Nintendo releases special Kirby artwork for Father's Day

Does Kirby have a Dad?

Nintendo has put out special Kirby art for various holidays, but I didn't expect Father's Day to be one of them! The image above was released today to celebrate all the Dads out there, which is why it features President Haltmann, the father of Susie. Not exactly the nicest Dad, but a Dad nonetheless!

First round of photos from Kirby Cafe Summer shared

Summer fun

Kirby Cafe Summer officially opens up in Japan tomorrow, but a special press event was held today. That means we get a ton of different pics of the location and its menu to check out! Hit the jump to check out all the various decorations and delicious treats Kirby Cafe Summer will be serving up.

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Official Chef Kawasaki plush pushed back in Japan

Needs a bit more time in the oven

If you're looking to get your hands on the official Chef Kawasaki plush from Kirby Cafe Summer in Japan, you're going to need a bit more patience. The plush isn't going to be out as originally planned, and will instead launch sometime in mid-August 2019. We'll bring you a specific release date once one has been announced.

Nintendo NY selling second wave of Corocoroid Kirby Collectible Figures

4 more Kirby figurines for you

Nintendo NY has announced via Twitter that they're now selling the second wave of Corocoroid Kirby Collectible Figures. Each figure is priced at $5, so getting a full collection will cost you $20. I don't know about you, but I think the first in that lineup above is well worth the price!

Kirby Cafe Summer reveals its new menu items and merch

A complete overhaul

With the Kirby Cafe Summer opening up on June 11th, 2019, a look at the menu and merch has been revealed. Check out a rundown of all the goodies below.

- two new Kirby Cafe Summer artwork for Cafe au Lait
- special Kirby Cafe Summer design coaster will be given to customers who order a beverage from the summer menu
- Kirby Cafe Summer stickers will be distributed to customers who make purchases at the Kirby Cafe and Kirby Cafe Store
- Four new Kirby Cafe Summer T-shirts will be available at 3400 yen each in S, M, L, and XL sizes
- Kirby Cafe Summer clear files, stickers, post cards, and letter sets will also be available
- a mini can badge capsule machine will be installed at Kirby Cafe Summer, with 20 mini can badges to collect

HAL remains committed to the Kirby brand, says they'll continuing making Kirby games even if they only have a single fan

Long live Kirby!

Kirby recently celebrated his 25th anniversary. Somehow, 25 years have already passed since Kirby made his debut, and the character is doing better than ever! In a message shared to celebrate the anniversary, HAL's Shinya Kumazaki talked about the company's commitment to the Kirby brand, and their eagerness to keep pushing forward. Check out a snippet, as translated by NintendoEverything, below.

Kirby has not only traversed many different game worlds, but over these 25 years has also branched out rapidly into the worlds of merchandise and live events. As much as anyone in the development team, those creating and planning these elements for HAL Laboratory are just as bold in pushing the boundaries of the Kirby brand in surprising new ways. These are the things we have to keep trying to do as a business… otherwise we’ll get slack. When we’re making new products, we must always be thinking: ‘if we try so hard that we’re basically overdoing it, our fans are bound to be happy’. This is an ethic we continue with even now.

Of course, attempting the unknown comes with its own struggles and failures. Getting over those large hurdles is difficult, but the important thing is that we have to keep trying in order to see those smiles on the faces of our fans, and even on that round Kirby head. That desire is what gives us the energy to continue.

But I also think that all we have achieved until now is simply a waypoint on Kirby’s long journey. Each and every day the team is also looking to the future and growing. We’ll continue as long as there is at least one person enjoying our games. While there are fans there wanting to play a new game in the series, I believe we’ll continue to grow alongside our character and take on those fun and more serious new challenges head on. Please look forward to whatever lies ahead for Kirby in the future!

Kirby-themed soft drinks releasing in Japan


DyDo is releasing a new line of Kirby-themed soft drinks in Japan. The series is due out on June 10th, 2019, and the flavors include traditional, Melon Cream, and Fruit Punch. Check out more pics of the drinks here.

Tsubasa Bunko's line of Kirby books hits 1 million sold

1 million sold!

Looks like the Kirby license has been quite popular for book publisher Tsubasa Bunko. The company has announced that their line of Kirby books have managed to hit 1 million sold. Tsubasa Bunko has been releasing Kirby books since 2013, and have released 13 entries so far.

New pics of Kirby Paldolce Collection Vol. 1 and Kirby Solar Collection pop up

Kirby merch continues

Some new pics for both the Kirby Paldolce Collection Vol. 1 and Kirby Solar Collection have been shared. The Kirby Paldolce Collection Vol. 1 will be available via claw machines in Japan starting Nov. 2019. As for the Kirby Solar Collection, we aren't quite sure when they'll be available, but we can tell you that they actually move around a bit by utilizing a solar panel.

Kirby 2020 Planner releasing in Japan

Plan on it

The Kirby merch line in Japan keeps expanding, and the latest edition is a Kirby 2020 Schedule. This planner is due out Aug. 2019, and includes 64 pages of all sorts of scheduling info. The book is priced at 1,600 Yen, and you can get a full rundown of what's included in the planner below.

- 2020/2021 calendar
- annual schedule
- monthly page (October 2019-January 2021)
- memo page
- address book
- personal memo
- Tear-out notes