Peeking under King Dedede's hat in Kirby Star Allies reveals his struggle with baldness

I guess I can cosplay as Dedede now

If you had high hopes that King Dedede had some luscious locks tucked away under his hat, we're sorry to inform you that's not the case. People have been digging around through Kirby Star Allies' assets, and they've found a fully-modeled head for King Dedede in the game. Not a spot of hair on the poor guy. Don't worry, King...I feel your pain.

Kirby Star Allies - Whispy Woods secret

The secrets for Kirby Star Allies just keep pouring in. Once again, we'll post this one after the jump, as to not spoil the fun for those who want to discover this stuff on their own.

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Kirby Star Allies - fastest-selling boxed Kirby game in United Kingdom

This comes from GamesIndustry's Christopher Dring...

''Down at No.2 is a new Nintendo Switch release in the form of Kirby Star Allies. It's actually the fastest-selling boxed Kirby game released ever, and there have been 19 Kirby retail titles since 1996.

Previously, the highest charting Kirby games was Kirby Triple Deluxe (2014) on 3DS and Kirby: Planet Robot (2015) also on 3DS. Both games reached 15th place. The series has been gradually increasing in popularity, although the demand for new Switch products - coupled with a quiet release week - are two big reasons Star Allies has appeared so highly this week.''

Blast from the Past - Sakurai discusses the creation of Kirby

Back in 2003, Kirby was already 12 years old. The character had become a well-established part of the Nintendo lineup. This was all thanks to Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the Kirby. For the 12th anniversary of the character, Sakurai took to Famitsu to write a feature on how the character came to be. Our friends at SourceGaming have translated the feature, which you can see a small snippet of below.

“I’ll make an action game where you utilize your enemies!” That was the idea I had in mind when I wrote up the project proposal that Kirby was born from. Then he was drawn in pixel art, animated on the NES, and given the power to inhale his foes and spit them back out. Being able to take multiple hits from enemies, yet dying immediately upon falling into a hole didn’t mix well in my mind, so I blew him up like a balloon, so that he could fly at any time. I was in charge of the planning, design, and most of the graphics. And so, the simple Game Boy game, Kirby’s Dream Land, was completed.

Check out the full feature here

Kirby Star Allies - Nintendo NY launch event footage

Oh man, I could have gotten my picture with the REAL Kirby?! I totally missed out! Could have been the photo op of a lifetime!

Kirby Star Allies - more multiplayer footage

I've yet to try out the multiplayer in Kirby Star Allies. I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy it. I'm more into single player when it comes to mainline Kirby adventures, but I'm certainly willing to give it a try!

Kirby Star Allies - Yet another Easter egg revealed

Once again, if you don't want to have aspects of Kirby Star Allies spoiled, don't hit the jump. If you don't mind an Easter egg uncovered, hit the jump!

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Famitsu print ads - Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition and Kirby Star Allies print ads

I have the feeling Kirby is going to do pretty well in Japan, but I'm not sure about Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure how that game is going to do around the world. I wonder if people are eager to double-dip on that one.

Kirby Star Allies - All secret switch locations, and another Easter egg

The second video is a bit of a spoiler, so we've placed it after the jump . Click through at your own risk!

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