Video comparison - NES on Switch VS. Original Hardware, Virtual Console, & More

Now that Nintendo Switch has its first proper system for classic games, how does NES on Switch compare to Wii, Wii U, 3DS, NES Classic Edition, original hardware, mods, and FPGA alternatives like the AVS and Nt mini?

Check out specifics on what Switch Online NES games your friends are playing

Want to be a deeper layer of nosy when it comes to seeing what your friends are up to when they're playing the Switch? If they're checking out a Switch Online NES game, you can check out their profile and click through to get more details on the game itself. You know, just incase you had no idea what Super Mario Bros. was...

Arcade Archives VS. Excitebike - another round of screens

As we previously reported, Arcade Archives VS. Excitebike will be seeing release on the Switch tomorrow. Until then, you can check out some new screens here.

Switch Online NES Controllers may work with other games

Okay, what in the world is going on here? A few days back, we noticed that Nintendo's Switch Online website had a blurb at the bottom that mentioned what their Switch NES controllers could be used for. As a matter of fact, the blurb is still up. Here's what it says.

Please note: Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers can only be used while detached from the Nintendo Switch system, and only to play NES – Nintendo Switch Online games. Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers can be charged by attaching to the Nintendo Switch system.

Here's where things get screwy. If you go over to the Switch NES controller FAQ/Overview, you'll find this blurb.

The NES controller is designed for use with NES - Nintendo Switch Online games and is not guaranteed to work with other software.

The wording in that response certainly makes it seem like other titles might be able to support the controller. If I read that first, I would have ordered the damn things!

Thanks to JJTheTexan for the heads up!

Limited Run Games reveals Collector's Edition for Golf Story, as well as a physical NES copy of Galf

Limited Run Games is going all out with Golf Story. We knew they were doing a retail release, but now we get a look at what's included in the Collector's Edition. On top of that, they reveal that they're working on a physical NES release for Galf, a mini-game you can find inside Golf Story. How insanely cool is that?!

GameSpot Video - Switch Online NES games

Checking out some classics including Double Dragon, Tecmo Bowl, Super Mario Bros, Dr. Mario, Super Mario 3, Pro Wrestling and more on the Nintendo Switch.

Mega Man Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridges Now Shipping, Plus Unboxing Videos

SAN FRANCISCO - September 19, 2018 - In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Mega Man® franchise, Capcom and iam8bit have joined forces to bring two nostalgic Mega Man® collectibles to life: the Mega Man® 2 - 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridge and Mega Man® X - 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridge. These brand new, limited edition reproductions are now available for purchase on iam8bit.com for $100 each.

Each game is a Limited Edition of 8,500 units. Each cartridge comes in one of two available colors: Opaque Light Blue (7,500 units total per game) and Translucent, Glow-in-the-Dark Blue (1,000 units total per game). Cartridge colorways are randomly inserted into sealed, unmarked boxes so each package is a surprise.

Mega Man 2 - 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridge - $100

Limited Edition of 8,500

Brand-new playable cartridge

Dual-Fold Box w/ Foil, Gloss & Embossments

Premium Instruction Booklet w/ Foreword by Author Salvatore Pane

Retro Pack-In Surprises

Package Design & Restoration by Jango Snow Art & Design

Manufacturing by Retrotainment Games + Infinite NES Lives

Mega Man X - 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridge - $100

Limited Edition of 8,500

Brand-New Playable Cartridge

Tri-Fold Box w/ Foil, Gloss & Embossments

Premium Instruction Booklet w/ Foreword by Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil

Retro Pack-In Surprises

Package Design & Restoration by Jango Snow Art & Design

Manufacturing by Retrotainment Games + Infinite NES Lives

The Mega Man® 30th Anniversary Classic Cartridges aren’t just mantelpieces, each cartridge houses the original game code on a brand new PCB board and are fully playable on NTSC consoles.

People are already adding their own NES games to the Switch Online NES lineup

Less than 24 hours after the Switch Online NES games went live, and we're seeing hackers/modders adding in their own game. It seems the setup up the NES games service is very similar to what we saw on the NES Classic Edition. We all remember how quickly people started adding their own games to that platform. That's why it's not surprising to see this happening. What will be interesting is seeing if Nintendo does something to stop this.

Problems ordering Switch Online NES controllers cropping up throughout Europe

We've received a handful of emails from readers talking about some issues when ordering a set of Switch Online NES controllers. For example, over in Germany, you can't even order the controllers yet! The orders were promised to go live on the 19th and are advertised as such, but the option is still not available.

Over in the UK, it seems the site that takes your order information is acting a bit wonky. There are reports of problems cropping up when you enter your address information. The data ends up getting jumbled around, making for a nonsense display of your address.

It's not clear if these issues are only hitting certain users, or are impacting everyone. Hopefully these problems get cleared up soon. Thanks to everyone who sent this info in!

How to play Switch Online Famicom games outside of Japan

Did you know you can play the Japanese version of all 20 NES Nintendo Switch Online games, at no additional cost?! And they have some differences, like better music in Zelda, and harder gameplay in Super Mario Bros. 3! We show off the changes and how to play them yourself!