Artist recreates Pokemon Sword and Shield's Pokemon as Game Boy sprites

Can't beat the classics!

The Pokemon series may have started life on the Game Boy, but it's certainly come a long way since then. Pokemon in today's games are showcased with some lovely looking polygonal models, but longtime fans of the franchise are curious what today's Pokemon might look like in a classic style.

Rather than just wonder, artist Pat Ackerman took it upon himself to take the Galar region Pokemon and give them a Game Boy makeover. You can see the fruits of his labor in the tweet below.

Fan recreates The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening in Minecraft

The Wind Fish flies again

You can play The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening in its original Game Boy/GBC releases, on the 3DS Virtual Console, and through the recent Switch remake. If that's not enough for you, now you can dive into the experience once more with a fan-made Minecraft map.

This creation by Pickledscones goes to extreme lengths to recreate The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening within Minecraft. From every house and tree to boss battles and more, this is one of the most impressive Minecraft creations yet. You can take a look at more from this map right here.

Green Boy Games announces Kickstarter for Game Boy/NES game, The Shapeshifter

Keeping the legacy platforms alive

Green Boy Games has been showing the Game Boy a lot of love lately, and they're not done yet. The company has yet another Game Boy title in the works called The Shapeshifter. They're planning to bring this title to the Game Boy and NES, but they'll need your help. A Kickstarter for the game launches on Jan. 18th, 2021, and you can get full details on that and the game itself below.

Independent retro development studio Green Boy Games is releasing a Kickstarter campaign on January 18th to fund their new fantasy adventure The Shapeshifter for Nintendo Game Boy.

The Shapeshifter puts you in the shoes of Elliot, an ordinary person who is going to spend the weekend in the mountains, who meets an elf that will grant him the power of becoming the animal he touches.

While The Shapeshifter will be available on the studio’s website, there will be 100 limited edition units with a unique number and signature exclusive for Kickstarter backers.

The Shapeshifter will be available in a cartridge packed in a box with a manual. The game will be fully compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance handhelds.

If the final stretch goal of €40,000 is reached on Kickstarter, The Shapeshifter will also be ported to NES.


New Game Boy game in cartridge format –including a box and a manual.
Lead Elliot in a fantasy adventure in which you can turn into the animals you touch and save the elven world from the wizard's spell.
Save and load your game.
More than 4 hours of gameplay.
Animated pixel-art graphics.
Music composed by Cesc Mozota and Oscar Latorre
Compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance handhelds.

Twitter users come together to play Pokemon Red through an avatar

Twitter plays Pokemon

The internet has a fascination with playing Pokemon Red in the weirdest ways possible, which has led to all sorts of interesting gameplay situations. It all started with Twitch Plays Pokemon, where fans came together in Twitch chat to control movements of the game through their comments. Now the same thing is happening, but through Twitter.

Gameloft Montreal programmer Constantin Liétard has created a Twitter account that allows followers to play Pokemon Red together. The avatar on Liétard's Twitter account is a screenshot from a live game of Pokemon Red. The avatar picture updates every 15 seconds based on the replies to a very specific tweet. Followers can reply to this special tweet with their button commands, and every 15 seconds, the Twitter account will scan for the most popular input and then make the appropriate move. The Twitter account's avatar updates once again to show followers what move was made, and then the process begins again.

Sure, it's an extremely slow and frustrating way to play Pokemon Red, but that's part of the fun! If you want to get in on the action, you can do so here.

Pre-orders for the physical version of top-down horror Game Boy game "Deadeus" now live

Pre-orders open until Feb. 15th

Looking for something new to play on the Game Boy? Why not check out the top-down horror title, Deadeus? You have until Feb. 15th, 2021 to lock in your pre-order, with copies expected to ship out in March. You can grab the pre-order link and read full details about this title below.

Retro-dev and publisher Spacebot Interactive and independent game developer -IZMA- announced the pre-order of the physical version of Deadeus for the original Nintendo Game Boy going live today.

Deadeus is a brand new top-down 8-bit horror adventure centered around a small boy who has a prophetic nightmare telling him everyone will die in 3 days and that he has to investigate his village to see how he can save them, if at all.

Deadeus contains 11 endings and no direct path leaving it up to the player to decide which is the best course of action.

Developed using Chris Maltby’s GB Studio engine, and featuring music by Stuart Busby, Deadeus is a cartridge available in an original box including a manual and can be acquired at https://www.spacebot-interactive.com.

The standard edition of Deadeus costs £42 ($57.44/€46.72) + postage. The game is fully compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance handhelds.


