ROM hack combines the worlds of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid into one experience

Remember the hack for Zelda: A Link to the Past that randomized where all the weapons and items were? That hack has taken a big step forward, and now it includes support for Super Metroid. Yes, now you'll be playing both Super Metroid and Zelda: A Link to the Past at the same time. Items from both games can appear in either world, and you'll need to play both to complete your adventure.

Fan-Art: This Samus guitar art is too damn cool

This might be the coolest bit of artwork I've ever seen for Metroid. Such a unique idea, and the execution is top-notch. I really can't get enough of this, and it's all made out of chalk! That's some serious talent right there.

God of War creative director inspired by Metroid and Castlevania

Cory Barlog, the creative director for God of War, has revealed that Metroidvania titles had a lot of influence on the most recent entry in the God of War franchise, as well as other titles he's worked on. In the video feature above, you can see how those classic franchises helped inspire Kratos' latest journey.

Metroid Fusion - New any% speedrun record set using just-discovered exploit

The speedrunning community for Metroid Fusion just got a lot more competitive, as a brand-new exploit was found. That exploit is put to use in the video above, with the method explained below.

“Laying power bombs while out of bounds will access memory addresses that are way past the clipdata and background 1 values. In particular, save data starts at 0x2038200, which can be reached by using this trick.”

My Nintendo North America - Content update for April 5th, 2018

Prima Official Starter Guide: Super Mario Odyssey - 70 PP
Prima Official Starter Guide: Metroid Samus Returns - 75 PP
Prima Official Starter Guide: Splatoon 2 - 75 PP
Starter Guide: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 75 PP

2018 World Video Game Hall of Fame - Finalists announced

The 2018 World Video Game Hall of Fame has considered several different nominees to be added to their highest rank of gaming achievements. Of these nominees, Metroid has been included. Here is the full list of nominees:

Call of Duty (2003)
Dance Dance Revolution
Final Fantasy VII
John Madden Football
King’s Quest
Ms. Pac-Man
Tomb Raider

The 2018 World Video Game Hall of Fame will be announced on Thursday, May 3 at the Strong Museum.  If you would like to vote, then you may do so by clicking here.

World Record Progression: Metroid (video feature)

Pretty amazing to see how the speedrunning scene has picked apart the original Metroid from a million different angles, which has lead to some amazing feats. It also shows me I have no chance of ever getting a record in this game!

Game Informer Replay - Super Metroid

For the next month, Game Informer's Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara joins the Replay crew for a look at some of our favorite titles from our Top 300 list, regardless of whether we've played them on Replay before. We talk impact on the industry, fun factor, and where they fell on the list.

Game Informer gets Metroid cover to celebrate its 300th issue

Game Informer is celebrating its 300th issue in all sorts of fun ways, including a set of 4 amazing covers. One of those covers features none other than Metroid, and it's a gorgeous bit of artwork. Hopefully Game Informer releases this artwork in full-res, because I really need to get a better look at it!

RUMOR - Bandai Namco not the lead dev on Metroid Prime 4

The gang over at Easy Allies has some supposed inside info on Metroid Prime 4, and it ties into the recent discussion of Bandai Namco's involvement with the game. While that was never confirmed, many people believed that a listing on LinkedIn mentioning a first person adventure for Switch was actually Metroid Prime 4. According to the Easy Allies clip above (24 minute mark), Bandai Namco isn't the lead dev on the project, and is instead a supporting role. Last we heard from Nintendo, Metroid Prime 4 was going to be created by an internal team.