SEGA's Jun Senoue explains why he worked on a Mega Man 4 medley for Smash Bros. Ultimate

Did you know that Sonic Team sound director Jun Senoue worked on the Mega Man 4 medley in Smash Bros. Ultimate? Wondering why Senoue chose Mega Man 4 out of all the different game options to compose for? Check out his explanation for the decision below.

This is a picture of a Capcom Mega Man/Sega Sonic crossover comic book sold in America. The moment I first saw this, I immediately thought: ‘why don’t I try doing a Mega Man track in the style of the Sonic series?’ That’s when I started to work out how it would all go together. For the sake of a Nintendo release, a sound designer for SEGA is remixing a song from a Capcom game.

When you write it down like that it does seem kind of ridiculous, but I thought this might be a really rare chance I should make the most of. From all the many songs in the Mega Man series, I decided to use music from Mega Man 4. Around the time I first played that title I was a university student still obsessed with the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, so it has a real emotional attachment for me.

Mega Man: Fully Charged life-size statue available for $10k

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Mega Man 2 composer on making 'cool' music, working with NES constraints, requests from the director, and more

Mega Man 2 composer Takashi Tateishi was part of the Mega Man-athon 7 charity marathon that took place during MAGFest this weekend, and he shared a bunch of details on what many consider to be the finest entry in the series. Check out what Tateishi had to say below.

- Tateishi didn’t find out how popular Mega Man 2 was, nor how popular the Metal Blade was, until around 10 years ago
- Tateishi made a few songs that were “cute” sounding, which ended up getting rejected in favor of “cool” sounding songs
- the only “cute” song that made it in was Crash Man stage
- Flame Man stage uss all three channels to simulate bass, as the Famicom wasn’t able to produce bass sounds wel1
- Dr. Wily Stage 1 theme plays during Stage 2 as well because the team ran out of memory space on the Famicom cartridge
- the theme had to be played over and over at the same interval in order to compose the whole thing
- if there were more space available then, the track would have ended up sounding very different
- development time was short, so Tateishi might not have had time to compose more tracks either way
- Akira Kitamura, director of Mega Man 2, was very impressed with Dr. Wily Stage 1
- Kitamura asked Tateishi to make another track that was similar, which ended up being used for Wood Man’s stage
- Quick Man’s theme was composed with Kitamura asking Tateishi to compose a song that would tell players to hurry up
- the final stage's lack of music before the fight against “Dr. Wily” was Kitamura’s idea
- most of the songs in Mega Man 2 are loud and seemingly played with a guitar, except Bubble Man’s stage
- Bubble Man's stage was more piano-oriented
- Tateishi couldn’t make Bubble Man's theme too quiet, or it would be rejected by Kitamura
- Tateishi’s favorite boss is Metal Man, while his favorite tune composed is the ending theme
- Tateishi last played Mega Man 2 five years ago
- Tateishi respects Kitamura a lot, and regards Kitamura and Inafune as creative geniuses

Mega Man: Fully Charged - Episodes 21 Through 32 Now Streaming

Looking for some new Mega Man: Fully Charged episodes? You'll be happy to know that 12 new episodes are now available to stream. You can catch them on both the Cartoon Network app and website. You'll just need a cable login to access them.

Mega Man 11 producer wants to 'lay the groundwork' for the next Mega Man game starting in 2019

Mega Man 11 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya had some encouraging words to share with Mega Man fans the world over. It sounds like he has interest in getting work going on the next Mega Man title.

“In 2018, we were able to launch Mega Man 11 comfortably. Many thanks to all the fans of the game. In 2019, I would like to lay the groundwork for the next one, so you may not see any major action, but I hope you can see me with good eyes …!“

A better look at the super-exclusive Mega Man 11 golden amiibo

As you might remember, Capcom held a special contest in Japan to give away a golden Mega Man 11 amiibo. There were only 10 to give away, and one of the lucky winners decided to snap some pics of his prize to share on Twitter. The amiibo comes in the standard package, but includes a special certificate. This is one hell of a collector's item for Mega Man fans!

Capcom releases final round of Christmas-themed Mega Man 11 art

Capcom has finally released the final two pieces of art in their special Christmas-themed Mega Man 11 series. The pieces for Fuse Man and Torch Man are above. If you missed out on all the other special art pieces, you can catch up on them all here.

Kotobukiya working on new line of Mega Man X model kits

Here's at least one bit of Mega Man X merchandise Capcom has planned for the series' 25th anniversary. It's been announced that Kotobukiya are making a new line of plastic model kits for the Mega Man X series, with the first figurine being that of X. This design will be shown off at Winter WonderFest 2019 on February 10th, 2019.

Capcom shares Mega Man X 25th Anniversary artwork

Capcom has a new line of merch be prepared to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mega Man X. To go along with that, they've created a new piece of artwork. It's a pretty spiffy creation! I'd love to have something like this as a poster. Hopefully that's part of the merch lineup!

Capcom releases another round of Christmas-themed Mega Man 11 art

Capcom already shared one wave of Christmas-themed Mega Man 11 art, and now they're back with three more illustrations. This time we get pieces featuring Impact Man, Tundra Man, and Bounce Man.