Capcom Café x Okami - merch lineup

The Capcom Café x Okami collaboration is set to kick off soon, and it's bringing a lot of fancy Okami-related items with it. Coasters, keychains, pins, and much more. Check out the full lineup here.

Blast From the Past - Newly-translated interview from 2008 gives us major insight into Monolith Soft's never-localized Soma Bringer

For whatever reason, Soma Bringer on the Nintendo DS was never localized. The lack of localization for Monolith Soft's first original DS project still stings fans the world over. While we may never get to play an official English release of the game, we can finally get some insight into how the project was created.

In this newly-translated interview from 2008, Soma Bringer producer Tetsuya Takahashi and composer Yasunori Mitsuda sit down to discuss the entire project. Check out a snippet below, then hit up the link for the full piece.

At first, we experimented with the format of a standard RPG. However, when thinking about things that were feasible “because it is on the DS"—such as playing with everyone or enjoying the game even if only playing in short bursts at a time—we thought that an action RPG was more appropriate for what we wanted to make, so we discarded what we’d worked on so far and remade it from scratch. I believe that, as a result, we managed to express the feeling of exhilaration and speed, which only exists in action games, quite well.

We also experimented with the creation of the scenario this time around. Up until now, when creating a game for a home console we’d first have the scenario, then we’d build the game system to match it. However, this time around, we first decided what kind of game we wanted to make, then made rough estimates of the resources we could use, then assessed how many chapters and dungeons could be made, and then in regards to those we created eight characters and finally considered how to split the scenario up. So rather than building a game for the sake of showing an existing scenario off, I believe that this title’s theme and world were naturally built based upon the game format we wanted to make.

Full feature here

Switch dev says he's worked on Wii games that were sub-par due to the team's lack of enthusiasm for the Wiimote

Brandon Sheffield is creative director of Necrosoft Games, which just released their game Gunhouse for Switch. Brandon has worked on games like Sine Mora EX, Dragon’s Crown, and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. He's also worked on some Wii and DS games in the past.

Brandon's latest article dives into the recent reveal of Nintendo Labo. According to him, his favorite thing about the game is that he doesn't have to pick it up or support it. It's there for people who share interest in it, but it's not a required part of Switch development. This leads into a discussion about how attributes of the Wiimote and DS were unavoidable, and had to be factored into games.

I’ve worked on Wii games that wound up being sub-par because nobody on the team was enthusiastic about the Wiimote. The DS games I’ve worked on couldn’t come to any other platform without basically being remade. All this means Nintendo’s most recent platforms have been risky bets. For the last 10-plus years, if you made a game for a Nintendo platform, you either had to do a lot of extra work to make it fit, or you had to target that platform exclusively and trust you’d make your money there, ignoring the potential of future ports.

You have to wonder if stuff like this happens in Xbox One or PS4 development. Are there dev team members who aren't into aspects of those platforms, therefore making them lackluster experiences? I'd imagine it happens on some degree, but much less than what you see on Nintendo platforms.

GameStop lists The World Ends with You -Final Remix- and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze at $60 each

While these might be placeholder prices, GameStop has already added some pricing to two games revealed in today's Nintendo Direct Mini. Both The World Ends with You -Final Remix- and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze are priced at $60. Considering the previous releases of these games were never priced this high, some people feel the pricing here is unfair. Do you think the higher price is warranted in this case?

Random Time! - Paris Hilton really wants Nintendogs on smartphones

Is there still a market for Nintendogs? The series' run on traditional portables might be over, but perhaps there's room for a mobile iteration. Paris Hilton would certainly like to see that happen, as she took to Twitter to voice her request! A new installment on smartphones might be just what the series needs to find some new fans. I guess we'll just have to wait for Nintendo to make Paris' dream come true!

Blast from the past - Artist releases concept sketches from Shrek Superslam

As you probably know, the internet is still obsessed with Shrek. At one time the character was popular for his movies. Nowadays he's popular for his memes. Today's post takes a look back at when Shrek was extremely popular in cinemas, and not so popular in social media posts.

The artwork above comes from Shrek Superslam, a game which graced the GameCube, DS, and even GBA. Brandon Luyen, an artist from the game, has opened up his archives to share some concept art for the title. That simplistic Shrek design actually tugs at my heartstrings a bit!

Check out more concept art here

Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love gets English fan-translation

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland saw a localization for Europe, but never released in North America. Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love only released in Japan, but now the rest of the world can enjoy it, all thanks to the hard work of fan translators. An English patch for the game has been released, so now English-speaking Tingle fans can enjoy one more fantastic adventure with the character.

Diddy Kong Racing gets fan-made Unreal Engine 4 update

This is a bit of a unique update. It aims to retain the same style of the N64 game, but also update it through Unreal Engine 4. Not sure if I like the results, but they are certainly interesting! If anything, it makes me want an all-out update to Diddy Kong Racing on the Switch!

Fan-made Newer Super Mario Bros. DS now available

80 all-new levels, the return of some classic power-ups, new gameplay mechanics, and a lot more! Newer Super Mario Bros. DS is one heck of a fan-made revamp of New Super Mario Bros.. If you want to learn more about the game, check out this link.

Thanks to Geoshi for the heads up!