Gem Apples are 20% off for a limited time in Super Kirby Clash

How about them apples?

Nintendo of America has announced that Gem Apples will be 20% off in Super Kirby Clash from December 29th - January 14th, 2020. Make sure to stock up before the price goes back up!

Kirby Twitter account shares holiday-themed artwork

Kirby and Whispy Woods bank releasing in Japan

Start saving up now!

The never-ending flood of Kirby merch in Japan is already gearing up for 2020 in a big way with the brand-new Kirby and Whispy Woods bank. This 20cm bank features Kirby sitting on the Whispy Woods tree as it sways back and forth. This item will release in Japan in April 2020.

Kirby Star Allies submitted for release in China

Kirby takes a trip to China

Nintendo and Tencent are lining up some more Switch titles to see official release in China, and it looks like Kirby is going to be joining the party soon. Kirby Star Allies was submitted for approval as of today, and now it's just waiting for approval. If all goes smoothly, the game could be up for sale in China very shortly.

Kirby Café Hakata selling new limited edition products

There isn't just food at this café!

The Kirby Café in Hakata, Fukuoka City has some all new limited edition products available! Revealed from the official @KirbyCafeJP Twitter account, here are the newly announced items:

- Kirby Café tote bag

- Drawstring pouches featuring Kirby and Waddle Dee

- 2 Kirby Café Smartphone cases (iPhone 8 / 7 / 6S / 6)

Bandai Namco Amusements announces Kirby 'Very Strawberry' campaign

Yet another Kirby merch campaign revealed

Bandai Namco Amusements have revealed Kirby 'Very Strawberry' campaign to be held at 215 Namco amusement centers across Japan. The campaign kicks off Jan. 10th, 2020 and runs to Feb. 16th, 2020. The campaign includes a lottery for downloading the Namco app and paying ¥500, which will get you a bonus Kirby arm balloon. Lastly, there's a special retweet campaign to win Kirby and Strawberry beanbags. Check out the campaign items below.

Super Kirby Clash special password shared to celebrate a Twitter milestone

200k on Twitter!

The Japanese Twitter account has hit a milestone, and fans are getting something special to celebrate. In honor of the Kirby Twitter account hitting 200k, a special password for Super Kirby Clash has been released. This password only works from today until Dec. 26th, 2019, so make sure to use it now.

Kirby hanafuda cards being release in Japan

An absolutely gorgeous set

Nintendo will be releasing a series of beautiful Kirby hanafuda cards in Japan. The series, which launches sometime in Jan. 2020, can be purchased for just 3,000 yen. If you want to check out the art for each card that comes in the pack, you can see an entire gallery here.

HAL Labs celebrates Kirby winning IGN Japan's most popular game character poll

Congrats, Kirby!

IGN Japan ran a poll asking their readers to name their favorite game character, which brought in a ton of different votes for characters all across the industry. When all was said and done, Kirby emerged victorious, and was crowned most popular video game character. HAL Labs celebrated the win by taking to Twitter and sharing the following message.

"We did it Kirby!!! Thank you for your support!"

Chef Kirby visits Kirby Cafe Tokyo

Yes chef!

Today is the official grand opening for Kirby Cafe Tokyo at Solamachi Skytree Village in Tokyo, Japan. To celebrate the launch, Chef Kirby himself visited the cafe to take pictures with fans. You can see Kirby waddling in action below.


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