Every Nintendo game on the NVIDIA Shield supports cloud saves

In most of the world, Nintendo fans are talking about what Switch games will/won't support the upcoming cloud save function. When it comes to China, they're talking about cloud saves for Nintendo games on the NVIDIA Shield. Believe it or not, Nintendo's titles on that device are the only ones that support cloud save functionality. That includes every Nintendo game available on the platform.

One other interesting tidbit is the fact that when users delete/re-download games on their device, that counts as a new download number. That means the download totals we shared recently could actually include people who have deleted/re-downloaded the same game multiple times.

Modders turn Super Mario Odyssey's Luncheon Kingdom into a track for Mario Kart Wii

Well I'll be damned. That's a pretty nice looking conversion! Who knows if Nintendo will create a Mario Kart game that includes a Luncheon Kingdom-themed track. Thanks to modders, we don't have to wait to see what it might look like!

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

GoNintendo Video - Which Mega Man Game Has The Best Robot Master Battle Theme?

With Mega Man 11 right around the corner, it's the perfect time to look back at how the series made it this far. Let's start by running through the Mega Man Robot Master battle themes, and seeing which one comes out above all the others!

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55 people brought Super Mario Galaxy to the Nvidia Shield

As you know, Nintendo and Nvidia worked a deal to bring Super Mario Galaxy to the Nvidia Shield. Just how many people worked together to make this port happen? According to the game's credits, 55 people were involved with the project. If you want to see all the names for those people, you can check them out here.

Details on NVIDIA Shield Nintendo game download totals and file sizes

Over in China, Nintendo teamed up with NVIDIA to release a number of their titles on the NVIDIA Shield. Wondering how these games are doing? Here's the latest download totals for the games available.

- Super Mario Galaxy: 6146 downloads
- New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 5257 downloads
- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: 3099 downloads
- Punch-Out!: 1474 downloads

Following that, we have info on the file sizes for each game.

- Super Mario Galaxy: 1.3GB
- New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 392.7MB
- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: 997.7MB
- Punch-Out!!: 2.0GB

Digital Foundry - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Tegra X1/Shield TV port tested

A second look at Nvidia Shield - this time playing Zelda Twilight Princess through an official Nintendo emulator. This is available only on the console's Chinese store, understood to be part of a deal between Nvidia and Nintendo. This is far from a quick port though - a surprising amount is changed to fine-tune it for the system.

Game Informer Replay - The Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones

Reiner, Suriel, Reeves and Leo look back at beloved series that hasn't gotten an entry in too long with the mafioso masterpiece Made Men. But before that, they play Prince of Persia.

Today's Nintendo eShop 10-hour maintenance block rescheduled for Sept. 10th, 2018

Earlier today, Nintendo's maintenance schedule for their online networks said that the eShop was going to see 10 hours of downtime while maintenance was taking place. Wondering why you can go online right now? Nintendo decided to reschedule that maintenance block for Sept. 10th, 2018. You're free to hop on the eShop right now and grab all the games you want, but make sure you plan accordingly for the 10th!

Thanks to Ngamer01 for the heads up!