Mega Man 3's 'Hard Man' was originally called 'Press Man'

I still laugh at the name

All the way back in 1990, Capcom released Mega Man 3. I was 8-years-old at the time. When I saw that Mega Man 3 had 'Hard Man' as a robot master, you could imagine how quickly the juvenile jokes started with friends. We were all young boys, and thought 'Hard Man' was the funniest name ever. Why on earth would Capcom choose the name 'Hard Man'?! Turns out that wasn't the robot master's original name.

Back in Capcom World-News #6, which only released in Japan, we get to read up on the robot masters for Mega Man 3. Included in the document is 'Hard Man,' but he has a different name! The original plan was to call him 'Press Man,' as he was akin to a machine press/hydraulic press. Man, what a better name that would have been! Now we know the robot master's original name, but still don't know why Capcom decided to scrap that name and run with 'Hard Man!'

Capcom blog update - Shu Takumi's Reflections on Ace Attorney


Capcom has shared a very special blog post today in preparation for the launch of Pheonix Wrigth: Ace Attorney Trilogy. None other than Shu Takumi, the original planner, scenario writer, and director for the series, has shared some thoughts! Check out the blog below.

Hello. This is Shu Takumi, the original planner, scenario writer, and director of the first three Ace Attorney games.

The first Ace Attorney game made its overseas debut in 2005, but it was originally released in Japan in 2001. So, as we approach the series’ 20th anniversary, I was surprised to hear that we would be releasing this latest version with redrawn graphics and a more refined UI. I was doubly surprised to hear that the series would be taking its first steps away from Nintendo handhelds to make its global multi-platform debut on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While I left the actual work of porting the game to the dev team, when they showed me the final game on a large TV, I was surprised yet again by how fresh everything felt thanks to all the little details they had restored.

When I had set out to write the first game’s script, I had wanted to make it something people could play in 10 years’ time and still feel that it was as relevant then as when I’d written it. Therefore, I avoided things that would date it like using popular slang phrases or building stories around current affairs, and instead, focused on stories that anyone can easily relate to and understand... And now, here we are 18 years later. What started as the creation of a small, seven-member team has grown into a series that people all around the world can enjoy. As a creator, that fact in itself is a great source of joy for me. I am grateful for everyone’s love and support.

Full post here

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - more screens and art

Check out more screens and art here

Set in a huge open world, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen presents a rewarding action combat experience. Players embark on an epic adventure in a rich, living world with three AI companions, known as Pawns. These partners fight independently, demonstrating prowess and ability that they have developed based on traits learned from each player. PC users can share these Pawns online and reap rewards of treasure, tips and strategy hints for taking down the terrifying enemies. Pawns can also be borrowed when specific skills are needed to complete various challenging quests.

Check out Uniqlo's lineup of Mario, Splatoon, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter t-shirts

Time for a wardrobe upgrade!

We've been covering all the game-related clothing that Uniqlo is offering, but now you can actually purchase these items in the states! Hit up the links below for a refresher on the various gaming-related lineups that Uniqlo is offering, including Mario, Splatoon, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter.

Shirt collections here, here, here, and here

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen now available to preload on the Switch eShop

Dragon's digital download

For those going the digital route, you'll be happy to know that Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is now available to preload on the Switch eShop. The game launches on April 23rd, 2019, so you have a bit of time to take advantage of the preload option. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem there's a discount for those who preload.

Street Fighter X UNIQLO UT Collaboration Graphic T-Shirt rolling out on April 15th, 2019!


This is the first collaboration between UNIQLO UT and the legendary arcade game Street Fighter II, as well as the latest series installment Street Fighter V!

The collection features two games from the Street Fighter game series: Street Fighter II, the game that dominated the entire arcade market back in the 90s, and Street Fighter V, the latest flagship title leading the fighting game competitive scene.

Street Fighter UT collection will be available in-store and online from April 15, featuring total of 12 colors/designs.

All items are newly designed featuring Street Fighter characters' iconic special moves and poses.

