Keys Factory re-releasing select Kirby Switch accessories

A popular series returns

Keys Factory has announced a second run for some of their Kirby-themed Switch accessories. It looks like the first run was quite successful, and items have been sold out for some time. Fans will be happy to know that the Kirby Kisekae Set and Kirby Quick Pouch, will return to Japanese retailers in Sept. 2020.

Kirby Cafe Tokyo/Hakata reveals Summer merch line

Summertime with Kirby!

A new round of Kirby merch is on the way to Japan, as confirmed by Teamkirby92. Kirby Cafe in Tokyo and Hakata are adding a Kirby Cafe Summer line, which includes a whole host of items. Customers will be able to snag t-shirts, tote bags, badge collections, and more. The lineup is set to launch on July 9th, 2020.

Banpresto releasing "Kirby Hat Studio" box, featuring items previously only available through Japanese lotteries

Look how cute Kirby is in his little hat!

In September of last year, a ichiban kuji (basically a Japanese in-store lottery) was held for exclusive Kirby Hat Studio products. While previously only obtainable in Japan, Banpresto has announced that they will be releasing a Premium Bandai box featuring some of the Kirby products from the collection! An all new 4.7" Kirby plush keychain will also be included.

Available from July 22nd until August 31st, the Premium Bandai Kirby Hat Studio Banpresto Box is priced at $29.99 with a January 2021 delivery date. Check out the pre-order page here!

Kirby ‘Minimagination Town’ plush series revealed

The latest cute Kirby merch

Takara Tomy has revealed a Kirby ‘Minimagination Town’ plush series that's going to see release in Japan. The series is set to launch sometime in Aug. 2020, and it includes the following.

- Pink Kirby
- Blue Kirby
- Yellow Kirby
- Waddle Dee
- Cloud house
- Whispy Woods
- Maxim Tomato Car
- Warp Star

Kirby Dream Train 2020 merch revealed

All aboard with new merch!

We knew that the Kirby Dream Train line was going to get a new round of merch for 2020, and now that lineup has been revealed. The lineup includes a number of new plush dolls, train passes, notebooks, tape, bags, shirts, and so much more. You can check out pictures of the entire lineup here.

Kirby Sports Festival merch line announced for Japan

Kirby's on the ball!

A new round of Kirby merch has been revealed for Japan, and it's going to be exclusive to the AEON store chain.

This new merch is mostly sports-themed, with a few random items thrown in. Customers can pick up water bottles, plush dolls, keychains, and so much more. The series of items is set to launch sometime in mid-July 2020, and you can get a closer look at each item here.

Check out the Summer 2020 menu items for the Kirby Café in Japan

I guess Kirby ate all the ramen!

The Kirby Café in Japan is getting many new items added to its menu for Summer 2020, featuring beautiful and delicious looking Kirby-inspired food, drinks, and deserts. Check out the Imgur gallery below, or view the prices for each dish here!

Take a look at Kirby with the Min Min transformation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo has shared what Kirby will look like in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate upon using the copy ability on the upcoming DLC character Min Min from ARMS. Check out the adorableness in the pic above!

Kirby Dream Train 2020 merch on the way

All aboard once again

The Kirby Dream Train collab is heading to Japan once again, and things are set to kick off in Tokyo on July 10th, 2020. Tokyo Station will have a special Kirby Dream Train shop where fans of Kirby can snag exclusive merch, and they'll be able to do so until July 23rd, 2020. We don't have details on the merch itself yet, but that should be revealed in the near future.

Another Kirby x ITS'DEMO collab event revealed

There's always more Kirby merch!

ITS’DEMO is teaming up with Kirby yet again for another merch campaign. Starting July 7th, 2020 in Japan, ITS'DEMO will have Kirby items on sale at their various locations. While there's no pics of the merch yet, we do know that it'll include candy, cosmetics, and more.

Thanks to TeamKirby92 for the heads up!


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