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Nintendo releases 'Capsule Toy' Nintendo Labo VR Kit mini-game via Switch news channel


Nintendo has released their 6th free Nintendo Labo VR mini-game via the Switch news channel. This time around, players get to experience a virtual capsule machine! All you have to do to get this mini-game is check out the Switch news section for Nintendo Labo's VR Kit, check out the latest news story, and scroll to the bottom for a link to the content.

Nintendo Labo and Gris take home wins at the 2019 Games for Change awards

Congrats, winners!

We shared the nominees for the 2019 Games for Change awards back at the end of May, and now the winners have been chosen. We're very happy to say that both Nintendo Labo and Gris took home wins. Check out the full list of winners below!

Game of the Year Award - Nintendo Labo
Most Innovative Game - Tendar
Best Gameplay - Gris
Most Significant Impact - Unicef Kid Power
Best Learning Game - Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour
Best Student Game - Prism
Best XR For Change Experience - Homestay
People's Choice Award Winner - Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour
Industry Leadership Award - Ubisoft
Vanguard Award - Lindsay Grace

Nintendo releases 'Baseball Board' Nintendo Labo VR Kit mini-game via Switch news channel

It's a home run!

Nintendo has cooked up their fifth free Nintendo Labo VR mini-game. This time around, they've put together something they're calling Baseball Board. This free game, as with the 4 other previously-released mini-games, can be downloaded through the Nintendo Labo section in the Switch News section.

Nintendo releases 'Huge Maze' Nintendo Labo VR Kit mini-game via Switch news channel


Nintendo continues their series of free mini-games for Nintendo Labo VR with the fourth installment, entitled Huge Maze. As usual, just head to the Switch News section for Nintendo Labo, and then check out the most recent article for a download link at the bottom. This is available in Japan right now, and should be added in NA/EU this week.

GameTech releases lens protectors for Nintendo Labo's VR Kit

Keeps out dirt and dust

Worried about damaging your Nintendo Labo VR Kit? GameTech is here to save the day, as they've revealed their lens protectors for the Toy-Con Goggles. The protectors are useful for keeping dirt out of the lens, and that's about it. The package includes four lens protector sheets, and are available in regular and blue light. The blue light version reduces blue light by up to 34%. These sets release in Japan on June 18th, 2019.

Smash Bros. Ultimate - VR footage and impressions

Haven't had a chance to check out Smash Bros. Ultimate's VR update? Don't have Labo VR to give it a shot? The videos above should help give you an idea of what it's like!

Nintendo confirms Nintendo Labo VR support for Smash Bros. Ultimate, update available tonight

Everyone is here...in VR!

With a free software update, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate becomes compatible with the Toy-Con VR Goggles from the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit. Check out this video to learn more!

Looks like the dataminers were spot-on! Smash Bros. Ultimate is indeed getting Nintendo Labo VR support, and it's part of the 3.1.0 update. That update is set to go live tonight.

Nintendo Labo and other Switch titles nominated for the 2019 Games for Change Awards

Congrats to all the nominees!

The 2019 Games for Change Awards nominees have been shared, and a number of Switch titles are in the mix. Nintendo gets a nod themselves for Nintendo Labo, which is in the 'Most Innovative' category. Check out the various Switch-related titles below.

Best Gameplay

The Stillness of the Wind (Coyan Cardenas, Memory of God)
Detroit: Become Human (Quantic Dream)
GRIS (Nomada Studio)
Florence (Mountains)

Most Innovative

Tendar (Tendar Claws)
One Hand Clapping (Bad Dream Games)
Nintendo Labo (Nintendo)
Discovery Tour by Assassin's Creed: Ancient Egypt (Ubisoft)

Most Significant Impact

Can't Wait to Learn Uganda (War Child Holland)
UNICEF Kid Power (Teravision Technology, Teravision Games and 42 Mate)
Rispek Danis (Jennifer Ann's Group)
My Memory of Us (Juggler Games)

Unity now supports Nintendo Labo VR

Things just got interesting

Things are about to get really interesting. We've already seen a couple of third parties announce support for Nintendo Labo VR, and now Unity has revealed that their engine has been updated to support Nintendo Labo VR. Any third party dev using Unity will now have Labo VR support built-in. I can't wait to see who takes advantage of it!


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