Mega Man composer opens up about the similarities between Elec Man's theme, and songs from Journey and R.E.M.

Manami Matsumae, composer on the original Mega Man, has finally spoken up about something fans have been talking about for years. Elec Man's theme shares a lot of similarities to a pair of tunes by Journey and R.E.M.. Was this a concious tribute, or pure coincidence? Find out in the video above!

Super Rare Games open to trying to make physical versions of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 happen on Switch

Super Rare Games would have to work one hell of a magic trick to make this happen, as I doubt Capcom is going to offer this up without issue. Even if Super Rare Games did make it happen, the run would be extremely limited. I would love to see it happen and I'll keep all fingers/toes crossed, but I'm not feeling to positive about this one.

Capcom Cafe - Mega Man 30th anniversary merch lineup

Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Capcom is overloading the Capcom Cafe with all sorts of Mega Man merch later this week. There are all kinds of goodies, including the Mega Man tea you see above. Man, I'd love to see if it's actually any good! Check out all the other goodies at the cafe here.

Kinetiquettes releasing Monster Hunter Zinogre figurine

Check out more pics here

Monster Hunter took the gaming world by surprise back in 2004 with the first release of this beloved series for the Playstation 2 system. Almost fifteen years old now, we think its past time this amazing game received a proper tribute in collectibles form, especially with the awesome MHW out right now.

We are proud to reveal our first Monster Hunter project. Depicting a fierce battle, this dynamic sculpted diorama features one of the famous (and dangerous) creature from the Monter Hunter universe: Zinogre! The piece comes with a male and a female hunter, both equipped with Zinogre sets of weaponry and armor! Both hunters will be available separately and will come with their own base. And yes, if you order this set directly from our website you’re receiving an extra extremely limited Palico figure for more side-kicking!

Get ready for the hunt, pre-order is not much far now!

Bandai brings new Mega Man figurines to the New York Toy Fair

- four new "66 Action" mini figures: Super Mega Man, Star Force Mega Man, Cut Man and Vile ($8.00 a piece)
- Ride Armors. X and Vile's Ride Armors ($50.00 a piece)

KhodaaBloom releases Mega Man 30th anniversary bike

Mega Man is getting all kinds of special merch for his 30th anniversary. Here we have an official Mega Man bicycle from KhodaaBloom. The bike released Feb. 17th and is priced at 290,000 yen ($2,720).

Jakks Pacific shows off upcoming slate of Mega Man toys

Jakks Pacific are showing off their upcoming slate of Mega Man toys at the New York Toy Fair, as you can see above. The company actually has some toys in the works for the upcoming Mega Man animated series, but these toys in particular are related to the game brand alone.

There's a 12-inch Mega Man figurine that lights up and has sound effects, and also includes a Mega Buster that fires three different types of ammunition. There's a line of 8-bit styled figurines with limited range of articulation, and finally, 8-bit plushies. Sadly, we don't have a release date on these items just yet.

Mega Man Unite 30th anniversary event hosts a treasure trove of unused/cut Mega Man content

I love getting a look at parts of famous franchises that didn't make the cut. Ideas that were thought up during development, but for one reason or another, were left unused. That's exactly what we're getting a look at here, thanks to a gallery Capcom put together at the Mega Man Unite 30th Anniversary event.

You can see an unused Robot Master above, but there's so much more to see in the Flickr set linked below. There are unused designs from Keiji Inafune, early art for Elec Man and Bomb Man, tons of unused enemies, unused Robot Masters and more. Hit up the link and take a look!

Gallery here

Capcom's president knows fans want Monster Hunter World on Switch, but still no plans to do so

We've heard from Capcom a few times about Monster Hunter World not coming to Switch. No matter how much fans want it, it doesn't seem destined to happen. The latest comments come from Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto, and while he knows demand is out there, the port isn't happening.

“We recognize that there is such demand. However, considering various conditions, now it is difficult to put out Monster Hunter World for the Switch. The Switch is different from other stationary machines both in functions and users. Each game machine has its own characteristics, and our software makers need to make software adapted to it. How to adapt game titles possessed by our company, including Monster Hunter, is to be studied in the future.”

Mega Man X1 internal design doc shared by Capcom

Want to get some insight into Capcom's plan for Mega Man X? The left-hand side of the document above comes from Mega Man 5 planner, Ichiro Mihara. The English translation comes from the gang over at Rockman-Corner.

The document confirms some interesting tidbits, like the Dr. Wily-Zero relationship plans, the fact that Dr. Wily used Proto Man as a reference when creating Zero, Dr. Wily dying just after completing Zero, and Dr. Wily's virus turning Zero good since he was 'already the baddest robo by design'.