Boundary Break - The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Lets celebrate Zelda Month and take the camera absolutely anywhere we want to learn more about the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks! Ya boy PBG (Austin Hargrave) agreed to come aboard and guest!

CyberConnect 2 releases special artwork to celebrate Solatorobo's 8th anniversary

Can you believe it's been 8 years since Solatorobo: Red The Hunter saw release? CyberConnect 2 is celebrating the anniversary with some special artwork by a staffer at the studio. We'll be returning to the world of Solatorobo soon enough on Switch through the new title, FUGA!

The History of the Glucoboy and Didget Blood Glucose Monitors for the GBA and DS

Just like the Game Boy before it, the GBA and DS had a fair share of unique peripherals. Among the most unique are the Glucoboy and Didget, both of which are blood glucose monitors. Yes, you could keep track of glucose using the GBA and the DS. If you want to learn a ton more about these devices, check out the superb video feature above.

Nintendo grabs trademarks for Glory of Heracles and Excitebots

Nintendo has filed for two more trademarks in Japan, both of which are tied to existing games. Today's filings are for Glory of Heracles and Excitebots Trick Racing, and they both pertain to video games in general. As usual, it seems like this is just a matter of Nintendo protecting their games, rather than having anything new in the works.

Fans believe Square-Enix might have used an Italian fan-translation for The World Ends With You: Final Remix

Did Square-Enix turn to a fan translation for the Italian translation of The World Ends With You: Final Remix? There are some members of the community who are running with those accusations based on what they've seen in the recently-released title.

Back in 2012, fan-translators Mentz and Mewster released an Italian translation for The World Ends With You on DS. Now all these years later, fans who played that fan-translation are noticing a ton of similarities between that work and the Italian translation in The World Ends With You: Final Remix. The accusations even come from Mewster himself, who points out that one particularly absurd translation he did for the DS version has appeared word-for-word in Final Remix.

Square-Enix has not commented on the matter yet, but the evidence is definitely piling up. Do you think this is just a coincidence, or was there some shady business going on?

Solatorobo art books see digital release

There were a number of Solatorobo art books released years ago, but they've all since been discontinued. If you wanted to read them, you had to be lucky enough to hunt down a physical copy. That's no longer the case, as the art books have just gotten digital release via Amazon US and Canada. There are 9 books available at $9.99 each, but you can grab them for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Check out all the books on Amazon or Amazon Canada

Did You Know Gaming - Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs from Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver! These Pokémon games were made by Game Freak and published by Nintendo outside of Japan for the Nintendo DS, and were remakes of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver for the Game Boy Color. The games would later receive and update in the form of Pokemon Crystal.

Nintendo grabs trademarks for Disaster: Day of Crisis, Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Heaven, and more

Someone at Nintendo is working overtime when it comes to trademarks. Looks like the Big N wants to make sure they lock down trademarks for any/every game they've had throughout their history, and that continues with the latest batch today. Here's what Nintendo has filed trademark claims for recently.

- Rhythm Heaven
- Disaster: Day of Crisis
- Elite Beat Agents
- Super Mario
- Mario Bros.
- Yoshi's Crafted World
- Kirby's Epic Yarn

The World Ends With You producer expresses interest in a sequel

Tetsuya Nomura was one of the producers on The World Ends With You, and it's obvious the game is very near and dear to him. That's why he's so excited to see it revived for the Switch with The World Ends with You: Final Remix. While we don't have the exact quote, we've learned that Nomura would love the chance to work on a sequel. He doesn't state that one is happening, but one would imagine that strong sales for Final Remix would certainly convince Square-Enix to give a sequel the green light.

Game History Secrets - How Okami 2 Almost Happened at Platinum

Today on Game History Secrets we talk about how Okami 2 almost happened, and we don't mean Okamiden. A full sequel made by Okami's original team almost came to be a whole decade after the developers at Clover Studio (who now work at Platinum Games) left Capcom. Even though the proposal fell through, Platinum are said to still have a friendly relationship with Capcom. Hideki Kamiya was even pictured at Capcom HQ playing the Nintendo Switch port of Okami HD.