Second chance to preorder Vitamin Connection's physical release up for grabs this weekend

Doctor's orders

If you were disappointed you missed out on your chance to preorder a copy of Vitamin Connection from Limited Run Games, today's your lucky day. Limited Run is running a second chance preorder window, and it only lasts for this weekend. Hurry up and lock in your copy, which can be either standard or limited edition!

Vitamin Connection started development in 2017, but funding held the project back

Less money, more problems

Quite a few people have said that Vitamin Connection gives them the feeling of a launch game. It's true that launch titles on new hardware usually go out of their way to use all features/aspects of hardware to show off what can be done. Vitamin Connection certainly does that, but its taken all the way into 2020 for the game to come out. Just how long as the game been in the works? Director James Montagna explains in a Nintendo Life interview.

As for the timeframe… We started development in 2017, but it took a bit longer than other projects to get off the ground since there was a period where Vitamin Connection wasn’t funded yet, so I was working on other projects. That’s why there’s a gap of almost a year from the first prototype to full production.

WayForward on embracing the Switch's untapped potential with Vitamin Connection


While most Switch developers use one or two Switch-specific features in their games, WayForward chose to use them all with Vitamin Connection. In an interview with Siliconera, WayForward's James Montagna talked about tapping into those features and really exploring them.

Early on in a console’s life cycle, I think a lot of people are wanting to create something that will take full advantage of what the console has to offer without limitations, because it’s new and there’s a desire to embrace that newness. At this point, the Switch has been out for several years, but I think there is so much untapped potential in the format provided by the console with the two Joy-Con controllers and even features like HD Rumble, or for instance the IR motion camera, which we are one of the few games to take full advantage of as far as I know.

Vitamin Connection Now Available, Exclusively on Switch

Stay healthy, kids!

If you’re looking for big doses of fun, excitement, innovation, and laughs, look no further than Vitamin Connection — available today in the Nintendo Switch eShop! Developed and published by WayForward, this inventive one- or two-player game combines 2D bacteria-blasting action with the groundbreaking features of Nintendo Switch to deliver an experience unlike anything else on the system.

Vitamin Connection lets players take control of Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl, co-pilots of the microscopic Capsule Ship, who must defend the Sable family against a putrid pathogenic invasion. As you eliminate foes with your Vitamin Beam, navigate maze-like environments, and interact with quirky allies, you'll save the Sables — and maybe even the world! — from numerous wacky situations that are brought to life through a pulse-pounding soundtrack and Switch-only features such as HD Rumble and IR Motion Camera support. Players will even get to engage in a variety of Sub-Game challenges at “vital locations” throughout their journey, where they’ll twist, grab, dance, and deflect their way to victory.

In addition to the single-player game, Vitamin Connection offers an asymmetric local co-op mode, in which two players take advantage of unique Joy-Con controls to fight the microbial menace together. With one player handling the Capsule Ship's movement and shooting, and the other focusing on rotation and aiming, a connection between players is crucial to success!

Rated E by the ESRB, Vitamin Connection is available in the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99. For additional information, please visit https://wayforward.com/vitaminconnection.

Key Features

Battle bacteria with your Capsule Ship across six colorful worlds plus numerous bonus stories!
Play a variety of Sub-Games featuring precision twisting, rhythmic action, IR-based reflex tests, and other challenges!
Unique and innovative Joy-Con controls with HD Rumble!
Jam to an international music collaboration covering everything from J-pop to hip hop!
Play solo or team up with a friend in the asymmetric two-player mode!
Unlock "New Game Pro" mode to experience the story from a whole new perspective as the anti-hero...Pro-Biotic!
Exclusively on Nintendo Switch!

WayForward explains why Vitamin Connection was built with a focus on co-op

Always more fun with a buddy

Vitamin Connection can be played solo, but the experience is much more engaging and rewarding if you have a friend at your side. Why did WayFoward build a game centered on co-op? WayForward's James Montagna explains in an interview with NWR.

