The initial pitch for Donkey Kong Country included Mario, a time machine, and Wario as the main villain

Donkey Kong Country started off COMPLETELY different

Games change a lot from their first idea to final release. A ton of different options are discussed, elements are tweaked or cut altogether, and some content never makes it past the initial pitch. Turns out Donkey Kong Country is a great example of that.

Believe it or not, the original pitch for Donkey Kong Country included Mario and a time machine. Wario ends up stealing that time machine, uses it to get some sort of crazy gun that turns Mario to stone, and Donkey Kong sets out to save the day when he hears about the trouble. It sounds like some sort of off-the-wall fan fiction, but it's all how Donkey Kong Country got started!

You can learn a lot more about that initial pitch, complete with more artwork, in the video above. Thanks to ibbsters for the heads up!

Billy Mitchell threatens legal action against Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records over Donkey Kong score removals

The King of Lawsuits?

Back in April of 2018, former Donkey Kong record-holder Billy Mitchell had two of his high scores removed from the Twin Galaxies leaderboards, as they were found to be achieved through illegitimate ways. Mitchell has always maintained that the scores were legit, and now he's escalating those claims with legal action.

Mitchell's lawyers sent a letter to Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records saying that both organizations had to “retract their claims against Billy Mitchell” and restore his old scores. When Twin Galaxies remove Mitchell's scores and banned him from submitting new ones, they also threw out his previous records in other games, which were achieved legitimately, as far as anyone knows. Mitchell claims that both parties have defamed him, and tainted all of his work up to that point.

Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records are yet to comment on the matter.

Did You Know Gaming - King K. Rool

In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at King K. Rool, and the games this character has been in such as Rare's Donkey Kong Country series and Nintendo's Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Donkey Kong Country Returns' sells roughly 1,200 copies on the Nvidia Shield in China

Not exactly lighting the charts up

Nintendo's franchises might be multi-million sellers around the world, but that's not the case over in China. Nintendo is looking to build up their official brand in China with the upcoming launch of the Switch, and it's clear the have a lot of work to do.

The sales data for Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Nvidia Shield has come in for China, and it's not exactly impressive. To date, the game has been downloaded 1,247 times. Hopefully that has more to do with the install base of the Nvidia Shield in China, and not the Donkey Kong franchise.

RUMOR - Check out footage of the prototype coaster design that will be used in Super Nintendo World's Donkey Kong ride

Now this looks like fun

For over a year now, we've heard rumors of Super Nintendo World featuring a coaster ride that will be Donkey Kong-themed. The ride will supposedly mimic the many mine cart levels of the Donkey Kong Country series. The coaster system is unique, as it will feature an arm underneath the ride that guides the cart, while riders above will see a fake track that appears to have ramps and broken sections.

In the tweet above, we can see footage of a prototype coaster that very closely mimics not just the rumor of the Donkey Kong theme, but the patents that were tied to that earlier rumor as well. If the Donkey Kong ride does turn out to be true, it'll most likely use a system close to this one.

Thanks to ibbsters for the heads up!

Peeking inside Donkey Kong Country Returns' barrels reveals Donkey and Diddy Kong snuggling up

Zero personal space

Donkey Kong Country Returns may have come out quite awhile ago, but we're still learning new things about the game to this day. Thanks to some asset shifting, we can now see just how Donkey and Diddy are crammed into barrels together. Who know the reveal would be so cute?!

Game Informer Podcast - Composer David Wise Dissects Donkey Kong Country's Best Music

A RARE sound

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Rare's original composer David Wise walks us through the creation of some of the best music from Donkey Kong Country like Gangplank Galleon, Stickerbush Symphony, and the title theme for Diddy's Kong Quest. He also talks about his work on the upcoming game Tamarin.

Donkey Kong Country Returns now available on Nvidia SHIELD in China, new gameplay footage shared

The definitive version of the game?

We knew it was coming, but now the game has arrived. Donkey Kong Country Returns is available on the Nvidia SHIELD in China. Obviously some changes have been put in place for this port. First up, the game runs in 1080p and 60fps, which it certainly didn't do on the Wii. Second, the game's motion controls have been completely removed, which isn't surprising at all.

Doug Bowser details his first experience with Nintendo, talks a bit about game streaming

It all started with Donkey Kong

Doug Bowser has wrapped his first E3 as Nintendo of America's president, and seemed to do so successfully. He was hit with a cavalcade of interviews, including one with the Washington Post. During their interview, Mr. Bowser was asked about where his first point of contact with Nintendo was.

“My experience with Nintendo began about 38 years ago as a young kid in college who was fascinated by Donkey Kong in the arcade.”

From playing Donkey Kong in the arcade 38 years ago, to becoming NoA president. I'd say that's a pretty fantastic career! The future is bright for Bowser, and the Washington Post wants to know where that future is going to lead Nintendo. Could they embrace game streaming that seems to be the talk of the industry lately? Bowser's response was, in typical Nintendo higher-up fashion, vague at best.

“Nintendo is always looking at those technologies to what’s next and how that can change the landscape."

Was Sakurai telling a story about King K. Rool through Smash Bros. Ultimate trailers?

This is pretty interesting!

Okay, this is a pretty fantastic find, and it certainly seems like something Sakurai would do.

First up, we have the classic trophy description for King K. Rool, which ponders whether Donkey Kong and King K. Rool could have been friends at some point. What on earth could make King K. Rool actually change his heart and become friends with DK?

In one of the Smash Bros. Ultimate trailers, you see Joker from Persona 5 stealing the crown of King K. Rool. For those who don't know, Joker is part of a "group known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts whose purpose is to explore the Metaverse, a metaphysical realm consisting of the physical manifestation of humanity's subconscious desires, in order to remove malevolent intent from people's hearts."

The most recent trailer to feature King K. Rool was the reveal of Banjo-Kazooie in Smash Bros. Ultimate. That trailer starts off with Diddy, Donkey, and King K. Rool all hanging out at DK's house. I did think it was pretty odd at the time that King would be hanging with Diddy and DK, but I chalked it up to Sakurai wanting all the RARE characters to hang out together.

Now with the info above, it seems there might have been more to it! Did Joker remove the malevolent intent from King K. Rool's heart?!


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