Just Dance 2019 - Pac-Man by Dancing Bros.

I don't even know what Just Dance is anymore. Ubisoft is just cranking these bad boys out and getting weirder each year. Not saying that's a bad thing, but it's certainly interesting to watch!

Recreating Smash Bros. victory animations in real life

Bboy/Tricker Emcochingoco has put together a super-impressive collection of real-life Smash Bros. victory animations. You need some serious skills to pull these off! If you want to check out the GIF above in video form AND with sound, hit the jump!

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Fan makes Zelda: Breath of the Wild song using nothing but sound effects and clips from the game

I don't think I could like something more. I love these kind of remix songs, and seeing one with nothing but Breath of the Wild clips really tickles my fancy. I know what I'm listening to on loop all week long!

Just Dance 2018 through 2014 losing online multiplayer on Nov. 19th, 2018

You better get your fill of online action with older Just Dance titles while you can. Ubisoft is killing online multiplayer for the following Just Dance titles on Nov. 19th, 2018.

- Just Dance 2018
- Just Dance 2017
- Just Dance 2016
- Just Dance 2015
- Just Dance 2014

Drinkbox wanted to show a different side of Mexico with Guacamelee! and its sequel

The original Guacamelee came to the Wii U, and recently released on Switch. The sequel is coming to Switch before the year closes out. In an interview with Engadget, Augusto Quijano, the game's lead concept artist and animator, discussed how the team wanted to present a game world that showcased Mexico in a different light than most media.

"A lot of the genesis of Guacamelee! was seeing how Mexico had been represented before, as very drab and violent, and one-note. You always need somebody else to come to this lawless place to save them. That was a completely different experience for me, as a Mexican. I wanted to show the other side of it. Mexico, Mexicans -- they love being represented in media because we are underrepresented."

Just Dance 2019 - unboxing (Wii, Wii U, Switch)

Yep, an unboxing video that runs through the Wii, Wii U, and Switch versions of Just Dance 2019. What a time to be alive!

Yacht Club details the process of creating Shovel Knight's Tinker Knight

Tinker Knight is def one of the most unique bosses in Shovel Knight. Ever wonder what went into creating the whole experience? In today's snippet from the Shovel Knight book from Boss Fight Books, we get the juicy details!

Tinker Knight is at once the most diminutive and gargantuan associate of the Order of No Quarter, and along with the Enchantress, one of the two most cinematic.

Yacht Club Games co-founder and programmer David D'Angelo gave Kickstarter backers another inside look at Tinker Knight, mechanical master of Clockwork Tower. "I actually programmed that boss live on Twitch," he said. A streaming service engineered for games, Twitch lets players broadcast themselves playing their favorite titles or watching others play, chatting with viewers as they go along. In planning Shovel Knight's Kickstarter, the team hit on a way to subvert Twitch: Invite backers to watch them design parts of their game, even accepting suggestions.

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Yacht Club details the process of creating Shovel Knight's Specter Knight, Plague Knight, and Propeller Knight

Following up from yesterday's post, more details about the creation of bosses in Shovel Knight have been shared. Today, we get a look at the creation of Specter Knight, Plague Knight, and Propeller Knight. Hit up the link below to check out the full feature.

A grim reaper-type character who haunts the Lich Yard, Specter Knight oozes dread. Before they battle, Specter Knight taunts his shovel-wielding foe by insinuating that Shield Knight is beyond saving, and reveals that the Enchantress raised him from beyond the grave. This nugget paints him as a possible anti-hero. Players are left to wonder if he is truly evil, or forced to carry out his mistress's bidding (a quandary answered in 2017's Plague of Shadows expansion pack).

"He wasn't tied to the ground," explained co-founder and lead artist Nick “Woz” Wozniak, "so I could do more with how his legs were positioned, and make him more wraith- and reaper-themed."

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Splatoon Ikasu art book gets localized into Chinese

Our friends in China have gotten a cool bit of Splatoon merch recently. Turns out the Splatoon Ikasu art book has received an official Chinese translation. It's a bit odd to see the book localized into Chinese, as neither Splatoon 1 or 2 have ever received official Chinese translations.