Retro Studios will continue Metroid Prime 4 development in their newly acquired half-a-million dollar HQ

Moving to a 37,335 square-foot office in 2021

We likely still have quite a long ways to go before the highly-anticipated Metroid Prime 4 hits store shelves. With production starting from scratch in 2019, Retro Studios (developers of the original trilogy) took the project into their own hands, and have been hard at work ever since.

The company has been consistently hiring industry-experienced developers over these last few months, and they are now reportedly getting some fresh new headquarters. According to intelligence360 (a US sales intelligence firm), and first reported by VGC, Retro Studios will be spending $530,362 USD on a custom 37,335 square-foot office in Austin, Texas, with plans to move into the building around May of 2021. It's been almost a decade since they last moved offices, so it's exciting to see them secure a new location!

Thanks to thatwaluigidude for the heads-up!

Wargaming developer puts together a seriously impressive Metroid Halloween costume

Is that you, Samus?!

Wargaming developer Brenden McCormack spends most of his day working on the World of Tanks series, but in his free time, he can cook up some pretty serious cosplay. Along with his wife Laura, Brenden managed to crank out the above Samus Aran costume, which is absolutely wild. You can see a quick clip of the suit's power-up animation in the tweet below.

Retro Studios snags former Rockstar dev

A former GTA dev joins up

Retro Studios continues to snatch up some serious talent from around the game industry to help on Metroid Prime 4, and whatever else they have cooking.

This time around, Retro has brought in former Rockstar employee Marisa Palumbo, who is taking on the role of lead producer. Palumbo has quite the resume, as she's worked on games such as Grant Theft Auto IV and V, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, and after her Rockstar stint, she worked on Overwatch with Blizzard.

First 4 Figures unboxes their Varia Suit Samus statue

Gotta pay a premium for premium quality!

Unboxing the highly anticipated Metroid Prime™ 2: Echoes – Varia Suit Samus statue! The Exclusive Edition comes with LED functions for the Varia Suit armor!

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Retro Studios looking to hire product testers and a storyboard artist

Looks like Retro has something playable

Retro Studios continues to put out the call for more employees to help with their projects, which no doubt includes Metroid Prime 4.

The studio has shared job listings for three different product testers, along with a storyboard artist. The product testers openings were listed on Sept. 30th, while the storyboard artist vacancy was mentioned Oct. 5th, 2020. The storyboard artist is definitely the most interesting position, as the listing mentions that Retro needs someone to, "help define emotional scenes that will resonate with audiences."

Once again, these listings make it hard to know just how far along Metroid Prime 4 is, but it's clear a lot of work has come along. If playtesters are needed, we can at least surmise that Retro has something playable at this point!

God of War dev joins Retro, working as an environment designer on Metroid Prime 4

Another big name joins the team

Retro has been adding countless high profile developers to their roster to help bring Metroid Prime 4 to life, and their latest grab certainly comes with an impressive resume.

Jon Marcella, who was a part of Sony Santa Monica for quite some time, has jumped ship over to Retro. Marcella previously worked on the most recent God of War title, as well as God of War: Ascension, but now he's turning his focus to Samus Aran. Marcella has taken on the job of environment designer for Metroid Prime 4.

Brie Larson once again says she'd love to play Samus in a Metroid movie

Zero reasons not to do it

The one thing Nintendo fans have learned in 2020 above all else is that Brie Larson is a diehard Nintendo fan. She's been one for decades now, and continues to show her appreciation for the brand to this day.

Larson, seen above dressed as Zero Suit Samus for Halloween, has talked about her fondness for the Metroid series in the past. She not only loves the universe, but would like to have a crack at playing Samus in a Metroid movie adaptation. This isn't the first time Larson has expressed this desire, but in an interview with Gary Whitta on Animal Talking, she doubled down on the request.

"I would love that so much. I was Samus for Halloween two years ago. It was literally a $20 costume I bought off of Amazon, it was like nothing. I was so excited about it, and I posted a picture of it on Instagram of me and the costume, and it turned into this thing of people being like “Woah!” She was always my character that I played in Super Smash Bros. and I just loved her. So that whole thing started and I’ve definitely not put a squash to that story. I definitely want to make that movie, I definitely want to participate in that. So, Nintendo, once again, I would love to do it!"

I definitely think Larson would make for a great Samus. She has the look, and she's already very familiar with the franchise. What more could you ask for?

Paper Mario: The Origami King's nod to Metroid references a very specific adventure

Remember me?

Nintendo revealed a nod to Metroid in the very first trailer for Paper Mario: The Origami King. Obviously there's a bit more to the reference than what we saw in the trailer, and you can see the whole segment above. The spot actually calls back to one of Samus' previous adventures. Keep an eye on Bobby's dialog for the reference!

Retro Studios hires Call of Duty: Black Ops dev

Another dev with major FPS expertise

Retro Studios is hard at work on Metroid Prime 4, and they've brought in a new dev to help out with the title's creation.

As discovered by VGC, The studio has picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops veteran Bharathwaj ‘Bat’ Nandakumar, and he's taken on the title of lead engineer. Nandakumar previously spent 10 years at Activision, working on every Black Ops installment to date. Nandakumar specializes in online, tools and gameplay programming.

Kraid's theme from Metroid gets a hauntingly beautiful synth cover

This is the stuff!

Our friend GLASYS is back at it again with yet another Nintendo-related cover, and this one might be his best yet.

GLASYS has turned his attention to the Metroid series for a cover of Kraid's theme, and the tune he put together takes the song to the next level. The music of Metroid has always been haunting yet beautiful, and this cover really takes those aspects and dials them up to 11.


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