Nintendo hid a reference to Zelda: Ocarina of Time's "Song of Storms" in Super Mario 64, and it's in plain sight (UPDATE)

How did we not see this?!

I am such a huge fan of Easter eggs in games. I just love the idea of developers sneaking in nods to other games, pop culture topics, and more. Turns out Nintendo is a fan of Easter eggs as well, and this one has taken quite a long time to discover.

The image above features a painting found in Super Mario 64. We've all passed it a million times, but never really thought mcuh of it. Twitter user Hitei ran by it plenty of times as well, but one pass gave him moment to pause. He noticed that he was speeding by a major Easter egg for all these years.

Both Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time were in development at the same time, but Super Mario 64 came out first. Nintendo decided to sneak in a reference to Ocarina of Time that players wouldn't ever catch at first, because it would be some time until Ocarina of Time released. The painting in Super Mario 64 is a visual representation of the notes in Ocarina of Time's 'Song of Storms.' The spacing on the first/second not might be a bit too large, but I think there's too much other evidence in the comparison to have this be a coincidence.

I mean, I'm absolutely flabbergasted. In all my years of chronicling Easter eggs for GoNintendo, this has to be the best one I've ever seen.

HUGE thanks to Kolma for pointing this out!


UPDATE - Seems there's debate as to whether this is an Easter egg or coincidence. We'd love to know what you think. Cast a vote in our Twitter poll!

Crypt of the Necrodancer's guitarist and Grant Kirkhope team up for a Banjo-Kazooie metal tribute

Grunty grunge

FamilyJules is the man who shreds guitar on the Crypt of the Necrodancer soundtrack. Grant Kirkhope is responsible for the soundtrack to your childhood. The two have teamed up to provide an epic metal cover of the final battle theme in Banjo-Kazooie. Even if you're not into metal, you have to check out this video. It's a pretty fantastic collab.

Hyperkin figuring out how they'll fix up display issues with N64 games on their Retron Ult

Garbled mess

Hyperkin is working on the Retron Ult, an N64 clone system that will let you play your N64 games in 720p via HDMI. While the idea sounds lovely at first, there's a bit of an issue. As things stand right now, games played on the system are dealing with emulation issues, which means certain in-game elements aren't displayed properly. According to an interview with Nintendo Life, Hyperkin is currently considering the best way to move ahead and handle these issues.

We have two different road maps we can go - we can do maybe emulation route, or we can do maybe sort of a cloned-console route. Right now, it's so early in development, that we don't we know what the final solution might be, it could be anything. For right now, we just want to get the best possible output picture at a good price point - basically, just something that people can plug and play, and play their N64 games without having to go back and find their old N64.

TNT promotes upcoming AEW "All Elite Wrestling" TV show with a tribute to N64 wrestling games

The golden age

If you follow the professional wrestling scene, you already know what AEW is all about. For those who are unaware, AEW, short for All Elite Wrestling, is aiming to be a major competitor to the WWE. Just a few weeks back, they secured a TV deal with TNT, and will have a two-hour weekly show airing later this year.

TNT has already started to promote the show in various ways, but their latest efforts definitely hit a sweet spot for Nintendo fans. The N64 days were probably the best in terms of wrestling games that were insanely fun to play. It's clear someone at TNT knows that, and they've worked up a fantastic tribute to that era, as well as a bit of advertising for the new show. Definitely a great idea and execution on this one.

Hyperkin working on the Ultra Retron, an N64 clone

Time for the N64 to shine again

Hyperkin has a long line of clone consoles, and their next aims to tackle the N64. The company is currently working on the Ultra Retron, which will use original N64 carts and connects to your TV via HDMI. The console supports 4 controller inputs and works just fine with your original N64 controllers, but the hardware comes with Hyperkin's own take on an N64 controller as well. Hyperkin will be showing off the Ultra Retron at E3 2019 next week!

Donkey Kong Country's First Level Recreated in Banjo-Kazooie

Donkey Kazooie

The modding community continues to come up with all sorts of crazy ideas for game mods, and the latest combines two of RARE's greatest. Someone has taken the first Donkey Kong Country level and recreated it in Banjo-Kazooie. The end result is pretty damn impressive, and makes me want to go back and play both of these games!

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

Former RARE dev explains the different covers for Perfect Dark

Which one do you prefer?

Perfect Dark got three different covers back in the day, which is qutie a bit. Usually you'll see at least one region use the cover art from another, but Perfect Dark had different cover art in North America, Europe, and Japan. How on earth did this happen? Nintendo Life talked to former Rare Art Director Kev Bayliss to find out.

"We needed the US one ultra quick and there was no model at all to use for the artwork. So I had to quickly make some eyes and create a box art in about a day. That’s what we ended up with and as a consequence of that, I was given the task of creating a proper Joanna Dark model – so that’s when I got involved in the series. I made the model that was then used for the European box art and all promo material at the time."

That explains North America and Europe, but what about Japan? Turns out Bayliss has no idea how that came about! All he can say is that the decision was not RARE's, which means Nintendo felt the need to change things up.

Previously-unseen footage of Earthbound 64 surfaces

If only there were a prototype out there somewhere

Earthbound 64 never saw release, but fans still wonder what it would have been like. Sure, most of the ideas were translated into Mother 3 on GBA, but its still not the same! We want to know how it would have played on the N64! While that will never happen, we can at least enjoy a very quick snippet of footage that was just found on an old, archived video. Ah, what could have been...

For Superman 64's 20th anniversary, Game Informer shares old press assets and more

20 years being the butt of many jokes

Very few video games live on in infamy years after they've launched. Most of them are for good reasons, but some are for bad. Superman 64 is definitely in the 'bad' category.

Believe it or not, it's been 20 years since the game launched. It's legacy continues on to this day, as it's widely regarded as one of the worst games ever. To celebrate the game's internet notoriety, Game Informer has shared a batch of old pre-release assets for the title. They even note that at one point, the game was pitched as a cover feature for a Game Informer issue!

Check out the assets here

Modder recreates Super Mario Odyssey's Sand Kingdom in Super Mario 64

Here we go!

Super Mario Odyssey has a number of striking kingdoms, with one of the most visually stunning locations being the Sand Kingdom. For whatever reason, a modder was inspired to take that kingdom and transfer it over to Super Mario 64. While its a work in progress, the results so far are pretty impressive!