There’s a few things that inspired the co-op aspect of Vitamin Connection. For one, the Nintendo Switch itself was a huge factor since the ability to easily share Joy-Con between two players invites cooperative play without hassle. Another is, personally speaking, I’ve always been interested in games as a medium through which to bring people together. Vitamin Connection was made as an icebreaker to get people cooperating and talking, and when you play with a partner, I feel like it’s easy for you to build a connection with that person when working together. This is because, in different co-op games, players fall into their own individual version of the same role, and you try your best to contribute while playing together. But this is a bit different, since you are both coordinating in unique roles, and relying on each other. And as you rely on each other, that sense of trust and camaraderie builds. Finally, looking back on WayForward’s catalog of original properties, I felt cooperative play was an area we could bolster, especially since we do have experience in it. Establishing a new brand specifically predicated on that concept fit the bill nicely

WayForward on why they've made Vitamin Connection a Switch exclusive

Take your vitamins, brother

Vitamin Connection makes use of pretty much everything the Switch has to offer, which doesn't make a port to other platforms impossible, but a ton of retooling would have to be done. As of right now, Vitamin Connection is exclusive to Switch, and it's not going anywhere else. Why did WayForward decide to do this? Director James Montagna explained in a Comicbook.com interview.

This isn’t a very deep answer, but... I said, “I want to make a game just for Switch!” and then we assembled a crew and made it! Another factor that might answer the question is that I think the development of Vitamin Connection was, more than anything else, motivated by a burst of creativity wanting to be expressed. And in the end, I feel embracing that creativity often leads to very successful business anyway. WayForward’s track record of original titles stands as an indicator of this.

Vitamin Connection - more footage

Co-pilot the Capsule Ship on a microscopic journey as Vita-Boy & Mina-Girl! Battle bacteria to save the Sable family...and the world!?

Vitamin Connection - more footage

Co-pilot the Capsule Ship on a microscopic journey as Vita-Boy & Mina-Girl! Battle bacteria to save the Sable family...and the world!?

Funko announces Shantae Pop! figurine, and a new set of Pokemon Pops as well

Off and poppin'

Funko has really been paying tribute to gamers lately! The company has been revealing game-related Pop! figurines left and right, and now they've got even more in the works. As you can see above, Shantae is going to join the lineup in the near future.

Along with that, a new round of Pokemon Pop! figurines are on the way. The lineup includes Pop! Vulpix, Pop! MewTwo, Pop! Mr. Mime, and Pop! Pichu.

WayForward explains how they came up with the idea for Vitamin Connection

The perfect game for Switch

WayForward has shared an internal interview concerning Vitamin Connection, the upcoming Switch-exclusive co-op adventure. In the snippet below, WayForward's James Montagna talks about how Vitamin Connection first came to be.

Vitamin Connection started as a love letter to Nintendo Switch. The moment WayForward first got Switch hardware in the studio, we wanted to create an experience perfectly suited to the unique aspects of the system. For whatever reason, my imagination went to players working together to copilot some kind of ship using the Joy-Con. One great trait about the Joy-Con is the ability to orient them either horizontally or vertically, and our response to that was…“why not both?” So we came up with a co-op mode, called “Together Play,” where players 1 and 2 have their own distinct role to perform, and even hold the controller differently from one another. There’s also “Solo Play,” which has one player taking over both roles! That’s three very different ways to enjoy the same game, so make sure you try them all!

The rest was a completely natural process. After the basic gameplay style was figured out, the concept of the ship being a vitamin capsule and navigating inside of a body to fight bacteria was like a bolt of lightning. Over the course of a few minutes, the idea was fully formed in my mind right down to the characters’ approximate looks and even their names. Further ideas flowed from there, stacking on top of that foundation, and it was turning out to be a unique setting as far as video games go, so we stuck with it.

Check out the full interview here


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