YouTube's Head of Gaming, VR and AR shows off his custom Game Boy kicks

Game BOY those are nice!

Ryan Wyatt, YouTube's Head of Gaming, VR and AR, has a very special place in his heart for the Game Boy. So much so that he ordered a pair of custom Game Boy-themed sneakers from Freaker Sneaks. These are a one-of-a-kind design, but you can bet plenty of people will be clamoring to somehow get their hands on another pair!

Artist turns Game Boys into mini Nintendo-themed planters

The Game Boy finds new life

Artist Winnie Sumida is creating some amazing things with old Game Boy units. She's taking out the guts and turning them into little garden scenes featuring all sorts of Nintendo characters! She has Pokemon-themed designs, Kirby tributes, Legend of Zelda creations, and more. Check out her entire body of work here!

This Game Boy redesign uses modern-day sensibilities to create a gorgeous revamp

Game Boy oh boy!


Achunky and bulky form is the most prominent character of the original GAME BOY, offering the pleasing experience when it is held in the hands. While playing the game, the sense of touch also helps to concentrate on the game playing. Nonetheless, the trend of the thickness of the body and the screen size has been changing into a thin body and a larger screen.


Including a screen on the controller is the essential idea behind GAME BOY, initially electrifying players due to its new-found portability. The vertical layout of the console reflects how a human’s body is designed. Through technology developing, the new curved display allows for a more immersive experience, as the curve makes to fill more of the field of view.


Acquired linear pattern texture on the lower half side on the back allows the excitement to play retro games. The feeling of subtle bumps on the texture with the debossed linear texture brings out the analogic memory, translating in attractive visual at the same time.


While playing a game, each players' right palm would contact or completely cover the original GAME BOY's corner, where the speaker was located. Taking this classic design element, yet user experience flaw into consideration, I have utilized the iconic detail while relocating the speaker to the top of the device, efficiently delivering sound from the closest point to the player.


Essential relationship between the power switch and the game cartridge is hidden on the top. When the console is on, it locks the cartridge, preventing the cartridge taken off during game playing. Flex interprets the idea of combining the switch and cartridge in a single form like a stick. The originality of the system creates the experience more concentrated on gaming without any disruption.

Designer YJ Yoon has managed to pull off an amazing redesign of the Game Boy, that he's calling the Game Boy Flex. No doubt, a super-stylish way to play Game Boy games. Our only gripe is the d-pad replacement! Not too sure about that circular redesign, but it's definitely an eye-catcher.

Fan-made patch adds color to the world of Metroid II: Return of Samus

Lick of paint for Samus

Metroid II: Return of Samus was a Game Boy title, which means you enjoyed it through the weird-greenish tint of the Game Boy, or the shades of grey via the Game Boy Pocket. Things got better when the Super Game Boy came around, as a splash of color was added to the game. Now we have the fan-made patch for Metroid II, and it aims to put the game more on-par with the color of the NES. The end results are pretty promising, and certainly give the game a new vibe.

Nintendo grabs trademarks for Link's Awakening, Astral Chain, and...Nintendo

Three more trademarks from the Big N today. Nothing crazy here, as it's all stuff we're already familiar with. Check out the breakdown of each trademark below.

Link's Awakening

- trademark applies to Japan
- purposes including ‘video game program’, ‘downloadable video game program’, and ‘program for smartphone’

Astral Chain

- trademark applies to Japan
- purposes including ‘video game program’, ‘downloadable video game program’, and ‘program for smartphone’


- trademark applies to Japan
- purposes including marketing and advertising, including the planning and management of exhibitions

Game Informer Replay – The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Reiner, Suriel, Kyle and Leo revisit a beloved Zelda title for the original Gameboy ahead of the upcoming Switch remake later this year.

Nintendo Minute - The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Nintendo Switch vs. Game Boy

Hi, we’re back! We’ve missed you guys and we’re so happy to be back with a new video this week. Today we’re taking a look back at The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Game Boy and comparing it to the new Nintendo Switch version coming later this year. We’re both huge fans of this game and we can’t wait to rediscover it again on Switch. Let us know in the comments if you played the original on Game Boy! As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week.

Another batch of prototype and unused Pokemon sprites surface

The gang over at Helix Chamber have come out with yet another round of early Pokemon sprites from Red/Blue. Some of these are prototype sprites that would eventually be turned into Pokemon we know and love, while others never saw the light of day. For example, check out Bloonder...the balloon Pokemon. It literally seems to be nothing more than a balloon! I can see why that one didn't make the cut...

Retronauts Ep. 174: Dylan Cuthbert's road to Star Fox

Jeremy drops by the offices of Q-Games to speak to Dylan Cuthbert (and Mark Lentz) about the early days of gaming and how tinkering with Game Boy hardware led to the creation of the first true 3D game on Super NES, Star Fox.

If you'd like to hear more about the story of how Dylan Cuthbert eventually got to work on StarFox, the latest Retronauts episode is a wealth of information. Check out the full episode here (thanks Jingleboy!)

Random Time! - Pokemon's Lavender Town theme recreated in Fortnite

This isn't the first time we've shared Fortnite music creations, but it's definitely the most creepy video we've featured yet! No matter how many times I hear that song, it still makes me feel uneasy.