Kirby Star Allies - Twitter update for Oct. 13th, 2018

You thought Nintendo was done sharing content about Kirby Star Allies? Well think again, my friends. Nintendo has sent out a new tweet showcasing Green Gardens concept art. We get to see a small look at how the level came to be!

Max Limited releasing Kirby’s Dream Land Pupupu Bakery Plushes/Cushions

These are just a tiny bit disturbing, right? Max Limited is set to release these Kirby’s Dream Land Pupupu Bakery plushes/cushions in Japan this January. There's both Kirby and Waddle Dee options, and they come in 'Big Bread Plush' or 'Oyasumi Bread Cushion' styles. I just know people are going to do strange things with these...

Kirby x Epson Smart Canvas watch line revealed for Japan

Okay, now this is a Kirby item I desperately want to have. The Kirby x Epson Smart Canvas watch line was just announced for Japan, and we have a bunch of details to share!

- 31,320 yen (~$300)
- releases Dec. 2018
- 3 different versions
- image on screen changes depending on what time of day it is
- screens for special occasions and dates as well
- thermometer screen where different copy abilities are shown depending on the temperature
- 'peep mode' will showcase a different character looking back at you

Yet another round of Kirby merch for Japan revealed

I think we're at a point where you could conceivably fill your house Kirby-themed versions of everything you would need. You could literally work with, eat, and sleep using Kirby-related items all day long. Still, if you haven't somehow gotten every bit of Kirby merch you need, another round has become available. Check out the goodies here.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn confirmed to be for all 3DS platforms

Nintendo finally caught on to the wording over on their official hub page for Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. As we reported a week back, the listing mentioned that the game would be for New 3DS platforms only, while other materials stated it would be for every version of the 3DS. Now the hub page has been updated with the corrected info, showing the game can be played on any 3DS platform.

Kirby Cafe 2018 feature appears on Japanese TV

How big of a deal is the opening of Kirby Cafe 2018? Big enough for a 2-minute segment on Japanese TV! The segment covers the opening of the location, the people attending, and all the goodies you can snatch up. Hard not to be jealous of those who get to attend!

Kirby Cafe 2018 - Cafe pics, and another round of merch revealed

Looking for more pics of the Kirby Cafe 2018? The two Twitter accounts above are chock-full of pics from the Cafe. You can check out merch, the cafe itself, menu items, and so much more!

On top of that, the official Kirby Cafe 2018 website has been updated with yet another round of merch. There are notebooks, files, Post-It Notes, and much more. Check out the goodies here.

Nintendo grabs trademarks for Disaster: Day of Crisis, Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Heaven, and more

Someone at Nintendo is working overtime when it comes to trademarks. Looks like the Big N wants to make sure they lock down trademarks for any/every game they've had throughout their history, and that continues with the latest batch today. Here's what Nintendo has filed trademark claims for recently.

- Rhythm Heaven
- Disaster: Day of Crisis
- Elite Beat Agents
- Super Mario
- Mario Bros.
- Yoshi's Crafted World
- Kirby's Epic Yarn

A look at the outside of Kirby Cafe 2018

We've seen the menu items and various merch. Now we get a look at what the Kirby Cafe looks like from the outside. Most people will only ever get to see the outside, as reservations for the cafe have been filled up already!

Kirby Cafe reservations filled up to October 31st, 2018

Looks like people in Japan are extremely eager to get a seat at the Kirby Cafe 2018. Reservations for the cafe opened up today, and over the course of 4 hours, every single available slot was booked. That includes every day from Sept. 27th to October 31st, 2018. No worries though, as another round of reservations will be opening soon, which are for Nov. 1st to 30th, 2018.