Kirby Twinkle Dolly series on the way

The Twinkle Dolly series is getting a Kirby line, and it's set to launch in Japan April 2018. You can see the entire lineup in the image above. We'll keep tabs on import retailers who stock this merch.

Kirby Battle Royale - Version 2.0 available

Kirby: Battle Royale – Ver. 2.0

- File size: 942 blocks / 117.75MB

Patch notes:

- Adds the Mirror Copy Ability
- Introduces additional enhancements to improve the user’s experience and enjoyment

Kirby Battle Royale rubber straps releasing in Japan

Yet another bit of Kirby merch that'll never see official release outside of Japan. Import retailers are sure to pick this one up, so we'll direct you to them when preorders go live.

First 4 Figures - Fighter Kirby Production Documentary

Kirby, the little pink puffball of joy, is the hungry hero of Dream Land. He has an amazing power in which he can inhale any foe and copy their special ability. In one deep breath he can suck in his enemies and use their abilities for himself to defeat anyone that may come across his path.

Kirby Battle Royale - Mirror ability coming on Dec. 13th, 2017

We might not have Kirby Battle Royale here in the states, but our friends in Japan and Europe do! They can look forward to the mirror ability being added into the game on Dec. 13th, 2017.

Kirby's Adventure - Ice Cream Island Otamatone cover

Oh man, this cover is SPOT on. Perfect timing and pitch. That's super impressive on an otamatone! Can't get enough of this one.

Yet another round of Kirby 25th anniversary merch

Nintendo is going full-steam ahead for Kirby's 25th anniversary when it comes to merch. There's too much to keep up with! The official site showcasing all the merch is updated on a weekly basis, and there's always a flood of goodies to sift through. If you want to see everything a Kirby fan could want, check out the lineup here!

My Nintendo Japan - update for Nov. 30th, 2017

- new Kirby 3DS theme entitled Kirby Battle Deluxe! May the Best Kirby Win!
- priced at 100 Platinum Points
- available until February 28th, 2018