and we’re looking forward to checking out your killer scores and gorgeous screenshots!

Re:Legend Kickstarter now live

Re:Legend is a monster raising focused RPG with features such as farming, fishing, crafting, village building, multiplayer and more on PC!

Washed ashore on Vokka Island without memories, you start a new life and find ways to recover your lost memories. However, you must first learn how to live on the island by cultivating the land, befriending villagers, expanding the village and raising your very own magical creatures known as Magnus.

Venture around the land of Ethia where Vokka island resides to reclaim your memories, but this is no easy task as the world is filled with dangerous Magnus and threatening challenges.

Kickstarter here

Penguin Wars - first screens, more info

Check out more screens here

- core gameplay from the original remains unchanged, but new elements have been added
- toss a total of 10 balls at each other’s sides of the field in efforts to lower your opponent’s HP to zero
- one-on-one and two-on-two modes, as well as special rules such as using bombs instead of balls
- includes a “modern remake version” of the background music form the original release
- will also feature tracks from artists active in the game music club scene both inside and outside of Japan

Battle in the 2018 Pokemon Championship Series Season

Get ready to battle in the 2018 Championship Series season! The Championship Series is the official competitive program for Pokémon TCG and video game players. Featuring competitions for players of all ages around the world, the Championship Series is a great way to have fun, meet Pokémon fans, and earn great prizes.

For those who are just getting started with competitive Pokémon play, the Championship Series includes events you can find at your local game stores, all the way up to the four International Championships events. Each Championship Series season ends in grand fashion with the annual Pokémon World Championships.

Players compete for Championship Points so they can qualify for the World Championships. To keep things fair, all points reset at the beginning of each new season. You can start earning points for the 2018 season—use the Event Locator to find a tournament near you!

The tournament rules for the 2018 Championship Series season have been updated. Please review them before attending your first competition.

Keep in mind that the next Pokémon TCG format rotation will take place on September 1, 2017, so tournaments early in the season will continue to use the current legal sets. Keep checking Pokemon.com for updates to the Pokémon TCG format rotation and video game competitive format.

Check out all the details on the 2018 Championship Series season.

Good luck, Trainers!


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