R-Type Given New Life in One-of-a-Kind Collector's Cartridge

POMONA, CA, -- Retro-Bit® Publishing, a brand new publishing imprint of Retro-Bit® that is distributed exclusively by Innex Inc®, is set to package two of the most iconic and critically-acclaimed IREM® shoot 'em ups together in one 16-bit cartridge for the first time this August 2018 with the release of R-Type® III & Super R-Type® Collector's Edition.

First released in 1991 alongside the Super Nintendo Entertainment System®, Super R-Type® was hailed as "easily the best Super NES® shooter on the market" by Electronic Gaming Monthly (September, 1991) and "an outstanding piece of work" by GamePro (November, 1991). It sees the formidable R-9 once again go up against the evil Bydo Empire in seven intense stages inspired by the 1989 arcade game R-Type II®.

Three years after the series' explosive Super NES® debut, the Bydo Empire returned in R-Type III®: The Third Lightning. Named "the best shoot 'em up to appear in a long time" by SNES® Force (March, 1994), the popular action game puts players in control of the most powerful and versatile R-series vessel yet -- the R-90 Ragnarok. Equipped with Round, Shadow, or Cyclone Forces of power, as well as the ability to warp between dimensions, R-Type III is an epic fight for Earth's survival.

Bundled together for the first time ever, R-Type III & Super R-Type Collector's Edition will include a 16-bit cartridge that can be played on the Super NES®, Super Famicom and select Retro-Bit® consoles. The exclusive hard embossed collector's box will come loaded with a full-color instruction manual featuring original artwork, R-Type branded notebook, exclusive sticker collection and an individually numbered certificate of authenticity, along with art prints by the world-renowned artist Paul "OtaKing" Johnson from his R-Type fan-inspired anime collection. Retro-Bit has also collaborated with FiGPiN® to create a limited edition R-Type pin set.

"R-Type is back with the limited edition collector's package gamers have been asking for," explains Ron Pang, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Innex Inc. "We're taking two of IREM's most iconic 16-bit shooters and offering fans the ultimate collection of exclusives, high-quality content and value at an attractive price. R-Type III & Super R-Type Collector's Edition and Holy Diver are just the first of many possible exclusive releases from Retro-Bit® Publishing."

Shoot 'em up fans looking to take the fight to the Bydo Empire will need to act fast, as production will be limited to only 2,900 units in North America and 2,800 in Europe. The first one-thousand units in each region will come with an exclusive Galactic Blue cartridge. R-Type III & Super R-Type Collector's Edition is currently available for pre-order and will retail for $59.99 when it begins shipping in late August.

More information can be found at Retro-Bit.com/r-type.

HAL's president shares very kind words on Iwata, mentions an unreleased SNES game, and explains the company's logo

The president of HAL Laboratory, Satoshi Mitsuhara, recently sat down for an interview with Forbes, and the feature contains all kinds of interesting tidbits. You can find the some snippets below, but make sure to click over and read the full piece.

On Satoru Iwata

Satoru Iwata was a very straight person. Never tried to cheat or have any kind of intent to do that at all. Even when other people were cheating or doing something underhand, he never used that as a reason to do likewise. At work, he was also a very serious and honest person, that sincerity and honesty made the company very pleasant. He also had a big capacity for things, he could take on a lot. We were very close friends.

One time, when we were extremely busy on MOTHER2 for Super Famicom we often went out together for dinner after work. On our way home from dinner, we used to go to the arcades and play Daytona USA exactly twice. Always twice and leave. I reckoned we did that every week. It was really like work hard and play hard.

On an unreleased SNES game

As soon as Ponkotsu Tank was finished, I moved onto another game. However, this was not the first Kirby game but an unpublished title. This was a Super Famicom or SNES game. Unfortunately, I cannot talk about this game though. I then worked Kirby’s Adventure for Famicom or NES after that.

On the company's logo

Our “Inutamago” logo, with “inu” meaning dog and “tamago” meaning egg, is quite symbolic because the dog is a mammal and doesn't lay eggs. However, it is looking after these eggs, that means you don't really know what is inside those eggs. That implies that whatever comes out of these eggs is completely unknown and utterly surprising. That's where the inspiration for the logo is from, in that HAL Laboratory is a company that will surprise people and creates something unimaginable.

Mega Man X5's revamped Maverick names

We heard that Mega Man X5 was going to rename its Mavericks to do away with the original Guns 'n Roses references. Today we get a look at what the names have been changed to. I'd say ever single name is better than the original!

