First 4 Figures unboxes their Sonic the Hedgehog PVC statue

Another fantastic statue

First 4 Figures is giving everyone a new look at their Sonic the Hedgehog statue, and as you might guess, the statue is yet another shining example of just how much care the company puts into their work. Check out the glorious unboxing in the video above.

Cover art for Sonic Forces + Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Double Pack revealed

Time to announce this, SEGA!

While SEGA is yet to officially reveal Sonic Forces + Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Double Pack, we already know it's on the way. We saw a few retail listings for the games, and now those retailers are adding the above cover art. Expect this title to be officially announced soon, as it should be released sometime in October 2020.

Check out cover art for Spacebase Startopia, Commands 2 HD Remaster, and Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

Boxing day!

Some more retail hunting has turned up a few more boxes for upcoming Switch games. Check out the cover art for Spacebase Startopia, Commandos 2, and Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 in the gallery above.

Thanks to Sephiroth_FF for the heads up!

SEGA adds Sonic Sound Selection (Vol. 1) to multiple music streaming platforms

Enjoy some Sonic GBA tunes

SEGA has been adding a lot of their game soundtracks to streaming services lately, and just today, the company has added yet another round of classic tunes to Spotify and more.

If you're a fan of Sonic, you'll be happy to know that Sonic Sound Station Selection (Vol.1) is now available for your streaming pleasure. This album features tunes from Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, and an arrangement of Sonic R’s Super Sonic Racing. You can check out the album on multiple streaming services here.

SEGA shares a new video feature for Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

It's poppin!

SEGA revealed Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 for Switch recently, but they're already offering up an extended look at gameplay. Check out the feature above, and read a recap on the game below.

Japan’s beloved puzzle game series Puyo Puyo and the world-renowned Tetris® game franchise have teamed up again to deliver even more Puyo-popping and Tetrimino-clearing fun in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2. Playing is easy: match 4 or more same-colored Puyos or complete a line of blocks to clear them from your board and dump Garbage into your opponent’s game. But keep an eye on what’s coming your way too.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 to include co-op boss raids

Puyo Puyo with a pal

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 was revealed recently for Switch, and it's going to include a host of new features over the original. Surprisingly, one of the new features in the game appears to be boss raids.

The eShop listing for Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 includes the following line, revealing a new tidbit that hasn't been mentioned anywhere else.

Improved Online mode offers competition in game-specific leagues and Free Play for up to 4, spectating, and new co-op boss raids

We'll have to wait on SEGA to share more details on how these battles will play out, but it certainly sounds like a unique mode!

Check out the Japanese launch trailer for SEGA Ages: Herzog Zwei


SEGA AGES: Herzog Zwei is now available on the Switch in Japan for 999 yen. To celebrate the release, SEGA has shared a new trailer. Check out all the action in the spot above.

Brazil's President is using Mario and Sonic music in his tweets, and no one knows why

Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, seems to be a fan of video game music. Either that, or whoever's putting together these videos for him is an avid gamer.

Bolsonaro started sharing videos with Sonic music back in 2019, and those videos had absoltuely nothing to do with the Blue Blur. Now he's at it again, sharing videos that feature instantly-recognizable tunes from both the Mario and Sonic universes.

With all the music out there in the world, why does Bolsonaro continue to use video game songs? No one seems to have an answer, so the weirdness just continues on.

Streets of Rage 4 to get new content, no word on release date

Reason to hit the streets again

Publisher Dotemu has confirmed that there will be new content coming to Streets of Rage 4. They didn't say what would be offered, nor do they have a release date, but expect new content in the future. Check out the company's full statement on the matter below.

YES, we will but there is no ETA. You guys are awesome and deserve the best so give us time to do things right.

SEGA says the SEGA AGES line has come to an end, but they still want to bring more classic titles to Switch

A series of ports for the AGES

SEGA is releasing SEGA AGES: Herzog Zwei on Switch in Japan this week, and that title actually marks the end of the SEGA AGES line. SEGA’s Yosuke Okunari confirmed this news in an interview with Game Watch. The thing is, even with the SEGA AGES line ending, SEGA still has interest in bringing more of their classic games to Switch. Check out the full statement from Mr. Okunari below, as translated by Oni Dino.

"Although the SEGA Ages project has come to an end with the release of Herzog Zwei, there are many games in the collection you can still buy and play. So please check them out if you don’t own them yet. However, this doesn’t mean that this is the end of SEGA’s plans to re-release past titles. I, along with SEGA’s own (Rieko) Kodama and (Kagasei) Shimomura, are currently hard at work on our next project. At this point in time, unfortunately, I can’t tell you whether or not M2 will be involved. If this makes you think, ‘Oh, then they’re definitely doing something with M2,’ I hope we can live up to your expectations.

Considering SEGA Ages has ended, some may be wondering if we have plans to continue re-releasing past titles on Nintendo Switch – I want that to happen. I hope to bring something over that will really satisfy Switch players. So until then, we hope you’ll look forward to it.”

The interview also featured a snippet from M2’s Tsuyoshi Matsuoka, who clearly wants to work on more ports of classic SEGA games as well.

“For us at M2, there are still a lot of other titles we want to port over as well. Personally speaking, I want to re-release SEGA’s entire history of interactive games!”


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