'Wado's Toy Shop' announced from Ensky, opening at the Yamashiroya toy store in Tokyo

There can never be enough Kirby collaborations

It was previously announced that Ensky would be opening something Kirby related at the Yamashiroya toy store in Ueno, Tokyo. Now, we have officially been given details on the upcoming collaboration. 'Wado's Toy Shop' will be open from November 1st - November 24th, with a Kirby picture book exhibition and many available Kirby products at the floor space. Check out the catalog for the event below!

Kirby mini-mugs and coasters available in Japan

Great for super tiny tea parties

While the above might look like a Kirby mug, it's not one you can drink out of. Well, technically it is, but you wouldn't quench your thirst with it! This is a Kirby mini-mug, meant for decorating your shelves, desk, or whatever with. There's also a series of Kirby mini-coasters available as well. These are found in various gacha machines in Japan, and you can check out all the designs here.

Kirby's Dream Land 2020 Calendar set for release

Mark it down!

Ensky have revealed an officially-licensed Kirby’s Dream Land 2020 Calendar, which is 60 x 30cm in size, and has 24 sheets featuring Kirby illustrations. You can grab yours through Play-Asia here.

Kirby Cafe Tokyo offering new round of exclusive merch

We'll drink to that!

Kirby Cafe Tokyo is currently closed as it prepares to permanently reopen, but there's some goodies for fans to grab while they wait for that reopening. Those who head to the second floor of Kirby Cafe Tokyo can take home an acrylic cork coaster featuring Kirby for 750 yen There are three different designs to get, with the second and third designs launching on October 25th and November 15th, 2019 respectively.

Yet another wave of Kirby merch heads to Japan

All Kirby everything

The Kirby merch machine is an amazing thing. There's such an insane amount of content out there for Kirby in Japan, and now the market is about to be flooded with even more. The latest round of merch includes cell phone cases, notebooks, plush dolls, bags, and more. Check out all the goodies here!

Check out the delicious menu items coming to Kirby Cafe Hakata


Kirby Cafe Hakata will be officially reopening on November 14th, 2019! Now, we have a closer look at the menu items that will be available thanks to the updated Japanese website. Many of the food items include bonuses such as; ceramic figures, plates, jars, and coasters! Check out the menu items in the gallery below.

Full details, merchandise, photos, and more are available on the official website!

Nintendo releases a new round of birthday wallpapers

Free wallpapers for all!

Nintendo has updated their round of usual birthday wallpapers with some new art. If you're looking for a new piece of art for your phone or desktop, these could be just the thing! Click the links below to check out various wallpapers.

- Mario
- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
- Pokemon Sword and Shield
- Splatoon
- Kirby
- Animal Crossing

Apparently Kirby can speak in full sentences

It's creepy and cute at the same time

Here's a little bit of Kirby trivia for you. Nintendo released a Kirby drama CD in Japan, and it actually features Kirby speaking! We're talking about something way beyond the usual "Hiiiiiiiiiiii!" that Kirby offers up. You can hear Kirby's entire conversation in the video above.

Preparations for Kirby Cafe Tokyo's permanent stay underway

Opening permanently this Winter!

As we mentioned the other day, Kirby Cafe Tokyo is going to open permanently sometime this Winter. Before that happens though, the store is undergoing some maintenance and revamping. That means things are closed up for now, but as you can see in the images above, work is definitely underway!


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