Metroid: Samus Returns - Japanese website open, amiibo functionality detailed

The various amiibo do the following in Metroid: Samus Returns...

Samus Aran (Metroid Series)
Elon Reserve Tank (special ability recovery)
Metroid II Art Gallery (unlocked after beating game)

Metroid (Metroid Series)
Metroid Marker (tells you location of nearest Metroid)
FUSION Difficulty Mode (unlocked after beating game)

Samus Aran (Super Smash Bros. Series)
Missile Reserve Tank (missile recovery)
Concept Art Gallery (unlocked after beating game)

Zero Suit Samus (Super Smash Bros. Series)
Energy Reserve Tank (energy recovery)
Sound Test (unlocked after beating game)

Prima shows off official Metroid: Samus Returns strategy guide

Complete Walkthrough: Traverse the Metroid-infested planet SR388 using the most effective strategies, with tips and tricks straight from Metroid experts!

All Collectible Items: We show you how to get every weapon, ability upgrade, and power-up.

Detailed Maps: Our maps are distinctly illustrated to help you navigate every area and find every secret.

Exhaustive Enemy Database: We cover the behavior patterns and weaknesses of every foe in the game. Never be caught off guard!

Unlockables: Unlock all endings, bonus content, and more!

Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide: Includes a code to access the eGuide, a web-access version of the complete guide optimized for a second-screen experience.

Netflix's Castlevania producer says season 2 scripts are done, wants to do a Metroid adaptation

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with producer Adi Shankar...

NL: It's been confirmed that Netflix has taken a second series of eight episodes; is the script already in place and will this next season take us to the conclusion of Castlevania III's narrative?

AS: Yeah the scripts are done and they blow Season 1 out of the water. I’m not answering the rest of this… I don’t want to spoil it!

NL: What other video game series would you like to adapt?

AS: Dark Metroid in the same anime style.

Nintendo talks about the "thirst" for the Metroidvania genre, the importance of Metroid

A portion of a CGMagOnline interview with Nintendo's Yoshio Sakamoto...

CGM: It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a 2D Metroid game, and in that time since, the Metroidvania genre has completely exploded specifically on the indie scene. With a lot of different ideas coming out from there I was wondering if you’ve been keeping tabs on that, or if you think that was one of the founders of that genre, it’s up to you to push kind of push it forward more?

Sakamoto: Yeah I’m well aware of…the abundance [of games in the] the Metroidvania genre. I know there are a lot, but I haven’t played them, it however, one thing I think we’ve learned from that is, there’s a need for this there’s a thirst for that genre. People are excited about the genre, and so from a marketing stand point, understanding that that market exists, it’s been helpful to have all of those people clamoring for them. And it really solidified the ability of this desire to creating another 2D Metroid game.

CGM: Could tell me a little bit about the process of kind of making this game kind of come to life? Because it’s been a while pretty much since Federation Force, it’s been a while since we‘ve seen anything from Metroid franchise, and I read that you had a desire to bring back the 2D style, and you just mentioned that the indie scene verified that there is a desire from players for something like this. I was wondering if Can kind of tell me a little bit about this kind of presenting this to Nintendo, and how you brought this to life.

Sakamoto: Basically, as we talked about it, it’s been something that’s been in the back of my mind for a long while, and I think at some point you know recognizing that there’s a popularity for 2D style [Metroidvania] games, perhaps from the indie scene, and from other channels as well. Then, looking at Nintendo’s over all strategies in the industry, and, of course, Metroid is a very important IP for Nintendo. But timing is something that needs to be taken into consideration when we are going do this. So, basically I have this image of what I want to do, there’s a timing thing, there’s a strategy, and then there’s the question of “do I have hardware available for me to bring what I want to life?” In this case Metroid: Samus Returns, the 2DS and 3DS was the platform we were looking at, and then we first look at the overall industry needs and… [it gave] me the momentum to say “hey look at this thing I have been talking about! Well I think this is the right time.” It’s a much more organic start, rather than say some sort of process. And I think this title fulfills all of those conditions. This is the title that hit everything we are looking at.

Fan-Art: The amazing "cospaint" of Kay Pike

This is a whole different level of cosplay. Kay Pike likes to paint her body in the styles of all different game/comic/anime characters. As you can see above, she's done an amazing job painting herself up like Zero Suit Samus. Hit up Kay on Twitter to check out all of her other work!

Nintendo on returning to Metroid II for Metroid: Samus Returns, working with MercurySteam, Chozo inspiration

Coming from a Time interview with producer and Metroid series co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto...

On the inspiration behind Chozo design

"I think the Chozo artifacts and some of the other objects that appear through the franchise, probably some of that is inspired by the Egyptian cultures as other ancient civilizations. It's really just a great creative development, incorporating different civilizations and what this whole Chozo race would have been like, both culturally and aesthetically."

On bringing Metroid Samus Returns to 3DS with MecurySteam's help

"I think there's a process that takes place when we're bringing something to new hardware, where we want to of course incorporate the features of the hardware in a way that highlights what we're trying to do. If you bring two similar systems together, our experience with Metroid and MercurySteam's with Castlevania, it doesn't always result in a hybrid system that's better. In this case MercurySteam had such a great understanding of what is fundamentally Metroid that they were able to synthesize their experiences seamlessly, bringing fresh stimuli, a fresh perspective and a different set of sensibilities.

In searching for someone to help make the game, I'd heard from Nintendo of Europe that MercurySteam was interested in taking on the challenge of remaking a Metroid game. They weren't saying Metroid II specifically, but we'd heard they were really interested in a Metroid title. I of course knew MercurySteam's background with the Castlevania series, so I thought 'That might be an interesting collaboration, let's talk.'"

On why Metroid II was chosen for a remake

"Because it's an old game, it didn't feel like there were a lot of people who had the opportunity to see or even know about the baby metroid. Plus it's a tough game, and you don't see the baby metroid until the end, so it's possible that even people who played it might not have seen it. And so I thought if I get the chance to work on a 2D scrolling Metroid again, I want to go to that game."

On meeting with MercurySteam

"And so I said 'I'm going to Spain'. So we flew to Spain, met with Jose [Luis Márquez, of MercurySteam], had a lot of different talks, and I thought 'Yeah, this is going to work, let's give it a shot.' I really felt like it was a completely bullseye from the get-go. This team knows Metroid, they know what they're doing, they get it."

RUMOR - France getting just 1,500 units of the Metroid: Samus Returns Limited Edition

This sucker is giong to be a bloodbath in France. Rumor has it that the Limited Edition of Metroid: Samus Returns is getting just 1,500 units of stock in France. Nintendo is taking the "Limited" part of the title very seriously!


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