Taito releasing 30cm Bowser figure

For all those Bowser fans out there, Taito is cooking up something special. The company has revealed that they're working on a 30cm figurine set to see release in Japan on Dec. 28th, 2018. The figurine will cost 1,999 yen. No word on a release outside of Japan at this time.

Super Mario Cereal sees release in Mexico

Super Mario Cereal may have come and gone here in the states, but it's going to get a chance to live on in Mexico. Kellogg's has announced that the cereal can now be found in Sam’s Club locations across Mexico. It seems the only way to grab a box is in a special bundle that includes two boxes for 149 pesos. ...and yes, the amiibo functionality is still included!

Super Mario Run - content update for Oct. 12th, 2018

[Event] For a limited time, you can get 1.2x the usual amount of Bonus Medals in Remix 10, giving you more chances to get special items from the Super Bonus Game (available until October 20th)

McDonald's Japan offering Super Mario Happy Meal sets starting Oct. 19th, 2018

Time for another Nintendo X McDonald's collaboration! Staring Oct. 19th, 2018, McDonald's locations in Japan will be offering up Super Mario-themed Happy Meals. 10 new toys are on the way, which you can see commercials/preview videos for below.

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Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, and Super Mario Party among most sought-after games this holiday season

No surprise here, but Nintendo's heavy-hitters for the holiday season are getting some big attention. A study by Nielsen shows that Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Mario Party are giving big guns like Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption 2 a run for their money. Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee are definitely in the mix as well, which should make for quite a nice debut at launch. To get more info, check out Nielsen's full report.

Super Mario Party boosting sales of Joy-Cons around the world, causing shortages

The only way to play Super Mario Party is with a Joy-Con. Some people already have a set, but if you're looking for a real party, you'll need four Joy-Con altogether. That's why it's no surprise to see people snatching up Joy-Con bundles left and right.

As a matter of fact, the rush to purchase Joy-Cons has caused a bit of a shortage around the world! Various places across Europe, as well as Japan, have all reported low stock for Joy-Con, and sometimes no stock at all! Hopefully Nintendo can remedy the situation soon.

Super Mario Odyssey - hint art 17 now available

Time for yet another treasure hunt in Super Mario Odyssey. Think you can figure out the location of the goodies this time around? Hop into the game and give it a go. Good luck to all you treasure hunters out there!

Mario Tennis Aces - Version 2.0.1 now available (full patch notes)

We heard earlier today that Version 2.0.1 was coming to Mario Tennis Aces, and now that update is available. You can check out the full patch notes below!

Version 2.0.1

Changes to Shot System

Slice shot’s power has been slightly decreased.
Returning a slice which was hit at a high point close to the net has been made easier.
The power of lobs has been increased when playing with Simple rules.

Changes to Character Abilities

The abilities of certain characters have been changed.

Other Changes

Simple Class: In Online Tournament, option settings that do not affect Simple rules will not be displayed.
Free Play and Swing Mode: When three or more players are playing Singles, the game will now start with P1 and P2 serving for matches other than Team matches. The server and returner will be randomly selected.
Online Tournament: Control issues when your character is on the far court have been fixed.
Adventure: The issue of software shutting down when playing in Challenges has been fixed.
The issue of Zone Shots being canceled has been fixed.
The issue concerning Leap Shots and swinging and missing when Koopa Troopa is on a star point has been fixed

Playing Super Mario Bros. with live orchestra accompaniment

This isn't the first time we've seen this kind of idea, but it's still a lot of fun everytime someone gives it a go. This time around, someone had the idea of playing Super Mario Bros. with a live orchestra providing the background music. This must be how rich people play games!

IGN Video - Super Mario Party Gameplay

It's a Super Mario Party and you're invited! Join Max and Brian as they check out the latest in the Mario Party franchise.