GameStop expecting in-store shipment of NES Classic Edition units on June 29th, 2018, will be available online as well

If you're still looking for an NES Classic, you better clear June 29th, 2018 on your calendar. GameStop has confirmed that they'll be getting in-store shipments that day, and they're expecting at least 10 units per store, with bigger locations getting more. The units will be sold on a first come, first served basis. If you miss out on the in-store option, GameStop will have an allotment on their website as well.

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia shows that the original game took place entirely on Death Mountain

I'm sure some of you figured this to be the case, but now the info is confirmed by The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia. As you can see, we learn that the entire first game takes place on Death Mountain. I'm always super impressed with just how much thought Nintendo puts into their franchises, and this right here is a prime example.

Walmart.com - NES Classic Edition preorders live

Proving that true classics never go out of style, the highly-anticipated Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic Edition is finally here and it's awesome. Released in the U.S. in 1985, the original 8-bit NES gaming system was the best-selling game console of its time, and has garnered a loyal following among gamers young and old. The NES Classic Edition console is a miniature replica of the groundbreaking original, and features seamless compatibility with modern TVs just plug it into your TV's HDMI port, and you're ready to play! The system comes bundled with an HDMI cable, AC adapter, one NES Classic controller, and 30 classic games preloaded a carefully curated selection of old favorites, including Castlevania, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., and many more!

Grab yours here

Opening a sealed copy of StarTropics

This copy of StarTropics for the NES has been sealed since 1990. We think it's time the cartridge and other materials to see the light of day. Join us as we open a brand new NES game and how StarTropics was in the middle of a war between Nintendo and Blockbuster.

Amazon Japan offering Famicom tote bag alongside Famicom Classic Edition purchases

Amazon Japan is offering something a little extra with your purchase of a Famicom Classic Edition. Available for preorder right now is a bundle that includes the mini console itself, as well as a Famicom tote bag! Now a bag is something everyone can use, and now you can look stylish while using one!

POLYMEGA is a new way to play classic NES/SNES games and more

Re-think everything you know about playing retro games in your modern living room and say hello to POLYMEGA™, the world’s first modular HD retro game console. We built POLYMEGA™ so that you can have a modern gaming experience with all your favorite classic game cartridges, disc games, and accessories in 1080p HD without the clutter and sub-par video quality of using the old retro systems. It’s modular, so you can play an ever-growing list of classic game cartridge-based systems the way they were meant to be played – with minimal lag and with universal compatibility.

The POLYMEGA is a pretty interesting concept. It's a piece of hardware that lets you play NES, SNES, Genesis / Mega Drive, PC Engine / TG-16 and even Neo Geo CD games through different support modules. The platform will also support Sega CD, PC Engine CD / TG-16 CD and PlayStation games in the future. If you grab all the modules for every platform supported, there's no doubt you'll be spending quite a bit. That said, you can also mix and match the modules you want to get the most bang for your buck. Check out more details here.

Columbus Circle releasing another Famicom clone

Columbus Circle has announced the 8 BIT Compact HDMI console. This platform is capable of playing Famicom cartridges, and is set to launch in Japan on July 31st, 2018. The device includes two controllers and appears to be the smallest Famicom clone yet from the company.

The Ben Heck Show - Game Cartridge-Sized NES Portable

Ben makes a Yobo portable that accepts NES cartridges. Yobo is a brand of Nintendo clones. They are essentially Nintendos on a chip, glop tops on a circuit board, and it is basically a clone of Nintendo systems. The goal is to make a Yobo portable that is about the size of an NES cartridge.

Using the OJO Projector with the NES Classic Edition

The OJO Projector doesn't have to be just for your Switch! If you plug in the USB power cable and HDMI from the NES Classic to the OJO Projector, you can play your NES Classic on the go! With the NES Classic being pocket-sized, this portable duo could make for some classic gaming fun no matter where you go!

Super Mario Bros. any% one-handed speedrun record set in 4:59.823

Okay, things are just getting ridiculous now. As if racing to shave milliseconds of a time wasn't enough in and of itself, now people are gunning to grab the one-handed speedrun record. They'll have to beat the time of 4:59.823, as that's what Kosmic managed to pull off in the video above. Here I was proud of beating the game in under 10 minutes!