Brand new top-down horror adventure for Game Boy.
Adventure centered around a small boy who has a prophetic nightmare telling him everyone will die in 3 days.
11 endings and no direct path leaving it up to the player to decide which is the best course of action.
Developed using Chris Maltby’s GB Studio engine
Featuring music by Stuart Busby.
Fully compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance handhelds.

Game History Secrets: Lost Game Boy Add-on FOUND After 28 Years

Introducing the Work Boy!

Today on Game History Secrets, Liam talks about his journey to find the lost Nintendo Game Boy add-on, the WorkBoy. This peripheral has been lost for 28 years, but through determination and some amazing luck, the WorkBoy lives again for us all to see.

Square-Enix announces Jazz arrangement album for the SaGa series

Cool, daddio

Another Square-Enix Jazz album is on the way, and this one pays tribute to the SaGa series. The Square-Enix Jazz -SaGa- album hits Japan on March 17th, 2021.

This album is going to pack in 12 different jazz arrangements for tunes that appear throughout the SaGa franchise. You can see the complete track list below, which was arranged by Japanese jazz musicians Eijiro Nakagawa and Ryu Kawamura.

“Main Theme” from Final Fantasy Legend
“At the End of the Decisive Battle” from Final Fantasy Legend II
“Sewers” from Romancing SaGa
“Final Battle With Saruin” from Romancing SaGa
“Last Battle” from Romancing SaGa 2
“Podorui” from Romancing SaGa 3
“Reforged Bonds: Re;univerSe” from Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe
“ALONE” from SaGa Frontier
“Mißgestalt” from SaGa Frontier 2
“Divine Star – Guardians” from SaGa Scarlet Grace
“UNLIMITED: SaGa Overture” from Unlimited SaGa
“Sound the Charge!” from Imperial SaGa

COLLECTION of SaGa: FINAL FANTASY LEGEND launches for Switch today, new trailer shared

3 Game Boy classics in one

A collection of Game Boy classics are making their way to Switch today, courtesy of Square-Enix. Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend packs in three Game Boy games, and you can read all about them below.

In celebration of the SaGa series’ 30th anniversary, the first three games in the series are coming to Nintendo Switch in one collection!

The first Game Boy RPG to sell over a million units and the memorable first installment of the series: THE FINAL FANTASY LEGEND.

A title that gained popularity through its refined gameplay system and the journey through a diverse world: FINAL FANTASY LEGEND II.

A unique story that travelled across time that featured a new and an innovative character leveling system.: FINAL FANTASY LEGEND III.

Experience the origins of the SaGa series with the COLLECTION OF SaGa FINAL FANTASY LEGEND, the first complete port of these hugely popular titles.

The collection includes new enhancements like high-speed mode as well as features unique to the Nintendo Switch™, such as adjustable screen magnification and game screen background customization. Featuring compatibility with, of course, handheld mode, but also with TV mode and tabletop mode. Furthermore, this game also revives the nostalgia of playing the original by enabling vertical usage of the console after removing the Joy-Cons. Take your collection on the go with handheld mode, share your journey with your Nintendo Switch in TV mode, or remove the Joy-Cons and turn your Nintendo Switch vertically for a retro Game Boy experience.

Fan-made video shows what Among Us might be like if it were on the Game Boy

Grab your link cables!

Among Us may be the hot game right now, but it's not pushing any limits in terms of graphics. The experience could transfer over to the Game Boy very well, at least visually. The above video showcases what that might look like, all while retaining that Game Boy charm. You'd definitely need some link cables for this one!

Limited Run Games releasing new physical copies of Shadow of the Ninja and Return of the Ninja

The NES and Game Boy live on

Limited Run Games has revealed that they're doing new prints for Shadow of the Ninja and Return of the Ninja. There will be a standard version and collector's version for each. Here's what comes in the Collector's Version of Shadow of the Ninja.

- Pixel art Hayate & Kaede portrait pin set
- Acrylic standee
- Commemorative premium metal coin
- 12-song physical CD soundtrack
- Reversible 18’ x 24’ poster
- Playable Shadow of the Ninja NES cartridge with classic packaging.
- Instruction booklet
- Limited Run dust sleeve

As for Return of the Ninja, here's what the Collector's Version includes.

- Reversible 18’ x 24’ poster
- Tsukikage & Sayuri matching pixel art pin set
- Premium metal coin, a retro style acrylic standee
- 16-song physical CD soundtrack
- Playable version of Return of the Ninja in classic GBC packaging with a retro transparent cartridge.
- Instruction booklet

You can grab your pre-orders for these games here