Playing Super Mario 64 with a single button

Watch Playing SM64 with ONE BUTTON for charity! | !ablegamers !donate from Rudeism on www.twitch.tv

As we talked about back in January, Twitch streamer Rudeism created a monstrosity of a controller to play Super Mario 64 with. The controller featured a single button, but it could perform all sorts of actions in Super Mario 64 depending on how many times it was pressed, or how long it was pressed. The self-imposed challenge was put together to raise money for the AbleGamers charity, which is definitely a worthy cause.

We heard about the challenge, but now we finally have footage of it in action! If you want to see how Rudeism is handling his one-button adventure, check out the video above, and then bounce over to his Twitch stream for more videos.

N64 gets one hell of a custom paint job

We've featured countless N64 paint jobs over the years, but this custom job by Mizucat might be my favorite. What do you even call this style? It's like cotton candy, unicorns, rainbows, galaxy, and fairies all in one! Whatever you want to call it, the final result is absolutely gorgeous.

Never-released N64 game Dragon Sword acquired by Piko Interactive

All the way back in 1998, a hack-and-slash game called Dragon Sword was in development for the N64. Unfortunately, the game never ended up seeing release. All these years later, it seems that might sad fate might change.

Piko Interactive has revealed that they now own all rights to the Dragon Sword game, and have acquired the original source code from all those years ago. It seems quite obvious that the team has plans to revisit the game and either finish it, or rework it for a platform today. Either way, it'll be interesting to see what comes of the project!

Can You Beat The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Without Collecting A Single Rupee?

Today we are asking and attempting to answer the age old question: Is it possible to beat the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time without collecting a SINGLE rupee? Let's find out!

Boundary Break - 30 Hidden Out of Bounds Discoveries in Super Mario 64

What kind of secrets are hiding just outside the range of the camera in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS? Our friend Shesez takes us on a tour around the game to see what's hiding just out of sight!

Blast from the Past - Nintendo was quite concerned about the amount of killing and violence in GoldenEye

GoldenEye wasn't the usual type of game that Nintendo got behind, but thankfully they did decide to move ahead with RARE on the game. It became one of the most beloved titles of all-time, but getting to that point wasn't smooth sailing. A pair of former RARE devs have opened up about Nintendo's original concern about the game, and how it lead to a few changes in the violent content.

Karl Hilton, lead environment artist

Yeah, Nintendo of Japan was concerned about the amount of killing that happened in the game, and made some suggestions about reminding people that James Bond was fictional, that this was based on a film. It certainly wasn’t a typical “Nintendo” game for that period on the N64 console. There was a definite realization that console gaming was getting more mature, and this was part of the growth of video games in this area for Nintendo. It certainly was a counterbalance to the Mario games!

Mark Edmonds, gameplay and engine programmer

In some of the original testing, there were huge gouts of rendered blood boiling out of enemies when you shot them. So this got toned down a lot to just brief flashes of red. There was some worry about leaving the red markings on enemies where you had shot them, but luckily that stayed in. There was also some attempt with the front-end sequences to impart a bit of a filmic feel — to show that all the characters in the game who you’re going round shooting aren’t actually real, and they aren’t actually dying, they’re just characters in a video game!”

Democratic U.S. Representative appears on a Donkey Kong 64 charity live-stream

Well here's a connection I never thought I'd be talking about! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district, randomly popped up on a Donkey Kong 64 charity live-stream event over the weekend. During the stream, AOC talked about her time with the N64, and gave shout-outs to both Super Mario 64 and Pokemon Snap as some titles she spent time with.

The charity event, which was looking to raise funds for transgender children, teenagers, and their families, ended up raising over $340k. You can check out a AOC's appearance in the video snippet below.

Nintendo and Sakurai share messages to celebrate 20th anniverary of Super Smash Bros.

Twitch streamer aiming to beat Super Mario 64 with a single button, all in the name of charity

Twitch streamer Rudeism is always cooking up new ways to play games and challenge himself. His most recent idea might be the most diabolical yet. He plans on beating Super Mario 64 with a single button.

Rudeism has created a special controller that lets him do multiple things with just one button. Depending on how he presses the button, Mario will do different things. Why torture yourself like this? Rudeism plans to live-stream his efforts all in the name of raising money for the AbleGamers Charity. If this sounds like something you'd like to support, you can tune in to the attempt on Saturday, Jan. 26th, 2019 at 4PM PST.

Random Time! - Modder adds 'Clanker's Cavern' from Banjo-Kazooie into Super Mario Odyssey

Itching for a bit of Banjo-Kazooie? Why not let Mario take a crack at exploring Clanker's Cavern in this Super Mario Odyssey mod? Mario may not be familiar with puzzle pieces and jiggies, but I think he'll get the hang of it!

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!