Twitch chat helps lead Link to victory in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Twitch chat does it again

Over the years, Twitch viewers have come to tackle all sorts of games by inputting commands via Twitch chat. It all started with Pokemon Red/Blue, and today we see that Twitch chat has managed to best The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild...with a little help.

Streamer Pointcrow teamed up with his Twitch chat to see if they could make their way through Breath of the Wild and take out Ganon. The stream ran for about 25 hours, and Twitch chat was in control for roughly 17 of those hours. Link died 80 times altogether, but with some input from Pointcrow during the stream, Twitch chat managed to land the final blow on Ganon and claim victory. You can see some highlights from the stream above.

New range of Minecraft merch available through Merchoid

Minecraft 'homeware'

Merchoid have scoured the landscape and been hard at work building their new range of Minecraft homeware, just in time to prepare ourselves for the release of Minecraft Dungeons!

After a tough session of collecting logs, blocks and fighting Creepers, now you can kick back and enjoy a hard earned brew from one of our range of mugs on offer, from Heat Changing mugs to XL sized and one built to resemble the infamous Pick Axe found in game! Need somewhere to store all your hard earned coins? Luckily, the cutest animal in the game can double up as a trusty piggy bank, and whilst an apple a day might not keep the Creepers away, we feel like the Lanky Lime Creeper Light may just do the trick!*

*Merchoid cannot guarantee this lights ability to keep away Creepers

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player uses a series of glitches to visit outer space

Now where's that pesky moon...

Yep, people are still figuring out how to do amazing things in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Sometimes those are things Nintendo may have expected, and other times they're achievements the Big N could have never fathomed. Today we have the latter.

Zelda fan YukinoSan has been toiling away at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild since launch to try and find a way to visit the vast reaches of space. All his hard work and dedication has paid off, as the goal of heading into space was finally achieved. Check out the video above to see the rather beautiful moment the camera crests into the outer limits.

Yacht Club shares a new dev blog detailing how Shovel Knight NPC sprites are made

It's not as easy as you'd think!

There was a time when creating sprites was becoming a bit of a lost art, but thankfully indie devs brought sprites back into favor, and now countless devs/pubs of all sizes release titles with classic sprite work. One of the most impressive sprite-based titles is certainly Shovel Knight, and Yacht Club has just shared a blog that gives some insight into how NPC sprites are made. Check out a blurb from the blog below, then click over for the full piece.

A lot of thought goes into creating all of the characters you interact with during the course of a Shovel Knight adventure! You may have asked yourself: How does Yacht Club decide on a character design? Do they sketch out ideas first or go right to making sprites? Why are there so many horse people?

Some questions don’t have easy answers, but today we can at least shine some light on our process of creating and animating an NPC (non-player character ) for Shovel Knight: King of Cards⁠

Full blog here

Fangamer offering up two new pieces of Shovel Knight merch

New merch to dig into

Fangamer already had its fair share of Shovel Knight merch, but now two new items have been added to the lineup. Fans can snag a Shovel Knight "Knight Time" t-shirt for $24, or a Shovel Knight "Snow Shoveler" scarf for the same price. You can see more details on each item here.

Yacht Club has "a lot of the stuff in the oven right now," has a lot of attention from devs looking to get their games published

Setting sail for the future

Yacht Club burst onto the scene with Shovel Knight, and they've been riding high ever since. Add-on content for Shovel Knight, spin-off series', and moving into publishing with Cyber Shadow. Things couldn't be going better for the company, and in an interview with Dtoid, Yacht Club's Sean Velasco shares some insight into all that's going on.

"...very flattered, but I think we'll be at max capacity soon. We have a lot of stuff in the oven right now. Actually, very flattered is the word I'd used to describe everything about where we're at in 2020. We're flattered at this notion that we may have helped usher in this trend of knight games, and also of kinder, more lighthearted games in general.

We're also flattered that so many developers have turned to us for advice and asked for our help with publishing. We're just flattered all over the place, and we're going to do our best to not take all of the kindness and praise we've received for granted. We're busier than ever, and our goal is still the same, to make games that will capture your imagination and make you happy."

Ultra Dolphin Revolution celebrates Mar10 Day with Space Hunted X Super Mario Maker levels

A neat way to celebrate the special date

Ultra Dolphin Revolution shares Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2 levels in celebration of Mar10 Day!

Happy MAR10 Day!

We here at Ultra Dolphin Revolution are huge fans of Super Mario (if it isn’t obvious enough.) So we’re celebrating Mar10 Day by sharing our Super Mario Maker levels that are inspired by our game, Space Hunted. Because we’re UDR, we’ll be releasing a level for both Super Mario Maker for Wii U and Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Maker 1: A5C8-0000-040C-0A35

Super Mario Maker 2: 2LD-YDS-76G

Please enjoy our levels in our unofficial Space Hunted x Super Mario Maker event! Wahoo!

Ultra Dolphin Revolution is an independent game developer primarily focused on Nintendo consoles. We have developed “Shadow Archer” for Wii U and are currently working on “Real Men Use Items!” We’re a proud, independent developer that engages with Nintendo fans and the retro gaming community. Visit us at ultradolphinrevolution.com and our social media pages fb.com/ultradolphinrevolution and twitter.com/UltDolRev

Guardian-flipping is the new hot thing in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A fad fans are flipping for

HOLY CRAP I DID IT. Guardian Snipe 2.0. Featuring: Ancient Arrow, Headshot. from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

Who cares if The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is 3 years old? Fans are still making their own fun in the game long after they've bested Ganon. The latest home-baked fad involves people seeing how high and far they can flip Guardians, and the results are super impressive.

The right combination of the Cryonis Rune and slow-motion can cause a Guardian to go ass-over-tea kettle at breakneck speeds. Seeing this stuff is making me want to fire up the game tonight and see what I can pull off!

Pixelheart puts out a special trailer to promote their Finding Teddy 2 and SHMUP Collection physical releases for Wii U

The Wii U's last hurrah?

Earlier in the week, we made a post about Pixelheart offering physical Wii U copies for Finding Teddy 2 and SHMUP Collection. Now they've got a trailer to promote these releases, but it doesn't sound like they need more promoting. Apparently 50% of their stock is already spoken for! If you still want a shot at grabbing these, you can find out details on how here.

Yacht Club ponders ideas for Shovel Knight 2, but says they're moving on to new things for now

Something they'll dig into later

Yacht Club recently held a Reddit AMA with numerous members of their team, and a large number of the questions were about a true Shovel Knight sequel. This is something the team has said they want to do quite a few times now, but they're more interested in moving on to new projects first. With that said, here's what various members of the team had to say about a sequel, including things the team would consider during development.

We'd definitely be interested in making one some day...but right now we're moving onto new things. If we made a sequel, I imagine it'd be a similar scale to Shovel of Hope.

Only that we'd love to do one but after 6 years of Shovel Knight, want to start working on some new things before getting back into that seat.

Should it still be NES style?

Should there be new gameplay? Should Shovel Knight get a new core move like Mega Man 3, or should it be identical like Mega Man 2?

What evil force would create the conflict in the game? What about Enchantress? Is she / the power inside the amulet gone for good?

Should it be 8 all new knights, or should the previous knights return?

Should the original Order be cameos? Will they be missed?

What about Shield Knight? Would she and Shovel travel together in a sequel or how would that work?


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