Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 are million-sellers

Mega Man's still got it!

Mega Man 11 is an official million seller as was announced last week. Now we have even more sales data about the Blue Bomber, and it's equally as good. According to the latest report, the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 (released July 2018) just hit 1.4 million units, and the Mega Man [Classic] Legacy Collection 1 + 2 (released August 2015) hit 2 million units. Looks like classic Mega Man and new Mega Man are in hot demand!

New round of Ace Attorney merch releasing in Japan

Looking Ace

Capcom continues to pump out merch for their biggest brands, and the Ace Attorney series is about to get a new wave of goodies. The new lineup, which is set to launch on Nov. 11th, 2019, includes a smartphone case, can badges, keychains, a tape dispenser, and badge holders.

Street Fighter producer goes into more detail on why Capcom turned down a Mortal Kombat collab

Keep dreaming, fans

Mortal Kombat x Street Fighter is something fans of both series' have been dreaming of for decades now, yet its never happened. We do know that Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon tried to get the ball rolling on a collab, but it never came to be. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono went into more detail on why the idea was shot down.

It's true that a proposal for a Street Fighter character in Mortal Kombat was rejected by Capcom. But it wasn't me personally! There were many people at the company that felt that it wasn't a good fit for our characters. I actually met Ed at the Brazil game show and spoke to him personally about it. So it's true - but I didn't make the decision! (the two worlds don't mix) was the major concern of our licensing.

We don't necessarily rule anything out. We've had our share of crossovers over the years - Marvel vs. Capcom, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. From Ed Boon's side they had Injustice that had various universes colliding. It didn't work out this time, but Capcom is interested in doing that kind of thing. If we can get something we feel good about, we could move quite quickly to make that happen.

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X and Resident Evil 0 soundtracks creep onto vinyl

Terrifying tunes

Get ready for Full-Frontal Fear! Laced Records continues its partnership with CAPCOM in presenting Resident Evil™ soundtracks on audiophile-quality vinyl. Fans can now pre-order deluxe double LPs for Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X and Resident Evil 0, boasting remastered audio, and original artwork by Boris Moncel.

Nearly 20 years ago, the Capcom Sound Team, comprising composers Takeshi Miura, Hijiri Anze, and Sanae Kasahara for Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, updated the sound of tension and terror for the next generation, as the game introduced players to a fully 3D-rendered, gothic vision of the Resident Evil formula. This vinyl release features music from the 2001 updated multi-platform release Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X.

Arriving hot on the heels of the GameCube remake of Resident Evil, prequel Resident Evil 0 enjoyed the same high production values, with incredibly detailed animated background, masterful sound design, and a chilling score by Seiko Kobuchi.

Each soundtrack has been remastered specifically for these releases, and will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, 180g heavyweight vinyl LPs housed in striking gatefold sleeves. Both soundtracks come are available as a Standard Edition (traditional black discs) and Limited Edition (coloured discs — exclusive to the Laced Records store.)

Both double vinyl sets are available to pre-order via www.lacedrecords.com ( lacedrecords.co outside of the USA) and will ship in January 2020. Each product is priced: GBP £33 / USD $35

The highly contagious Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X and Resident Evil 0 vinyl soundtracks will be contained to North American and EMEA territories.

Resident Evil 6 - more gameplay

Blending action and survival horror, Resident Evil 6 is a dramatic horror experience that cannot be forgotten. The game spans across various areas of the globe starring multiple playable characters, including fan favorites and new faces. Jump into the fray either solo or up to 4-player co-op in 4 dramatic chapters of the campaign or head into one of multiple extra modes such as Survivor that pits up to 6-players against one another in a heated battle.

Capcom Store Tokyo releasing mini perfume collection featuring multiple brands

Want to smell like Phoenix Wright?

Capcom is always putting together unique merchandising opportunities, and their latest efforts might be the strangest yet. Capcom Store Tokyo will be selling a collection of 6 different mini-perfume collections, which are priced at anywhere from 4,200 to 5,800 yen. The lineup features Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, and Captive Palm, and will go on sale Nov. 22nd, 2019.

"This Month in Dragalia Lost" feature shares new details on the upcoming Mega Man collaboration

The Blue Bomber heads to Dragalia Lost

The official website for Dragalia Lost has been updated with the usual monthly look ahead for the game. This time around, we get to hear some new details on the Mega Man collaboration that's right around the corner. Check out a snippet from the blog below, and then click over for the full piece.

The first thing I'd like to share is that Mega Man is the only adventurer you'll be able to add to your team during this event. There won't be a summon showcase where you can get adventurers other than Mega Man, but the good news is that all players who participate in the event and fulfill certain conditions will be able to get him!

Mega Man's skills allow him to switch to weapons with special functions and use those weapons a certain number of times. The way he controls is also unique. In terms of his Dragalia Lost weapon type, he'll be a wand user, but he moves differently from other wand users and he can fire off shots in rapid succession.

Full blog here

Capcom's Mega Man movie appears to still be in the works

The super fighting robot lives on

Back when Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, they shelved/cancelled a ton of movies in the works. The Mega Man movie adaptation was one of those projects at Fox, so many thought the film was over and done with. That might not be the case, though. Capcom's most recent financial report includes the following line.

"... to generate synergy with its popular games via greater global brand awareness and value, the Company has been producing world-leading content, with brands such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil being made into Hollywood movies, now followed by Monster Hunter and Mega Man, which are also scheduled for live-action film adaptation."

What we don't get is info on where the movie is now. Does Disney still have plans for it, or was it shopped to someone else?

Resident Evil 5 & 6 Switch launch trailer

Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are available now for Nintendo Switch! Pick up these globe-spanning adventures with all previously released content packed in, and play anytime, anywhere.

Resident Evil 5 - gameplay round-up

One of the most popular Resident Evil titles can now be played on the go, featuring Chris Redfield and his partner Sheva Alomar, as they venture to the heart of Africa to investigate an outbreak. Featuring single-player and co-op modes, this fully-loaded release includes all previously released DLC (Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape story expansions, Versus mode, extra figures and 4 costumes), No Mercy mode, as well as the new mode “The Mercenaries United” which combines the two fan-favorite modes, The Mercenaries and The Mercenaries Reunion for an even more intense experience.


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