Level 33 reached for the first time in Tetris on the NES

After all these years, a new level in Tetris on the NES has been reached. For a very long time, many thought Level 29 to be the highest level a player could get to. You simply couldn't move pieces fast enough after that in order to keep the game going. That is, until 'hypertapping' technique was discovered.

Normally you'd simply hold the directional pad button to movie a Tetrimino, which equals 10 taps per second. Hypertapping allows you to get more than 10 taps per second, thus allowing you to potentially reach a higher level. That's how the level 33 in the video above has been reached!

Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros. Video Game Sets World-Record Price of $100,150

DALLAS, Texas (February 14, 2019) – An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros., the classic video game released by Nintendo in 1985, set a world record for a graded game when it recently sold for $100,150.

“Beyond the artistic and historical significance of this game is its supreme state of preservation,” says Kenneth Thrower, co-founder and chief grader of Wata Games.

Due to its popularity, Nintendo reprinted Super Mario Bros. from 1985 to 1994 numerous times, resulting in 11 different box variations (according to this visual guide). The first two variations are “sticker sealed” copies that were only available in the New York and L.A. test market launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985 and 1986. Of all the sealed copies of Super Mario Bros., this is the only known “sticker sealed” copy and was certified by Wata Games with a Near Mint grade of 9.4 and a “Seal Rating” of A++.

“Not only are all of NES sticker sealed game’ extremely rare, but by their nature of not being sealed in shrink wrap they usually exhibit significant wear after more than 30 years,” Thrower said. “This game may be the condition census of all sticker sealed NES games known to exist.”

A group of collectors joined forces Feb. 6 to purchase the game, including some of the biggest names in video games and collectibles as a whole. The buyers include Jim Halperin, Founder and Co-Chairman of Heritage Auctions of Dallas, Texas; Zac Gieg, owner of Just Press Play Video Games in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Rich Lecce, renowned coin dealer, pioneering video game collector, and owner of Robert B. Lecce Numismatist Inc of Boca Raton, Florida.

“Super Mario Bros. is not only the most recognizable game of all time, it saved the video game industry in 1985,” said Wata Games President, Deniz Kahn. “In terms of rarity, popularity, and relevance to collectors, this game has it all. Mario is the most recognized fictional or non-fictional character in the world, more so than even Mickey Mouse. Super Mario Bros. launched the world’s largest game franchise and this copy is the only known sealed example from Nintendo’s test market release.

“I would have loved nothing more than to be a part-owner, and even though this game was already certified, I didn’t want the remote perception of any conflict of interest due to my position at Wata,” Kahn said.

Gieg called this example the equivalent of the valuable comic book, Action Comics #1. “This is first appearance of Superman of video games,” he said. “We all knew how hard it is to find an open copy of this version in nice condition, but to find one still sealed is truly something I thought I would never see, even after selling vintage video games for over 20 years”

“More and more collectors from other fields are discovering how much fun it is to collect video games,” says Lecce. “It’s a very exciting time for our industry, especially with Heritage Auctions entering the secondary market for collectible vintage video games. With upcoming movie projects and three Nintendo-themed Universal amusement parks slated to open in 2020, the impact and popularity these characters have on our culture will be that much more apparent to new collectors entering the market.”

Wata-certified video games have been selling for record prices ever since Heritage began auctioning them in January. While many video games sell regularly for five figures, breaking the six-figure mark shows that the hobby’s upward trajectory indicates no signs of slowing down, Kahn said.
“I’m very happy with our purchase of the Super Mario Bros., considering the impact the release of this game had on the world and continues to have,” said Halperin. “The first Signature Auctions featuring Wata-certified video games run this February 21-23, and while this copy won’t appear in this auction, it just may end up in an auction sometime in the future.”

Switch Online NES Collection - Super Mario Bros. 2, Kirby's Adventure, Blaster Master SP, and Metroid SP 2 footage

Time to check out the latest NES games added to the Switch Online NES collection! Watch footage of Super Mario Bros. 2, Kirby's Adventure, Blaster Master SP, and Metroid SP 2 in the video above.

