Boundary Break - Unused Content Discovered in Mother 3

What secrets await?

One of the most insane 2D episodes for this show ever if not the best episode in this creators opinion period! Sequel to Earthbound. Here is Mother 3!

The unreleased Chinese version of Advance Wars made significant changes to Kanbei

All this work for something that never released

As we mentioned earlier in the week, a collection of never-released iQue GBA games popped up, all in prototype form. Among the collection was Advance Wars, which dataminers have been pouring through to see if there were any notable changes. Here's the list of differences they've come up with so far.

- Kanbei had his mustache and beard removed
- Kanbei no longer has his Katana
- Kanbei's uniform was changed
- instead of Orange Star fighting Kanbei’s Imperial Forces, this version has Red Star fighting Kanbei’s Special Forces
- in the Western version, Kanbei believes he is a modern samurai
- in the Chinese version, Kanbei thinks he’s a modern Zhang Fei
- Kanbei's winning expression has been changed

Newly-discovered iQue GBA prototypes for China surface

Ah, what could have been

Back in the day, Nintendo released a number of GBA games in China. These games came out for the iQue GBA, which was one of a handful of iQue devices Nintendo teamed up with iQue on. Unfortunately, the first wave of iQue GBA games quickly became the focus of piracy. Titles like Metroid Zero Mission, Wario Land 4, and F-Zero Maximum Velocity. These titles were ripped and distributed illegally in China, which really soured Nintendo's thoughts on supporting the iQue GBA any further.

Turns out Nintendo had plans for more iQue GBA support before the piracy issue reared its ugly head. Chinese prototypes for games like Super Mario Kart, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, DK: King of Swing, Advance Wars, Tomato Adventure, Fire Emblem: Binding Blade, and Densetsu no Starfy 2 were recently discovered. While work began on these localizations, as we stated above, piracy problems lead Nintendo to never completing the Chinese releases.

90s Consoles Refuse To Die: New Games Announced by Piko Interactive


San Antonio, Texas - Piko Interactive, an independent video game publisher, has started accepting pre-orders for twelve new titles. These titles represent brand new releases for many consoles such as the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari Jaguar, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy Advance. Many of these titles never saw release in North America until Piko Interactive acquired them.

40 Winks for the Nintendo 64 is a 3D action adventure not unlike Nintendo’s Super Mario 64, pitting your character of choice against nightmares and the whole of the dream world.

Gourmet Squad for the Super Nintendo takes the scrolling brawler genre into the future in a title that was originally a Japan exclusive that was produced in very few quantities.

Tinhead for the Super Nintendo is 2D side scrolling action platform title for the Super NES that will take gamers on an intergalactic ride across 24 levels.

Little Lancelot for NES was originally a PAL region, Europe, originally released by Ocean Software for the Nintendo NES, that features various combat, action platforming, and many enemies to conquer on your quest.

Pyramids of Ra for the Nintendo NES was originally known as Scarabeus, now released under its original name with enhancements that improve upon the original. Gameplay requires planning ahead and problem solving skills.

Exploding Fist for the Nintendo NES, this title brings an unreleased title to production after being completed by Piko Interactive programmers. Compete in bouts taking your character from novice to the Tenth Dan. The game is a port of the Commodore 64 classic "The Way of the Exploding Fist"

The Atari Jaguar is receiving two new games, first Impossamole which is an action adventure originally released by Gremling Graphics, featuring many levels and enemies to defeat.

Head Over Heels is the other new Atari Jaguar title, this game is a puzzle action game originally released by Ocean Software that will require long term thinking and memory skills to complete.

Canon - Legends of the New Gods is a turn based strategy role-playing games that originally saw release only in Taiwan. Now English fans can play this title which features over 30 hours of gameplay in an ancient eastern mythology entrenched story on their Sega Genesis or Mega Drive.

Switchblade brings a classic Commodore Amiga title, originally developed by Core Design and published by Gremlin Graphics, to the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive for the first time on a region free cartridge. Your quest will take place across many sprawling levels of fighting and problem solving situations to face.

Thunderbolt II, also for the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive, is again a former Taiwan exclusive release. The action is set in an overhead scrolling shooting style with enemies often filling the screen.

Finally, Custodian for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance is a 2D side scrolling action game pitting gamers against parasites that live to drain the energy bases. Featuring four levels and many weapons and power ups, Custodian is not like anything fans have played before.

Pre-orders for these twelve titles are now open on the Piko Interactive website. Games will begin shipping on April 15th, 2019. Piko Interactive plans to bring many of these titles to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The goal of Piko Interactive is for as many fans as possible to be able to enjoy these titles.

Classic interview reveals why Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow was made for the GBA

Back when Konami actually made Castlevania games...

The wonderful gang at Shmuplations has translated another classic interview. This time we're diving all the way back into 2003 to check out an interview in Nintendo Dream. The ND gang sat down with Koji Igarashi to talk about the release of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. In the snippet below, Igarashi explains why the GBA was chosen for the game.

Partly it’s because Circle of the Moon sold very well for the GBA, and before that I had guessed that this would be the era of the GBA. Those were the main two reasons. In today’s world, if you try to release a 2D game on something like the PS2, it’s going to get lower ratings (compared with 3D titles). The hardcore fans still love 2D, but to the general market, it’s seen as something “lesser” than 3D, unfortunately. Symphony of the Night was a Playstation game, and many wanted to see a sequel for the PS2, but it turns out that making a 2D game for the PS2 is more difficult than you might think.

