Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works seeing re-release on June 11th, 2019

The Mega Man Zero series is a fan-favorite Mega Man spin-off known for it's exciting gameplay, stellar character designs, and engaging story.

Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works collects the unique artwork of the series, and is filled with character designs, concept sketches, location artwork, key visuals, item charts, creator interviews, and more! A must-have for all video game fans and inspired artists!

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Did You Know Gaming - Game Boy Advance Games Facts

This time on Did You Know Gaming extra, we take a look at some Game Boy Advance games facts, including GBA games like Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Mario kart Super Circuit, and several other of the Nintendo system's classics.

RUMOR - Nintendo considered releasing Mother 3 in NA/EU, decided against it after re-evaluating the game's content

One of the longest-standing rumors in the world of Nintendo comes from the supposed plans for Mother 3 localization. There was a time there when it seemed like localization was a sure thing, but as we know now all too well, that release never happened. Wondering why that rumored release never came to be? Game Informer Senior Editor Imran Khan shared the supposed inside scoop.

According to Khan, Nintendo was indeed considering localization of Mother 3. It seems Nintendo was quite gung-ho about the idea, until they took a closer look at the game. Nintendo, fearing controversy pertaining to certain elements in the game, decided against localizing the title. Instead of editing/censoring content, Nintendo opted to just leave the game in Japan and move forward.

This rumor certainly raises an interesting question. Would you rather Nintendo release a changed/edited/censored version of Mother 3, or just leave it in Japan?

Thanks to TheDreamingHawk for the heads up!

Game Freak on how HarmoKnight came to be, Drill Dozer's female lead, pixel art, how Pokemon are designed, and more

Game Freak has been doing a new video series where they showcase their artists and developers doodling while talking about various games in the company's history. We've shared all the videos in the series so far, but sadly, there have been no English translations. Today we get some details from those videos. Check out tidbits on Pokemon in general, HarmoKnight, Drill Dozer, and more below.

- HarmoKnight was the first game project that was developed via Game Freak’s ‘Gear Project’ internal competition
- the game’s design document was illustrated via a short manga that showed how the game would play
- Art Director James Turner says that when drawing, the most important thing for him is the the character concept
- Turner then aims for a design that isn’t too complicated, all while having a distinct silhouette
- this goes for Pokémon concepts he designs as well, such as Poipole, Phantump, Golurk, and more
- Art Director Takao Unno revealed that Pokemon ideas are collected from Game Freak employees no matter their position
- these ideas are then filtered for what is needed for the story (and region) and game balance
- as for who draws the Pokemon, it generally depends on if a character designer's work was well-received in previous games
- sometimes if Unno feels that particular staff member is able to bring out the feel of the Pokémon, he'll choose them specifically
- 2D graphic designer Hironobu Yoshida was in charge of character designs for Drill Dozer
- the last time he directly helped with pixel art was Pokémon Black 2 & White 2
- Yoshida describes development of Pokemon Black 2/White 2 “like a festival”
- Yoshida’s a bit worried about whether the current generation will understand the appeal of pixel art
- to him, the appeal of pixel art is how little space is wasted, and how artistic it is
- Yoshida was very opposed to having a female main character in Drill Dozer, as he found them hard to draw
- as something of a protest, he added boy-like eyebrows to Jill’s design
- having a girl be the protagonist was Ken Sugimori’s decision
- the logic behind the the decision came from the idea of mixing a mech game with a cutesy girl pilot to make things interesting

Earthbound/Mother creator planning to play through Mother 3 'as a player'

Believe it or not, it sounds like Shigesato Itoi, the creator of Mother/Earthbound, has never played through the finished version of Mother 3. He's certainly had is part in developing every single aspect of the game, but apparently he's never sat down to play through the final retail version. He's planning to change that, as Itoi recently took to Twitter to announce he'll be playing through as a player for the first time. I hope he chronicles his adventures!

Game Informer Replay - The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Reiner, Kyle, Suriel and Leo team up on four GBAs for an especially poorly thought out episode of Replay.

GBA Consolizer lets you play your GBA games in HD on TV

Looking for a way to play your GBA games on TV in HD? You might want to keep an eye on the GBA Consolizer. This mod allows you to enjoy your GBA, GBC, and GB games on the TV in 720P, and with zero input lag. The item is currently out of stock, but more are on the way. If you want to get some more details on the GBA Consolizer, check out the shop listing here.

BittBoy releasing GBA-themed device that plays NES games

BittBoy is cooking up a rather unique device. As you can see above, it looks like a GBA, but it's going to play NES games. Those NES games will be built-in, and we don't have the lineup of titles just yet, but it's sure to be a smattering of the biggest hits from the platform. We'll bring you more info when it becomes available.

The History of the Glucoboy and Didget Blood Glucose Monitors for the GBA and DS

Just like the Game Boy before it, the GBA and DS had a fair share of unique peripherals. Among the most unique are the Glucoboy and Didget, both of which are blood glucose monitors. Yes, you could keep track of glucose using the GBA and the DS. If you want to learn a ton more about these devices, check out the superb video feature above.

Did You Know Gaming - Sonic Advance games

Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs from the Sonic Advance games! These Sonic The Hedgehog GBA games were made by Sonic Team and Dimps, and published by SEGA for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.