IGN Video - Shaq Reviews Video Game Controllers and Handhelds

Boy, Shaq seems like he really doesn't want to be there filming a video. It's almost like he forgot that he has to promote his new video game!

Man salvages broken DS Lites, turns them into custom GBA creations

Now those are some gorgeous creations. Why throw away a busted DS Lite when you can give it a bit of a revamp, throw some new paint on there, and use it as a way to play GBA games? I'm glad I don't have any broken DS Lites, but that said, I'd love to have one of these!

Fan-made Wario Land 4 level editor in the works

Is it just me, or has a lot of love been popping up for the Wario Land franchise lately? Here we have yet another example, with the reveal of a fan-made level editor for Wario Land 4! Countless editors have been made for Mario games, including Super Mario Maker by Nintendo themselves. Now it's time for Wario to get a little love!

Check out more details here (thanks cm30!)

IGN Video - Speedrunning Wario Land 4 in Less Than An Hour

Speedrunner Mr_Shasta from Calithon 2018 drops by to complete Wario Land 4 very quickly, all while answering all of your speedrunning questions!

Metroid Fusion - New any% speedrun record set using just-discovered exploit

The speedrunning community for Metroid Fusion just got a lot more competitive, as a brand-new exploit was found. That exploit is put to use in the video above, with the method explained below.

“Laying power bombs while out of bounds will access memory addresses that are way past the clipdata and background 1 values. In particular, save data starts at 0x2038200, which can be reached by using this trick.”

Funko is apparently licensed to make Earthbound merch

Funko has put out an infographic showing the different brands and franchises they've obtained licenses for in order to create merch. Tucked away inside the massive infographic is the Earthbound logo. Now we haven't heard anything from Nintendo on this front, nor has Funko mentioned any specific plans on what they'll be doing with Earthbound. I guess we'll just have to sit back and wait to see what they're doing.

Retro-Bit puts Super Retro Boy put on hold

Not too long ago, we talked about the Super Retro Boy. It's a device that lets you play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance carts. The project was due out last year, but never saw the light of day. Wondering what happened to it?

According to developer Retro-Bit, they decided to shelve the project for now. In a statement sent to Nintendo Life, the company said they made the decision following Nintendo's application to renew the Game Boy trademark. Looks like Retro-Bit wasn't looking to get into a legal battle, even if they don't know what Nintendo is up to with the Game Boy re-upped trademark.

Blast from the past - Artist releases concept sketches from Shrek Superslam

As you probably know, the internet is still obsessed with Shrek. At one time the character was popular for his movies. Nowadays he's popular for his memes. Today's post takes a look back at when Shrek was extremely popular in cinemas, and not so popular in social media posts.

The artwork above comes from Shrek Superslam, a game which graced the GameCube, DS, and even GBA. Brandon Luyen, an artist from the game, has opened up his archives to share some concept art for the title. That simplistic Shrek design actually tugs at my heartstrings a bit!

Check out more concept art here

Kickstarter - Mother's Cookbook hits funding goal

With 8 days left on the campaign, Mother's Cookbook hit its funding goal of $10,000. The total is actually sitting just shy of $30,000 right now, showing that Earthbound/Mother fans are quite eager for an unofficial cookbook. We shared this Kickstarter awhile back, and it seems like it really resonated with fans around the world. Now we sit back and wait to see if Nintendo lets the project continue on, or squashes it!