Nintendo Labo and other Switch titles nominated for the 2019 Games for Change Awards

Congrats to all the nominees!

The 2019 Games for Change Awards nominees have been shared, and a number of Switch titles are in the mix. Nintendo gets a nod themselves for Nintendo Labo, which is in the 'Most Innovative' category. Check out the various Switch-related titles below.

Best Gameplay

The Stillness of the Wind (Coyan Cardenas, Memory of God)
Detroit: Become Human (Quantic Dream)
GRIS (Nomada Studio)
Florence (Mountains)

Most Innovative

Tendar (Tendar Claws)
One Hand Clapping (Bad Dream Games)
Nintendo Labo (Nintendo)
Discovery Tour by Assassin's Creed: Ancient Egypt (Ubisoft)

Most Significant Impact

Can't Wait to Learn Uganda (War Child Holland)
UNICEF Kid Power (Teravision Technology, Teravision Games and 42 Mate)
Rispek Danis (Jennifer Ann's Group)
My Memory of Us (Juggler Games)

Unity now supports Nintendo Labo VR

Things just got interesting

Things are about to get really interesting. We've already seen a couple of third parties announce support for Nintendo Labo VR, and now Unity has revealed that their engine has been updated to support Nintendo Labo VR. Any third party dev using Unity will now have Labo VR support built-in. I can't wait to see who takes advantage of it!

Nintendo and Yahoo! team up for Nintendo Labo VR Kit 'Hack Kids' classes

Time for Labo class!

Separate from the special Nintendo Labo KidZania Koshien exhibit announced earlier today, Nintendo and Yahoo! Japan have announced classes for parents/kids at Hack Kids in Tokyo. These classes will have parents/kids team up to work with Nintendo Labo's VR Kit to build Toy-Con Garage VR experiences. The event takes place on July 15th, 2019.

Special Nintendo Labo exhibit announced for KidZania Koshien

Class is in session

Nintendo and KCG Group have announced a Nintendo Labo event at KidZania Koshien, which takes place July 12th, 2019, as well as July 16th, 2019 at KidZania Tokyo. These will be Nintendo Labo-related class sessions for up to six children aged between 3-15 years. The sessions are 40 minutes and consist of making a Toy-Con controller and testing it out.

Super Mario 3D World's first Captain Toad stage remade using Nintendo Labo VR Kit's Toy-Con Garage

Going back to where it all started

The Captain Toad gameplay we know and love got its start in Super Mario 3D World, but today it lives on through Nintendo Labo's VR Kit. One fan took an entire day to recreate that first stage using Nintendo Labo VR Kit's Toy-Con Garage. The recreation looks pretty spot-on to me!

Nintendo Labo VR Kit - Accolades trailer

The reviews are in!

See what critics are saying about the latest Nintendo Labo kit, which combines DIY fun, pass-and-play multiplayer, and family-friendly play with the magic of VR gaming. It even includes programming tools you can use to create your very own VR games and experiences!

Nintendo releases 'Sushi Board' Nintendo Labo VR Kit mini-game via Switch news channel


Nintendo has released their third free Nintendo Labo VR Kit mini-game via the game's news channel. This game is called Sushi Board, and your guess is as good as ours as to what you do! Hop on the Switch news channel to grab this free mini-game right now!

Nintendo Labo Director Insights: Part 1

A look at how Labo came together

Join us for Part 1 of a special video series in which Nintendo Labo director Tsubasa Sakaguchi shares insights about the development of this innovative product line and its latest release, Nintendo Labo: VR Kit.

Nintendo Labo UK promo video - Vehicle Kit Custom Controls

East Coast Customs

Tom and Jamie dive into the custom controls, which can be used with the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit!

Nintendo releases 'Monster Shooting' Nintendo Labo VR Kit mini-game via Switch news channel

Nintendo's second free Labo experience available

Just the other week, Nintendo released an 'Alien Bopping' mini-game for the Nintendo Labo VR Kit. This week they've put out a 'Monster Shooting' mini-game. This is available via the Switch News Channel for Nintendo Labo. Just find the latest article, click the link, and you'll get the game via the Toy-Con Garage.


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