For the GBA, on the other hand, 2D is the standard assumption, and graphically it has similar capabilities to the Super Famicom, and the scale of the development isn’t too unwieldy. It’s nice, because a game released on the GBA gets reviewed and appreciated fairly as a 2D game. So yeah, taking all that into account, I can’t imagine making a 2D game on a different system. And I love 2D games, personally.

Piko Interactive opens preorders on multiple new NES, SNES, N64, and GBA games


If you're a fan of legacy platforms, today is your day. No, you're not seeing things. Piko Interactive now has preorders open for a slew of new NES, SNES, N64, and GBA games. These are titles that never saw release, and now you're able to add them to your collection! The lineup is as follows...

40 Winks - N64

40 Winks is an action platformer where you control brother and sister, Ruff and Tumble. Your goal is to collect 40 Winks scattered around the world to stop an evil man called Nitekap. Nitekap wants to turn the winks into hood-winks who are responsible for giving children nightmares.

Tinhead - SNES

Once there was peace in the Galaxy. Then the evil Grim Squidge stole all of the stars, threatening to hurl the Galaxy into a horrible Cosmic Void. Who will save the stars before it's too late? Tinhead, Defender of the Edge of the Galaxy, of course! Leap, slide, hop, fly and shoot your way through wacky worlds and super-tricky challenging levels as you guide Tinhead to free the stars. Take on pesky spinning Krystals, relentless flying Saw-Sirs and hordes of mega-tough bosses. Grab radical power-ups and zany vehicles like Batteries, hyper-Hoppers and Rocket Packs to help Tinhead through each weird, monster-jammed world.

Gourmet Squad - SNES

Gourmet Squad is a beat'em up fighting game for the Super Nintendo. Originally published only in Japan in very low quantities, we have acquired the full rights of this video game to release it world wide. The game features a rocking sound track, boss fights, many different enemies and lots of 1 or 2 player fun! The graphics of this game are fantastic, and the setting is very Cyberpunk like.

Custodian - GBA

The game is an Arcade shooter in which you have to protect energy bases from parasites that are trying to drain it dry! It features 4 area levels, many weapons and power ups, and awesome chiptune music! Pre-orders will be available 2-3 months before shipping starts.

Exploding Fist - NES

Become a master of this mysterious ancient art: progress from novice to Tenth Dan and test your strength and discipline. You can control your character with either joystick or keyboard - 18 different manoeuvres including blocks, flying kicks, leg sweeps, roundhouse and even somersaults!

Pyramids of Ra - NES (Pre-Order)
In this game you control an adventuring archaeologist who you navigate through a maze of tombs. Each level consists of tiles which must all be broken to proceed to the next level. In order to break the tiles you must first land on the tile, then jump off causing it to crumble.

Little Lancelot - NES (Pre-Order)

Little Valiant is a game that was released originally only in PAL regions under the Prince Valiant license. However we have replaced the licensed title to a suitable story to be able to be released in other region. The game features different gameplays, but it is mainly a platformer.

Check out each game here (thanks JJtheTexan!)

Retro City Rampage dev says he got the game running on the GBA

Brian Provinciano is working on Shakedown Hawaii right now, which is the follow-up to the hugely successful Retro City Rampage. For those who don't know, Retro City Rampage took a decidedly 8-bit approach to its visuals, while Shakedown Hawaii is taking things 16-bit. In an interview with our friends at Electric Playground, Provinciano is asked about the possibility of Shakedown Hawaii actually running on an SNES/Genesis. His answer to that question leads to a really interesting reveal.

“To be honest, I would love after Shakedown Hawaii is done to go back and do something like that, I love tinkering with old hardware. I actually did get RCR running on the Game Boy Advance and so that was really fun, I haven’t really unveiled it too much, but it was just a hobby… I’d say it’s 85 percent done, there are a few frame rate hiccups.”

After Provinciano let that tidbit slip, you can bet plenty are clamoring to see that version of the game in action. Hopefully he'll share a quick video or two via Twitter!

Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works seeing re-release on June 11th, 2019

The Mega Man Zero series is a fan-favorite Mega Man spin-off known for it's exciting gameplay, stellar character designs, and engaging story.

Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works collects the unique artwork of the series, and is filled with character designs, concept sketches, location artwork, key visuals, item charts, creator interviews, and more! A must-have for all video game fans and inspired artists!

Grab yours here

Did You Know Gaming - Game Boy Advance Games Facts

This time on Did You Know Gaming extra, we take a look at some Game Boy Advance games facts, including GBA games like Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Mario kart Super Circuit, and several other of the Nintendo system's classics.

RUMOR - Nintendo considered releasing Mother 3 in NA/EU, decided against it after re-evaluating the game's content

One of the longest-standing rumors in the world of Nintendo comes from the supposed plans for Mother 3 localization. There was a time there when it seemed like localization was a sure thing, but as we know now all too well, that release never happened. Wondering why that rumored release never came to be? Game Informer Senior Editor Imran Khan shared the supposed inside scoop.

According to Khan, Nintendo was indeed considering localization of Mother 3. It seems Nintendo was quite gung-ho about the idea, until they took a closer look at the game. Nintendo, fearing controversy pertaining to certain elements in the game, decided against localizing the title. Instead of editing/censoring content, Nintendo opted to just leave the game in Japan and move forward.

This rumor certainly raises an interesting question. Would you rather Nintendo release a changed/edited/censored version of Mother 3, or just leave it in Japan?

Thanks to TheDreamingHawk for the heads up!