IGN Up At Noon Segments - 21 Stupid Questions with Suda51, and 7 Bad N64 Games We Want on Switch

Suda shares an interesting tidbit about Travis

IGN's Up At Noon series is back, and they've got two different Nintendo-related features to kick things off. Check out a rapid-fire interview with Suda, and a series on N64 games above!

1080° Snowboarding dev says the game was created to show off the N64 controller, with the idea spawning from one of Miyamoto's hobbies

Totally tubular

Giles Goddard is one of the original developers of 1080° Snowboarding on the N64. Mr. Goddard is working on his own snowboarding title right now, but in a recent interview with Eurogamer, he took some time to talk about the creation of the N64 game.

"The process of the original 1080° Snowboarding was tweaking and tweaking the controls almost from day one through to debugging, and I think it shows in the way that it's an extremely - and obviously I'm biased - but it's an extremely well-balanced game in the controls.

"1080° Snowboarding, I feel at least, there was so much depth to the control system, things like crouching down to go faster and then you have less control, when you jump and in order to soften the landing if you time the button press right your legs take the impact. One of the reasons for doing 1080° Snowboarding originally was to show off the controller of the N64 - the analogue stick side of it. Nintendo games up until that point were left, right, up and down. All the games that come out with the N64 were very much focussed on the controller, and that pushed us towards that analogue feel."

Where did the idea for 1080° Snowboarding first come from? Not surprisingly, it was inspired by one of Miyamoto's hobbies. Turns out back in the day, Miyamoto was quite the avid skiier. Instead of going with a skiing game, Nintendo opted for snowboarding, as that was becoming quite popular in the 90s.

Fans recreate Smash Bros. 64's stages in Smash Bros. Ultimate stage builder

The power of nostalgia

You can finally play every Smash 64 level in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate...well kinda! It didn't take fans long at all to recreate the two missing stages; Sector Z and Planet Zebes and some even went and replicated stages that have never been accessible for multiplayer! Join us as we highlight some of our favourite remakes and be sure to go check them out for yourself & give the creators a follow!

Former RARE dev shows off the first draft for the scrapped Conker's Bad Fur Day sequel

This makes me so sad

Despite being a critical and financial success, Conker's Bad Fur Day never got a sequel. That's not to say that there weren't plans for one. Former RARE dev Chris Seavor has taken to Twitter to unless a flurry of original design docs and story drafts for Conker's Other Bad Day, the sequel that never was. Check out the full rundown of content below.

Thanks to Mysteryman for the heads up!

Low Poly: Ep. 6 - Mario Kart 64 as You've Never Seen It Before

A deep dive into Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 was an interesting blend of polygons and sprites, which makes a deep dive into the game's visuals that much more unique. If you've wanted to see just how everything was built and put together, this video should definitely explain!

Beta footage of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario RPG surfaces

Ah, to be young again

Here's a blast from Nintendo's past! Want a good look at beta footage from both Super Mario 64 and Super Mario RPG? Check out the clip above to see both games in their earlier development stages. There's certainly some things that went through major changes before releasing!

The Super Mario 64 footage can be seen at 5:53 and the Super Mario RPG footage is at 4:12.

Yooka-Laylee - 64-bit Tonic gameplay

Needs more fog!

The 64-bit Tonic finally made its way to the Switch version of Yooka-Laylee today. Now you're retro-styled gameplay experience can not only feel like a classic, but look like one as well!

Children of Termina limited edition CDs are now shipping

Dawn of the final day

Children of Termina launched back in Nov. 2018, but the limited edition CD version still hasn't made its way to fans. That changes today, as the limited edition pressings are now in! If you purchased one of these, you'll be happy to know that it should be on the way to you right now!

If you just want to check out the album due to missing it the first time, you can listen to the entire thing below!

Hyperkin releasing RetroN S64 Console Dock for Switch

Get N or Get Out

TGIF! Kick back, relax, and give your switch a late 90s vibe with the RetroN S64 Console Dock for Switch. With its classic shape and color, this dock is the best way to let everyone else know about your love of all things 64-bit. This dock includes a Type-C port, three USB ports, and an HD port. Go toe to toe with your best buddies using your favorite Switch-compatible accessories via USB ports. Press the Toggle Button to switch from TV Mode (via the HD port) to continue playing in Charging Mode. You can also plug in your controllers or other devices into the three USB ports to charge them. Type-C cable, HD cable, and power source are not included. Experience the 90s with Hyperkin!


• 64-bit era shape and color
• TV Mode (via the HD port) and Charging Mode Toggle Button
• Charges Switch Console while you play
• Charges up to three (3) controllers or other devices via USB ports
• Compatible with wired Switch-compatible controllers via USB ports

Grab yours here (thanks Kolma!)

90s Consoles Refuse To Die: New Games Announced by Piko Interactive


San Antonio, Texas - Piko Interactive, an independent video game publisher, has started accepting pre-orders for twelve new titles. These titles represent brand new releases for many consoles such as the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari Jaguar, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy Advance. Many of these titles never saw release in North America until Piko Interactive acquired them.

40 Winks for the Nintendo 64 is a 3D action adventure not unlike Nintendo’s Super Mario 64, pitting your character of choice against nightmares and the whole of the dream world.

Gourmet Squad for the Super Nintendo takes the scrolling brawler genre into the future in a title that was originally a Japan exclusive that was produced in very few quantities.

Tinhead for the Super Nintendo is 2D side scrolling action platform title for the Super NES that will take gamers on an intergalactic ride across 24 levels.

Little Lancelot for NES was originally a PAL region, Europe, originally released by Ocean Software for the Nintendo NES, that features various combat, action platforming, and many enemies to conquer on your quest.

Pyramids of Ra for the Nintendo NES was originally known as Scarabeus, now released under its original name with enhancements that improve upon the original. Gameplay requires planning ahead and problem solving skills.

Exploding Fist for the Nintendo NES, this title brings an unreleased title to production after being completed by Piko Interactive programmers. Compete in bouts taking your character from novice to the Tenth Dan. The game is a port of the Commodore 64 classic "The Way of the Exploding Fist"

The Atari Jaguar is receiving two new games, first Impossamole which is an action adventure originally released by Gremling Graphics, featuring many levels and enemies to defeat.

Head Over Heels is the other new Atari Jaguar title, this game is a puzzle action game originally released by Ocean Software that will require long term thinking and memory skills to complete.

Canon - Legends of the New Gods is a turn based strategy role-playing games that originally saw release only in Taiwan. Now English fans can play this title which features over 30 hours of gameplay in an ancient eastern mythology entrenched story on their Sega Genesis or Mega Drive.

Switchblade brings a classic Commodore Amiga title, originally developed by Core Design and published by Gremlin Graphics, to the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive for the first time on a region free cartridge. Your quest will take place across many sprawling levels of fighting and problem solving situations to face.

Thunderbolt II, also for the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive, is again a former Taiwan exclusive release. The action is set in an overhead scrolling shooting style with enemies often filling the screen.

Finally, Custodian for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance is a 2D side scrolling action game pitting gamers against parasites that live to drain the energy bases. Featuring four levels and many weapons and power ups, Custodian is not like anything fans have played before.

Pre-orders for these twelve titles are now open on the Piko Interactive website. Games will begin shipping on April 15th, 2019. Piko Interactive plans to bring many of these titles to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The goal of Piko Interactive is for as many fans as possible to be able to enjoy these titles.