Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory "Accolades" trailer released

A journey worth remembering

Still on the fence with Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory? Maybe some high praise from around the internet will do the trick. Square-Enix has released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, and it includes a number of blurbs from critics. Give it a watch above!

GoodSmile reveals Kingdom Hearts Sora and Riku Nendoroids

A dynamic Disney duo

GoodSmile's line of Nendoroid figurines is constantly expanding, and this time the company is shifting their focus over to the Kingdom Hearts side of things. The company has revealed Sora and Riku Nendoroids, and they're both set to launch sometime in August 2021.

Sora's Nendoroid features interchangeable hands and facial expressions, along with the Kingdom Key, the Favorite Deputy from the Toy Story world, the Wheel of Fate from the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Crystal Snow from Frozen. Riku comes with the Braveheart keyblade alongside a King Mickey standee. Both are priced at $60 and are open for pre-order until March 3rd, 2021, and you can check out more pics here and here.

Smash Bros. Ultimate mod makes Kingdom Hearts' Sora a playable character

Sora gets the keys to the kingdom

There are a number of dream characters Smash Bros. Ultimate fans would like to see added to the game, and Sora from Kingdom Hearts is extremely high up on the list. Will Square-Enix and Nintendo actually make it happen? We have no clue, but at least fans can get their fix through a custom mod.

The modding scene for Smash Bros. Ultimate is always hard at work adding in all kinds of crazy characters to the game, and their latest efforts have made Sora a reality. Even though this is just a fan mod, the amount of work and attention to detail that went into this is seriously impressive.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory's Co-Director shares the process of creating a stage

Step by step

Creating a stage for any game is filled with all sorts of challenge, but building a level that's paced to a specific song is a whole new challenge. Wonder how something like that gets put together? Masanobu Suzui, Co-Director of KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory, has shared a new dev blog that goes over the creation of Hand in Hand, one of the stages from the game. You can see that stage below, and then hit the link for full details.

Check out the dev blog here

Square-Enix details how they chose the songs for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

Tuning up

Square-Enix has shared a new dev blog for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, and it gives some insight into the game's soundtrack. There are literally hundreds of tunes in the Kingdom Hearts series, but all of those can't be crammed into the game. How do you go about selecting the right tracks? See the approach Square-Enix took in the snippet below.

When you’re making a rhythm action game, track selection is one of the first things you have to consider - but deciding which tracks to include in Melody of Memory was a particularly tricky challenge. After all, there’s a genuinely massive amount of music in the KINGDOM HEARTS series - we’re talking 600 tracks, perhaps 700 if you include the latest releases.

Right at the start of development, we made a list of all the different music across all the various games. Then, we collected all kinds of information that we could use to identify the songs that had left a particularly strong impression on players.

For example, we looked at which tracks had been included on the set list of the recent KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World of Tres- tour, and which were voted most popular by fans. We collected all kinds of data, and by studying it, we were able to work out many of the songs we knew would really excite people.

The element of the game that really brought the selection into focus though was the World Tour. The core theme of that mode is for players to relive the KINGDOM HEARTS series (so far) through music, so we made sure to include as many tracks from important and memorable scenes as we could.

These considerations allowed us to whittle the options down to a shorter list, but when it came to the final selection, other factors came into play - some technical and some emotional.

Full blog here

Giant Bomb Quick Look - Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

Play as famililar faces from the KINGDOM HEARTS series, including Disney guest characters who will appear to lend you a hand. Enjoy a massive variety of music from both the KINGDOM HEARTS series and Disney, with a collection of over 140 songs. Dive into rhythm-action gameplay with memorable tunes in this can't-miss musical journey!

IGN Video Review - Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

Play as famililar faces from the KINGDOM HEARTS series, including Disney guest characters who will appear to lend you a hand. Enjoy a massive variety of music from both the KINGDOM HEARTS series and Disney, with a collection of over 140 songs. Dive into rhythm-action gameplay with memorable tunes in this can't-miss musical journey!

Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts watches launch in Japan Dec. 2020

It's about time!

Two lines of gaming-related watches are about to launch in Japan. First up is a series of Pokemon watches from Seiko, and each is priced at 30,800 yen. All four watches will be water-proof for up to 10 bar, and they also feature magnetic resistance. Each watch has a special case, along with a custom cleaning cloth. The series launches Dec. 11th, 2020.

