Super Mario Bros. - New speedrun world record for the Minus World set

Watch [WR] SMB1 Minus World Ending Speedrun in 2:33.587 from Kosmic on www.twitch.tv

Kosmic is the man to beat when it comes to Super Mario Bros. speedrunning, and now he's put down yet another world-record run. In the video above, you can see Kosmic tackle the Minus World in 2:33.587, which is only milliseconds faster than the previous run. While Kosmic's run hasn't been officially recognized just yet, that seems to be nothing more than a formality.

ColorWare releasing NES-themed Joy-Con and Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch has blurred the line between console gaming and hand held gaming. This amazing new concept has revolutionized the gaming experience.

This is an aftermarket customized electronic device. All hardware related warranty service is the sole responsibility of ColorWare. The original manufacturer is under no obligation to repair or refund this product. ColorWare is not an authorized reseller of Nintendo products. ColorWare replaces all existing manufacturer warranty policies.

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Mega Man composer opens up about the similarities between Elec Man's theme, and songs from Journey and R.E.M.

Manami Matsumae, composer on the original Mega Man, has finally spoken up about something fans have been talking about for years. Elec Man's theme shares a lot of similarities to a pair of tunes by Journey and R.E.M.. Was this a concious tribute, or pure coincidence? Find out in the video above!

Funko is apparently licensed to make Earthbound merch

Funko has put out an infographic showing the different brands and franchises they've obtained licenses for in order to create merch. Tucked away inside the massive infographic is the Earthbound logo. Now we haven't heard anything from Nintendo on this front, nor has Funko mentioned any specific plans on what they'll be doing with Earthbound. I guess we'll just have to sit back and wait to see what they're doing.

Ice Hockey speedrun world record - 10 goals in 2:38

One of the few sports games I've actually poured a lot of time into! Still, I couldn't stand a chance at coming close to this new world record. Could you imagine being this guy's friend and trying to take him on in a game of Ice Hockey!?

Another Super Mario Bros. speedrun world record set (4:56.462)

Okay, now this is just getting insane. Kosmic just secured himself the world record speedrun for Super Mario Bros., clocking in at 4:56.462. This is a mere 66 milliseconds faster than the previous record, or in other words, 4 frames faster. How much further can these people push the record?!

NCSX import - Kirby's Adventure Terrarium Collection

Locations from Kirby's Adventure are built and bottled up inside miniature terrariums made of PVC. The six styles are encased in cylindrical or circular containers as follows:

Terrarium Lineup (planned):
1. Kirby & Whispy Woods
2. Ice World
3. Ice Cream Island
4. Nap Time
5. Dive into Cloud
6. Fountain of Dreams

The terrariums measure 3.6cm or 1.41" tall and are made of PVC. Preorders are welcome to ship in late May 2018. Each factory box contains all six terrariums.

Grab yours here

Uurnog Uurnlimited was inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2, says developer

A portion of a Gamasutra interview with Nifflash, developer behind Uurnog Uurnlimited...

GS: How did you come up with the concept?

N: The best game I had on my NES was Super Mario Bros 2. I love the mechanics of picking up items and carrying them around. After exploring them earlier in FiNCK, I always knew I wanted to come back to them again. Then, there was the idea about a world where only the state of a single room was saved which had been lingering around in my head for a while.

The thing that got the Uurnog started was that, for many months after releasing Affordable Space Adventures, I was prototyping, but couldn't find anything I wanted to work on. Luckily, Mario Maker was released, and I found myself making lots of levels in it. So, I asked myself why I had no problems making Mario Maker levels when I couldn't make a game on my own, and realized the answer was that it's super fast to experiment and have something playable in Mario Maker, which makes level creation fun.

I decided I wanted to try making a platformer, and that's where it struck me to combine the SMB2-like mechanics of picking items up, and the save room idea for storing those items. Then, I started out making a level editor inspired by Mario Maker (though not as polished of course) and started designing areas.

Metrorail Houston using some 8-bit visuals to keep riders safe

A little Mega Man, a little classic Nintendo cover art, and a bunch of safety info. Metrorail Houston is trying to keep their riders safe by using retro gaming posters like the one you see above. I know if I saw that out on the streets, it would at least get my attention!

Nintendo Selects lineup expands today with Super Mario 3D Land, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, & Ultimate NES Remix

Nintendo revealed these titles for the Nintendo Selects lineup a few weeks back, but now you can hit up retailers and grab them for just $20. Any of you jumping in on the offer? First time picking up one of these games for your collection, or are you double-dipping?