Kirby Hat Studio lottery announced for Japan

Hats off to ya!

Bandai Spirits is going to host a Kirby Hat Studio lottery starting Sept. 6th, 2019 in Japan, and it will be held at Lawson stores, as well as select book/game stores. The lottery will be ¥650 per entry, and prizes include plush dolls, mugs, lamp, and more. Check out the merch lineup in the image below.

Kirby's Train Bento box releasing in Japan

Feeling snackish?

The latest bit of Kirby merch heading to Japan is the Kirby’s Train Bento box, which goes on-sale on Sept. 27th, 2019. This bento box is full of food meant to be eaten while traveling on a bullet train. The bento box itself will be on display at the Pupupu Train event in Nagoya this week.

TSUTAYA giving their T-Card a Kirby makeover

Charge it to my Kirby

Starting Aug. 23rd, 2019 and running for a year, Japanese store TSUTAYA and Asahiya bookstores will have a Kirby-themed T-Cards up for grabs. Coughing up ¥540 will get you the card, and then an additional ¥1,512 is required for the card holder, which comes out late Nov. 2019.

Kirby's Super Star Stacker gets a fan translation

Kirby's last SNES game

Kirby’s Super Star Stacker was the final Kirby game released on the SNES, but it never saw release outside of Japan. Fans have been working hard to translate the game to allow English-speaking audiences to finally enjoy the game, and now they've wrapped the project.

Kirby's Super Star Stacker is a remake of Kirby's Star Stacker on the game boy, and includes a story where Kirby will eventually face off agains Gryll, a character that has appeared in many other Kirby titles.

Re-ment officially reveals Steampunk-themed Kirby merch


After various teases were shared, Re-ment has finally come forward to reveal its full Steampunk-themed Kirby merch lineup for Japan. As already covered, the rundown includes six figurine sets based on ‘Kirby’s Dreamy Gear‘ designs. Kirby, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, Magolor, Daroach, and King Dedede are getting makeovers, completely with steampunk gear. These figurines will launch as blind boxes in Japan on Nov. 18th, 2019, and they're priced at 800 yen a piece.

Kirby Cafe - look at the new Hakata location

Sanei Boeki releasing Kirby’s Dreamy Gear plush lineup


We've already covered the reveal of the Kirby’s Dreamy Gear merch lineup, but we didn't know it was going to include plush dolls! Kirby, Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight are all getting the plush treatment, and they'll be out in Japan sometime in Oct. 2019.

Kirby's official Japanese website adds in even more copy ability videos

Copy that

Not that long ago, the official Japanese website for Kirby added in a slew of copy ability videos. Each ability had a little piece of art, a small blurb on what it lets Kirby do, and a video as well. Today the site has been updated with a second wave of those copy ability features. You can check out the updated lineup here.

Kirby Cafe Hakata reveals their exclusive merch lineup

The only place to get these items

The Kirby Cafe Hakata is giong to have some exclusive merch not found at other Kirby Cafe locations, and today those items have been revealed. Check out the full list of goodies below.

- Shopping Bag – 580 yen
- T-shirt Strawberry Light Pink – 3400 yen
- T-shirt Store Members – 3400 yen
- Post Card (Store Members/Working) – 150 yen each
- Clear File (Store Members/Strawberry) – 380 yen each
- Die Cut Sticker (Store Members/Strawberry) – 300 yen each

Kirby Fighters Deluxe and Dedede’s Drum Dash Deluxe hit their 5th anniversary

Happy 5 years!

Believe it or not, it's been 5 years since both Kirby Fighters Deluxe and Dedede’s Drum Dash Deluxe launched. To celebrate the occasion, the official Japanese Kirby account shared the above original artwork. Maybe today's the perfect day to fire up your 3DS and dive back into these games!


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