Along with that, U-Treasure is launching a pair of Kingdom Hearts watches on Dec. 25th, 2020. Each watch is priced at 27,500 yen, and they come with a carrying pouch. These watches are only sold on the U-Treasure website.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Now Available

Grab the keys to the kingdom

The Kingdom Hearts franchise finally makes its way to Switch with Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, a musical spin-off. Want to learn more about this trip down Kingdom Hearts memory lane? Check out full details in the press release below.

SQUARE ENIX® and Disney today announced the launch of KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory, the first rhythm action game in the wildly popular video game series. Starting today, players can battle to the beat of legendary composer Yoko Shimomura’s beloved tracks and timeless classics from Disney, including “Let It Go” and “Under the Sea,” on the Nintendo Switch™ system, the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X. This celebration of music and adventure marks the KINGDOM HEARTS series’ debut on the Nintendo Switch.

In KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory, players will relive their favorite moments from the series as they journey alongside Sora, Donald and Goofy, along with other familiar KINGDOM HEARTS characters. As players travel through iconic Disney worlds, they will join forces with beloved Disney characters along the way. Players can master more than 140 musical tracks, including favorites like “Destiny Islands,” “Hand in Hand,” and “Working Together” from Yoko Shimomura, as well as classic songs from Disney’s cinematic universes.

Whether alone or with friends and family via local co-op and online multiplayer, players will bounce and bop to the beat of the exhilarating KINGDOM HEARTS soundtrack to defeat tough enemies and bosses. The game offers three different play styles so players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy their magical musical adventure in KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory. Players can casually explore all the worlds and tracks with One Button mode, or really showcase their prowess with the frenetic “Performer” mode for more fast-paced and skillful combo sets. Along the way, players will unlock and collect iconic story scenes from across the entire KINGDOM HEARTS saga, to be enjoyed in the game’s Museum. Competitive Online Battle modes mix up the formula even further, with special tricks to confound your opponents. Players of the Nintendo Switch™ version can also participate in a Free-for-All battle mode with up to seven other players via local play.

Celebrations of the game’s launch continue in the hit mobile game, KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road, as fans can obtain the brand-new SN++ - MoM Kairi Medal for a limited time. Full details on how to obtain this new Medal can be found in-game.

SN++ - MoM Kairi Medal

In addition, for those eager for even more musical KINGDOM HEARTS content, the official KINGDOM HEARTS III soundtrack is now available worldwide digitally. The soundtrack features ten hours and over 160 songs from the critically acclaimed KINGDOM HEARTS III and a curated selection of recent KINGDOM HEARTS-related titles composed by Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto and Tsuyoshi Sekito.

Fans can also look forward to the release of KINGDOM HEARTS Ultimania: The Story Before KINGDOM HEARTS III, the long-awaited English translation of the fan-favorite reference guide. This gorgeous oversized hardcover containing a collection of KINGDOM HEARTS art and trivia will release on June 15, 2021, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other select retailers now.

KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory is rated E10+ by the ESRB and is now available for $59.99 on the SQUARE ENIX store, the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation®Store, Microsoft Store and other select retailers. For a limited time, those who purchase for the PlayStation®4 system from the PlayStation®Store before December 31st, 2020 will also receive the KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory theme. The KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory free demo is also available to download now on all three platforms. For more information, visit: www.kingdomhearts.com/mm

New tracks revealed for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

More Disney classics added

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is supposed to feature over 140 tracks, and many of those are yet-to-be revealed. Today we at least get a better look at the track list, as another handful of tunes has been revealed. Check out the updated list below.


- An Adventure in Atlantica
- End of the World
- Pirate’s Gigue
- Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship
- Fragments of Sorrow
- Guardando nel buio
- Hollow Bastion
- Monstrous Monstro
- Spooks of Halloween Town


- Dance of the Daring
- Fields of Honor
- Old Friends, Old Rivals
- Rowdy Rumble
- Sacred Moon
- Byte Bashing
- Desire for All That Is Lost
- Monochrome Dreams
- What Lies Beneath


- What A Surprise?!
- Happy Holidays!
- 358/2 Days
- Crossing to Neverland
- Birth by Sleep
- Black Garden
- Castle Escapade
- Makaukau?
- Neverland’s Scherzo
- The Secret Whispers
- The Tumbling
- Daydream upon Neverland
- Radiant Garden
- Risky Romp
- Dream Drop Distance
- Access the Grid
- Digital Domination
- La Cloche
- Prankster’s Party
- Le Sanctuaire
- Sacred Distance

Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS

- Sora – Allegro con brio


- Medley of Conflict

Other Titles

- Circle of Life
- A Whole New World
- Beauty and the Beast


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