The first Japanese commercial for Baten Kaitos was made by Nintendo before they even knew what the game was about

Talk about blind faith!

Here's a really interesting story from Yasuyuki Honne, director of Baten Kaitos. Way back in the GameCube days when the title was being worked on by Namco, Nintendo didn't even know what the game would be like. They were just super happy that Namco was making an exclusive RPG for the GameCube. This lead to a really unique commercial for the game in Japan.

“There’s one thing that’s really surprised me over the past 20 years: the first commercial for Baten Kaitos. Nintendo was extremely happy that we were making a GameCube exclusive RPG for them, and without even knowing what the game was about, they made a teaser commercial featuring a bunch of guys as blacksmiths to represent how we were vigorously making this game. I remember the tagline being, ‘Namco’s making an RPG with all their might.'”

Pretty crazy to think Nintendo went out of their way to spread the word on Baten Kaitos before they had any real clue about the game. I don't think something like that would happen today!

Official Smash Bros. GameCube controller seeing restock on the Nintendo UK store in Jan. 2020

Hop on your preorder now!

It's taken a ridiculously long time, but the Smash Bros. GameCube controller is finally going to see stock replenishment on the Nintendo UK store. The online store has been updated with a note saying that stock is set to launch in Jan. 2020, and you can preorder a controller now for £24.99. Plop down your preorder here!

Check out the best-selling third party titles on Nintendo platforms in North America

Back when wrestling was king

We have a pretty good idea of what the big-name third party sellers are on today's platforms, but what about back in the day when NPD data wasn't shared as freely? NPD's Mat Piscatella has shared some data on the #1 third party games on Nintendo hardware gone by, at least when it pertains to North America. Check out which titles topped the third party charts below!

N64 - WCW/NWO Revenge
NGC - Sonic Adventure 2
Wii - Guitar Hero World Tour
Wii U - LEGO Dimensions
Switch - Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Nintendo grabs Pokemori, The Stretchers, and GameCube controller trademarks

It's trademark time

Nintendo has been on a trademark frenzy in recent months. Not a week goes by where multiple trademarks aren't scooped up. This week is off to a big start, with three more trademark applications coming in. First we have a Pokemori (Pokemon/Animal Crossing) trademark that applies to electronic game programs and downloadable electronic game programs. Following that, we have a trademark for The Stretchers, which recently released on Switch. Finally, there's a trademark for the GameCube controller, which specifically applies to the C-Stick, and Y, X, B, & A buttons. The purposes of this trademark apply to the terms “machinery” and “toy.”

Game History Secrets - Nintendo's Unreleased Peripherals

Today on Game History Secrets we talk about some unused Nintendo peripherals for the NES, GameCube, and Nintendo Wii.

Newly-discovered Metroid Prime glitch causes Samus' gunship to slowly drift

Drift away

Here's a glitch that was just discovered for the original Metroid Prime, and all you have to do to experience it is leave your GameCube/Wii on for a very long time. Due to a very minor glitch with a looping animation, Samus' gunship will slowly inch its way closer to planet your on. It's not exactly an exciting glitch, but it's an interesting one!

Smash Bros. player working on a hand-warming GameCube controller

You've gotta hand it to him

Here's something I didn't know about competitive gamers. A decent amount of them bring handwarmers to events in order to keep their hands literally warmed up. Warmer hands are able to move quicker, and a lot of tournament events are kept extra cool due to all the electronics and people that attend.

The act of warming up hands at events is so prevalent that Smash Bros. Melee player Morne has been working on the above prototype. It's a GameCube controller that warms your hands as you play, and is powered by an external power source. This is just the first design Morne has worked on, and a more sophisticated version is already being put together. It'll be interesting to see just how far this idea goes!

Player reaches 201 in Mario Party 4's "Domination" mini-game without tool assistance

Maybe he's a robot...

Videos of tool-assisted speedruns pop up all the time, showcasing skills that most, if not all humans could ever present. Those tools have been used in all sorts of games, including Mario Party 4. Three years ago, a tool-assisted speedrun bot managed to grab a score of 160 in the Mario Party 4 mini-game, "Domination." That's the limit Mario Party 4 allows you if you're playing the standard game. What happens if you're playing a version of the game that let's you go past that 160 and crank out a score only limited by the in-game timer? As of today, the record sits at 201, which was secured by speedrunner Ludwig. You can see his triumphant achievement in the clip above.

Nintendo files fifth Eternal Darkness trademark extension

May the rats eat your eyes!

Will Nintendo ever do something with the Eternal Darkness brand again? We have no idea, but it always seems like Nintendo wants the option, at the very least. They've filed yet another extension for the Eternal Darkness trademark, making it the fifth time. Let's hope we actually see something come of this.

Region Locked - The Nintendo 64 & GameCube Game American Never Got: Doshin the Giant

A giant missed opportunity

This time on Region Locked, we take a look at the Nintendo 64 (N64) and GameCube game American never got: Doshin the Giant.


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