Return of Double Dragon - trailer

The first 16-bit version of Double Dragon, originally released in 1992, returns in a SNES compatible cartridge. RETURN OF DOUBLE DRAGON comes is the Japanese version of Super Double Dragon, fully playable in english and expanded since its original version.

Billy and Jimmy Lee are young twin brothers who run a martial arts dojo. After their friend Marian disappears, the Lee brothers fight to rescue her.

A fierce battle with the Shadow Warriors unfolds over 7 stages, including extra stages not found in the original US version. The player can perform over 30 special moves! Many of these moves did not exist in the original US version. Use the "power gauge" to perform powerful techniques and make use of the new defense feature to change the tide of battle. The action has never felt more real!

Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV Now Available

SAN DIEGO - July 20, 2018 - Scarlet Moon Records is thrilled to make available Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV, the first album in their new live classical guitar series featuring performances by guitarist William Carlos Reyes (of The OneUps). Inspired by Square Enix's own Piano Collections series, Guitar Collections arranges and performs Nobuo Uematsu's iconic themes from FINAL FANTASY IV to celebrate the game's 27th anniversary. The album is licensed and available now:

Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV on Bandcamp
Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV on iTunes
Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY IV on Spotify

"FINAL FANTASY, and particularly FINAL FANTASY IV, has always been special to me," explains Scarlet Moon Records producer Jayson Napolitano. "I wanted to celebrate the franchise in the same way Square Enix does with their Piano Collections series, and the performances from William Carlos Reyes exceeded expectations. The arrangements capture all the magic of Nobuo Uematsu's original compositions while adding new emotional depth that I think every fan will appreciate. Let's make Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY a series, as I personally can't wait to hear FINAL FANTASY V and VI done up in the same fashion!"

The tender "Theme of Love," the warm and soothing "Welcome to Our Town!," and the anxiety-inducing final dungeon theme, "Within the Giant," are featured alongside an original composition by Reyes inspired by FINAL FANTASY IV titled "The Crystals." The full track list is as follows:

01. Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV
02. Theme of Love
03. Welcome to Our Town!
04. Fight 2
05. Rydia
06. Melody of Lute
07. Golbeza Clad in the Dark
08. Troian Beauty
09. Illusionary World
10. Another Moon
11. Within the Giant
12. The Crystals (Original)

The above launch trailer features performance footage of five key themes from the album, and those who purchase the album on iTunes or Bandcamp will also receive a 14-page digital booklet including liner notes, an interview with arranger/performer William Carlos Reyes, and recording notes.

For more information about the Guitar Collections FINAL FANTASY series, visit the official website: http://www.scarletmoonproductions.com/guitar/

UDON Entertainment reveals Mega Man X: Mega Mission

- previously unpublished in English
- created by Hitoshi Ariga
- first full-color, 48-page issue arrives in January, 2019
- originally published in Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman Remix manga compilation in 1996
- story is an adaptation of the Mega Mission trading cards by Bandai
- story takes place between Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3

Gaming Mysteries - Who did Glass Joe beat?

I don't know that I've ever seen so much research put into such a silly topic, which is why I absolutely love it. This video makes me want to get someone at Nintendo on the horn to get a clear-cut answer!

Complete In Box - The three different boxes of Secret of Mana

Remember opening up your first copy of Secret Of Mana? Those memories are probably quite different, depending on if you lived in Japan, North America, or Europe.

Another huge wave of SNES games get the MSU1 audio treatment

Once again, for those who are unfamiliar with MSU1...

MSU1, also named "Media Streaming Unit revision 1", is a homemade enhancement chip made by byuu for the SNES. It allows the SNES to have 4 GB of storage space and CD quality Stereo Audio.

Thanks to Goncalo for the heads up!

8BitDo reveals 8BitDo DIY, MOD kits to make your original NES, SNES, NES Classic and SNES Classic controllers wireless

Introducing 8Bitdo DIY. A new line, featuring do it yourself mod kits for your favorite original retro game controllers. Easily modify your original wired controllers into Bluetooth controllers, bringing wireless compatibility with Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, Switch, and more.

Each mod kit is designed to be as easy as possible to install. No soldiering. Simply remove the original PCB and replace it with the 8BitDo Mod Kit PCB. Now your original wired controller is bluetooth and rechargeable.

We designed a proprietary component to make our mod kits as capable as possible. Featuring full rechargeable battery capabilities and LED indicators to show you what mode your controller is in and its battery life. It's an advanced mod kit.

Grab yours here