Cool Bits - Super Mario Land 2’s Nintendo Toy Brick Secret

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins on the Game Boy is hiding a classic Nintendo Easter egg in the form of a hidden toy: N&B Blocks!

Making a Game Boy game in 2017: A "Sheep It Up!" Post-Mortem (part 2/2)

We've talked about Sheep It Up! a few times now, and I'm still just as fascinated by it. A brand-new Game Boy game, released on an actual cartridge, at the tail-end of 2017. Who says the Game Boy is dead?!

In the first post-mortem for the game, developer Doctor Ludos detailed the initial plan to revisit the Game Boy in 2017. In today's blog, we get a detailed look at sound creation, and actually getting the game onto a Game Boy cartridge. You can check out the blog here.

Twitch Plays Pokemon returns, now playing Pokemon Red/Blue at the same time

Twitch Plays Pokemon kicked off 4 years ago, and while the fun has been going all these years, the challenge has now gotten a bit of a twist. Now both Pokemon Red and Blue are being played at the same time. Can the internet come together to somehow complete both games with just one set of inputs? I guess we're going to find out! The live-stream has been placed after the jump due to autoplay.

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Blast from the past - Photos of Nintendo actually steamrolling pirated Game Boy games

All the way back in 1994, Nintendo was still fighting off game pirates. The scene above shows off the Big N steamrolling tons of pirated Game Boy games that were obtained at a Dutch import company.

Couple sends out Pokemon-themed wedding invite

What do you do when you and your fiance are big Pokemon fans? You send out Pokemon-themed wedding invites, of course! If you're wondering what the bottom of the card says, you can get those details below.

Will you attend? Yes / No

Please tell us your name!

Please tell us your address and phone number!

Do you have any allergies? Yes / No

Do you want to take the bus? From where? Yes / No

Have a message? Write it here.