Official Mega Man stamps releasing in Japan

- Mega Man stamps coming out to celebrate the series' 30th anniversary
- will ship with exclusive 30th anniversary t-shirts
- reservations will begin on November 20th for 5,400 yen

Collection of original Mega Man 8 animation cels surface

I can't tell you how many times I watched the opening animation for Mega Man 8, as well as all the subsequent animated segments. There's just something I love about the art style so much. I'd love to have one of the cels from those animations myself, and now I can make it happen!

Believe it or not, a collection of these cels has surfaced at a swap meet, and now they're being put online for all to purchase. I'm so tempted to pony up some cash for one of these. You can follow up on what the seller is offering through her Twitter account.

Another look at Takara Tomy's upcoming Mega Man minifigs

This lineup from Takara Tomy is set to release in Japan sometime in November. One blind box will run you 300 yen (or roughly $2.60 US).

Blast from the Past - Mega Man promo video from 1992

Man, what a different time it was. There wasn't an internet to promote your games with. All you had was game magazines and promo tapes like this! Talk about time capsules from a bygone era.

Capcom producer says that company hasn't forgotten about Mega Man, news in December

The following was said by Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya...

''I want to say that Capcom has not forgotten about Rockman. This (30th anniversary logo) here is being put to good use. Rockman's 30th anniversary is coming in December – December, please remember that date!

On behalf of Ucchy and everyone here, we are looking forward to it very much and hope you are as well. We are deeply pleased to be able to share this with all the fans who have made this possible. Thank you for all of your support, up til now, and in the future.''

New wave of Mega Man merch revealed for Japan

Looking for a Mega Man onesie? How about a Mega Man watch or backpack? Capcom has you covered with their latest round of Mega Man merch. No word on when/if these goodies will be coming stateside, but we're sure import retailers will stock them soon. Check out the lineup here.

Mega Man's Roll gets a new design for her upcoming Nendoroid figurine, but is Capcom teasing more?

The above is concept art of Roll for an upcoming Nendoroid figurine. As you might notice, the design isn't really Nendoroid in style. Nendoroid figurines are usually much more chibi in their design. This is leading some to believe that this redesign of Roll is actually part of something bigger going on with the Mega Man franchise. All I can say is that I certainly hope that's the case!

Random Time! - This enormous Mega Man will devour us all

Yes, this is a real product, and you can make it your own in December. This sucker is 4.3-feet, and will set you back $288.19 when it launches Dec. 24th. The perfect present to give your unsuspecting family member nightmares for the rest of their lives!

Mega Man 30th anniversary logo may have been leaked

A retail listing via Rakuten looks like it might have revealed the Mega Man 30th anniversary logo a bit early. If you look at the jacket, one of the arms has a patch that clearly shows off a 30th anniversary logo.

You know what would go nicely with this logo, Capcom? A new Mega Man game! A boy can dream, can't he?