Pokemon Sword/Shield art director shares a tribute to Pokemon Colosseum (UPDATE)

Remember this one?

Pokemon Sword and Shield art director James Turner has shared a lot of tribute art in recent months, but today he's put up something tied to a title from years ago.

As you can see above, Turner shared a tribute to Pokemon Colosseum, which was actually the first Pokemon game that Turner worked on! The game definitely has its fans out there, and I'm sure all of them are happy to see a nod to the entry with a piece of art.

UPDATE - Mr. Turner has now shared a piece of tribute art for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness as well.

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg soundtrack now available to stream

Let's get cracking!

SEGA has released the official soundtrack for Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg on multiple streaming platforms. You can now enjoy all 28 tracks from the GameCube classic on your streaming platform of choice. For a list of where you can stream the soundtrack, click right here.

Phantasy Star Online's director explains why the game didn't include jumping

Dial-up can't handle it!

Phantasy Star Online was an extremely innovative game for the time, bringing the world of online RPGs to consoles like the GameCube. This was at a time when online connections were rudimentary at best, which lead to all sorts of unique design decisions.

In a Polygon interview with director Takao Miyoshi, we learn about one of the gameplay restrictions made based on slow internet speeds.

Yes, [program director Akio] Setsumasa handled all the server-related programming. He’s the one who said definitely no jumping in PSO. I concurred and that’s how we made the game. We had to decide what kind of navigation would be network-friendly. You might notice in PSO, it’s a lot like Diablo, where there are a lot of points that you can warp to. The reason why those points are so deliberately set is because if you’re playing online, there would be enough time between points where data could sync up and everyone playing would be in the same location. There wouldn’t be any lag where one player gets ahead of another player.

Beyond Good and Evil getting hybrid live-action/animated feature film on Netflix

Bravo, Jade

Ubisoft and Netflix have announced that a Beyond Good and Evil movie is heading to Netflix. The movie will be handled by Detective Pikachu director Rob Letterman. According to early information, the movie will be a “hybrid live-action/animated feature.” It will be produced by Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin of Ubisoft Film & Television.

As it stands right now, the film is in “early development,” with Letterman and the producers currently searching for a writer.

Yuji Naka discusses the toughest part of putting together Phantasy Star Online

A 20 year Phantasy

Believe it or not, Phantasy Star Online is coming up on its 20th anniversary. The series is still going strong today with Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Cloud heading to Switch. It's sure to reel in even more fans and push the series to new heights.

In honor of the 20th anniversary, Polygon spoke to Phantasy Star Online producer Yuji Naka to see what challenges the game presented 20 years back.

I recall that the greatest hurdle was trying to figure out how to get people from around the world to play online in an age where the internet was still not readily available everywhere. When we found out that even with the use of optical fiber, information only travelled at seven and a half times around the world per second, we knew that we could not build games the normal way. So, we wanted to understand this environment better and developed ChuChu Rocket! first, then we took what we learned to develop Phantasy Star Online.

Check out the full interview here

Luigi's Long Night fan animation is a stellar tribute to Luigi's Mansion

Don't be scared!

Animator Shigloo has put together a 4+ minute tribute to Luigi's Mansion with a special animation called Luigi's Long Night. It's a humorous look at the Luigi's Mansion franchise, and is full of nods to the games and other Nintendo tidbits as well. This short is well worth a watch!

The GameCube gets a gorgeous mahogany makeover

Better than Spice Orange

Nintendo gave GameCube fans a number of different colors to choose from, but they never came up with something like this!

Redditor LordBandimer decided to give his GameCube a custom wooden makeover, and its come out looking extra fancy. LordBandimer says the look was achieved with a veneer layer, which used 1mm thick mahogany on all sides of the GameCube.
As for the embellishments, they were done with a laser cutter.

The top features 2 different 1/8" gold acrylic colors for the Triforce, along with real stone around the edge. The stone is also a thin layer, and was cut with a laser.

Finally, the most important question. Not only does this custom GameCube design look gorgeous, the system still works as well! LordBandimer says that mahogany is a rather porous wood, and when that's combined with how thin the veneer is, there shouldn't be any heat issues at all.

David Doak looks back on TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, says EA failed to promote the game adequately

Future Imperfect

The TimeSplitters series had a very successful debut with the first game, but it seemed to struggle to find an audience with each subsequent release. People have speculated on why that is, and in a USGamer interview, dev David Doak shares his two cents.

Doak talked about TimeSplitters: Future Perfect in particular, which is the first installment published by EA. According to Doak, the game's failure to break through at retail was EA's fault.

"We did Future Perfect with EA and I think delivered an amazingly good game, but they didn't make the effort to sell it. And by that time Free Radical was a fairly big company, so we had a lot of mouths to feed. We were quite cross with them, to put it mildly."

It seems that EA instead turned their attention to promoting GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, which many would say is inferior to TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. The Bond name is certainly more recognizable, but the name alone doesn't make for a good game.

Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 soundtracks seeing vinyl re-releases

Fire up the turntables

Brave Wave has announced that they'll be releasing vinyl reprints of the Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 soundtracks. These will be new 180g black vinyl reprints, according to Brave Wave's statement. What we don't know is the release date or pricing for these albums. We'll share that info with you when it becomes available.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Soundtrack releases in Japan on Sept. 2nd, 2020

An absolutely phenomenal soundtrack

Here's one that'll certainly be worth importing. Square-Enix has confirmed that the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Soundtrack releases in Japan on Sept. 2nd, 2020.

This 2-CD set features 50 songs, including the full version of the main theme, as well as the newly-arranged tracks from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. There will also be a special first edition of the album that includes a third CD, which will feature the original BGM from almost two decades ago.

The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Soundtrack is priced at 3,000 yen puls tax.


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