Region Locked - Mega Man's Japanese Exclusive Mario Party Style Game

This time on Region Locked, we take a look at Mega Man's only Japanese exclusive Famicom / NES release, Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise (Wily & Light's Rockboard: That's Paradise) from Capcom.

All source code mentions of the SNES have been removed with the latest Switch Online NES update

I don't know what this removal means, but it's certainly news that'll have Nintendo fans worrying.

Not that long ago, dataminers were pouring through the Switch Online NES collection of games to see what the most recent update brought with it. In the source code, multiple mentions of the SNES were found. This had people thinking that perhaps the service could get some SNES games in the near future.

With today's update of the Switch Online NES collection, Nintendo has now removed every single mention of the SNES from the source code. Why it was there to begin with, we don't know. That said, with it's removal, fans are now worrying their SNES on Switch hopes have been dashed.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

Nintendo Switch Online NES lineup gets Blaster Master SP and Metroid SP 2 on top the previously announced Kirby's Adventure and Super Mario Bros. 2

Nintendo always adds in some surprise NES games with their monthly updates to the Switch Online NES collection. We knew that Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby's Adventure were coming today, but now we know that both Blaster Master SP and Metroid SP 2 are joining them.

Blaster Master SP

Start from area 8. You’ll start from area 8, the final area, in this special version of Blaster Master. Moreover, SOPHIA is fully equipped and ready for action! The Hover Gauge and Power are full, and Homing Missiles, Thunder Break, and Multi Warhead Missiles are all maxed out – along with Jason’s own Gun Energy Gauge and Power! You’re ready to take on the Underworld Lord… so get to it!

Metroid SP 2

The fully fortified bounty hunter! You just got a great head start on your mission to defeat Mother Brain! In this version of Metroid, every power-up, including all Power Suit weapons and abilities, is available from the start. The ending of this game changes slightly depending on how fast it’s beaten, boasting a total of five endings. Here, you’re ready to rush right to the finale, where you can see the ending that features Samus without her trademark Power Suit.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

Kelly Clarkson shares her love of the NES Classic, and Super Mario Bros. 3 with the world

Lots of celebrities have a collection of must-have items they take with them when traveling. When it comes to singer Kelly Clarkson, the one item she can't live without is her NES Classic. Seems like she's been spending a lot of time on the road playing Super Mario Bros. 3, and I'll be damned if I can't think of a better way to pass the time either!

Showtime series 'Black Monday' heavily features the NES

In a recent episode of the Showtime TV show 'Black Monday,' the NES is front-and-center. You can check out the entire clip above, but be warned, it does include some foul language and adult humor.

Thanks to Matt for the heads up!

Kickstarter for Panic! Dizzy, an unreleased NES game, already hits its goal

Panic! Dizzy was originally created on the Spectrum in 1991, followed by all popular computers. Designed by Philip Oliver and Programmed by Big Red Software. It came about after the Oliver Twins bought a Gameboy in the airport and played Tetris on the plane all the way to CES in Las Vegas. This inspired them to make a Dizzy puzzle game. The first was set in a factory with conveyor belts sorting boxes, but sadly it lacked the important addictive game play so essential to puzzle games.

By 1992, the Twins were busy writing games on the NES and felt that they should revisit this game and in doing so try and recreate the elusive additive puzzle gameplay they were attempting originally. Knowing that puzzle games had a tough time in the market, they decided to pack in 5 different puzzle games into the 64KB Cartridge to justify the price.

Unfortunately Panic! Dizzy wasn’t released by Codemasters at the time and was moth-balled. It was only recently rediscovered and restored by Dizzy fan Lukasz Kur for this very Kickstarter Campaign.

The goal for this Kickstarter was to pull in enough funds to release Panic! Dizzy on an NES cartridge. The campaign was looking for $18k to achieve that, and the great news is that the goal has already been hit! There's still 29 days to go on the campaign, so if you want to be the proud owner of the cart above, make sure to kick in your cash!

Switch Online NES Collection - Japan's update for Feb. 14th, 2019

As you can see, Japan is getting the Kirby and Mario games that NA/EU are getting, but they're also getting the Tecmo Sumo game, Tsuppari Oozumou.