RUMOR - Kirby Fighters 2 may be coming to Nintendo Switch

A recent listing on Play Nintendo has Kirby Fighters 2 as an upcoming downloadable title for the Nintendo Switch. Considering it has new artwork and a fairly official-looking description, this appears to be a fairly believable leak. But like any premature announcement, nothing is officially confirmed until Nintendo (or some company) officially confirms anything, so it is only a rumor for now.

Official Kirby face masks launch in Japan

Timely Kirby merch

In the market for a new face mask? Why not go with an official Kirby design? Bandai has released a pair of Kirby Face Masks that come as a set, which is priced at 1,650 yen. The set includes a pink and purple Kirby face mask, and each have a filter, inner gauze layer, and are antibacterial. You can check them out at the Bandai store here.

Exclusive round of Kirby and Cuphead merch available through TGS Online 2020

Fun merch ahead!

The Tokyo Game Show might be online-only this year, but that doesn't mean the merch fun has to stop. TGS 2020 Online is going to offer up some exclusive swag for fans of Kirby and Cuphead.

The big show's Kirby merch will focus on Kirby Super Star, and the lineup includes a t-shirt, as well as a towel and cleaning cloths. You can check out the items in the gallery above.

As far as Cuphead goes, the merch line is mostly focused on apparel. There are a number of shirts included, along with a backpack, and a set of Cuphead and Mugman plush dolls.

Kirby Cafe locations get a limited-time Fall menu

Get them while you can!

Kirby Cafe locations have revealed that they'll be offering a special Fall-themed menu for a limited time. The new menu includes Manpuku! Autumn color plate-salmon cream pasta & pumpkin salad sandwich (1,480 yen), Fallen Leaves ☆ Montblanc Baumkuchen with friends (1,280 yen), and Kirby’s Hookuku♪ sweet potato stick (1,080 yen). Customers will be able to try out these meals starting Sept. 18th, 2020. You can check out other menu item pics here.

Kirby Cafe Japan reveals two new pieces of merch

The cutest Kirby yet?!

Kirby Cafe Japan is soon adding a couple new pieces of merch for fans to snatch up. First is the 'Good Night Chef Kirby' plush seen above. That will be available starting Sept. 10th, 2020, and is priced at 3,900 yen.

Along with that is a 'Creamy Collection' of stationary featuring Kirby, Waddle Dee, and others. This also launches on Sept. 10th, 2020.

Thanks to TeamKirby92 for the heads up!

Kirby x Mos Burger campaign announced for Japan

Kirby's next big tie-up has been announced, and it's with the Mos Burger fast food chain in Japan. The collaboration starts Sept. 17th and runs to mid-November 2020, and it will include a number of different Kirby-themed items as part of a “low allergen menu drink and toy set.” The lineup includes the following.

- Mini towel
- Ballpoint pen
- Mini pouch

Thanks to TeamKirby92 for the heads up!

Kirby Muteki! Suteki! Closet collection expanding with new items

Here comes the next wave of Kirby merch!

Last we saw of the Kirby Muteki! Suteki! Closet collection, there were just a few items included. Now we see that the line is expanding, a bunch of new goodies are on the way.

The Kirby Muteki! Suteki! Closet collection is hosting a collab with Kiddyland stores in Japan, and it kicks off Sept. 19th, 2020. The merch expansion will include pouches, bags, stickers, and more. Another round of merch launches on Sept. 26th, and then a third line will release sometime in October. If you want some of these items, you'll have to find a way to import.

Nintendo celebrates Super Kirby Clash's first anniversary with special art and in-game goodies

Happy one-year anniversary to Kirby!

Nintendo has taken to Twitter to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Super Kirby Clash in a couple of different ways. First up, they shared a new piece of art that was created by multiple members of HAL, which you can see above.

Along with that, Nintendo has also released a special code for a number of different in-game goodies. Use the code 'FIRSTANNIVERSARY' in-game to obtain all the items above!

Super Kirby Clash 'Aeon Hero' promo video and details shared to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary

A year of Super Kirby Clash

Believe it or not, Super Kirby Clash is just about to celebrate its 1-year anniversary. In honor of the occasion, Nintendo and HAL have shared a special trailer and new info on Aeon Hero, one characters you can find in the game. Check out details from Super Kirby Clash general director Shinya Kumazaki below.

If you’ve played previous Kirby games, you may notice that this powerful character looks a bit familiar. For his design, we wanted him to have a different effect, but the designer also wanted this character’s armor to look heroic and reminiscent of his days as a champion.

Due to this character’s special appearance, the game director, Yumi Todo, requested that he not have a clear name. Instead, we was given the name “The Aeon Hero,” which sounds more like his title. We used a similar tactic when naming King D-Mind.

The Dark version of the Aeon Hero character appears as an online-exclusive hidden boss and has a different ending from other bosses. He may appear again someday… in another world.

New Kirby Muteki! Suteki! Closet artwork released

Kirby cuteness overload

Along with the series of upcoming plush dolls, a new series of artwork for the Kirby Muteki! Suteki! Closet collaboration has been made available. The official Kirby website has added in a number of different illustrations that are tied to the series, including Sword Kirby, Bubble Kirby, Cowboy Kirby, and more. You can check out the content in the gallery below.


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