Kirby series general director and producer explain who Kirby is to them, and what the future of HAL looks like

Kirby will live on forever!

HAL has just celebrated its 40th anniversary, which is why Nintendo Dream magazine swung by the studio for an interview. The magazine had the chance to talk to Kirby series general director Shinya Kumazaki and producer Tadashi Kamitake about a number of things, including how they view Kirby. Check out their answers below.

Kumazaki: “Depending on the position, I’d say the answer changes, but as the general director, to me Kirby is “a grand creation that has been passed down to me”. Even now, I’m walking alongside Kirby through trial and error, thinking what’s good, and what’s good for him.

As a game developer, Kirby is something like an “icon” which many people casually see, but allows them to understand the deep ‘fun’ that lies beyond the surface. And for me personally… despite having been with him for a long time, he’s still a “always-shifting and mysterious individual” full of mysteries and infinite possibilities.”

Kamitake: “What I see with Kirby is a mysterious existence that has a distinct personality in that he can suck anything up, yet is like a blank sheet of paper in that he can become anything depending on who he sucks up. Yet it’s because he embodies to two opposite extremes that he can become an indestructible superhero yet while being a friend you can get close to. I believe that you can feel a wide range of charm from him that can’t be compared to anything else. That’s why I think everyday of ways to share various sorts of Kirby’s charm with everyone in ways that aren’t just cool or cute.”

Both Kumazaki and Kamitake shared thoughts on the future for HAL as well, seeing as the company just hit its 40th anniversary.

Kumazaki: “I feel that HAL is a rare case of a company which was created to be a video game company, and has continued to be so for the entire time for 40 years. Despite being a company organization, each person is so unique and values individuality, and by creating an environment where everyone is able to focus on what they like, we’ve been able to continue on as a games company for 40 years.

I believe that I will continue to take on new challenges while handling the series and environment that has been passed down through many generations to me, while continuing to improve upon it, together with all 173 of our distinctive staff.”

Kamitake: “If you think of HAL Laboratory, many people will think of Kirby, but we’re actually a company which thrives on “creation”, with people of different generations using the various skills, such as our new challenge in Kame Sanpo; and the PasocomMini, which is based on our history. As this year is a milestone with our 40th anniversary, I’d like to continue to challenge new things together with our staff from young to old, in order to make this a year to remember for everyone via the results of our “creation”, so please look forward to HAL Laboratory this year as well.”

Kirby Cafe Tokyo/Hakata getting special Kirby anniversary merch and menu items, Kirby Cafe Tokyo closed this weekend

New items to celebrate 28 years of Kirby!

Kirby Cafe Tokyo and Kirby Cafe Hakata are going to introduce a new limited-time menu and merchandise to celebrate Kirby’s 28th anniversary. The new goodies will come into rotation starting April 1st, 2020, and you can get the full rundown of what's coming below.

Happy Birthday Kirby Cake – 1380 yen
Sugar cookie – 630 yen
Birthday plate – 1000 yen
Acrylic Keychain – 500 yen
Mini handkerchief – 680 yen
Post card – 320 yen

Kirby Cafe Tokyo has also announced it will be closed for March 28th and 29th, 2020. The cafe is being temporarily closed on these dates to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Kirby Paldolce Collection Vol. 2 launches in Japan on March 26th, 2020

So sweet!

It looks like Bandai's first round of Kirby Paldolce Collection figurines was a hit, as a second wave is on the way soon. Kirby Paldolce Collection Vol. 2 launches in Japan on March 26th, 2020, and it includes the three figurines you see above. You can get a better look at each one here.

Kirby voice actress thanks fans for their support and well-wishes during her appendicitis struggles, says she's recovering

The road to recovery

Over the weekend, we found out that Makiko Ohmoto, the voice actress for Kirby, was in the hospital due to an appendicitis. Thousands sent kind words Ohmoto's way, and she has taken to Twitter to thank everyone, and also share an update on her status. Check out Ohmoto's message below.

To everyone from all over the world who had sent your messages full of love, your encouragements, and prayers – thank you very much. Sorry, but I’m unable to reply to every single message I have received. But I have definitely felt everyone’s support even though I’m warded alone in the hospital room. I’ve just taken some strong antibiotics, so I’ll be able to move again soon. I’ll do my best. Thank you!

Second round of Kirby X Yoshinobu Tsuruya treats now available

I could inhale some of these

The previously-detailed second round of Kirby X Yoshinobu Tsuruya treats have made their way to Nintendo TOKYO and various Tsuruya Yoshinobu stores across Japan. The line will be available in both stores until April 30th, 2020, and includes Kirby no Manmaru Tedzukuri Saichuu (Cherry Blossom or Tamba Dainagon red bean flavors) for ¥1,782 a piece.

Kirby's voice actress in the hospital due to appendicitis

Get better soon!

Makiko Ohmoto, the voice actress for Kirby, has been rushed to the hospital due to an appendicitis. This information was shared by Makiko herself on Twitter. If you'd like to send her some well wishes or kind thoughts, you can contact her via Twitter right here.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

Kirby Cafe Hakata reopens March 12th, 2020, new merch revealed

Exclusive goodies!

Kirby Cafe Hakata is changing from a limited-time cafe to a full-time installation, and the grand reopening takes place on March 12th, 2020. As part of the revamp, Kirby Cafe Hakata will be selling some exclusive merch. Check out the lineup below.

- special plate
- special mug
- special pizza plate
- navy tumbler
- embroidery t-shirt

Official Japanese website for Kirby adds an "Extra Artworks" section

Looking good, Kirby!

The official Japanese website for Kirby has updated with a fun section called Extra Artworks. This section shares artwork from various Kirby collaborations and projects over the years. There's just three different sections to look at right now, but there's no doubt more will be added in the near future. Check out the Extra Artworks page here.

Super Kirby Clash "March 2020" password distribution shared

A Gem Apple a day

Looking for more free content in Super Kirby Clash? The Big N has sent out another code that'll net you some in-game goodies. This time around, using the code 'FRIENDCIRCLE' will get you 10 free Gem Apples. This code will work until April 6th, 2020, so make sure to take advantage before then.

Second round of Kirby X Yoshinobu Tsuruya treats revealed

Another delicious round of goodies

It looks like the first collaboration between Kirby and the confectionery Yoshinobu Tsuruya in Japan was a success, because a second round is on the way. A whole new group of goodies has been revealed, and it'll launch in Japan on March 14th, 2020. You can check out more pics of each treat here.


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