Concept art and story details for the cancelled Mega Man Star Force 4 surface

Ah, what could have been

There was a time when Capcom was working on Mega Man Star Force 4, but they scrapped it for numerous reasons. Today we get a look at official concept art for the game above, as well as a ton of story details.

- illustration drawn by Shinsuke Komaki
- Mega Man Star Force 4 entered production roughly 10-years-ago
- the project was crapped due to poor sales of Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star and Mega Man Star Force 3
- Mega Man Star Force 4 aimed to be more tonally "mature" than previous entries to attract an older demographic
- the game would have starred a slightly older, more hardened Geo Stellar (redesigned with new clothes and a new Visualizer)
- there would be abrand-new character named Kazuma
- Kazuma was a genius hacker and a direct descendant of Lan Hikari's family
- the story involved Geo and Kazuma crossing paths and becoming outlaw hackers
- the two would be sought by the Satella Police, and reward for their capture was 8,000,000 Zenny a piece-
- hacking was intended to be the theme/gimmick

Mega Man fan using machine learning to remaster the series' various animated cut-scenes

Cleaning the rose-tinted glasses

Any game that has an animated intro always impresses me, even to this day. Obviously things were even more impressive back in the day, as there were very few games that went all-out on animation due to hardware/software restrictions.

Capcom in particular, for a short amount of time, seemed to love using animated intros and cut-scenes for Mega Man games. Those animated segments were definitely fantastic, but their low-resolution look doesn't do them many favors nowadays. That's why a fan has taken to remastering these animated segments for today's audience.

VJ Ravenlight, the man behind the project, is using machine learning to take the original 320x240 quality videos and remaster them in 1080p. He's already wrapped work on both Mega Man 8 and Mega Man X4's intros, which you can see in this post. His plan is to remaster all the animated content from Mega Man 8, X4, to X5, and X6.

Get another look at Kotobukiya's upcoming Mega Man X figurine

A beautiful blue bomber

Kotobukiya is releasing a new Mega Man X figurine in Japan sometime during Sept. 2019. The figurine is priced at 6,600 Yen, and includes a number of buster accessories, and multiple faces. Check out more pics of the figurine here.

Capcom says Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate enjoyed 'robust sales,' Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection 'performed well'

Love for Capcom's Switch titles all around

Capcom has released the fiscal results for their most recent year, and included in the press release were some tidbits about various Switch titles. Check out the official blurbs on each game below.

- Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate enjoyed robust sales through its release in markets outside of Japan
- Mega Man 11 performed well
- Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection performed well

Check out the full report here

New pics of Kotobukiya's Mega Man X figurine released

Mini Mega Buster

A new round of pics for Kotobukiya's Mega Man X figurine have been released by Famitsu. This figurine is set to release in Japan sometime in August 2019, and is priced at 6,000 Yen. Check out the gallery of new pics here.

Mega Man 11 'Wily Numbers' instrumental tracks now available to all

Mega music to our ears

Those who preordered Mega Man 11 had access to special instrumental music tracks for the game's stages. Since launch, it was the only way to access those tracks. That changes today, as the 'Wily Numbers' tracks are now available for all to download. All you have to do is hit up the Switch eShop page for Mega Man 11 to grab the content for free.

Totaku is releasing a new Mega Man figure

The Blue Bomber is back!

Totaku has revealed a new Mega Man figure, and it's set to launch sometime towards the end of May 2019. I'm a sucker for anything Mega Man, so sign me up! Plus, I just love that action pose they have him in. It really conveys the gameplay vibe well!

Capcom TV Ep. 100 features Mega Man 11

Mega fun!

Capcom TV hit its 100th episode! To celebrate, the team played a bunch of titles, including Mega Man 11. You can check out that specific segment above.

Mega Man 3's 'Hard Man' was originally called 'Press Man'

I still laugh at the name

All the way back in 1990, Capcom released Mega Man 3. I was 8-years-old at the time. When I saw that Mega Man 3 had 'Hard Man' as a robot master, you could imagine how quickly the juvenile jokes started with friends. We were all young boys, and thought 'Hard Man' was the funniest name ever. Why on earth would Capcom choose the name 'Hard Man'?! Turns out that wasn't the robot master's original name.

Back in Capcom World-News #6, which only released in Japan, we get to read up on the robot masters for Mega Man 3. Included in the document is 'Hard Man,' but he has a different name! The original plan was to call him 'Press Man,' as he was akin to a machine press/hydraulic press. Man, what a better name that would have been! Now we know the robot master's original name, but still don't know why Capcom decided to scrap that name and run with 'Hard Man!'

The complete, original Mega Man cartoon series is available to stream legally on YouTube

RUSH to check it out!

Got nothing to do with your free time? Why not watch every single episode of the original Mega Man cartoon? It's absolutely horrid in all the best ways, and will have you smiling/laughing with every episode. As long as you don't mind a heavy-helping of cheese and countless animation errors, you can watch the entire series right here.


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