Level-5 CEO on how Professor Layton was created

A portion of a Glixel interview with Level-5 CEO, Akihiro Hino...

G: What was the genesis behind Professor Layton? What led you to that idea?

AH: We started creating Professor Layton over 10 years ago. Back then, there was a moment where "brainteaser" type of games were really popular. There was a book in Japan I really liked called Atama no Taisou, which translates to something like "Brain Exercising." I wanted to make a game that was similar to that. Since there was another Nintendo DS game with a similar title, I figured a game like that would be a big hit. But because the trademark for "Brain Exercise" was already taken, I had to try something different. I reached out to the author of the book, Akira Tago, in collaboration with him, I decided to make a new game with puzzle-solving elements, but with a story layered over it. And that's how we made Layton.

Korea - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney rated for 3DS

Well, here's something rather interesting. A Korean listing for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney has just surfaced, and it pertains to the 3DS. Looks like the DS title is going to see a relaunch on 3DS when it comes to Korea. No word on this happening in any other region.

Dylan Cuthbert mentions a Miyamoto "pet project" on DS that was cancelled at 90% complete

A portion of a Gamasutra interview with Dylan Cuthbert...

GS: Are there any other games or prototypes in the Q-Games vault that, similar to Star Fox 2, were almost finished but never saw the light of day?

DC: There is a game we worked on with Nintendo, one of Miyamoto's pet projects for the DS, but apart from that I can't divulge anything. It got canceled at about a 90% state of completion but didn't go through Mario Club or the QA process. It was a pretty interesting project!

Oh, how juicy! I wonder if we know anything about this game! Anyone have a guess or two?

Former Scribblenauts dev gives insight into how the game was created

The following comes from former 5th Cell designer Liz England, and gives a ton of insight into how the world of Scribblenauts was crafted.

Scribblenauts objects definitely had systems and inheritance. They were placed in a 2-tier hierarchy. Ex: “Mammal -> Water Type -> Dolphin”

Some of the top level categories were things like “Tools” “People” “Food” “Buildings” “Plants” “Miscellaneous” (ridiculously useful)

There were some broad strokes things that could be inherited. Like, I dunno, “Mammal -> Water” all had a checkbox for swim underwater

And you could do things like if an object was X by Y pixels, automatically set it’s weight to Z.

In a perfect world these systems would inherit across categories and you’d have to do very little hand-authoring to tweak outliers.

In practice when you are dealing with cartoon objects - “stereotypes” - the most important thing is how they are different from each other

For example, all humans were scared of category “monsters” and ate from category “food”. This is why the “vegetarian” ate “hamburgers”.

Full feature here

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 10th Anniversary Memorial CD - cover art, details

▼ Disc 1
1 Midori Green Nokumi (DS sound source version)
2 Iron Hawk Arranged Ends Festival (DS Sound Source Version)
3 Labyrinth V Ruinsia Sinjuk (DS sound source version)
4 Sleepless battlefield
5 Reaching out for our future (Song: Ito Kanako)
6 Labyrinth I Historic Nocturneum (PC-8801 FM Version)
7 Battlefield Hatsujin (PC-8801 FM Version)
8 Sakuranobashi Bridge (PC-8801 FM Version)
9 Labyrinth V Amano Baza (PC-8801 FM version)
10 Investigation of sword fighting echoing on the battlefield (PC-8801FM version)
11 Contraindications No Forest
12 Blood Battle Betting Mission
13 Tarumizu Nozuki (PC-8801 FM Version)
14 The end of the warring raging waves (PC-8801 FM version)
15 Chernoba forest (PC-8801 FM version)
16 Hold a sword and take pride in your heart (PC-8801 FM version)

▼ Disc 2
17 Battlefield Collision Finally Fall (PC-8801 FM Version)
18 Justice of each war (PC-8801 FM version)
19 Warfare Call that abominable name (PC-8801 FM version)
20 Labyrinth I Hekkinoshiki
21 Battlefield Gale
22 Labyrinth II Fukutono Valley
23 Battlefield Single Death on the other side
24 Earth ground IV absolute cloud zone
25 Labyrinth IV Kinemono Bunko
26 Hold my conviction on my own
27 The end of hot wind blowing up
28 battlefield twinning and swollen
29 Labyrinth V circular annulus forest
30 Battlefield grabbing tomorrow is the destination of death battle

This 2-disc set comes with preorders for Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2, including the regular and limited editions. Supplies of the CD are limited.

Nintendo grabs trademark related to Virtual Boy Wario Land

Oh boy, now this could be interesting. Nintendo has recently grabbed a trademark for ‘Awazon no Hihou’, which is the second part of the Japanese name for Virtual Boy Wario Land. Why would they re-up the trademark for this now, at all times? Maybe' we'll find out in a few hours!

On top of that, Nintendo also grabbed a trademark for ‘DS Kondate Zenshuu’, which is the second part of the title for the DS software Kenkou Ouen Recipe 1000′.