The Capcom Pro Tour 2019 will be starting a new season this March featuring Street Fighter V. All players are gearing up as they battle to become the world champion towards the climax event Capcom Cup 2019, which will take place in December 2019.

Check out the t-shirt lineup here

Capcom releases Monster Hunter 15th anniversary video feature

Congrats, Capcom!

Believe it or not, the Monster Hunter series debuted 15 years ago. There have been multiple installments over the years, and while it took quite a bit of time for the series to catch on in the rest of the world, Monster Hunter can now be considered a major worldwide franchise for Capcom. Here's to the next 15 years!

Dragon's Dogma getting anime adaptation via Netflix

Like the game? Watch the anime!

Dragon’s Dogma - Sublimation Inc.

Based on a world-famous action RPG set in an open world, Dragon’s Dogma from CAPCOM will be brought to life as a Netflix original anime series. The story follows a man’s journey seeking revenge on a dragon who stole his heart. On his way, the man is brought back to life as an ‘Arisen’. An action adventure about a man challenged by demons who represent the seven deadly sins of humans.

Sublimation Inc., Representative Director, Atsushi Koishikawa:

"Sublimation team has long dreamt of working on our own title. We have oftentimes worked with partner studios to create partial CGI portions within a given title, so we feel very fortunate to work with Netflix through this production line deal. We're excited to bring our unique cel shaded animation that carries hand-drawn textures to anime fans around the world.”

It'll be nice to have something to help promote Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on Switch. With an anime and Switch version of the game coming out, perhaps this could be a rebirth for the series!

Mega Man: Fully Charged getting new episodes starting March 3rd, 2019

Mega Man: Fully Charged is not dead. The series has a new wave of episodes that will be kicking off March 3rd, 2019. Get a rundown of the upcoming slate of episodes below.

Sunday, March 3 at 6:30 a.m. (ET/PT) “All Good in the Wood” When Suna and Ashley’s science project turns into a hungry blob monster, Mega Man must team up with Wood Man to shut down the experiment gone wrong before it devours the city!

Sunday, March 10 at 6:30 a.m. (ET/PT) “Fire Man in the Wood” While hiking on a dormant volcano, Aki sets out to retrieve Ashley’s lost camera and, as Mega Man, to stop Fire Man from setting off an eruption!

Monday, March 11 at 12:30 p.m. (ET/PT) “A Split End” After replicating Cut Man’s powers, Mega Man goes on a perfectionist spree, putting him on a collision course with Cut Man himself, whose latest stint as a hairdresser hasn’t helped him overcome his own compulsions.

Tuesday, March 12 at 12:30 p.m. (ET/PT) “All Play and No Work” Mega Man must resist the influence of a prankster bot named Chaotique, whose devil may care ideology appeals to the overworked superhero, until his friends pay the price for his dalliances.

Wednesday, March 13 at 12:30 p.m. (ET/PT) “More More More!” In order to out-muscle Guts Man, Mega Man copies the big bot’s schematics, and his insatiable appetite!

Thursday, March 14 at 12:30 p.m. (ET/PT) “Blast Resort” Mega Man must assist Blasto Woman in a heist to stop a powerful EMP emitter from falling into the wrong hands.

Friday, March 15 at 12:30 p.m. (ET/PT) “Too Much Is Never Enough” Envious of Namagem’s ability to wield more than three powers at a time, Mega Man tries taking all of his replicated schematics on board, with grave side effects.

Sunday, March 24 at 6:30 a.m. (ET/PT) “The Bluster Bunch” A trail of tornadic destruction leads Mega Man, Suna, and Rush through a series of encounters with Air Man’s quirky siblings.

Sunday, March 31 at 6:30 a.m. (ET/PT) “It’s Chemistry, Man” Chemistry Man lays siege to Silicon Central when he discovers that his replacement, Miss CHO, has been presented with a teaching award.

Monster Hunter microSD cards releasing in Japan April 2019

Capcom, Honma, and FolloWWind have revealed three Monster Hunter-themed microSD cards in Japan. These are 16GB microSD cards, and each one comes with an SD card adapter. These Monster Hunter microSD cards are set to launch in Japan on April 25th, 2019.